Preparing for a Day of Rest, Part 4

It’s Friday! What’s on your list today? Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Pack your Sunday diaper bag. Include diapers, clean clothes, wipes, and snacks.

If you can manage it, a special diaper bag that is only for Sunday is really nice to have. You can stock it ahead, and know that everything is still in it. It can be prepared ahead, put in the closet near the door, and all you will need to do is add any perishable food or bottles, and a child can take it out to the car for you on Sunday morning!

  • Gather any books, CDs, gifts, and other items that you are taking to church to share with others. Put them in a labeled bag or basket in the closet near the door.
  • Finish any other preparations for meals on Saturday and Sunday.

If you have daughters, let them help with this task. If you have sons and a husband who are adventuresome (and if you’re willing to eat whatever they bring home), send them to the store with a budget and let them bring home whatever prepared food they think sounds good for Sunday afternoon or evening. That will help make Sunday a “day of delight” for them, and save you work!

Think about Sunday breakfast. Think simple. Think easy cleanup. Consider foods like boiled or scrambled eggs, cold cereal, granola, yogurt, frozen waffles with whip cream in a can, toast, sausages, etc. Or make cinnamon rolls or coffee cake earlier in the week, put them in the freezer, and thaw them for Sunday breakfast!

  • Put CDs of worshipful music in the car.

If you tuck this into the glove box, you can pop it into the player on the way to church, and set the tone for the rest of the day. Even after successfully getting everyone into the car, Satan can still use the time between home and church to stir up sinful attitudes! Good music can help everyone prepare their hearts for worship.

One more day and you’ll be ready to have a more peaceful Sunday morning!

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