Eighth Giveaway: Proverbs 31 Ruby Doll

Ruby DollWe wanted to give our girls a doll that would encourage them to act out godly themes in their play, and that would help them start to understand the description of a virtuous woman in Proverbs 31. We also want to teach our daughters basic sewing, cooking, and craft skills.

Ruby is a small pocket-size doll that you and your girls can make together. She is easily made (even by those of you that declare yourselves uncrafty!) with pipe cleaners, wooden beads, felt, and yarn. (Sewing techniques and the included Bible studies are appropriate for young ladies age 6 and up.)

After your daughter brings Ruby to life she can make her a pocket-sized family (we supply enough pipe cleaners and wooden beads for her husband, five children and a baby)! These little dolls can stand up and bend into different positions for hours of creative play.

Ruby familyAfter making the dolls, your daughter can go on to learn simple basic homemaking skills as she makes:

  • Ruby’s real purple silk dress
  • Ruby’s tapestry coat with glittery hand embroidery
  • A tiny market basket full of dough-art fruits and vegetables
  • A batch of bread sticks for your dinner and tiny loaves of bread for Ruby’s market basket
  • A miniature basket filled with real combed wool, a tiny drop spindle, and colorful wool yarn
  • Scarlet winter clothing for all of Ruby’s family
  • Miniature gardening tools for Ruby to use in her vineyard
  • A tiny dough-art candle holder that will hold a real birthday candle
  • Tiny, real linen sashes for Ruby to sell to the merchants
  • A velvet drawstring bag for storing Ruby and her family

To enter today’s giveaway:

Share about this blog, online or off, in whatever way you like. Write one comment on this post and tell us how you shared.

Here are some sharing ideas. If you’ve already shared on Facebook or Twitter, it’s okay to share again. Also, If you’ve been here since day one and already shared every way you can think of, you can say “already shared” and we’ll still count your entry!

To qualify to win, you must be a follower of this blog in some form (confirmed email subscription, RSS, or Google friend connect).

We’re three days from drawing a winner for the final grand prize!

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  1. shared on facebook

  2. Shared on facebook. I love the dolls. Both of my daughters have been wanting to learn how to sew and this is an awesome way to teach them!

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  6. Shared on Facebook and by e-mail. Thank you for all of your encouragement this past week!

  7. I shared on Facebook! Thank you so much for these giveaways…

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    Mrs. U

  9. Our family is part of a small group of homeschooling families who get together on a regular basis to do various activities. I shared with those families.

  10. Just shared about this on Facebook! :O)

  11. Shared on Facebook.

  12. I decided to share this information through emailing to people in our church. I would not usually or possibly never do that, but I got thinking these are the resources they are looking for too! I am not spamming them to just win, but I am sharing Godly material to help them also to teach and train their children. Materials that I appreciate and they will too.

  13. I shared this with my sister.

  14. Facebook!

  15. Emailed another friend.

  16. already shared 🙂

  17. I shared with my daughters! We’d love to do this project together!

  18. I have emailed another friend. 🙂

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    LOVE your products!♥

  20. Shared with a friend 🙂

  21. Already shared! I am thankful a friend shared this on facebook. I had learned about your company by having a booth beside a Doorpost distributor at a homeschool convention a few years ago and her sharing reminded me of your company. We’ve been having character issues in our home and your blog has already helped with the weekly projects… thanks for sharing your wisdom with us!

  22. My daughter and I have worked on this project together, and I’m thinking of doing it with my Bright Lights girl’s group. 🙂

  23. Recently, I had an opportunity to pile up the books that I have from Doorposts and let a friend borrow them..she was so encouraged! I told her about the Ruby doll…it’s on my list to get next!

  24. I am so excited to read about your giveaway! I emailed a friend right away! Many blessings to your business and ministry.

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  26. shared on face book 🙂

  27. I have been sharing daily on my blog and linking to your blog. I would love this for me and my dd. She would be excited.

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  29. I shared on Facebook and emailed our local homeschool area coordinator. Thanks for the give-aways!

