Thirty Days in Philippians 2 for Busy, Busy Mamas, Day 30: Paraphrase and Personalize, plus a Giveaway!

30DaysPhil2Paraphrase113013Today is our last day studying Philippians 2 together. 🙁  It’s time to put what we’ve learned into action. 

Assignment: Pray that God will work in you to will and to do His good pleasure — giving you understanding, a desire to obey, and the power to do what He has called us to do.

To finish up our study, let’s write a personalized paraphrase of a portion of Philippians 2. Read Philippians 2:1-16. Drawing from what you have learned over the past month, write this passage in your own words while also personalizing it. Rephrase verses so you are committing to do what Paul has told you to do. Insert your name or the personal pronouns I, me, myself, etc.

For example, for verse 3, you might write,

“By God’s grace, I won’t do anything out of rivalry or conceit, but will humbly consider others more important than myself.”

As you do this, take the time to think of specific ways to follow through on these commitments. Add these ideas in parentheses after each phrase. For instance, after your paraphrase of the verse above, you might write, “I will quit bragging about my children’s test scores and the level of schoolwork they are doing,” “I will quit criticizing the Smith family for their approach to courtship,” or “I will go out of my way to serve and encourage  Mary as she goes through this present trial. I will call her at least once a week, and take her dinner once a week.”  Be specific, so you can actually have a measurable goal to accomplish.

Complete this process with all of verses 1-16. Keep this in your notebook where you can review it on a weekly basis, and pray for God’s strength to obey what you have learned from the book of Philippians.

For your children:

Paraphrase Phil. 2:1-16 together (or choose a shorter portion from these verses, if your children are very young). Talk about specific ways to obey these verses.

Draw pictures to illustrate the passage, or bring out the camera or cell phone, set the children up in different posts, and take pictures that represent the different ways these verses can be put into action. Add appropriate verses from Philippians 2, and turn these pictures into small posters to hang around the house. You could also arrange these pictures (and verses) into chart form with verses, and post it in a prominent place in your home for handy reference.

And now . . . a closing giveaway, just in time for the Christmas season! You can enter to win a $100 gift certificate from Doorposts! You could buy that chart you’ve been wanting, or use it to buy Christmas gifts for family and friends!

To enter, answer any or all of the following questions (each question counts as one entry):

  • What is the most important thing you learned in this study?
  • What has God been teaching you in your own study time, if you did not complete our Philippians 2 study?
  • How can we improve our 30-Days studies?
  • What study methods do you enjoy the most?

This giveaway will end Wednesday, December 4, at midnight, PST. Stay tuned! Our 30-day study has one more extra day! On Monday, we’ll post a list of ideas for further Bible study on your own!


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  1. I love learning all the different tools of Bible study as well as the different ways of looking at Philippians 2.

  2. I have enjoyed doing this Bible study so much!

    1. I think one of the most important things I have learned is about is about the importance of unity.

    2. I have used this as my main study time, but I have gleaned many nuggets of truth in this study that I can’t begin to pick just one.

    3. I like this method just how it is. I don’t think anything needs to be changed. Everything is so well laid out, instructions are easy to follow, and I can always catch up if I am behind.

    4. I like the instructions on how to the word searches using Strongs, it really helps to bring clarity to what Paul was actually talking about.

    I would LOVE to win this gift certificate!! You have so many items that I want to purchase for myself and for raising my two little girls. We already own the If /Then and Blessings Charts, and I want to incorporate more of Doorposts into our lives!! So excited that I stumbled upon your resources!! God Bless

  3. The beginning of November is super, crazy busy with several birthdays so I have been reading here and there and have been printing the study to do now that life has calmed down.

    In my other reading, I have been digging into Grace and how God’s Grace is sufficient for all my needs. How HIS timing is absolutely perfect and about how worrying about things not done, things that seem to take forever, things that are not quite as *I* think they ought to be is actually a manifestation of a weak faith in God who takes care of everything. I just need to give it to Him and trust.

    I’m very much looking forward to digging into this study now that I have time.

  4. How can we improve our 30-Days studies?
    Because I was not able to do this study with everyone and wanted to have it in print form where it would cuddle up with me under our warm comforter with my favorite pens, I wondered if a pdf link for each day’s post might be made available for those who would want to print?

