Why One Mother Is Glad Her Children Don’t Obey

WhyI'mGladLink012015I’m heading to Florida this weekend for a one-day conference. I fly all day Friday, talk on Saturday, and get back on a plane at 6 a.m. (which will feel like 3 a.m. to me) on Sunday morning to fly back home. 😛

So I’m trying to shift my body from Pacific Time to Eastern Time now, since I won’t have much time to turn my internal clock around while I’m there. This morning, while I worked on keeping my eyes open at 4 a.m., my attention was drawn to these words as I took a quick glance at Facebook — “Why I’m Glad My Children Don’t Obey”. That woke me up a bit more, and it certainly aroused my interest!

It was a great article! I want to share it with you here, because I know it will be an encouragement to you as you face the daily challenges of raising your children! Read, enjoy, and learn from this wise mother’s insights!

“Why I’m Glad My Kids Don’t Obey”


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  1. this was AWESOME!!! thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  2. I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing my post here at this precious site. I have met some wonderful new internet friends – thanks to you. 🙂 I can’t wait to poke around this sweet place some more! It is nice to meet you! – Julie, Happy Home Fairy

  3. I am constantly in need of this reminder. Thank you for putting it before us, Pam….and blogger.