Tenth Giveaway: Applying the 5th Commandment

Honor Your Father and Mother“Honor thy father and thy mother; that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee” (Exodus 20:12).

Today’s giveaway includes two books (we’ll draw a separate winner for each one).

For This is Right (for ages 12 and up) and Honor Your Father and Mother (for ages 2-12) give pointed questions and Scripture verses that explore the meaning and practical application of the Fifth Commandment.

This is a simple command, but it encompasses more than we often realize! It takes discipline and training for children to learn to honor and obey their parents as God requires.

In the same format as As Unto the Lord and A Checklist for Parents, For This Is Right includes an in-depth, expanded series of over 350 questions, each followed by Scripture which explains what God commands of children in relation to their parents. A short set of summary questions for daily review, plus suggested Bible studies and other projects are also included.

Honor Your Father and Mother includes 110 simpler questions, along with Bible verses and cartoon illustrations for younger children.

These books are designed to help your children prayerfully examine their attitudes and actions with the goal of quickly pinpointing areas of sin for further thought, Bible study and repentance. These are powerful tools for building a life-long commitment to honor and obedience!


This is your last chance to enter the giveaway! Tomorrow, we’re drawing the winner of the grand prize , a complete set of everything Doorposts has ever published!

To enter today’s giveaway, share about this blog, online or off, in whatever way you like. Write one comment on this post and tell us how you shared.

Here are some sharing ideas. If you’ve already shared on Facebook or Twitter, it’s okay to share again. If you’ve been here since day one and already shared every way you can think of, you can say “already shared” and we’ll still count your entry!

To qualify to win, you must be a follower of this blog in some form (confirmed email subscription, RSS, or Google friend connect).

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  1. I already shared…thank you!

  2. We’ve already shared, thanks again for your wonderful ministry!

  3. Love sharing about this stuff! Thanks for all you are doing to promote a Christian attitude and lifestyle.

  4. I shared on Facebook…although I think I have done that several times. But I keep sharing so that all my friends have a chance to look at the Doorposts website and blog. 🙂

  5. Shared this by facebook and word-of-mouth. Thank you for these wonderful giveaways!

  6. Thank you for the opportunity to win such valuable resources. I have shared on FB. Thank you.

  7. hi there! i have an email subscription…
    thanks and blessings!

  8. I shared on facebook. Thank you.

  9. I follow your blog via email… and I shared this via email.

  10. I shared on facebook.

  11. Shared the information for this new blog this morning with yet another friend.

  12. I told my mother-in-law all about the site, the blog, and how much we LOVE your products (hint, hint for presents 🙂 )

  13. I shared on FB. Thank you so much for your resources!

  14. already shared – thx!

  15. Sharing the blog with my care group.

  16. I let my sister know about this giveaway and blog.

  17. Shared on Twitter. Thank you!! 🙂

  18. shared through email

  19. Already shared! Thanks!

  20. I’ve enjoyed sharing your website and materials via Facebook, emails and word of mouth. I will continue to let others know and I look forward to using your materials with our family.

  21. I shared this on Facebook again! Thank you so much for offering the opportunity to share your lovely products and have a chance to win them too.

  22. I have already shared about this wonderful resource. Thanks!

  23. I shared through an email to my homeschool group and on my facebook page!

  24. I tweeted.

  25. I will continue to share with my friends how awesome this blog is!

  26. I’ve shared with another friend. We would love to add this resource to what we already have from Doorpost.

  27. I shared on Facebook again. I keep sharing there so all of my friends will get a chance to find your blog. 🙂

  28. I shared with my Mother about how much I loved having new ideas to teach my kids about the truths from the Bible. Thanks.

  29. Already shared!

  30. More excellent products to help us raise our children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Thank you for the opportunity to win some of your terrific products and share with others.
    I shared this on Facebook.

  31. I e-mailed some friends to tell them about the blog and your materials and the give-away.

  32. Already shared and will share again today by talking to some more friends. You have wonderful products. Thanks for the fun week of giveaways.