  30. Shared already and am an email subscriber. Thanks!

  31. I emailed a friend.

  32. Just posted a share link on Facebook. Love your discipline charts so far. Just started using them a few days ago. Thank you!

  33. Those are just to cute, I am sure my daughter would love making them!

  34. The Ruby doll is so cute! My daughter would really enjoy this craft. I shared this post on Facebook. Have a blessed day!

  35. Love these! Shared on Facebook…:)

  36. oh, didn’t realize we had to say how we shared.


  37. Sharing Doorpost’s contests through my blog and word of mouth!

  38. What an adorable doll. My girls would love a project like this. Shared on Facebook.

  39. I shared with a friend via email about your blog!

  40. Shared with our co-op about your blog and products! Great products! Several people were already familiar with them.

  41. I shared on Facebook. I would love to do this with my 8 year old daughter!

  42. e-mailed my sister

  43. Ruby is so sweet! I shared on Facebook!

  44. Already shared. Will try and keep sharing with new people.

  45. already shared- will continue to share on facebook.


  46. I shared on Facebook. 🙂

  47. Posted on facebook again. Love this project! What a great idea to have a whole family and all the extra projects!

  48. already shared :0)

  49. Shared with my sister in law. I would Love to be able to give the Ruby doll to my niece(as I have 4 boys).

  50. Already shared!

  51. already shared- great dolls~!

  52. I shared via facebook and twitter and I also emailed it to my friend. 🙂

  53. Shared on Facebook. These dolls seem so adorable! And what a great idea! My girls would love it! 🙂

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  55. I have already shared but will look for opportunities to continue sharing.

  56. I shared with all my co-workers since my internet service is down at home.
    They are logging in to your site as we speak.
    My little girl would be blessed by this doll.

  57. shared with homeschooling group : )

  58. I shared on Facebook

  59. Jessica Perea (Mom of 5)

    I will share this tonight at church with the other ladies!

  60. Already shared with family. Will try to share with ladies from my church when they visit tomorrow (I am bedridden at the moment). I also follow on e-mail.

  61. I shared on Facebook this morning!

  62. Shared again on facebook!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Already shared, but shared again with a new friend I met!

  64. These are really a wonderful thing! I love the dolls! I will share these with everyone I can think of with little girls.

  65. Already shared! : )

  66. I already shared, but if I think of anyone I missed I’ll be sure to share again! I know my daughter, and even my young son, would love these =)

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  69. I shared on Facebook…we love your stuff on Doorposts!! Thanks!

  70. I have already shared. Thanks for these amazing giveaways!!

  71. Emailed to a friend. Thank you!

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  73. Will share with my daughters…..how cute!

  74. I told another friend about your wonderful products!

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  76. I started a group of young girls this year based on your Polished Cornerstones book….they named themselves “The Ruby Girls”! Shared this giveaway with them….would love to win for our group!!

  77. Already shared 🙂

  78. Already shared! I love the Ruby doll idea, and have been eyeing it for years to make with my four girls. Thanks for the giveways!

  79. I have shared this wonderful idea/blog with friends via email. Thank you for blessing us with great ideas!

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  81. I shared with my siblings today!

  82. Shared again on Facebook. 🙂

  83. Shared the following on Facebook:
    “The Ruby Doll Kit is one of the best and most creative ways I have ever seen to initiate young girls into the art of home-making. Ruby makes a great “church toy” as well. Even my boys liked to play with Ruby and were fascinated to help put her together.”

  84. I have already shared several times on FB and discussed Doorposts with a friend. 🙂

  85. Already shared! :o) (will continue sharing, though!)

  86. Shared Day 8 give-away on facebook! What a sweet doll! 🙂 <3

  87. I’ve shared on FB again and I have told my friends/family. =)

  88. I shared on Facebook!!! My daughters would certainly enjoy this doll!!!

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  90. shared on facebook and will tell my homeschool group this afternoon.

  91. I have shared with family and friends again. Thank you for such wonderful ideas and projects!

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  93. These look so cute!! I shared today again Via Facebook!!

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  95. Shared on facebook and with my family this morning. It’s encouraging to see how many others are doing the same. We are truly satisfied by the work of our hands and hearts for the Lord – Thanks for sharing ideas on how to do it with creativity.

