All Things Are Ready

All Things Are Ready - Christian Wedding PlannerMany wedding planners are available, but we’ve found that very few look at the process from a distinctly Christian, Bible-based viewpoint. Imagine our excitement when our pastor’s wife Amy, who helped coordinate at three different weddings for our family, asked if we would help her publish this book!

All Things Are Ready is a new and timely Christian wedding planner that is based on three basic assumptions:

  • Planning your wedding doesn’t have to take very long (unless you want it to).
  • The cost of your wedding should not exceed what your family can afford.
  • A Christian wedding is all about rejoicing in what the Lord has done in the lives of two people and their families.

All Things Are Ready is full of to-do lists, planning resources, tips, budgeting and timeline tools, options for personalizing your wedding, ideas for portraying biblical themes, and devotions to keep your focus on the Lord and the work He is doing in your life through marriage.

Available on or directly from Doorposts.

“It’s full of wisdom” —Susan Olasky (WORLD Magazine, Dec. 1, 2012)

“This book will help get the bride down the aisle beautifully and calmly.” — From the foreword by Nancy Wilson

“Thanks to Amy’s book, and an amazing group of family and friends, I had the smoothest and happiest wedding day I could imagine.” — Amazon reviewer

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  1. I would give it to a newly engaged couple in our Church as we have been married 17 yrs 🙂

  2. I would most likely save it for our daughter for her special day….in the future. 🙂

  3. Would love to have this for our church library.

  4. Read it and share with a friend who is getting married

  5. I would save it for my daughter.

  6. Since I am already married I would either give it to someone that is to be married soon, or save it for one of my four children.

  7. I would give it to my Aunt who is getting married next february after 15 years of widowhood! I know she would be excited!

  8. I’d save it fo my daughter to use… wwwaaayyyy in the future.

  9. I would put in my daughter’s hope chest.

  10. I would tuck this away to use with my daughters.

  11. Save it for my future daughter in laws.

  12. I would save it for my 19 year old daughter we would start reading now lol!!!

  13. I would use it to help plan my daughter’s wedding.

  14. I would save this for my daughters.

  15. Our youngest daughter will be getting married and I would love to give it to her.

  16. I would gift it to a sweet God-fearing girl on her way to the journey of marriage.

  17. We loved looking at this at last years convention and would love to win One of our own. Beautiful book and well organized

  18. Give it to my daughter!

  19. Save it for my daughters. 🙂

  20. I would save it for my daughters who are growing up entirely too quickly!

  21. I’d save it for my daughter and tell others about it. . . already have told others about it… 😉

  22. Give it to my best friend who is most likely getting married soon! Thanks for the chance!

  23. As the mother of nine, but my oldest being only 16, I’d wait a few years until I needed it.

  24. I would save it for my daughters to use for their special days…or gift it to a friend if the opportunity arises.

  25. Give it as a gift.

  26. well save it for the next daughter to get married, could be soon, could be years, only the Lord knows.

  27. I would save it for our daughter.

  28. I would save it for my daughter!

  29. this would be for my daughters.

  30. Share with family, and then use for my girls.

  31. I would keep it on our bookshelf in a safe place, saving it for our daughter, who is now only 3.

  32. i would love to have this book to use for my oldest daughter’s upcoming june wedding. we have 7 kids, so it would get used often!

  33. sounds great!

  34. Save it for the brides-to-be we hope will be coming soon around here!

  35. I would give it to a friend who is planning her first wedding.

  36. THIS is the book I am waiting to see!! I have two unmarried daughters, plus would use it as a resource for the young ladies in our church where my husband is a pastor. We want modesty in our weddings, so that all the glory is given to GOD!

  37. I would save this book for my daughter. 🙂

  38. I would use it for our church Ministry geared towards females who are spiritualy preparaing themselves for marriage…what a great resource and tool to share with them!

  39. I would hold on to it for my daughter.

  40. I’d save it fo my daughter to use

  41. i would read it and use it for 4 daughters!

  42. I would use it for my six daughters and share it with the Christian wedding coordinator down the street! I know she would like to read it.

  43. Read it, enjoy it and share it!!! My two daughters are not quite ready but would love to have this resource when their time comes 🙂

  44. Share it with the next to be married couple in our church!

  45. Add to our library for our daughters to use one day, should the Lord lead them to marriage!

  46. Love the idea for this book! Our family is just getting to this season in life and this book would be perfect. :o)

  47. I’d save this for one of my three daughters.

  48. I would donate it to our church library so that everyone could benefit from it.

  49. I would give it to a young lady who is actually getting engaged this Friday (it is a surprise!) 🙂

  50. Save it for myself and my sisters to hopefully have the chance to use someday.

  51. I would save it for my daughter and then put it in our church library.

  52. I have 3 daughters so I know this will get a lot of use!

  53. I’d use it for my five children that will probably get married someday

  54. This looks neat! I would save it for the next person at our church who might need it. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  55. Share it with my daughters as they get older