“Our Daily Bread” Wooden Bread Board

carved wood bread board from Gathering WoodWe’re giving away one carved wood bread board by Gathering Wood (who also donated the Ten Commandments plaque for our grand prize winner), valued at $38.50.

Engraved with the words “Our Daily Bread”, this lovely Breadboard is handmade from solid select 3/4″ thick Cherry wood and finished with our own food-safe Breadboard blend of Mineral Oil & Beeswax.

One 4 oz. tin of Beeswax Wood Treatment included with each Breadboard. Beeswax Wood Treatment is our own blend of Mineral Oil and Beeswax.

This beautifully handcrafted Breadboard is engraved with the words “Our Daily Bread.”

We try to keep this handcrafted Breadboard in stock and it customarily ships within twenty-four hours of your order

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  1. Fruit bowl would be nice

  2. Anything wood with scripture is nice. This is beautiful.

  3. platters

  4. An old-style biscuit bowl.

  5. anything with scripture

  6. Fruit bowls and platters are both great! Spice rack and a rolling pin would be awesome as well!

  7. Manger scene. All wood, it would be gorgeous!

  8. a Daily Bread bowl or plate – I could see using that on a regular basis.

  9. wow! Just checked out their site. Very nice! I still think a bowl would awesome.

  10. Children’s toys with scripture carved in them.

  11. Anything with scripture.

  12. One of those caddy things that goes in the middle of the table and holds salt and pepper shakers, napkins, etc.

  13. Salad serving bowl.

  14. Children’s toys!

  15. An apron holder with a scripture verse on it would be neat.


  17. toys would be nice or serving bowls

  18. Still would like small boxes!

  19. I would love to see a family tree!

  20. Bowls and platters would be great!

  21. I love anything with scripture:o)

  22. Every Graceful Moment

    old dough bowl.

  23. A lazy susan!

  24. Anything with a Scripture! They do lovely work!

  25. Oh, a family tree with Scripture would be BEAUTIFUL!

  26. Something to store honey with proverbs inscribed.

  27. I love this!! A rolling pin would also be great.. =)

  28. A salad bowl or any serving bowls

  29. A serving bowl with scripture on the outside.

  30. Beautiful. Maybe baby blocks with scripture references? 🙂

  31. I love quality wooden toys like the old days. They last so much longer than today’s toys and are just nice. Scripture verses on toys would be a great way to grow up learning some of the scripture verses.

  32. Lovely board! Bowls are beautiful, too!

  33. How about a wooden paper towel holder with scripture? wooden tissue box with scripture??

  34. Christmas ornaments and salad bowl and spoons

  35. Love the idea of children’s toys with scripture.

  36. Spoons!

  37. kids toys with scriptures.

  38. Coffee mugs with scripture inscribed! :O) Not sure if that is possible with wood.. but it would be pretty!

  39. Misty Taylor-Lilley

    wooden spoons with scripture on the handles.

  40. bread box

  41. I like the idea of little wooden boxes, or children’s blocks – that would be neat!

  42. anything with scripture

  43. Hair combs!

  44. A butcher block cutting board with scripture along the edges.

  45. Nice bread board.

  46. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  47. Bible verse plaque

  48. Love love love everything!

  49. Wooden toys.

  50. I LOVE your serving trays! I think serving bowls would be nice too.

  51. Jessica Perea (Mom of 5)

    A Lazy Susan!!

  52. Wooden Mixing Spoons would be a beautiful match!

  53. Basic wood building blocks the build a scripture verse.

  54. Lovely item!

  55. Their items are so lovely…can’t think of anything to add.

  56. Small serving bowls?

  57. Wooden platters, bowls etc. Anything with scripture.

  58. wood plaques with scripture

  59. Kristine Malingowski

    I love the idea of Scripture on toys.

  60. A recipe box, nice and big to put lots of cards into, maybe a cookbook stand

  61. A lazy susan would be great!

  62. Maybe steak knives with carved wooden handles. That would be beautiful!

  63. Anything for the kitchen- platters, bowls, various serving dishes.

  64. A “Daily Bread” basket for serving bread, a Nativity scene, and a Family Bible holder/stand.

  65. Fruit or salad bowl would be beautiful. Love that bread board! It’s beautiful!

  66. Condiments holder with a scripture on it.

  67. trenchers with scripture on them.

  68. Rolling pins!

  69. What about picture frames and plaques with engraved scripture that would coordinate so you could mix and match them on the wall?

