A Christmas Scavenger Hunt


Here’s fairly simple, no-prep activity to help your children learn about or review the Bible’s account of Jesus’s birth.

In a translation your children can understand, read Matthew 1:18-25; Luke 2:1-20; and Matthew 2:1-15. If your children are very young, you might choose to read a storybook about the birth of Jesus instead of .

Then have a little Christmas scavenger hunt. You can do this all together as a group, or you can divide the children into two teams. You could also let each child individually hunt for items and see who can find them all the fastest.

Have the children look for items that relate to each of the following people and places in the Christmas story:

  • Angels
  • Mary
  • Joseph
  • Inns in Bethlehem
  • Stable
  • Shepherds
  • Wise men

There’s room for creativity with this game. They can bring you anything that relates to each part of the story. It might be an angel from one of your nativity sets, a stuffed animal lamb, some straw, a plastic donkey, or some rags to wrap around baby Jesus.

If your children can read, give them a written list of the items they need to find. Then let them see how fast they find them all.

If your children can’t read, simply tell them the first item to look for. When they bring that one to you, tell them what the next item is.

When they have found everything on the list, have them retell the Christmas story to you, using the things they have gathered as props.

If you want, finish up the hunt with some cookies and milk, a good Christmas video, or some read-aloud time together.

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