  33. I’ve already shared online with my friends & tonight I’ll share with my parents!

  34. I shared on Facebook again. Love your resources! Thanks so much.

  35. I shared with my homeschool group!

  36. Word of mouth.

  37. Shared by email! What a lovely giveaway! Thank you for all you do =)

  38. I’ve already shared… love, love, love your products!! :0)

  39. Already shared- thank you so much!

  40. I shared at a meeting last night.

  41. I have already shared and will continue to share!

  42. I shared about this giveaway on Facebook!

  43. Shared on facebook 🙂

  44. I’ve shared on my facebook and my website. 🙂

    P.S.- I’d like to add your button, but I’m having trouble doing it on WordPress.com. Any suggestions (I’m pretty new to blogging)?

  45. I shared on Facebook! 😀

  46. Hi, I posted your button in my sidebar & blogged of you today. Thanks!

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  48. Shared with my sister. Thank you so much for your ministry!

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  50. Shared with family! Thanks!

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  53. I told my husband how much I enjoying this blog and about doorposts

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  55. I told another friend about your blog and giveaways!

  56. I put it on my facebook.

  57. Have already shared with our homeschooling group, a few new homeschooling moms, some family members, and some friends. : )

  58. I’ve already shared. 🙂

  59. Shared with my mommy homeschooling friends!

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  63. shared again, and gladly!

  64. Amanda Prestigiacomo

    Reposted on twitter and facebook.

  65. I gave away a product (I had purchased extra of some time back) to a friend and told her about the other wonderful products and the new blog. She is a new homeschooler.

  66. I shared on email.

  67. I told my mom about it, hoping she will enter the giveaway also!

  68. I shared this blog with friends via email.

  69. Already shared your wonderful website. What a blessing your ministry is. Thank you.

  70. Shared with a friend and we placed an order for some of your products together! Thanks for these wonderful resources!

  71. I shared on facebook – again

  72. Already shared. Thank you.

  73. AlreAdy shared 🙂

  74. posted on face book! 🙂

  75. Sharing with my friends on Facebook. Thank you!

  76. Jessica Perea (Mom of 5)

    Sharing on FB again.

  77. I have been sharing these posts every day on facebook, but I am thrilled to do it! If one of my friends buys your products because of it, that will be a wonderful thing! God bless you all for this whole giveaway! And may He continue to bless Doorposts!!! Thank you!

  78. shared on Facebook again

  79. I’ve shared 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  80. I shared on Facebook and my email list.

  81. Already shared. 🙂

  82. Shared by word of mouth. Looking forward to seeing your display at the OKC convention next month!

  83. I shared on FB again, too!

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  85. I LOVE Doorposts and have shared in as many ways as I can think of!! Thanks for all your wonderful work!

  86. I shared this on facebook and by talking with friends.

  87. I shared with several friends.

  88. I have shared in multiple ways…I love Doorposts! Thank you for these amazing giveaways!

  89. I shared on Facebook!

  90. Sharing through word of mouth!! Posted an blog entry about all the contests…..

  91. Already shared. Glad there are good resources for families that I can point people to!

  92. Shared with my facebook family!

  93. I already shared on facebook.


  94. Posted to facebook! 🙂

  95. Already Shared!

  96. I have already shared. But gladly do it again.

  97. Shared by word of mouth.

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  99. I emailed and shared with all my bestest girlfriends! 😉

  100. Emailed my sister! She’d love these too!

  101. Already shared. Thanks!

  102. I shared on facebook.

  103. I have already shared on Facebook, my blog, and with my family! Thanks for all the great books!!

  104. I shared on facebook.

  105. I am always sharing the joy of using doorpost materials!

  106. shared on FB

  107. I shared on Facebook and have 7 yr. old triplets so I could definitely use this book.

  108. already shared

  109. Shared with some friends and already posted on FB.

  110. I use facebook and repost the site for all my friends to see.

  111. Shared with my husband’s coworker. They will love it!

  112. shared on FB

  113. Called my sister about your site!

  114. Already shared! Thanks!

  115. I just posted info about this blog to an online hs warehouse of sorts. There are over 200 members, so hopefully some of those folks will come check out this great new blog!

  116. I already shared. Thank you!

  117. E-mailed to my daughters.

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  129. I shared on facebook! I love doorposts!

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  131. Wow! What a generous giveaway. I shared on FB and MS and emailed and I’m about to put it on my blog too! 🙂 I love your products and it gives me a boost to advertise for you, which I should be doing anyway!

    Congrats to the previous winners and those to come !

