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Me and My House Ministries is giving away 2 sets, which both include the Freedom and Simplicity Holiday Planning, and  the Redeeming the Time Journal.


Freedom & Simplicity™ Holiday Planning.
Do you need some help planning and organizing your Holiday activities? These festive Freedom & Simplicity™ forms will make it a snap. Whether it’s your Decorations, your Gifts, your Cards, your Meals, your Calendar, your … – we’ve got a form for that. 22 pages – includes instructions. Forms have the same festive design as the cover.
Redeeming the Time Journal™ Favorite Forms
Journal three important areas of your life with these beautiful Redeeming the Time Journal™ pages–your personal reading of God’s Word, your Prayers, and Daily Life and Learning. These Favorite Forms – Spiritual Journey, P.R.A.Y., and Day-by-Day Book of Remembrance – are half-sheet size to fit in a convenient 5.5″ x 8.5″ binder, and include 12 beautiful designs for you to choose from. Mix-and-match for your personality, mood, or season.
Me & My House ministries, in addition to helps for the Homemaker, also offers Biblical Home Education and Health through Nutrition resources and information. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter for articles and special offers just for you.

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  1. I LOVE journaling! And these are great!

  2. Oh, wow. Those are so neat. The Redeeming the Time Journal is a great idea.

  3. These look cool.

  4. Great idea. Nice looking.

  5. The Redeeming Your Time Journal would be SO very amazing to have for me! I would use them to hold myself accountable for my quiet time, and to journal all of the wonderful ways the Lord is working in my life. I think He has big plans for our family this year, and I’m so excited!

    I would love the Holiday Planning journal, it would make this time of year SO much easier to plan it all out in advance (like I mean to every year…)

  6. Love it! I love to keep journals to remind you of your spiritual journey.

  7. Nice!

  8. Entering 🙂

  9. Bible study group gifts

  10. Love this idea! I would totally use them!

  11. Anything for planning is a PLUS!

  12. This would be tempting to keep for myself!! I have a girlfriend that could really benefit from them though, so I’d more than likely end up giving them to her!

  13. I’ve been thinking for some time I’d like to journal. These would be great.

  14. I want to start journaling! This would be great!

  15. If I won them, I would use them for myself. Really interested in these!

  16. I would love to add some organization to my prayer time! These look wonderful.

  17. I believe I would give them to either my mom or my sister! :0)

  18. These look like wonderful journals! I definitely need some help in these areas. 🙂

  19. Great giveaway!!

  20. Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  21. i would give them to my sister-in-love- Julia. i would love to bless her in return for the many ways she has blessed me.

  22. these look wonderful! With 7 little blessing, I could sure use these to help organize.

  23. I would definitely be using for myself.

  24. I would use them to journal my intimate feelings with God and to become organized.

  25. If I won this, I would give the Holiday Planning to my sister, she always seems to be a bit overwhelmed during the holidays and I think this would be perfect for her to get organized. The Redeeming the Time Forms I would use for myself, I have been looking for something new for my quiet time for this upcoming year.

  26. I love journaling & organizing.

  27. love love love journaling. this is great!!

  28. Would love to give these to my daughter who has just started homeschooling her 5,6,and 7 year olds.

  29. Accountability!!!!

  30. I would definitely put these to use! They look great!

  31. I would give them to a dear friend who loves to journal and who does ALOT of things this time of year… she loves to help others but always feels a little overwhelmed with all she puts on her plate :O)

  32. Very nice! Great giveaway!

  33. I would use these for my personal journal, a habit I have been wanting to get myself into!

  34. Love the 1/2 sheet size for plannig. So easy to store and take along!

  35. I love “guided” journals since I can jot down a memory quickly and not analyze my entire day. I think I’d give one to my sister, and another to a friend. 🙂

  36. The journals would be for me b/c I LOVE to journal!! The holiday planner would be for my sis-n-law b/c she LOVES lists and organizational items!!

  37. I would love to win these! I would keep some and give some to my daughter!

  38. A beautiful way to record prayers and scriptures that we are studying.

  39. I think I would give them to my sister. She has had a hard couple of years financially and emotionally, and I really think this would help her out!

  40. If I won these, they’d be for me, LOL! They look great.

  41. They all look great! I bet they would get used a ton at our house : )

  42. I would use this for my own quiet times.

  43. I will use them for my quiet time with the Lord. 🙂

  44. I love to write, and these look great!

  45. I would share the journals with my teen daughters.

  46. I love writing down my thoughts when I spend time with the Lord. I would have to keep these for myself unless the Lord put someone else on my heart to give them to. 🙂

  47. Oh I’d give the simple Christmas to my mom! LOL I keep telling her to quit wearing herself out with t he decorating and baking, it’s not what Christmas is about! Plan and do what you can and enjoy most!

