Fourth Giveaway: Complete Chart Package

Friday’s giveaway is a complete set of our small laminated charts. These simple, Scripture-based parenting charts are definitely the most requested of all our materials!

Doorposts charts including If-Then, Blessing, Brother-Offended, Go-to-the-Ant and Put On charts

Two randomly picked winners will receive the following 8.5″ x 11″ color laminated charts:

The If-Then Chart – A Scripture-based tool to help you deal quickly and consistently with common misbehaviors. Lists ten common behavior issues, along with Bible verses for each one and a space for you to fill in an agreed-upon consequence (suggestions included!).

The Blessing Chart – Used together with the If-Then Chart, this chart provides balance by helping you encourage godly behavior with Scripture and agreed-upon rewards.

The Brother-Offended Checklist – The solution to bickering and petty arguments! Based on Matthew 18 and other verses, this chart and Bible study will teach your children to resolve disagreements in a godly manner.

The Go-to-the-Ant Chart – This chart covers every area of laziness we could think of, with a Bible verse for each problem, for encouraging your children towards greater diligence.

The Put On Chart – Based on Colossians 3, this chart will help your children learn to “put on” Godly character qualities like patience, forgiveness, and humility. Eight lessons in the included Bible study book will help your family learn more about each quality and put them into practice!


To enter today’s giveaway, please share about this blog again, online or off, in whatever way you like. Write one comment on this post and tell us how you shared. (Here are some sharing ideas.)

To qualify to win, you must also be a follower of this blog in some form (email subscription, RSS, or Google friend connect). All entries also count towards the final grand prize!

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  1. Shared via facebook and I follow this blog with google friend connect

  2. I follow this blog with GFC too, and I shared by telephone this time! Called a friend and told them about the giveaways.

  3. Love your stuff! Thanks for giving us a chance at these giveaways!

  4. Shared through email again. Love these charts! A lot of my friends have them. Really want to get them one day. Thank you for the blog.

  5. Hi!!! I just tweeted about this blog and giveaway!! YAY!!

    Mrs. U

  6. I have loved doorpost long before this blog and am loving the blog. These are great giveaways. I joined the site and the email subscription. God bless you and yours!

  7. Sharing through my blog and word of mouth. Saw your booth at the homeschool convention last night!!

  8. I emailed a friend a link to your blog…

  9. Shared just now on facebook!

  10. Great site. Looking forward to more.

  11. I shared with some friends about your giveaway promotion!

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  14. I’m sharing this with my family!

  15. Shared in Facebook. Looking forward to reading future posts.

  16. Shared on FB. (am a follower as well)
    have always lobved your products!

  17. I shared about your blog and giveaways on Facebook!

  18. I just posted a link about the giveaway on Facebook.

  19. I shared on FB this AM

  20. Shared via FB. Also told my sisters and friends about youmany times. I loveyour stuff and hope to incorporate your Plants Grown Up book in our homeschooling my three boys next year.

  21. I shared through email. I have a friend who would love these charts. I have the if/then and blessings charts. We love them!

  22. I passed this along to my homeschool group. Praise the Lord for your work.

  23. shared on facebook

  24. I’m sharing with family.

  25. shared on facebook.


  26. I shared on FB!

  27. I made a post on MY blog about this blog, encouraging people to visit! !

  28. I am following this blog via email updates and shared it this morning with some fellow homeschool moms.

    Love your products, these charts have been on my “list to get”. 🙂

  29. I shared on Facebook several days this week and with another homeschool mom yesterday on the phone. She could not wait to get online and check it out!

  30. I shared with friends via email! Thanks!

  31. i shared via facebook. the charts are great!

  32. I mentioned this giveaway to my best homeschooling friend. Thanks.

  33. Good Morning everyone! I shared this on FB.

  34. I shared this via facebook.

  35. I’ve got your RSS feed in google reader, and I forwarded your e-mail about your new blog to my MIL.

  36. I shared with a friend via email.

  37. Shared through email and word of mouth at my bootcamp class!

  38. I’m a follower by google and facebook.

    sharing on fb!

  39. I did not know about doorpost before a friend shared it with me this week.I love your site/materials there great! So I shared on FB and with family.