    I ended up copying the post, pasting it to my word processing program, deleting the images, changing margins so most of the posts fit on one page, and then printing with only black ink to save my colored ink. The extra work was worth it to me but if it already existed in a pdf format adding a “print this here” button on the bottom of the post would be awesome, if it was not too much work for you all. 🙂

    Printing allows those of us hands-on folks a piece of paper to write on without having to transcribe the questions and assignments into a notebook. Maybe, I’m just old fashioned. 🙂 I can deal with that assessment. Tee hee.

  5. Most important: it is not outward “grumbling and complaining” Paul was addressing but the inward complainini do every day as I go about my day, self-venting. I am just as wicked as my kids who complain about everything out loud.

  6. Our small group is starting Galatians right now too. I am learning that Paul has a high view of the gospel and a familial love for all believers, such that he weeps for their souls!

  7. 1. I’m going at my own pace but from what I have studied so far, I’m really seeing just HOW important unity is. I’ve known it’s important but the Lord has really impressed upon my heart not to think of it so flippantly. I’m really seeing just how hard I must strive to promote unity in the body of Christ.

    2. The Lord is also teaching me to trust Him. My husband lost his job and through this trial we are blessed to watch Him provide as we wait for Him to also provide a job again. Though trials are never easy, it is a blessing to be taught further trust in Him and to see Him work in ways we never would have had my husband still had his job.

    3. I really like the idea of involving my kids, but sometimes I have a hard time doing it. The assignments to do with our children sometimes need to be done separate from when I am doing my part of the study. My kids are little still (6, 4.5 and the baby is 1 so he doesn’t really participate at all yet) so maybe there is my difficulty. I think it would be nice to have the adult study and kid study streamlined to be able to do both parts at the same time though. I do love the studies though and plan to slowly work through the ones posted before I found this blog. Thank you for posting them for us. They are such a blessing to me.

    4. I really learn a lot and see a lot by doing the activities where we make charts that either compare/contrast, or the chart where we broke up the “but” statements, and things like that. Seeing it in my notes on paper like that is very helpful for me.

  8. I think it would be helpful to add at the end of a study where to look next. Like in the epistle, “look for these themes” or “watch for these words” as you study the rest of the book.

  9. I kive these inductive studies! My daughter asked me last night why I was allowed to color in my Bible but she’s not (she is six) and I explained to her how it is helping me to see God and myself better when I have those colors everywhere.

    PS thanks for the giveaway too 🙂

  10. I never realized that Philippians was about Joy.

  11. God is teaching to have Joy in all situations.

  12. I wish your study would happen more frequently than every three months.

  13. I do love the inductive studies. They work best for my learning style.

  14. This is my first Doorpost study and I so appreciate the work you’ve done! I had my 4th baby this month. Newborn stage is often a time when my time in tge Word feels dry, but this month was powerful and challenging and God’s nearness was so evident in my weariness through Philippians and your fantastic questions and study tools. Thank you!

    My giveaway entries:
    What is the most important thing you learned in this study?
    The inward focus of ” do all things without grumbling and complaining”. I viewed the outward need but missed the importance Paul (and God) placed on my heart. I’ve been praying that my outward lack of grumbling will be fruit from an inward heart content in Christ. So pivotal for me!!!

    How can we improve our 30-Days studies?
    My only suggestion would be that the link to the Blue Letter Bible page could be set to open in a new window, so I could glance more quickly from the blog post and the Blue Letter Bible page.

    What study methods do you enjoy the most?
    Using the Strongs and seeing the words used throughout the Bible was so enlightening!!!!
    And I loved the children’s ideas.

    I will definitely be checking out your resources and joun you on your next 30 day study!

  15. I have loved using the Blue Letter Bible as a tool in these Bible Studies.

  16. I really enjoy the application you help us to be able to apply the bible study to every day life and have the whole family get involved in each study you really help bring things down to earth and it helps to be able to apply it to our lives so much easier. Love the illustration since I am so much a visual leaner. You help us do activities to then help it stick more in to our learning for day to day life applications.
    Thanks for all you do whether big or small.

