Eighth Giveaway: Proverbs 31 Ruby Doll

Ruby DollWe wanted to give our girls a doll that would encourage them to act out godly themes in their play, and that would help them start to understand the description of a virtuous woman in Proverbs 31. We also want to teach our daughters basic sewing, cooking, and craft skills.

Ruby is a small pocket-size doll that you and your girls can make together. She is easily made (even by those of you that declare yourselves uncrafty!) with pipe cleaners, wooden beads, felt, and yarn. (Sewing techniques and the included Bible studies are appropriate for young ladies age 6 and up.)

After your daughter brings Ruby to life she can make her a pocket-sized family (we supply enough pipe cleaners and wooden beads for her husband, five children and a baby)! These little dolls can stand up and bend into different positions for hours of creative play.

Ruby familyAfter making the dolls, your daughter can go on to learn simple basic homemaking skills as she makes:

  • Ruby’s real purple silk dress
  • Ruby’s tapestry coat with glittery hand embroidery
  • A tiny market basket full of dough-art fruits and vegetables
  • A batch of bread sticks for your dinner and tiny loaves of bread for Ruby’s market basket
  • A miniature basket filled with real combed wool, a tiny drop spindle, and colorful wool yarn
  • Scarlet winter clothing for all of Ruby’s family
  • Miniature gardening tools for Ruby to use in her vineyard
  • A tiny dough-art candle holder that will hold a real birthday candle
  • Tiny, real linen sashes for Ruby to sell to the merchants
  • A velvet drawstring bag for storing Ruby and her family

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