Make Some Lists!

I’ve spent the last few weeks with a lot of lists. I’ve been making lists, referring to lists, and checking off lists. We have a wedding in just 23 days (!), and lists are what keep me on track (most of the time). I have lists for food, lists for flowers, lists for purchases, lists for music. I have lists I am faithfully checking off in my well-used copy of All Things Are Ready.

Today I checked off “weed in garden” (I’m counting on those flowers for bouquets!), “go to Goodwill” (they’ve saved me all kinds of money!), “try making confetti”, and “go to Dollar Store”. (I didn’t check off “write blog post” due to other events, so here I am at 12:05, still trying to write it.)

If I don’t follow my lists, we won’t be ready by the big day!

I thought about this as we spent a couple hours in the car tonight. We care so much about this one special day. We spend hours planning, and hours making those plans happen.

How many plans do we make for our children’s years in our home? Their days in our household are just as important (or more important) than the few hours of ceremony and celebration on their wedding day.Do we stop to think about goals? What do we want our children to know and be by the time they are ready to leave our households? What will we do to get them to that point (besides pray!)?



They help us reach our goals.

If you haven’t already done this, sit down and make some lists. (Do this with your husband, if possible). What attitudes, skills, and character traits do you desire for your children as they mature. What does God call them to become?

Then write down at least one goal to pursue this week, and list a real, doable action you can take to start pursuing this goal. For instance, if you want your child to be diligent, give him a job to do — let him help empty ┬áthe dishwasher, and train him to be thorough, or have him do yard work for the neighbor lady. Offer feedback to him. Praise and encourage him!

Next week, list two more actions you can take, and make sure those happen. The next week list more! Your children will be growing up and leaving your home before you know it. Make your time count! Know where you need to get, and make plans for how to get there!

(Doorposts’ Plants Grown Up and Polished Cornerstones are the direct result of our sitting down to make some long-range goals with short-range projects for our sons and daughters.)


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