  40. I am sharing about Doorposts with our homeschool co-op this morning. There are 20 children and 9 adults there.

  41. I am now subscribing to your blog! Love it!! And I’ve shared on my facebook page about the blog and giveaway!!

  42. Shared about this giveaway prize on facebook. I would love to have this chart set! I’ve been telling all my friends about the site too. I think your stuff is great!

  43. I shared with a co-worker. I love the premise behind the site!

  44. I shared via email and facebook!!!!! Love your products!!

  45. I’m also placing both of your buttons in the sidebar of my blog!

  46. I shared about your blog with a friend via email!

  47. I’ve shared about Doorposts for years, so sharing about the blog was easy! I just posted to Facebook and nearly 500 people will get the news! I love the simple practicality of Doorposts’ products and suggestions. Thanks, Forsters!

  48. I shared about this on twitter

  49. Shared via Facebook. Great giveaway!

  50. I shared via Facebook. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  51. I have joined you on facebook and plan on putting posts on my facebook wall, also put the link of this giveaway on my wall..

  52. I shared about these awesome charts with my big mouth!

  53. I follow you by RSS and I shared this post on Facebook. Thank you for the entry! Have a blessed day!

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  55. Shared this on Facebook and always talk about your products since we will use th for our first year of homeschool.

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  59. shared on FB – follow through email – fun giveaways!

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  61. I follow by email. I shared by email and word of mouth. Thanks!

  62. I shared via e-mail. Thanks!

  63. I told my husband all about Doorposts, including the products and blog. He’s on board & is excited to bring up our new baby girl in service for the Lord. I look forward to learning and improving myself as I teach her.

  64. Shared on facebook!

  65. I shared on Facebook.

    I’d love to win these charts… I have two already but would bless my bible-study friend with those!

  66. I shared via email, too!

  67. I shared via email to homeschooling friends.

    I love Doorposts resources and guidance!

  68. I emailed a link to this page to the young parents in our church. I included a note that we have used these materials since our 20 year old was 3! And we are still using many of them, especially the Brother-Offended checklist.

  69. I shared on Facebook!

  70. I shared this with a friend and my mother…..Love this site!

  71. I have these charts, except the Put On one. I love them! I shared via facebook. Blessings!

  72. I shared this with a new homeschooling mom this morning on the telephone.

  73. I shared the info. on Facebook!

  74. I shared on Facebook and with a friend via phone. =)

  75. oo, I have a couple of these, but I’d love them all! I tweeted about this, and I subscribe via google reader!

  76. I shared word of mouth with some friends

  77. i emailed friends!

  78. I shared this blog via facebook and will definitely tell my friends about this. i already told my sister and blogged about it. I am in love with your products! I especially LOVE these charts!

  79. I added your button to my family blog. Thanks for the opportunity!

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  81. Shared by email and a phone call to a friend this morning.

  82. I enjoy your materials and I am sending an email to share about your products.

  83. I follow this blog on Google Friend Connect, and I shared this post on Facebook. This resource would probably be my FAVORITE! Thanks for the opportunity! :o)

  84. Will share with my Bible study women this morning. Thanks!

  85. I posted it on facebook! I also signed up for future emails… 🙂

  86. I shared on Facebook as well!

  87. I shared with my Bible study group via email!

  88. I told my family about you and I also follow on e-mail

  89. I posted this to my FB account and I follow doorposts via email and FB. 🙂

  90. Jessica Perea (Mom of 5)

    I shared about this giveaway/blog, and the charts on my Facebook page today. This is another great and generous giveaway! Thank you!

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  92. I shared your website once again on FB, have emailed some friends and plan on sharing via word of mouth throughout the day!

  93. Email follower and I shared on Twitter this morning!

  94. Shared on facebook! So glad you are blogging!

  95. The charts are very helpful with maintaining consistency. I would love to have this entire set!

  96. Just shared on Facebook. I LOVE these charts. What a blessing it would be to win them!!

  97. I shared this in my blog and on facebook! Thanks for being a blessing!

  98. I shared with the families at church how the “If Then” chart helped me to maintain consistency in discipline.

  99. Just shared on facebook

  100. This is a great site to share with other Mom’s seeking encouragement and wisdom. I learned of it from a friend who uses the “Instructions for Righteousness” with her kids. Can’t wait to get my own material to use with my children!

