$100 Gift Certificate Giveaway — Just in Time for Christmas!


The Christmas music is out now. So are all the Christmas books. And so are all my boxes of Christmas decorations.

We decorate our house for Christmas. A lot. We’re celebrating our Savior King’s birthday, after all. I’ve been pushing around boxes and sweeping up fake fir needles most of the day. (Praise God, other people wanted to eat badly enough to help cook something!)

Phil2Giveaway120313So I’m tired, and it’s late. I’m just going to give one more plug for our Busy Mamas giveaway! You have until tomorrow night (Wednesday) at midnight to enter. We’re giving away one $100 Doorposts gift certificate! Could you figure out what to do with $100? To enter, all you have to do is answer one of these questions. (Or you can answer them all if you want to enter more than once). If you didn’t join us for the Philippians 2 study in November, you can still enter! The second question is especially for you!

  • What is the most important thing you learned in the Philippians 2 study?
  • What has God been teaching you in your own study time, if you did not complete our Philippians 2 study?
  • How can we improve our 30-Days studies?
  • What study methods do you enjoy the most?

Thanks for your help! Your feedback will help me make these studies as useful as possible for you!

Merry Christmas! Rejoice as we remember that Jesus left the glory of heaven and became one of us — and the world was forever changed!

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