Guess the Proverb!

“…To give prudence to the simple, knowledge and  discretion to the youth…” (Proverbs 1:4, ESV)

The book of Proverbs is a wealth of wisdom for young and old! Saturate your children in the wisdom of Proverbs, and, as the Holy Spirit works in their hearts, they will become more discerning and better equipped to live and work in the world God made.

Try this little exercise to get your children excited about listening to and understanding the Proverbs:

  • Select one chapter of Proverbs and instruct the children to listen carefully as you read. (If your children are very small, choose just a few verses to read from the chapter.)
  • Ask them to each select one proverb that they would like to illustrate. They should not tell anyone else which proverb they have chosen.
  • Give them paper and pencils or pens. Allow time to draw a picture that illustrates the proverb they have chosen.
  • Have each child display his drawing while you read the chapter again. Instruct the children to raise their hands if they think they hear a proverb that matches one of the illustrations.
  • Talk about each proverb as they identify its illustration. (If you need help understanding the proverb’s meaning, use a commentary to help you. Remember one source of online commentaries is
  • Continue reading until all the illustrations are identified.

Show everyone’s drawings to Daddy at dinnertime and see if he can identify each proverb! Then post the pictures on the refrigerator or in prominent places throughout the house. Recall the proverb and its message at appropriate times during the day.

Illustration from Proverbs chapter 12This drawing is from Proverbs 12. Can you guess which verse it illustrates?
Drawing by Lydia B, age 8.

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