  101. I shared on Twitter today @alittlewife. I follow your blog on Google connect.

  102. I just posted to my “large family logistics” online sisters. I can’t wait for them to check out your new blog! Thank you for all that you do!

  103. Shared on facebook! Thanks for the wonderful resources 🙂

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  105. I emailed the info to friends!!

  106. Our children are very young (both under 3) but we are looking forward to using some of your products!

  107. I forgot to say that I shared via facebook.

  108. I emailed some friends and shared on facebook.

  109. Forwarded this email. I would love the charts. 🙂

  110. I follow via email. I shared on FB =0)

  111. Love Doorposts!! Shared all ways I can! Email, word of mouth, text, etc. Would love for everyone to be so interested in raising the next generation for the LORD! May mine (and myself) please Him in all we do!!

  112. I emailed a friend a link to your blog.

  113. Shared about this blog on facebook. Thanks! I LOVE your products!

  114. I shared on facebook!

  115. Talked to FB friend about your charts!

  116. I shared on FB and I just subscribed via email – I actually got here from a friend who shared on FB and this is the first time on your blog! I look forward to hearing more. The charts look great!

  117. Hello! I’m sharing this on Facebook. Thanks for what you do. 🙂

  118. I shared about this giveaway on Facebook, already “like” your FB page, have subscribed to your blog and plan to discuss on my blog. I took a look at these charts the other day and I would LOVE to have these for our family. We would be very blessed if we won 🙂

  119. I have the go to the ant chart and offended brother chart – would love to put the others to use with my 2 and 5 year olds. Thank you for the chance!

  120. Today I shared this post on Facebook. In the past I have brought your materials and spread them out at a workshop that I taught on how to give words of life. Your materials have helped us immensely in our parenting journey. Right now my two year old loves to have me read the Honor Your Father and Mother book. She loves the pictures! Thanks for sharing your teaching with us and making biblical instruction practical.

  121. Shared by telling friends at work. Thanks!

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  123. I shared on our homeschool group’s forum!

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  126. Tweeted it! These charts are awesome! Hope I win! 🙂

  127. I shared on my blog and through facebook. Thank you!

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  130. Emailed and texted to a couple of friends that I know would be interested. Thanks!

  131. I shared on Facebook about the blog & giveaway! 🙂

  132. I shared by emailing others.

  133. i’m a follower and i shared on facebook!

  134. Shared with my cousin over email. Will continue to share this blog and wonderful insight even after contest is over. Thank you for all your ideas!

  135. I shared on Facebook 🙂

  136. Just subscribed to your updates and posted this offer on fb. A friend showed us these charts at our Bible study and am anxious to get them! They look great! Thanks for the great products!

  137. Shared on FB 🙂

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  139. shared on FB — Thanks!!

  140. I follow this blog and I would love to win this giveaway. I have 3 young children (ages 6,6 and 4). I would absolutely love to have this! Thank you for these great giveaways!

  141. This would be such a useful tool for my home. I shared on Facebook! Thanks for the Giveaway! :)Tiana

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  143. Shared on Facebook! Love the charts!

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  146. I’m sharing your giveaways daily on Twitter and Facebook!

  147. Just signed up…. friends told me of the site. I shared with a few friend via email. Looks like a very useful site. Thank you!

  148. Shared on Facebook !!! Your products are truly inspirational. Thank you for letting the Father shine.

  149. I shared on Facebook, and also told a friend who had not heard of doorposts before :0)

  150. Love your products. I shared via email with friends.

  151. I shared about these charts with my daughter by email.

  152. Shared your website and blog with our Home Schooling Co-op – just discovered you yesterday via a friend on FB and I just have to share you with everyone!! Thanks and God Bless!

  153. Jennifer Thiessen

    I shared your giveaway on Facebook!

  154. I have been a long time customer/fan of Doorposts. My husband, sons and I have reaped the benefits of all of your faithful hard work! Thank you for starting the blog. I told all of the people I work with about the new blog and the give-aways!