  96. I just e-mailed the link to a good friend. 🙂 I love the dolls!

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  98. I shared this on Facebook. This is one of my 2 favorite things that you guys carry!

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  100. already shared–thank you!

  101. shared on FB – I don’t have a little girl, but I do have a neice who is an MK and would love this!! I really hope I win it for her!

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  104. Already shared…would LOVE to win this for my sweet girl!

  105. Already Shared!
    This would be an awesome present for my daughters birthday coming up in April.

  106. shared through email;)…..learning alot about all that you have available these days..wow…thankyou for your concern for a faith based home were children can grow and be nourished through such findings….

  107. already shared!

  108. I shared with my daughter this morning. She loved the doll! Thanks for all you all do. It is such an encouragement!!

  109. Share through email. These dolls are SO beautiful:)

  110. Already shared 3x on FB. Today, sent to family. This might be the one product I never purchased from you! Would really like this family!

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  113. Already shared!! Thank you so much for your generosity! Your products are such blessings.

  114. Shared Ruby on facebook.

  115. Shared on Facebook! I have little girls who would love to win one of these!! 😀

  116. I shared with another friend via email. I hope she reads her email today.

  117. Love this idea! Shared on Facebook and am hoping to win! I have an “only” that would LOVE to have this little doll in her life. Thanks!

  118. ALready shared! I look forward to sharing with others!

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  121. Have already shared, but will continue to share as opportunities arise!!! 🙂

  122. Just shared on Facebook, hope this helps many disciple their kiddos! My girls would love to make a Ruby 🙂

  123. I shared this on Facebook. If I win, I will be giving away as a gift since I have an 8 yr old son who I don’t think would want to make a doll. I have a 4 yr old niece who would love it!

  124. I shared with a friend

  125. I shared the website address in an email to my friends.

  126. sharing through email with all my list of friends and colleagues as well as through fb.

  127. I’ve made dolls before but this one would be so special.

  128. Shared with a group of ladies with young children from my church that meet every week.

  129. Already shared. My girls would love these dolls. What a great idea!

  130. lplavoie@bellsouth.net

    I shared with my daughter as I think it would be a great idea for our Bright Lights/sewing group to make the dolls as another poster mentioned. I also shared with my sister who has a daughter. I shared with both by email.

  131. I shared on facebook 🙂

  132. We’ve got a Ruby in our family. Wouldn’t that be fun! I shared on facebook.

  133. emailed this to all my friends who don’t do facebook!
    shabbychicmomma gmail dot com

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  137. I shared on facebook again for those who may have missed it the first time! 🙂

  138. facebook! And those dolls are adorable!

  139. I shared on Facebook.
    I love the idea behind these dolls!

  140. How sweet are those. My daughters would love them. I share with another friend who also has 4 daughter

  141. Already shared!

  142. shared with friends

  143. shared on fb and in my blog!!! I <3 proverbs 31….the doll is an amazing idea. What a way to make an impact!!!

  144. Shared on email! I did this with my daughter 10 years ago when she was 7 and she absolutely loved it. She still has it as a treasured keepsake.

  145. Have already shared a couple times. Have 2 daughters who would love making these!

  146. I have shared on Twitter and my Facebook page. I have also “liked” the Doorposts FB page as well. Thank you so much for your time invested in these wonderful resources and blog. 🙂

  147. I posted it on facebook!

  148. Made these years ago with my older daughters from your kit. My 7 year old would enjoy this too.

    I shared this on Facebook.


  149. Not sure if my post went through before…already shared and thank you so much for the encouragement of this blog & for the giveaways!

  150. Shared with friends verbally, told them of the wonderful carts and posters.

  151. My daughter would love making these dolls! Its such a good message as well! shared on FB!!

  152. What a fun idea that I will be sure to share with my children as well as other moms of girls. That you for encouraging Biblical values in practical ways.

  153. Posted on FB

  154. already shared.

    I have the Ruby Doll kit and am using it with my one daughter. Ruby and her husband are done, and we are now working on the first son. They look great! We are working through the Bible study part too. I would love to get another copy of the kit to use with my other daughter.


