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My Audio School is giving away one free annual online subscription, valued at $14.99.
My Audio School provides children with excellent audio content on a variety of school subjects in a format that they can easily use all by themselves. ย Classic books, old-time radio theater, historical radio and television broadcasts, and more make My Audio School a treasure trove for parents and students alike.

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  1. We really don’t listen to audio books..but I did listen to Dave Ramsey recently and loved the idea of listening in the car.

  2. Some of my favorite audio recordings are Adventures in Odyssey.

  3. We took a family trip to Washington DC from Florida a few years ago. Listened to the Little House series and Narnia. Loved it!

  4. Adventures in Odyssey too.

  5. we love scripture put to music

  6. We haven’t used audio books but I’m interested!

  7. We like listening to Bible teaching during Shabbat.

  8. We love listening to the Audio Books that you have provided for free!Thx!

  9. Misty Taylor-Lilley

    we love story nory and adventures in odyssey.

  10. I like old radio shows like “You Bet Your Life.”

  11. I have to say that listening to the Bible on tape is my favorite.

  12. Adventures in Odyssey is a favorite in our house!

  13. Would LOVE this!!

  14. We really enjoy the Narnia series, Lamplighter books and Henty books. We also listen to some classic stories. We travel in the car a lot so I like to try to find something with educational value. We have not used the computer much yet, but I do have a laptop so we could do it.

  15. Adventures in Odyssey.

  16. Our children love to listen to Aesop fables on their ipods!!!

  17. Haven’t used many

  18. I like stepping heavenward by Prentiss
    Also the chronicles of Narnia

  19. Sugar Creek Gang, Little House on the Prairie series, Jonathan Park.

  20. Right now, The Cinnamon Bear is a huge hit!

  21. My family loves The Chronicles of Narnia and Adventures in Odyssey. My husband loves the old radio shows like Abbott & Costello, Gunsmoke, Dragnet and The Green Hornet.

  22. We use lots of audios from The Learning Parent.

  23. Little House on the Prairie, Bible Stories, Sugar Creek Gang, and alot of classic fairy tales. We love listening to stuff!

  24. Adventures in Odyssey are a favorite around here!

  25. One of my favorite audio things to listen to is the King James Version of the Bible, especially the Old Testament in the dramatized version with the actors reading the parts of different people!!!

  26. We just discovered Cinnamon Bear… we have only listened to two so far, but we love them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. by Alexander Scourby!!!!!

  28. My daughter loves Jonathan Park, Paws & Tales and Kids Corner.

  29. We LOVE audio books. Mostly, right now, we check out books from the local library.

  30. We listen to audiobooks and radio all the time! Right now it’s Adventures in Odyssey, Pippi Longstocking, and Frog and Toad. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. With 6 children this would be an awesome win!


  32. Jonathan Park and Lamplighters!

  33. Oops I didn’t see the instructions… We love Adventures in Odyssey!

  34. thanks for the opportunity to win!

  35. adventures in Odyssey

  36. This is WAY back, but I had a record with some Dr. Seuss books on it. I have those books memorized so when I read them to my kids, I barely have to look at the books…

  37. We love old books on cd!

  38. We love the Hero Tales and Narnia and Jonathan Parks

  39. This is really neat! We like audio presentations.

  40. LOVE Adventures in Odyssey!!

  41. We, too, are Adventures in Odyssey fans!

  42. We love adventures in Odyssey

  43. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  44. So many…we love Jonathan Park, and this time of year we love the radio drama of “Treasures of the Snow.”

  45. My girls really enjoy Adventures in Odyssey! We have some historical things – Abraham Lincoln as a boy; just got Cinnamon Bear and some Christmas & Thanksgiving stuff – I just found Lamplighter.

  46. My Audio School has some great free audio books. I wonder what they have when you subscribe…

  47. We enjoy listening to Veggie Tales in the car, along with Odyssey

  48. I grew up on Your Story Hour….I still enjoy listening to those stories!!

  49. Your Story Hour and the Bible Stories and i think it was called The Buttercreek Gang, great stories.

  50. Focus on the Family Radio Theater

  51. G. A. Henty audiobooks, and when I was younger we were blessed to get a complete set of the Your Story Hour that we listened to over and over.