  155. SHared on Facebook!

  156. I reposted a link on my facebook. I want all parents to know there is Godly help out there in raising their children.

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  158. Facebook and friends! Great information!

  159. I’ve been using your products for 13 years now, and still love them. I shared today via facebook.

  160. I am sharing via facebook!

  161. My friend and I were just talking about ordering this sets for each of our families! I’m going to tell her to go and enter to win and make sure she’s following the blog!

    I also posted this on my facebook page! Thanks so much for such a wonderful resource!!!

  162. I share on facebook and I also let my friends know about this sight.

  163. I am now following @Doorposts on Twitter!

  164. Shared on Facebook!!! I want these charts so badly!!!

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  167. My friend has one of these charts. Would love to have one!!

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  170. shared on facebook and sent link to a few friends via email!

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  172. facebook and email subscriber — great material that I love sharing with others

  173. I’ve shared Doorposts with 3 of my friends. I have Polished Cornerstones and am looking forward to going through it with my 4 daughters!

  174. I shared with friends by email.

  175. I sent a link through my church’s group email to encourage parents with the resources you offer – the “If-Then” chart has been a great blessing for our family.

  176. I follow your blog and on facebook. I shared on facebook.

  177. Shared on facebook and put your button on my blog 🙂

  178. I shared on FB!! I love your products and can’t wait to get more.

  179. I posted about it on my blog today.

  180. I shared on Facebook and will email some friends. Thanks for the opportunity to win some of your awesome tools!!

  181. I posted you on my facebook wall and commented. Thanks again for sharing your God given insight!

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  183. fb shared and emailed.

  184. isabel de Sousa roberts

    shared, emailed and following. Thanks so much!

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  189. I told a friend about these charts yesterday, I already have most of them; if I won I would be happy to pass them on to her.

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  193. I shared your awesome blog on Facebook!!! This is a wonderful site!!!

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  198. Thank you! I just shared on facebook.

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  200. Shared on Twitter, this time! I used these products 18 years ago when I was a new mom of little ones. Now they are adults and I have an adopted special needs 8-year old and am refreshed in remembering how perfect they would be for a child who needs consistency to help her recover from the trauma of being a baby in an orphanage. Thank you for reminding me!

  201. Shared through Facebook. Love your products!

  202. I shared with my sister through email……and am a follower! I’d love to have these charts! -Thanks

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  204. I follow this blog and shared with my mommies group!

  205. I posted about the blog on facebook & comment about the great character building activity for this week. We have been working on not focusing on offenses, but loving the other person.

  206. I too have shared this via facebook. 🙂

    Have a wonderfully blessed day!

  207. I shared through emails.
    What a wonderful blog you have thank you.

  208. I emailed the blog link to friends and family!!
    So excited to have this new resource! Glory to God!!

  209. I just messaged a dear friend and planning to talk to my older daughter and another friend about it today, too!

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  211. I shared with a couple of friends through e-mail. Your items are so well made and easy to use that I want my friends to use them because I know they will get the same wonderful results that I have!

  212. Will be sharing on FB as soon as I get to an actual internet connection.

  213. Oh, I am sooo excited. We have Plants Grow Up and Polished Cornerstones and have wanted many of the charts.

    I shared the site with a friend today. I’m glad about the contests because it prompts me to share your site.

  214. Kimberly Williams

    Shared on facebook!! Love this blog

  215. I shared this on Facebook!!!
    shabbychicmomma at gmail dot com

  216. shared via facebook & my blog!! we LOVE your materials & would LOVE more! hleped us so much as parents!

  217. I follow the blog by email and I shared about your new blog and giveaways offline w/ some ladies from my homeschool group.
    Thanks 🙂

  218. shared you on my blog and on facebook. The if/then chart changed my parenting forever!!! God Bless you guys for sharing

  219. Shared with sister by phone!

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  221. I emailed a link to your blog to a friend.

  222. This blog is such a blessing. I have printed off “How to develop pateience towards others” and forwarded it to a friend whose daughter is my daughters best friend as well. I plan to work through this with my twins so that they can learn to cover each others offenses and their friends offenses as well. The girls are struggling right now with being overly sensitive towards one another and I think the best way to get through this is by the power of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and practice, practice practice. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us and your resources as well!!!!!!!!!!! What a ministry!