  17. 1.I would say the most important thing i have learned in this study is the true meaning of “fear and trembling” in regards to working out our salvation. I cant imagine ever forgetting the powerful words in the study tool you recommended that said about realizing our complete inability to do something, and yet trying our utmost to fufill our responsibilities.

    2. I cant imagine what you can do different to be honest! everything from the delivery, to the study tools, to the recommendations for kids were exceptional. i have recommended your study to others it was so good!

    3. the method i liked the most was looking up stuff on blue letter bible. i never used tools like that before and now i have learned so much. im so excited at the world of knowledge that has been opened up to me.

    thank you so much for all your work for the kingdom of God

  18. 2. God has been teaching me to keep things simple and not over complicate things. Like seek 1st the kingdom of God, loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself and letting other things fall into place as I focus on those things daily.

    3. Love your studies-can’t think of any improvements right now!

    4. I enjoy working through bible studies or taking a few verses at a time and really digging into them and applying them to my life.

  19. 2. I am in the middle of a great Bible study on A Woman God Can Use right now, but I will be going through this study of Philippians as soon as I am done. I have been learning a lot from some of the women of the Bible and how we can learn from their situation and apply it to our own life.

    3. A way to download and print all the lessons from one spot would be really nice for those who want to go through this now that you are done! 🙂

  20. 2. Simplicity. This takes SO many forms in our lives!

  21. 3. I think your Bible studies are great, can’t think of improvements, very grateful for them!

  22. 4. I love Bible Studies with a practical application and language, it brings so much relevance.

  23. To my surprise I really love marking up my bible. 🙂 I also enjoy looking up words, sometimes I surprised at what the original meaning says.

  24. I am WAYYY behind my study! I think I’ on like day 9 or something. I have enjoyed 2 things this time: 1. you break things down into smaller chunks so it doesn’t take me as long. 2. Though I am WAY behind, my 9 year old daughter and I get up together and do the study together. That has been really special! We have been talking about being like minded and what Paul meant. 🙂

  25. I haven’t done the study, just not for this time right now : ) Though I do like how they are short and come as a daily reminder. I must say I miss the parenting articles of the blog. I think it would be nice to keep the blog as it was and have a separate blog/email list for the studies.

  26. In my own study time, I have been learning more about the balance of grace and law. I have seen both ends of the pendulum in teaching I’ve been under/read and in myself. I don’t know that we can ever find that perfect balance, but in striving for it, I see my need to rest in Christ more and more 🙂

  27. I have done inductive studies and appreciate the depth of them alot. However, I think book studies are what I gravitate toward the most. I love to just curl up with a book and read and ponder.

  28. I only just found your website, so I haven’t done your study (but will go back to look at it, especially since I love Philippians!). But in my own study recently, God has been teaching me the importance of accomplishing things through His power, not my own. I keep trying and failing on my own (things like being patient!) – I need to remember to turn to Him first, not (just) afterwards !

  29. 1. What is the most important thing you learned in this study?
    The lesson on grumbling and complaining was by far the most beneficial (and humbling) part of the study for me. I correct my kids often for grumbling and complaining not realizing just how guilty I am.

  30. 3. How can we improve our 30-Days studies?
    Our family travels to an area with limited/no internet access for most major holidays (I realize that this sounds VERY strange in this day and age). Would it be possible to post the lessons for those days early so they could be printed off?

  31. 4. What study methods do you enjoy the most?
    Thank you so much for teaching us how to study using the tools on our phones. I really enjoy doing the word studies.

  32. 1. What is the most important thing you learned in this study?

    Well, I must first say that I’m still doing the study because I missed several days, (I’m embarrassed to even tell you what day I’m on!). I started late because this was my first time joining you in study and I wasn’t sure it would “keep my interest.” I’ve joined a few online study groups before and the questions never kept my interest and I was easily distracted (not their fault but mine of course). However with this study and the methods used, I’ve been looking forward to getting into God’s word more because I can’t wait to see what else God shows me and what else I can learn about His word. I’m really excited about this study!!