  52. We love listening to Hank the Cowdog when we travel.

  53. Our family loves to listen to Adventures in Odyssey.

  54. Lovely Homes by Nancy Cambell really is encouraging to me.

  55. I have two dyslexic children and they love their audiobooks. My son loves Magic Tree House and A to Z Mysteries and really anything historical. My daughter loves Little House on the Prairie.

  56. We love to listen to Adventures in Odyssey, Jonathan Park and most especially as a Christmas tradition: The Cinnamon Bear!

    Always looking for more audio adventures to listen to….especially on a rainy day or in the car on errands and long trips. We would definitely enjoy a 1 year subscription! Thank you!

  57. We like the Jim Weiss recordings.

  58. We love listening to American history stories, fiction and anything else. We always try to have a good stash of audiobooks when we take road trips!

  59. We’ve listened to Between the Lions (freebies from ChikFilA) but rarely have we done audio books…I think it’d be a great thing to start doing while we’re in the car on long road trips!

  60. There are SO many…here are a few: Pilgrim’s Progress, Cinnamon Bear, A Single Shard, Jonathon Park, Adventures in Odyssey, Little House stories, Focus on the Family Radio Theater and Lamplighter books!

  61. We’ve listened to so many. Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, Adventures in Odyssey, Johnny Tremain, Justin Morgan Had A Horse, Rufua M. and our current favorite; Hank the Cowdog!

  62. Jonathan Park

  63. patch the pirate & Life at the pond our favorites in our house!

  64. We love Little House, Adventures in Odyssey and the Chronicles of Narnia, just to name a few

  65. The Chronicles of Narnia <3

  66. Our family loves the BBC Radio Theatre production of The Chronicles of Narnia.

  67. My kids would enjoy this.

  68. Our kiddos love Odyssey, Jonathon Park, and Elsie Dinsmore

  69. This looks really cool. It would be fun to try.

  70. We love audio books in our family!

  71. I don’t have a favorite audio recording yet, but I have been considering adding more audio books to our school work. Thanks for the chance to win and try it out!

  72. We love Adventures in Odyssey and have also enjoyed books on audio

  73. My son loves Hank The Cowdog books, so I just got him a couple of the audio books… he’s thrilled!

  74. we would LOVE to have access to these audio resources. Thank you for the introduction to this site even if I don’t win!

  75. We have recently enjoyed Your story Hour!

  76. Our family really enjoys Lamplighter Theater.

  77. Adventures in Odyssey and Patch the Pirate!

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  78. Cinnamon Bear, Odyssey, Down Gillead Lane, and Focus on the Family Radio Theatre.

  79. Adventures in Odyssey, Down Gillead Lane, and Jonathan Park are favorites here

  80. Love audiobooks and radio drama! Would love to win this ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. We love Jim Weiss!

  82. We love The Sugar Creek Gang and Hank the cowdog in our house. They also keep the peace when we’re in the car.

  83. We love audiobooks! thanks for the opportunity!

  84. Our favorite audio recordings are SOTW and MOH history books, so we can listen and drive!

  85. We’ve enjoyed listening to the Chronicles of Narnia. Audio books are GREAT tools! ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. Focus on the Family – Narnia series.

  87. We have enjoyed a range of books on cd such as Black Beauty, Anne of Green Gables, Sherlock Holmes, A Christmas Carol, and Treasure Island. I am always amazed at how a good audio production captures their attention even if some of the content is over their heads. My then 6-year-old sat through the entire unabridged version of Treasure Island and loved it! We also enjoy historical biographies like those produced by Spectrotape Corporation’s “Your Story Hour.” We would LOVE to find a good set of US History stories that we can take on our living history trip back East next Fall!! Maybe something that goes from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War. Suggestions are welcome . . .

  88. Send suggestions to me here.

  89. We usually keep an audio book going on in the van for our driving time. We also enjoy listening to Your Story Hour every evening on the radio.

  90. Our all time favorite is The Worst/Best Christmas Pageant Ever!!

  91. We have devoured the Little House series. We also like the Story of the World. Personally, I have a hard time reading some of CS Lewis’ work, but listening to it on audio makes it easier for me to grasp.

  92. Christian biographies and history on audio, Bible passages and just about anything educational, but wholesomely done.

  93. So glad to find out about this! How fun!

  94. Jessica Hatzopoulos

    We love scriptures put to music and hymns.