  223. I shared today’s post on facebook

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  227. I told a friend! These products are great- thank you!

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  230. Thnaks for the opportunity 🙂

  231. shared it on FB! Hoping to win the charts 🙂

  232. Good morning. I emailed my friends/family that don’t have facebook. We love the “If-Then Chart” and if we win I will be giving away that chart on my blog. 🙂 Thanks again for this chance to win.

  233. I shared on facebook – I love your charts!

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  239. Shared on Facebook! I have been looking at these for quite awhile… they look great!
    I also have been drooling over “Polished Cornerstones”.. we have 3 daughters that we homeschool ages: 12, 7, and 5.

  240. I follow this blog and shared with a friend!

  241. I love these charts! I have just started using them with my two year old. Thank you for the giveaway! I shared using Facebook.

  242. I just shared your blog with more friends via email and know they will be blessed like so many others. May God bless you moment by moment.

  243. I told a friend about the big giveaway and showed her some of your materials. I love your resources! Thank you so much!

  244. i followed this from a friend(Tabatha Duffey) from fb………..

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    Thank you for this fun way of sharing about your products! 🙂

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  255. Shared on Facebook … these charts would be awesome in my house LOL!

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  257. Shared with my sister via IM….hope I win,….but if I don’t, these are some things that I am in the market to purchase!!!! So so glad I found this link

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    I shared on FB again through my status. Sure would love to win these charts!

  259. shared your site with two friends of mine!

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  263. I texted my brother and his wife in Alaska. I can’t believe I didn’t think of them sooner! Thanks so much!

  264. Great resources! Shared them via email & facebook. Praise God for all your efforts, they are producing great fruit!

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  266. I told my husband all about this new blog because he loves these resources!

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  272. I shared by email. I want to use these in the Christian Day School I work in.

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    I think they’ll like it as much as I do!

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    Our Lord’s blessings to you!

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  281. I have two of these charts and LOVE them. I have a friend that has always wanted them, too. I suppose she’d have to get my duplicates! 🙂 I’m sharing on Facebook!

  282. Jennifter Griffith

    I shared about the Doorposts blog via email. Thank you for all of your wonderful resources. Your products help aid parents in training up our children in the Lord.

  283. I have your button on my blog!

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  288. I shared this link on facebook. Its interesting how God works sometimes, we were just talking about this wonderful resource at our Bible Study last night!

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  297. I shared with a friend over the phone. These charts look great.

  298. Thank you so much for these resources. We are truely blessed by this website and your resources. I get your blog via email and I love it!

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    I am spreading the word by email – in Slovakia. Tried to subscribe via feedburner. Got error message.Says I am registered already but clicking the link in email message got me an error. Will see if I get the update.

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  302. I’m sharing you on Facebook. Theses charts are wonderful. Have used some with my ‘kids’, all adults now and will be using them with my grandchildren and round 2 of our own kids. (starting all over through adoption) AND THEY WORK!!

  303. Just posted on Facebook. A dear friend introduced me to Doorposts with her Go-To-The-Ant chart. Such wisdom from you and her. I am truly blessed 🙂

  304. Shared on FB…. We have wanted this package for a long while. It would be a huge blessing. 🙂

  305. I shared with a friend today! We both love your materials and blog! I subscribe to your blog in my Google Reader! Love getting the updates on a new post to come read!

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  325. Doorposts in general and Instructions in Righteousness in particular has been a blessing to our four children! Thank you! I shared the link for your blog through my FB page 🙂

  326. I just joined, andd I also shared on face book 🙂 Face book is were I learned about your website:) In the world today we need everything we can, that will work that is Christain based to help our children reach their highest potiential in God and life.

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  449. Not today, but recently someone with very unruly kids asked for prayer for “peace in the home.” I prayed for God to bring peace into her home, but also shared in detail about all these great charts and how we have used them for ten years. I sent her the website and told her this package of charts was a great place to start. She told me she loved the website, but unruly kids weren’t necessarily the “peace” she was looking for. I laughed. Good thing she wasn’t offended. Still, she now knows about your great resources and her kids aren’t quite as unruly!

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