Get Ready for a Wedding!

When our children start to marry, we enter an entirely new season of parenting. It’s a season of great joy and a season of letting go in a new and emotion-packed way. It’s also a season of much preparation and decision-making, as the couple and their families work to prepare a joy-filled wedding celebration.

Our most recent family wedding, Benjamin and Rebekah

We’ve had four children marry in the last five years. Our daughter, Johanna, was the first of our children to marry, so we had a lot to learn about planning a wedding! Needless to say, we looked for help along the way. We were disappointed when we failed to find a uniquely Christian wedding planner. So we pored through the secular books and magazines and browsed online. We spent hours making lists and charts. And we asked Amy Hayes, an amazing lady in our church, to help us coordinate all the details on the wedding day. She is one of the primary reasons we were still sane (or at least semi-sane) when John and Johanna drove away from their reception.

Flower girl meltdown at Johanna's wedding

The wedding took place at the church where John’s parents were married, seventy miles from our home. That church required us to work with their wedding coordinators, and Amy stepped in and graciously acted as our liaison with these ladies who didn’t know us or our families, while we kept working on the other details. Amy quietly helped us think of things we hadn’t considered, calming directed the rehearsal that involved a couple dozen musicians in addition to the family and wedding party, sweetly coached and encouraged the little ones who were part of the ceremony, got everyone down the aisle fully dressed and on time, and smiled all day! She was the perfect blend of super-organized and super-laid-back. No wonder she’s coordinated so many weddings!

So when Amy approached us about publishing a wedding planner, we were immediately interested! Now, a year or two later, we have the finished books in our warehouse and we’re excited to offer Amy’s great advice to everyone who wants to take advantage of her wisdom and years of experience.

All Things Are Ready is a unique wedding planner, different from others on the shelves in secular bookstores:

  • It’s built on the premise that a wedding is for God’s glory and that it celebrates what God has done in the lives of the bride and groom and their families.
  • It’s not organized around a rigid timeline, but around priorities. What needs to be done first? What needs to be done before you can move on to other tasks?
  • It’s organized so that you can plan and have a wedding three months after the bride says, “I do,” if you want to have a wedding that soon. (It does include a specific calendar that outlines what tasks need to be done by which weeks in order to accomplish this amazing feat.)
  • It focuses on Scripture and what it has to say about weddings.
  • It includes devotionals especially written to the bride, encouraging her to keep a God- and others-centered approach to her season as bride.
  • It is committed to helping families plan a wedding that they can afford.
Amy coordinated Joseph and Hannah's wedding, too!

Amy walks you through the maze of wedding decisions that must be made; offers dozens of helpful checklists, charts, and forms; suggests elegant and creative ways to weave biblical themes into weddings, and outlines many different options for decorations, flowers, reception fare, photography, invitations, venues, and more. I am so glad I won’t have to plan another wedding without this great tool!

(Photos: Peter Mahar Photography, Jenn Lynn Images, and His and Her Photography)


To celebrate the completion of All Things Are Ready, we want to give away one free copy!

To enter our giveaway, briefly describe in the comments one of your favorite wedding memories (from your wedding or someone else’s). The winner will be announced next Tuesday, March 20, 2012.

Even if your children are still young, enter now! Browsing through this book will help you better prepare your children for their future wedding day, will help you have a more biblical perspective about weddings, and will help you start preparing now for the day when your children marry. It would also be an excellent engagement gift for someone special, or a practical and well-used resource in your church library. So spread the word, share your comments with us, and check out our website if you would like to see more about this great wedding planner.

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  1. My favorite wedding memory is when my husband and I got into a different vehicle from the planned get away car as a joke on my Momma. That was a huge laugh. We drove around the church and came back for the planned car.

  2. I loved everything about my wedding because I was marrying the man I loved (and still love deeply!).

  3. My favorite wedding memory is the complete joy that I felt as we walked down the aisle as husband and wife! Now we have three girls that will, prayerfully, do the same.

  4. My mom and her wonderful friends made our wedding day a true fairy tale (in less than 5 months and on a very limited budget.) Four children later (3 of which are girls), my husband and I will be celebrating our 15th anniversary next month.

  5. One of my favorite memories that I wished I’d known about when my hubby and I were married, is after the bride was escorted to the front to meet her groom. They turned to face the congregation and the minister faced them. It was neat to see everyone’s face as they celebrated this joyous occassion.

  6. We attended a wedding three weeks ago. The wedding was all about the LORD and not the couple. My favorite part was the way the bride’s veil bobbed as she sang heartily “Praise to the LORD, the Almighty, the King of creation.”

