Someday our lives will settle down and we will post on a more regular schedule again. (In fact, in just a little more than a month, we’ll be posting everyday while we do our Busy Mamas study of Romans 8!)

For now we’re trying to move. We have approximately 40 hours left to be completely out of this house that has been our home for 19 years. 40 hours to still figure out what to do with two indoor cats that we can’t take with us. 40 hours to haul away a ridiculous number of freezers and refrigerators to other homes. 40 hours to gather one last bunch of stuff out of the garden. 40 hours to move the business to its new location. 40 hours to transform this mess into an empty, ready-for-a-new-family house again. 40 hours to brace ourselves for that last trip down the driveway.

It looks impossible.

Moving reminds me a lot of birth. We’ve been “in labor” since about April, and now we’re in transition — the hardest part. The end is in sight and there will be great blessing when we have finished our work, but in my own strength, I’m done. I want to quit. I want everything to go the way we planned it. I want my rocker, my cup of tea, and some peace and quiet.

But stopping is not an option.

God will see us through this, and He will use His children to help us. Someday soon I’ll turn on a light and it will still be plugged in. I’ll go into a living room and the sofa won’t be gone. I’ll be able to think again. I’ll sit down with my colored pencils and mark up my Bible again.

But for now, I have work to do.

While I keep packing boxes, let me recommend this fine article to parents of daughters. Read and think. It has some good thoughts to chew on.

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  1. Awwww…It is so hard; but it will be over, and you will be blessed. His mercies are new every morning.

  2. Amen… Change isn’t easy and in the process the waiting isn’t easy as well.. However, great is the reward to those who stand steadfast trusting The Lord to do and complete what he starts.. May The Lord keep you and family in perfect peace while transitioning to the new things to be.. How amazing to hear of ur new home. The impossible is always the possible to the king! Be blessed and thank u always for blessing many of us with ur wisdom that only comes from above..

  3. I have just gone through a house pack and move myself and I know just how you feel. Being a homeschooling Mom of four, at times, this task seemed gargantuan! My husband was busy building the house we were going to move into so he wasn’t able to pack up with me. We are now in our new (but very unfinished) house. I needed the Lord often to remind me that He would enable me to do all I had to during the move and beyond. It was relying on Him step by step, box by box, shelf by shelf, moment by moment. I still have plenty of unpacked boxes but just keep on keeping on with my eyes on Jesus.
    With you in spirit (through His Spirit!)

  4. Ooh exciting! Everything’s GREAT in Romans 8! (I remember that catchphrase from a Precepts class on Romans 5 years ago…studying that book in depth was so foundational).

    And oh how I sympathize with those last days, hours, when you stare at the mess and ask yourself “are we really going to pull this off on time?!”

  5. Praying for you Pam! Thanks for your honesty and transparency…it seems God allows us to go through these challenging seasons so we fully depend on Him and run to Him for all we need. Thanks for that article on raising daughters. I liked this part about the motivation behind the work biblical women did for the Lord: this is the faithfulness of women who know who their God is and are trusting Him instead of their circumstances. So applicable for women of all ages 🙂