    2. What has God been teaching you in your own study time, if you did not complete our Philippians 2 study?

    When I have been diligent to get up earlier than my family and study, God has taught me how sweet it is to really dig into His word.

    3. How can we improve our 30-Days studies?

    This is my first 30-day study and I’m loving it so far (still doing it). This is unlike any other online Bible study I’ve seen. You’ve really helped me to dig deep which is what I’ve been longing for for many years now!

    4. What study methods do you enjoy the most?

    I LOVE researching the history of the book/chapter, using a concordance (online or in print), using dictionaries….digging and getting every nugget I can from God’s word. I think the Inductive Bible Study is what I like most out of the few others I know.

  33. Not an entry, but a thank you. Thanks be to God for the timing of this lesson. The details are not important, but God has been working in my heart on some issues for awhile and this series of lessons was yet another way of Him gently guiding me to see things His way. Thank you Pam, for dedicating and investing your time in this study. I am looking forward to our next study in March!

  34. The most important lesson I have learned:
    There is actually more than one:) Being likeminded has been a big one, as well as grumbling and complaining.

  35. What can you improve:
    I love your study, I get excited in the morning knowing that I am going to learn something new. The only thing that I would ask is for a printable version:) I know the work you put into it and what a blessing it has been to me, so I really hate to ask for one more thing, but I know it would make the study easier for me and others.

  36. What study methods do I enjoy the most:
    I love the blue letter Bible, I am telling others about it and using it throughout the day for other question that I have. The other Bible study tools that you sent us too are also great and I check them out too. I have never read the Amplified version and I really enjoyed that.

    I really want to thank you for all the time and effort that you put into the studies for us, I have done every one and I always learn new things. There is always something that needs to be worked on in my life and the studies always come at the time:) This was my favorite study, I have always enjoyed Philippians. So looking forward to March!

  37. First of all, thank you for faithfully preparing this study for all of us busy mamas. It was truly a blessing that I enjoyed doing and I looked forward to those emails in my inbox everyday =)

    1. The most important thing I learned was what murmuring and disputing means and that I was doing it. Ugh! I learned that even though I keep my mouth shut what is going on in my head and my heart is far worse and is still sin and requires repentance.

    2. God has been teaching me that even though I cannot do the entire study everyday that spending any amount of time with Him everyday is what matters. There were some mornings that I finished the entire study and it was a huge blessing. Then there were other mornings that I was only able to read and meditate on a verse or two for a few minutes and that too was a blessings. Doing something is always better than doing nothing =)

    3. The only improvement I would suggest is just having the studies available more frequently.

    4. It’s not really a method, but the tool that I enjoyed most was Blue Letter Bible. I never new that existed and it is one of the best study tools around. I loved looking at the verses in different translations and being able to click and go straight to Strongs. Wow!

    Again, thank you Pam for your ministry to moms. Your Bible study, your blog, and your parenting resources have really helped me and my husband navigate these parenting waters. We didn’t grow up in Christian homes and my husband and I are trying to raise our daughters to know and love and serve the Lord and we don’t always know what we are doing, but Doorposts has been a huge help for us and you have become a virtual mentor to us. Thank you!

  38. What is the most important thing you learned in this study?
    What has God been teaching you in your own study time, if you did not complete our Philippians 2 study?

    I’ve participated in all your studies to some degree or another and I love them. Thank you so much for doing them! They have been incredibly helpful to me.

    1./2.- I have been learning through this study and through BSF’s study of Matthew, so much about being a servant and submitting to God’s will and purposes instead of expecting him to submit to my will. (How awful, but truly the Holy Spirit reveals our hearts!)

    I have also really benefitted from being introduced to some of the resources you’ve mentioned, like Blue Letter Bible or the scripture memory songs.

    3. I know it is hard, but continue to work at keeping them short. That keeps serious Bible study in reach for moms! And it whets our appetites for more. Also, if you did them more often, I’d love that! But I’m sure it is a lot of work. THANK YOU so very much for making these available at no cost.

    4. I like the drawing parts, which is funny because I am not an artist. I love the ideas you have for doing the study with your kids too. I really have loved every one of the studies, and I get them e-mailed to me so I don’t miss anything.