  132. I shared on facebook as well. 🙂

  133. I shared with friends through facebook.

  134. Sharing with my SIL at the basketball games today.

  135. I emailed two of my sisters.

  136. I shared on Facebook again….Thanks so much for this blog, I love it!!!

  137. on facebook! would love this!

  138. We’ve already shared with our family. Thank you for offering such great materials!

  139. I shared on FB. Thanks for these giveaways.

  140. I shared by email. Thank you for this opportunity!

  141. we love your stuff! i have fb’d tweeted, and word of mouth, also a link on my blog!

  142. I shared on Facebook! Thanks.

  143. i shared on fb too! i love doorposts!

  144. Already shared…hope I win this and/or the grand prize!!!!!!!!!
    I think we should all get consolation prizes :)!!!!!!!!!!

  145. Shared on FB.

  146. already shared =)

  147. I shared on Facebook :)…

  148. Shared on Facebook 🙂

  149. I found more friends to share with via email! I’m really excited about this new blog. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. I shared again on Facebook. What a great giveaway this has been even though I haven’t won…. yet 🙂

  151. I shared via facebook. I know that more needs to be done to remind children of the fifth commandment and I am so excited that you guys have made a set of books to help with that. I always tell my children that I am not perfect and because of that they may not WANT to obey me, but God IS perfect and He gave the command!!!

  152. I shared your web address & talked about some of your resources at mom’s group at church. Also shared earlier in the week on Facebook and shared a couple of the posts with my husband who liked them.

  153. I posted on Facebook.

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  155. shared on FB again

  156. I shared on Facebook again. Would love to have this!

  157. I shared on Facebook! Thank you!

  158. I tweeted and posted on facebook! Thanks for this opportunity to win!

  159. I shared this post on Facebook. Have a blessed day!

  160. I truly appreciate what you are doing. It gets frustrating at times as a mother trying to raise up Godly children in today’s world, but I continue to push through. If we teach our kids to be content with the many blessings God already has for us, maybe our worldly selfishness would be drasticlly reduced. God bless you :0)

  161. I’ve already shared 🙂

  162. This is my new favorite website! Thank you !

    I shared this on facebook 🙂

  163. I already shared on Facebook so I forwarded the email and also tried to explain to my mom that we are going to discipline our children biblically and not just spank and send to their room. Hopefully I can get her to read some of your stuff so the discipline will be consistent at her house!

  164. Shared, Shared, and shared again! You have such great products to share!! Thank you for these Blessings.

  165. Shared on facebook. Had several positive comments!

  166. i shared on facebook again

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  168. posted on my FB. Since I found your blog via a friends FB post, I am hoping that my friends will find you as well. I love it when someone recommends good biblical resources that I can use with my family! Thanks!

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  170. i shared this blog with a my friend who moved away. she loves Doorpost as well!

  171. I shared on FB and also told friends in person. :0)

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    shabbychicmomma at gmail dot com

  175. I have already shared with many friends. Thank you for putting this website together. It is a blessing!

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  177. I’ve already shared. Thank you for all the wonderful opportunities.

  178. I already shared. Thank you for this opportunity. I love your products. You are blessing so many people through the Biblical work that you do.

  179. shared on facebook and email to homeschool group

  180. Hi! I was excited to see the giveaway books. I had never heard of these before. The books look very interesting and I would love to win them. I follow you through emails and I am sharing about your blog through email. Thank you for all that you do.

  181. I shared on Facebook!

  182. Shared on fb…I do hope you will be at our Phoenix convention again this year, because I told everyone you will be so they can see your materials for themselves! Thanks for all your work again, and helping us as we strive to raise godly children.

  183. Shared on my Facebook, Twitter, and blog.

  184. I shared by email:) I am looking forward to reading this blog in the months to come:)

  185. forwarded this to a few homeschool moms I know. Great info. !!!

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  187. Shared with homeschool moms!

  188. Love your products! I posted this on my Facebook page.

  189. already shared. Thanks!

  190. I shared this via email to several families : )

  191. Following you via eMail subscription! 🙂

  192. Shared this on FB! 🙂
    If I don’t win, I need to budget money for at least some of these… ;-))

  193. I shared with my homeschool group.

  194. I shared on Facebook again. Thank you for all you do. Your books and materials look absolutely amazing and a welcome resource that every family home should have on hand. 🙂

  195. I have already shared on fb, but will share with the homeschool coop today. I cannot say enough good things about your products and company. Thanks again for the great gifts from the Lord you have given us!