    I’d def keep the PRAY journal for myself!

  48. I love journaling! Its how I pray too 🙂

  49. These are so sweet that I think i’d share with my daughters!

  50. I would give these to my sister who is a single mother to a very rambunctious 5 yr old. Journaling is something she could definately benefit from!

  51. I would keep the homemaking one for myself as a young mother of two any help is awesome. The Party planning for my mother in law who is the busiest woman I know! The other to my wonderful sister-n-law!

  52. I really need to get back to journaling like Hal does, so I’d love to win these!


  53. I would love these to help keep me on task:)

  54. These would be wonderful for this mama of a growing family!

  55. I would use these for my prayer time, and share them with my daughter also.

  56. I enjoy journaling; these would be so awesome!

  57. This would be a great tool to use!!! Love it!!!

  58. I could use some organizational support and these look like they would really be great to assist me in my busy, homeschooling life.

  59. I would give these as gifts to my daughters

  60. They would be for me!! I’ve really been wanting in implement journaling in my life, especially in the area of prayer.

  61. I would use in my daily walk with the Lord. After finishing my bible study, Motherwise, I am more committed to my walk with the Lord and I would love to use the Pray Journal for daily talks.

  62. These would be great to help me get more organized!

  63. I would love use these as a seed sower in my and my three childrens hearts as God is the Head of this otherwise single parent household:) Thank you for your time and consideration! May God richly bless us all with all that we need:)

  64. I would give them to my sister!

  65. I’d give these to my girls. :o)

  66. nice!

  67. This is a great idea!!

  68. As a busy mom of 2 boys and a preschool teacher I would use these items to help me slow down and get a little more organized! I want to be able to look back on my life when my kids are grown up and gown and be able to say, I spent my time with my family…. not working all the time to get all my things done!

  69. I would use them to keep notes of how the Lord speaks to me. Might give one or more away as Christmas gifts.

  70. Christine Kirschner

    I could definitely put these to use!

  71. I don’t need as much help in the area of Christmas planning but would love to start journaling again. You learn and apply so much more when you take the time to write out your prayers and scripture reading and could benefit from the inspiration of these books.

  72. I would give these to my secret sister

  73. I’ve been wanting to combine my prayer and reading notebooks for sometime – this would be the ticket to actually doing it!

  74. Great journals! Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. These look perfect! I am a notebook person (: Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. either would be awesome….this year is our first year as a forever family with 3 of our 5 precious ones!!

  77. For ME! I LOVE planners & sheets to help keep me organized. 🙂

  78. I’m a journal junkie, so I would definitely utilize the Redeeming my Time journal as a way to better manage my time (there’s always room for that, no?)

    The Christmas planner I would probably gift to a friend because I don’t get too busy around Christmas so it’s probably not something I would need as much as others. 🙂

  79. I definitely need to better organze my prayer time. I tend to think of all the situations and people I should be praying for and feel overwhelmed, so I end up not praying much for any of them. This would really help me keep track of and organize my thoughts and prayers.
    I would probably give the Christmas planning book to my mother in law. She’s the one who hosts and plans the get togethers.

  80. If I won these they would help me so much with organizing. I have a disability that makes it hard to keep track of everything and I get easily overwhelmed. I can use all the tools I can get to help make everything run more smoothly and still get my time with God. Thank you for doing this giveaway.

  81. I have a quiet time group and this would be wonderful for my quiet time.

  82. thank you for the chance

  83. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  84. Might keep these for me! They look great!

  85. I love these and really could use them to be more organized but I have a dear friend who would be very blessed by this.

  86. Kristine Malingowski

    As a busy homeschooling mom of 5 I would love to win these. They would be perfect for those stolen moments of “Me Time”. =)

  87. This would be for our family.

  88. I would share the holiday one, and use the redeeming the time one.

  89. It is a wonderful idea. Thank you for your prize.

  90. Would love to win these! I could really use them for ME 🙂

  91. It would be a true help in my prayer/devotion time.

  92. I would love to use these for directed journaling

  93. Either of these would be incredible for getting my chaotic life a bit less chaotic

  94. I think I would keep these for myself and incorporate the journals into my Bible time somehow. I haven’t done any journaling in a very long time, and I would like to.

  95. These would be for me and my girls.

  96. I am a planner so this would be so perfect for me.

  97. Love to win this~!

  98. i would love the journal 🙂

  99. I would use them as a homeschooling journal. 🙂

  100. I love to journal 🙂

  101. What a great giveaway! Need help with both of these areas!

  102. I’ve been hungering for journaling and prayer time since the birth of my seventh baby a couple of months ago.

  103. I would either use them for my own organizing or give them to my mother-in-law who loves to write everything about her life down!

    Thanks for another great giveaway!