Ruby — A Precious Jewel

“Grandchildren are the crown of the aged…” (Prov 17:6a, ESV)

Ruby is my buddy. We both love ice cream. We both love bubble baths. We both have naturally curly hair.

We share M & M’s after church. We go for walks with her mama and little sister. We take the lid off the salad spinner and watch the lettuce fly.

She makes my day when I walk in the door and she squeals and comes running. She makes me smile when she shakes her curls and flashes her elfish grin. She makes me laugh when she waters me instead of my flower pots.

She opens my eyes to things I had forgotten to wonder at. She fills the too-quiet house with giggles again. She sharpens my long-unused translating skills with her funny, punctuated sentences. “Nana. Stories. Me.”

She spent the night recently. I had almost forgotten just how gross a really bad diaper can be. After meals and stories and potty trips and laundry and baths and sword fights and bubbles and tickles and clean ups, I was tired.

But it was so worth it.

Photos by Ruby’s Aunt Sooby (Susannah)



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