Preparing for a Day of Rest, Part 3

How did Sunday preparations go yesterday? If you didn’t manage to do everything you had hoped to, try to fit those tasks into today’s list. Be encouraged! If you got anything prepared ahead for Sunday, you’re going to have a better morning on Sunday!

So tackle your Thursday plans today! Here are some ideas to discuss together.

  • Make any food that can be made ahead and frozen.

It might seem like a hassle now, but it’s pretty nice to have a frozen casserole you can pop into the oven for Saturday dinner while you’re making your Sunday preparations. And if you have some food prepared ahead, or some simple foods ready for Sunday, your day will be much more restful.

One way to make this task easier is to double a recipe you are making during the week. Tuck the second casserole into the freezer and pull it out for the following weekend.

  • Organize a “Sunday bag” of activities for children during worship service.

If you have small children that sit in the worship service with you, a bag of quiet toys and books will make it easier for you to hear the sermon. Crackers or juice may also help a toddler make it through the service without growing restless.

  • Preparing for SundayPrepare Sunday clothes. Clean and polish shoes. Wash, dry, press and hang  clothes for each person in one central closet, if possible. Collect hair ribbons, sox, ties, jewelry.

It might seem early for getting clothes ready, but you’ll be so glad you did on Sunday morning! Some of these jobs can be delegated. Try to gather complete outfits on hangers. Put matching sox, hair ribbons, ties, etc. in reclosable baggies, and attach these to each hanger. If you have room, put all the children’s clothes into one central closet where you can go to collect them on Saturday afternoon.

Older children (and parents) should also get their clothes and accessories together and hang them in their closets.

  • Plan Sunday afternoon activities for the children.

If you will be home on Sunday afternoon, spend a few minutes thinking about something special you can do with your children. Make the Lord’s Day a special day that your children look forward to (and a day they will continue to enjoy throughout their lives)! We had a basket of toys (special Legos, games, dolls, building sets, etc.) that only came out on Sundays. We also had special Bible-centered videos that gave Mom and Dad a chance to relax, and we spent time on Sunday afternoons doing things like going for walks, acting out Bible stories, having treasure-hunts, reading books, and making music together.

You might want to make a list of different ideas for Sunday afternoon activities. You will then be able to refer to this each week for ideas. If you need help brainstorming, A Day of Delight, offers many suggestions for fun and memorable Sunday activities.

What have you done differently so far this week that will make your Sunday better? What things will you do to make the day more delightful for your children? Share your ideas with the rest of us!

Two more days to go! Pray for God’s guidance, and pray that He will bless your efforts to more fully honor the day of rest He has given you!


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