Bible Drama Video Contest!

In winter 2014, we hosted a Bible Drama Video Contest. We’ve kept all the videos on our site so you can enjoy them!


See the winning videos here: First placeSecond placeThird PlacePeople’s choiceHonorable mentions

You can still see the contest prizes here, including some of our favorite Bible picture books, music, and audio resources.

You may also enjoy our booklet (in print or eBook format) on family Bible drama, The Mighty Acts of God.

All videos submitted are displayed below. Click the video title or the “more” icon to watch a video.

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Bible drama is one of the best ways to get your children excited about the Bible, especially when they are young. Simple Bible drama and skits can benefit your whole family in so many ways:

  • Young children pay better attention to Bible reading times and listen for details.
  • Young children understand the stories better.
  • Children remember stories better.
  • Children see the pattern of God’s faithfulness throughout history.
  • Children more clearly perceive the character of God.
  • Children see the consequences of man’s decisions.
  • Children think through and better understand Scripture passages (such as the Proverbs).
  • Drama engages the more active child or kinesthetic learner.
  • Drama brings the Bible to life! Children realize that the people in Scripture were real people living real lives, just like we are.
  • Family memories are created as everyone learns and plays together.

We hope you and your family will enjoy these videos and give Bible drama a try!

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  1. Does the video have to be done by one family, or can it be of kids from 2 or 3 families?

  2. Jill, if the video is made by your family, and submitted by an adult from your family, children from another family are allowed to participate. Thanks for asking!

  3. We are missionaries overseas. Can we still participate?

  4. Could my kids make a video of Bible passages being applied…like everyday people applying verses? Could we use lego people and dolls to act out?

  5. William & Hannah Levi

    great well do it!

  6. Does it have to be a recent video? I have one I would like to share from when my kids were smaller.

  7. Chris, it doesn’t matter when you created the video. You’re welcome to enter videos from when your kids were younger.

  8. Hey! I am planning on entering two videos. However, one is 7 minutes and the other is 5 minutes 30 seconds. May I enter the latter or do I need to try and trim it down?

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