  196. Sharing with a friend. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  197. Shared on facebook!

  198. I cant believe the Grand Giveaway is tomorrow already! I’ve been counting down the days!! How I would LOVE to fill our Home with all of those wonderful resources! I so hope I win tomorrow!! To enter, as I’m not a member of facebook, I’ve subscribed to receive your daily emails, God Bless You for providing such needed family materials! Mrs Claire Allen

  199. Shared on facebook!!

  200. I shared on FB about it! So excited for tomorrow, good luck everyone!

  201. I shared this on my Quiverfull group…small bunch of godly ladies whom I adore!

  202. I shared your info on Facebook again. I am very much looking for to your new edition of For Instuction in Righteousness! You are doing a wonderful work =)

  203. I shared through my church’s group email and view the blog through email. Thank you for providing quality parenting resources.

  204. I have shared. Thank you for your wonderful ministry!

  205. I shared with friends via email. Thanks for the chance to win your terrific products.

  206. I emailed a couple friends! Thank you so much!

  207. Forwarded this post

  208. Shared by word of mouth. Thanks for your great resources! The regular emails have given me a renewed sense of purpose in my parenting. This was much needed as my husband has been away on a two-week trip recruiting staff for the Bible camp we run. Would love to get your resources in the hands of parents of our campers!

  209. Facebook post! Excellent ministry, thnx for what ya’ll are doing 🙂

  210. Already shared! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  211. Facebook 🙂

  212. I sent out a message on facebook to family and friends telling them all about you!

  213. I sent another message out to my friends just raving about your awesome products, ministry, and blog. Thanks for all these great giveaways!

  214. Shared via word-of-mouth. Thanks for such wonderful products! Love receiving the emails.

  215. I emailed a good friend and told him about the new blog and the main website of doorposts. I told him about how much we have appreciated your ministry.

    God bless you all.

  216. I shared this on Facebook!

  217. I shared on Facebook and I sent for a catalog to share with the parents at Church.

  218. I shared on Facebook! Love you guys!!!

  219. Already shared! (Will probably post on facebook again later today)

  220. I shared on FB again that both of these books have been so helpful for me and my children! My two year old loves to go through the yellow one with me almost every morning.

  221. Already shared

  222. Shared this on FB. Mentioned the wealth of Biblical resources you have for Parents as well as Grandparents. Thank you for your ministry.

  223. I already shared! – Thank you 🙂

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  225. I shared with my friends. I love your products.

  226. I posted on facebook!

  227. Shared with family!

  228. I sent an email to a friend sharing this with her. Thank you for your products.

  229. Hello! I forwarded your info. to our entire church family, via email! Thank you again, and have a SUPER day!

  230. already shared

  231. I tweeted this ….and would love to be entered in this give-away!

  232. Shared on Facebook! And I continue to tell friends about.

  233. I shared on Facebook. Would love to have a copy of this~

  234. I already shared. :o) But I will put the link on my FB page again. Thank you and have a blessed weekend!!!

  235. I shared on twitter; and soon will share through blog. I mostly share with people when they see my kids living life in a Christ like fashion. This is how I share, by example, but now it is more verbal!

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  237. Shared on Facebook! First Time! Great site! Thanks!

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  240. I told a friend!

  241. I shared on Facebook. Really enjoying the blog!

  242. I shared on Facebook!

  243. Already shared 🙂

  244. I shared via facebook.
    Hope to win the grand prize tomorrow!

    God Bless and have a wonderful day.

  245. I emailed more friends and included believers who aren’t homeschoolers in hopes that they would be strongly encouraged by your materials to walk as close as possible and disciple their children and not be content to have Christian schools, or church programs fulfill that responsibility. (One friend is a pastor’s wife.) Praying the Lord will draw hearts to Him & to family!!

  246. I sent an email to my friends. Thanks!

  247. Shared again on Facebook.

  248. Not only did I share last night at the expo, but I also emailed a friend about these great products!

  249. “liked” on Facebook. Thanks so much!