  155. I shared on facebook. Though I am not crafty, my dd is. Thus we will be make the ruby doll when she is older. She will love it and I will love teaching about how God made women so beautiful in His Eyes. Ty again

  156. Shared on facebook again!!

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  159. I am sharing on my blog and on facebook and I have your button!

  160. already shared. would love to win this for my daughter

  161. shared on facebook…have been sharing everyday!!

  162. Shared on Facebook! Love this!

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  164. Already shared. I wish these had been around when my girls were smaller, but I’ve got plenty of opportunities for gift giving!

  165. Shared on Facebook. Love this doll and hope to win it to use with my daughter. Have already benefited from using your Weekly Character project in our home. Love this new blog and thank you for all that you put into it!

  166. I shared on Facebook

  167. I’ve shared by e-mail!

  168. I have three young boys and I think they would be interested in making these also and then giving them as gifts to girls we know.
    Sharing with other mothers.
    Thank you.

  169. Shared again on Facebook! Love your products!

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  172. Posted on Facebook. Can’t wait to try the Ruby doll with my 6 year old sewer!

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  176. Amanda Kompanowski

    Called all the moms at my MOPs table. They are excited to check out the blog!

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  178. Still spreading the word!

  179. Already shared & will continue to recommend!!! 🙂

  180. I emailed some friends who have a heart for the Lord and for discipling their children. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  181. Shared through email = )

  182. Shared on Facebook again 🙂 My Lydia would LOVE to win this…she is so much my little crafter! She’s always asking for more things to make 🙂

  183. Shared on FB again. Thank you for these wonderful giveaways.

  184. facebooked and told mt dd! oh oh!

  185. e-mailed a friend!

  186. I shared in every way I can think of. 🙂

  187. I am finally making time to read your blog. I enjoyed yesterdays suggestions for making a game out of listening. I need help to make life at home a little more fun and little less serious. Yet, I don’t want to compromise the things we “must” do 🙂 With children ages 9, 7, 5, and 3 I am doing good to just get the basics done. Thanks for the suggestion!

  188. Already shared. My crafty little girls would love these!

  189. With my grandmother:)

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  191. Shared on facebook!!

  192. I shared on facebook. My daughter Ruby would love a Ruby doll!

  193. Just shared it on FB! Thank you so much – this is an awesome kit and a tremendous blessing.

  194. Shared it. Love this idea!

  195. Facebook & Twitter 🙂

  196. can’t wait for my girls to be old enough to do this with. I know they will really enjoy! Sharing on fb.

  197. sharing…sharing…sharing…with everyone!!!!!

  198. shared on facebook again. Love your products!

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  201. I already shared and will continue to spread the word about your wonderful products!

  202. Sharing with aunt – we wanted our girls to do this with the grandmother!

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  204. Shared with Family, thanks!

  205. Nate and Tomi Moore

    Face book. I love this idea, and sewing is a practical skill that teaches a job well done and self- discipline.

  206. Already shared on facebook and personal emails. Thank you for your products and this opportunity

  207. Shared on fb:o)

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  210. Love, love, love these! My daughter is just the right age for them now. Shared with several mamas on Fbook.

  211. I will continue to share your great work again and again and again in future!!!
    Thank you for blessing so many families through your ministry! God bless you in return!!!!!!

  212. Shared with friends!

  213. I told a lady from our church that just became a Grandma again. She has three grandchildren already and was really excited about your materials!

  214. I shared on facebook and emailed friends.

  215. I have shared the link to your site with several friends this week. I am always referring people to your site for parenting materials because our family really enjoys them.

  216. I shared it with an moms’ email group that I’m part of.

  217. Already shared but will be at church tonight to share some more!

  218. shared already 🙂

  219. These dolls are such a great idea. I love it.

  220. what a fun idea ! 🙂 I shared this with my mom as my younger sisters are just this age 🙂

  221. Shared with family and friends at church, also emailed a friend. Thanks!

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  224. Shared with a couple of friends!