  70. How about a spurtle, or kneeding bowls… 😉

  71. a cookbook holder

  72. Sturdy wooden spoons!

  73. How about a permanent growth chart for the wall?

  74. Recipe book holder

  75. I second the family tree idea. Or outdoor ornamnts (like a cross) for hanging on the fence with scripture on it.

  76. A large fruit bowl with a banana hook. :o)

  77. Anything useful.

  78. Wooden utensils or kids wooden toys with Scripture etched in would be fun!

  79. A Jesus cross like I found in Nicaragua on a mission trip (I just wish I brought home more than I did). It has the letters Jesus carved in wood, with the middle S larger and longer so that it looks like a cross.

  80. This is beautiful

  81. A permanent growth chart to hang on the wall, bowls with scripture, toys for children, etc. Beautiful wooden items! Love your work! 🙂

  82. A pencil holder with a verse like “Let your words be seasoned with grace” (Colossians 4:6) or a similar exhortation to use our words for the glory of God. 🙂

  83. We are big fans of simple wooden toys.

  84. A toothbrush holder….children’s toys…love the idea of a napkin/utensil caddy for the table too!

  85. A Scripture plaque for the wall!

  86. Hmm, I just love simple wooden decorations, just a beautiful plaque with with a favorite verse.

  87. wooden teethers for babies

  88. Love the idea of scripture on toys!

  89. I don’t know. But I love wood items and love Scripture on them.

  90. I would like to see wooden crosses with engravings.

  91. Thanks!

  92. This is very nice!

  93. What a beautiful gift this would be!

  94. JHollyhock (aka Jennifer)

    I really loved that game board. Gorgeous! What about a lazy susan?

  95. This is beautiful! A bread basket or toys with scripture would be great! Thanks for the chance to win!

  96. I would so love to win this bread board. I love it.

  97. Scripture plaques for the wall.

  98. A large wooden bowl for making bread (dough) would be lovely! 🙂

  99. This bread board is stunning. Love it!

  100. I have a basket that is shaped like a fish. I would love to have something like that with “The Loaves and the Fishes” on it.

  101. A napkin holder, or spoon rest, trivet, anything. I love wood and Scripture!

  102. A Manger scene would be nice!!

  103. This is beautiful. I would love this to use in our home. Thanks for the giveaway!

  104. Wood Holder for a hand made perpetual calender with scriptures.

  105. I would love to have a wooden crate / bread basket type thing with scripture engraved around the outside. Thanks for the chance to win!

  106. An all wood nativity scene would be gorgeous!

  107. I’d love to win this!

  108. Serving bowls with… taste and see that the Lord is good!

  109. A fruit bowl or bread basket/holder would be nice

  110. Attractive Scripture verses for home decorating

  111. Something for the kids..toy. Or maybe a large bowl.

  112. Entered…

  113. A wooden serving bowl.

  114. Not sure exactly. I will have to check out the site. Anything with Scripture makes it special to me.

  115. I would like to see them make bowls.

  116. Old fashioned chalk board with beautiful wood frame!

  117. Decorative items with scripture – frames, wall hangings, bowls, etc.

  118. cars, trucks, games

  119. Bowls are lovely! 😉

  120. A manger scene, all wooden, would be really neat. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  121. Bread Boxes and other boxes.

    Thanks for another beautiful giveaway and for opening your Facebook party up even to those of us who don’t have FB. 🙂

  122. salad and fruit bowl!

  123. I’d like to see a Lazy Susan made.

  124. I would love to have a serving plater for sabbath bread.

  125. a napkin holder 🙂 Thanks for the entry!

  126. Mail organizer

  127. I love this, the more scriptures around the house the better!

  128. I’d love to have an ironing board/iron caddy advising us to “press on to the high calling”!

  129. I think a bread box or a platter would be fantastic. Especially a platter for baked goods…my family loves it when I make cookies.

  130. serving spoons with verses on them and bowls.

  131. Would love something so simple and beautiful!

  132. salad bowl or bread holder would be awesome…

  133. Frames!

  134. I love just about anything wood!!!!

  135. Beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway! Hope to win.


  136. A bread bowl, for sure.

  137. I love cutting boards.

  138. I love wooden bowls. Those would be really nice.

  139. Art boxes! and natural toys. Noah’s Ark with animals.

  140. My husband is a pastor, so we end up at a lot of weddings. This would be a lovely gift!

  141. I love carved wooden spoon and also wooden bowls. They look great in any kitchen and wear wonderfully.

  142. Anything with scripture wins in my book.

  143. Jessica Hatzopoulos

    A wall hanging with scripture.

  144. I’d love a platter or bowl with fruit carved in it and the fruit of the spirit verse…..

  145. Salad bowl with salad tongs

  146. I love the idea of growth charts, and our family also loves simple wooden toys…I have been looking for a wooden Noah’s ark set for some time.

  147. How unfortunate that the contest seems to be over before it was supposed to be?? But it would be cool if they could do pencils with verses on them.

  148. I love seeing the beautiful work with scripture…nice touch!