  250. still sharing;)…this one would in particular would certainly be os aid to our family at this time as we are hugely struggling in this area….thankyou again for your generosity in giveaways .We look forward to hearing who wins the grand prize;)

  251. shared FB

  252. I emailed the link to a good friend who is considering homeschooling. I love your site.

  253. Shared on Facebook!

  254. I shared on Buzz.

  255. I shared again on Facebook, especially to remind everyone of the last chance to enter! Thanks so much!

  256. Shared on Facebook and by word-of-mouth. Love your products! Thank you again for creating and sharing them!

  257. shared on facebook.

  258. Shared with my family

  259. Shared on Facebook~

  260. I shared via email.

  261. I shared with my family. I found this site through a friend’s blog. I can’t wait to get started with all of your awesome resources!

  262. Called homeschool friend to share!! This has been a great week! Thanks for all of the great giveaways and blogs!! Blessings to you all!

  263. I’m a follower of this blog and rss feed. I shared about this give away on Facebook.

  264. Thanks so much for the giveaways. Many are blessed by your resources. Oh, and I’ve shared!

  265. I shared on FB!

  266. posted on facebook! everyone sees stuff there :0

  267. I shared on Facebook with my homeschooling and stay at home friends. 🙂 I am so glad a friend of mine shared this site with me!

  268. I’ve already shared.

    Wow, I have quite the list now that I would like to purchase from you! Would you have any package deals besides what is on your website if I am wanting to purchase a lot? (that is if I don’t win) 😉

  269. Already shared on Facebook and e-mail, can’t wait for drawing results

  270. I’ve been sharing by word-of-mouth. I love your stuff!! I subscribe via e-mail. Thanks!

  271. Shared this link with my coffee group this morning. What a blessing Doorposts has become to our family. Thanks!

  272. Already shared. God bless you and thanks!

  273. I am a regular email newsletter receiver. I shared today’s post on FB and via email.

    Love all your materials!!

  274. I shared on facebook!
    Thank you!

  275. So excited to have shared this with friends and family. You have a wonderful company that has blessed the lives of so many!

  276. I have shared via e-mail and by word of mouth.

  277. Shared on Facebook, and will share with my family…

  278. I shared! Love your stuff!

  279. I am sharing word of mouth and email. My sister has shared with me me this week and I am very excited about following your blog and using these resources in my family.

  280. Shared on Facebook, excited I heard about you guys!

  281. shared on facebook

  282. Shared on Facebook. =)

  283. I shared on Facebook and Twitter. Y’all are so wonderful for giving these great resources away.

  284. I shared this with a few moms like me with little ones through email! The Honoring Your Parents book would be great for them and me! Thank you!

  285. I shared with my friends, family, church members and homeschooling connections through email and conversations. Thank you!

  286. I have shared on facebook, word of mouth and e-mail. God bless this ministry!

  287. Shared with my daughters on e-mail.

  288. Already shared! Thanks! 🙂

  289. Shared on facebook!

  290. shared on Facebook!

  291. I have already shared, and with great pleasure have begun carrying my Polished Cornerstones to share “in person”

  292. Thanks you for the wonderful tools you publish!
    I will definately share!

  293. Already shared every way I can! 🙂 Thank you so much for doing this! We love your products & refer back to them frequently!

  294. I already shared with our homeschool group! Thanks for your amazing ministry!

  295. i shared on facebook. excited to learn more about your products and use them in my home!

  296. I phoned a friend and shared about your great blog and the giveaways!
    Thanks so much for hosting these! They are such a great blessing to each winner!

  297. I shared on facebook, to my daughters and my husband!! I have watched your products for awhile now and would love to get some of them!

  298. Already shared!

  299. Already shared!
    Thanks for setting up a site with such encouragement to keep running the race set before us!

  300. I wish I could express what I feel about this wonderful blessed work you are doing but I know God will reward all your hard work and love for Him. I will continue to share about this blog. Tomorrow we will have a spring cleaning in our church and will definitely talk again and again about you! Keep running the race my brothers & sisters ((Hebrew 12:1)

  301. I shared on facebook.
    Thank you!

  302. I shared with a friend!

  303. I shared on Facebook again! Thank you for sharing your lovely products with us! May God bless your business!

  304. Sheri Southerland

    These look like great resources. I shared word of mouth.

  305. Kristina Peterson

    Shared with a friend today!