  225. I used this when my older girls were little, but now I have 2 more little girls just this age, and it is a wonderful (!) product.

  226. Shared with a friend. This kit would be so helpful with my sweet daughter.
    (We just finished making the banks for Stewardship Street. My kids are so excited about getting paid for their work, and I am excited about teaching my little ones about financial responsibility.)

  227. I shared it through an email with facebook friends!

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  229. Sharing with a friend via telephone. I would love to make these with my daughter!

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  232. I shared on facebook :0)

  233. I shared with another friend on the phone. I would love to do this project with my daughter. What a wonderful idea!!!!

  234. Just shared this with our 8yo daughter. This looks really neat and would be fun to work on together.

  235. Shared on fb! Would love this for my 7yo dd!

  236. Shared with my daughters!! They would love to do this!

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  238. Shared via facebook and I am a subscriber to the RSS feed of this blog via google reader

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  240. I shared the information on the Ruby Doll giveaway with my daughter her she said it was awesome.

  241. It is a great opportunity. Thank you for doing this! I shared by email! :o)


  243. facebook!

  244. Shared with all of my hs friends. This looks so great! Thanks for offering these great giveaways! What fun! Bless you!

  245. I shared on facebook and email. Thanks for having a great giveaway!

  246. I told others at church during our camp meeting.

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  249. Jennifer Vanden Brink

    These dolls great! Shared via FB

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  252. Already shared. My seven year old would love this.

  253. Already shared 🙂

  254. Thank you for this opportunity. We would Ruby.

  255. I shared on my facebook wall.

  256. Ruby would be great for my daughter, sandwiched between two older brothers and two younger! Sharing with my good friend 🙂

  257. follow you!

  258. shared with my family…would love to have for my granddaughter!

  259. Already shared!! 🙂

  260. I have already shared with others. I also talked with my mother and mother-in-law about Doorposts materials. I thought it would be fun to include the grandmothers and to encourage them to create Bible crafts with our kids.

  261. Just emailed another friend who came to mind…I hope she already saw my post on fb…I just LOVE the Ruby dolls…

  262. My little girls would love the Ruby doll and so would a dear friend’s daughter–so today I went to see her and told her about your new blog and this giveaway. 🙂

  263. I shared on facebook. These dolls are precious

  264. I shared on facebook for the first time ever. Now I know how to do that!

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  266. I shared about the blog and Doorposts website in an email to a friend.

  267. I shared on FB-shirley e
    I will be telling many people tonight!

  268. Thanks Allison for sharing on fb! Sharing myself by email and fb

  269. I am emailing friends with daughters. 🙂 Thank you again for the blog and giveaways!

  270. Already shared on Facebook and e-mail. 🙂

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  272. These dolls look great. I shared by email.

  273. Shared on Facebook. I might start with Ruby doll myself to learn how to sew!:)

  274. Shared on Facebook! 🙂 Love your products!

  275. Does giving my family a list of ideas for future gifts count as sharing?!!!!

  276. Sure, Michelle! 🙂

  277. shared with my sister-in-law, as this particular item (Ruby Dolls) would be something that her 2 daughters would vercy much enjoy.

  278. I shared this with a friend whose daughter would just love it!

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  280. I shared this blog and your products with a friend from church by email.

  281. I shared with my homeschool group.

  282. Barbara Scroggins

    already shared

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  284. Sharing.

  285. I shared about your new Doorposts blog on my Homeschool yahoo group. I love your obedience charts (although I wish you would have a NIV option). I love this doll and my girls (8&9) want to learn to sew; they would go crazy over this neat activity. I had never seen it before. Thank you!

  286. My children were so excited today when they saw these cute dolls they want to make their own. We would be so excited to win this. Thank you for the opportunity to win your wonderful items. Shared through the e-mail.

  287. Came by on day 1 and shared on Facebook and on Twitter. But I also mentioned this particular giveaway to my husband. I know my daughter would enjoy Ruby.

    I am also a follower on GFC.

  288. This looks like a fun project for little hands and little minds :). I shared on Facebook.

  289. I have shared with my family.

  290. I told my sister in law about you guys.