  39. I have really enjoyed this study, as well as past studies! I really like the easy format of the studies.

    How can we improve our 30-Days studies?
    I like the idea of a a downloadable PDF, even if it cost a few dollars Id love to be able to print out the studies and be able to keep the notes in a binder!

    What study methods do you enjoy the most?
    The word studies are my favorite, I have never done word studies because I never really understood how to do them, but the way that Pam walks us through the online blue letter bible for word studies and digging deeper has been the greatest tool for me in this and other studies!

  40. What study methods do you enjoy the most?
    I’m really enjoying the interactive study method you’ve given by hand-holding me through the Bible. You instruct me to do things that may seem obvious to some but are much needed for me, like “Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you…Write these down…Summarize what you’ve learned…” Sometimes I assume too much and don’t slow down, which means I miss out on so very much. The BLB is just what I need to help me slow down!

  41. How can we improve our 30-Days studies?
    I’m not sure this would necessarily improve the studies as far as conciseness goes, but I would enjoy seeing more of the insights YOU glean from the Word. I don’t always see what you do, and you’ve been studying the Word a lot longer than I have. I enjoy learning from you.

  42. What has God been teaching you in your own study time, if you did not complete our Philippians 2 study?
    I did complete the Phil 2 study, and in doing so I am learning just how much I need Him in my daily life. It seems so obvious. I know I need Him, but I’ve never prioritized my time with Him until now. I’m so grateful for your tenacity in ministering to me. Your diligence does not go unnoticed. I appreciate your studies and other resources on your web site.

  43. What is the most important thing you learned in this study?
    The most important thing I’ve learned is to actually take the time to study His Word. It’s not enough for me to simply read scripture. My mind is wandering off half the time and asleep the other half. Your interactive study forces me to be accountable for the time I spend in the Word. Writing my thoughts and using study tools like the BLB help plant His message in my heart. Review and memorization will nurture the seed to help it grow. Taking what I’ve learned and putting it into action as I interact with others will make that seed blossom.

  44. I LOVE these studies. Most important thing I learned was what humility really means and how Christ embodied that.

  45. The study method I most enjoyed is looking for repeating words. I really love using Blue Letter Bible also and appreciate the help in learning to use it more.

  46. I have been learning that I need to depend on God.

  47. I am hoping to do this study with the kids in January.

  48. I joined the study halfway through, so I am catching up BUT the biggest thing I have learned is that I have no room for excuses. It is easy to make time to do the study, I just have to DO IT! Thank you Doorposts for all that you do!

  49. 1. I learned that I need to be more humble, and put others above myself more. I really like this verse. I actually read a portion of this a few weeks ago, and Im so glad it was brought back in my life again! I also learned that I do not need to grumble or complain with things I do. I really needed to hear that!

    2. God has been teaching me patience and trust in Him.
    We are going through a hard time right now and Im trying to learn to “be patient in prayer, rather than worry”.

    3. I was not able to complete the study with you. I do think that it looks like a great layout and it seems to have worked for those that used it! I think allowing copies to always be seen on your website as is done already, is great!

    4. I enjoy having reviews (summaries) about an entire chapter in a book in the Bible. I like question and answer formats, too!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I would give this to my brother who would use this for his readings, for his expecting wife, and their soon to be child!

  50. Thank you so much for the time you have put into these studies Pam! They are so encouraging!
    1. The most important thing I have learned/reminded of is that the example of Jesus’ humility and obedience should be the standard.
    3&4. I don’t have any suggestion about any changes in the format. I really liked the combination of word studies first and than find out how it all fit in the passage.

  51. Hi. I am really enjoying the study. I have to admit that it is taking me looonger than it should since I haven’t been able to commit to everyday but I’m getting there.

    Improvements: I’m not sure this a suggested improvement. I will just share what is working for me. I copy the info into a word doc but then I copy the applicable bible verses (kjv) into the correct place in the doc. Then I can bold the word that you are talking about or underline or italicize, etc. It is easier for me to see all of the verses at one time in the same place as the daily study.

    Thank you for putting the study together!

  52. The study method I like most is a 30 minute devotional at the start of my day. I read one book of the Bible at a time.