  306. Oh this is an issue we are having right now. I would love this resource!

  307. already shared- thanks

  308. I shared on Facebook!!! Very cool!

  309. Shared on facebook – Love you guys! 🙂

  310. Shared on FB!

  311. I posted on my blog and am connected to your site via google friend connect!! thanks!


  312. I shared on Facebook.

  313. Emailed to my nieces and friends with children.

  314. I shared with my family

  315. Already shared.

  316. I shared on FB

  317. I shared and shared again on FB.

  318. I shared about you on facebook today!

  319. Shared again!!! Love your stuff!

  320. I shared on facebook. New to your site

  321. Shared on Facebook. Thanks!

  322. Shared on Facebook & subscribed to blog

  323. I shared on Facebook and Twitter.

  324. Shared on Facebook! Thank you for offering great prizes! The winners will be very blessed!

  325. Shared with a dear friend over a play date!!! We both are excited.

  326. I shared about your wonderful products & new blog on my facebook page!

  327. i have shared on fb and i also keep a stack of catalogs with me and hand them out whenever the subject of homeschool, or discipline, or the such comes up. Thank you for your blessing!

  328. I have shared online through emails and in person, especially when others come over and see our charts 🙂

  329. Already shared & will continue to promote your wonderful resources & blog!

  330. I shared on Facebook. 🙂

  331. I “like” Doorposts Facebook page!

  332. I shared on Facebook! It seems to be the place where I connect with the most people on a daily basis.

  333. How exciting! I sent an e-mail to several friends. It would be such a blessing to have some more your materials.

  334. What a wonderful deal you are doing! The materials look great!

  335. I added your button to my blog

  336. I’ve already shared. Thank you for your products!

  337. I emailed to friends.

  338. Shared already. Thanx

  339. I shared it on facebook~~ I would just love to win!!!

  340. Shared by email! Thank you!!

  341. I have an email subscription and have shared your website, materials and awesome godly guidance for several years. It’s great now I get to share your blog site as well. Thanks for fighting the good fight and continuing to encourage and train families while raising your own.

  342. Shared again by word of mouth!

  343. Already shared! And I’ll keep sharing! I LOVE DOORPOSTS!!!

  344. We love Door Posts at our house! I was able to use the tools that Door Posts have given me to help minister to a young family at our church ;D

  345. Our children enjoy their Doorposts books, Polished Cornerstones and Plants Grown Up. These are a daily part of our instruction in God’s Word, and have given us many great ideas to continue to train our children. We have been so blessed to receive these books as gifts from grandparents who also love our children and want the best for their education. Maybe one day we will have more of the resources, it would be great to win them!

    Thank you for your ongoing work to equip Christians in this way. Our family have been in full time itinerant ministry for 2 years and now are working to revive a very small church by God’s grace. He is providing the fruit as we serve Him in our new home community. Thanks again for your work for the Lord.

  346. i shared this with my bff…..no better way to change the world than one person at a time….

  347. I shared on FaceBook!Good luck everyone!

  348. Thank you, I have already shared.

  349. shared on FB several times!

  350. I shared on my blog (3dreflections.blogspot.com) and posted it on facebook. Oh, how I would love to win the grandprize!

  351. I shared on Facebook.

  352. Shared with friends my excitement about your products and this blog. Thanks for setting up this encouraging site!

  353. I shared your blog and website with all my friends on facebook. Thanks!

  354. Shared about your rescources at a Bible Study. These look like great books! Thanks for offfering these give-aways!

  355. Again, thank you so much for all the information that the Lord has used your family to help other families train up precious souls for His glory. I shared with my Heavenly Father regarding this site and thank Him for sending me to it. God Bless!

  356. Shared with some stay-at-home friends today.

  357. Again, thank you so much for all the information that the Lord has used your family to help other families train up precious souls for His glory. I shared with my Heavenly Father regarding this site and thanked Him for sending me to it. God Bless!

  358. I have emailed a friend today.

  359. Tweeted it!!

  360. already shared! Thanks! 🙂

  361. My friend just told me about your materials last night and I am *thrilled* to find such great Bible character training tools. THANK YOU first & foremost. Since I just learned about it I have only shared it with my husband – but we are likely going to buy some books for homeschooling our oldest next year, and training the little one, too. 🙂

  362. Shared on Facebook through hubsand.

  363. Shared on facebook

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