  7. With our second daughter in the middle of a courtship journey, I would love to have this resource when and if we start the wedding discussion. Our oldest daughter has been married for a few years now and was married in December….we had so many people help with the wedding and it was truly beautiful and thankfully inexpensive. My favorite part was after the bride and groom left the sanctuary the congregation sang Joy to the World…

  8. I have so many wonderful memories of our blessed day, but I am particularly thankful that we were encouraged to have our photographs taken before the wedding ceremony began so that once we were married, we could enjoy the celebration with our family and friends, thereby making real memories rather than just virtual ones.

  9. My favorite wedding memory is watching my daughter and her husband share their first kiss at the alter. First kiss for both of them ever. We have 6 more weddings in our future.

  10. My favorite memory was when the ring bearer, my nephew who had just turned 3, whispers very LOUDLY out to his daddy sitting in the second row, “Daddy, I want some gum!” Priceless!

  11. My favorite memory from our wedding is watching a photo movie of lots of pictures from my husband’s and my past. We were able to include so many of the guests in these photos and make them feel they were special part of our lives. Now we look forward to our four little girls and being able to help them put together a Christ-centered wedding that will truly bless and impact all those who attend.

  12. Sounds like a fabulous book!

    There were so many “favorite” memories from my wedding day – can’t pick just one… maybe the look on my groom’s face when he realized the “surprise” he was hearing was a recording of “our song” being sung a cappella by me & my Matron-of-Honor.

  13. I have so many fond memories of my wedding day, mostly that make me laugh. My groom sang our favorite song to me and we were both scared that he was going to sing the verses backward, which would have made a HORRIBLE song for a wedding! Or when he gave me his hand to put his ring on, he was so nervous he gave it to me upside down like a “high five”. Everybody laughed when I had to turn it right side up.

  14. Being a part of many weddings – as bride, Mother-of-the-Bride, planner, coordinator, consultant, florist, or caterer – it is hard to pick just one favorite memory. Nothing brings more delight to me than to witness a family of believers work together, serving and sacrificing to help a couple celebrate their special day. Like tiny strands that weave together and make the strong cord that “tie the knot,” this act of service represents a level of committment to the couple, to walk alongside them as they purpose to honor the Lord, not only in their wedding, but throughout the rest of their marriage.

  15. My favorite memory of a wedding is seeing the look on our dear friend’s face as he saw his bride first enter the sanctuary with her father. He had waited so long for his bride and here she came. It was a beautiful sight.
    I am really looking forward to this new book. I several other of your books and have always found them to be wonderful tools! Thank you for all the work you have done over the years! What a blessing you have been.

  16. My favorite part of the weeding is watching the grooms face when the bride enters and walks down the isle! Huge smiles!

  17. My dad married my husband and me. He was and still is our pastor, so after walking me down the aisle, he turned to the congregation and said, “It is with much joy that her mother and I stand with her as she gives herself to this man in marriage.” Then he walked up to the platform to perform the ceremony. Later, after we’d had the profession of vows and the exchange of rings, he said, “Now join your right hands,” and was going to pronounce us as husband and wife. I guess I was still engrossed with the new ring on my left hand that I forgot which hand was which and I actually gave my husband my left hand. My dad just said, “Your RIGHT hands.” and the congregation laughed. Then he said, “I wouldn’t do that to anybody but them!” : )

    P.S. I’m a wedding coordinator at our church and this would be a WONDERFUL resource to share!! : )

  18. My favorite part of a Christian wedding is when we, the audience, are reminded that we are the bride of Christ with devotionals that remind us of Christ’s love.

  19. Some very special guests came to my wedding and I was so touched and thrilled that they were able to make it!

  20. My most precious memory of our wedding 22 years ago this past weekend is the sacredness of our vows and ceremony – knowing I was making a covenant to spend the rest of my life loving and respecting this wonderful man the Lord had brought into my life. We’ve seen many things in other weddings since then that our 4 children would like to include in their weddings when that day arrives. Our desire is to create an experience with them on their wedding day that is godly, holy and forever a precious memory yet staying within a reasonable budget. Looking forward to reading All Things Are Ready; thanks for sharing and providing this resource. It sounds wonderful!

  21. Allison Witschorke

    One of my favorite wedding moments was a friend’s wedding a few years ago. My friend married a young man who was the youngest of 6 or 7. Their wedding was a celebration of the Lord’s work in their life and bringing them together. The groom’s father performed the ceremony as he had for all of his children. It was just one of the most joyful, beautiful weddings I have attended because it was such a testament to what happens when parents commit their children to the Lord, bring them up in the way they should go and then those children trust the Lord with their life.

  22. My favorite memory from our wedding was when we served communion as husband and wife to each of the members in the congregation as our first act of service together in our married lives. It was a most precious time as we were able to serve each guest the elements and even looking back at the video of that part of the wedding today, 17 years later, makes me teary. It was a great way to commemorate the significance of the ceremony–joining us together so that we would be stronger together in our service.

  23. The master teacher I student taught under bought his bride’s wedding gown and arranged and paid for the reception. They used this unusual arrangement to share the gospel and the glorious future of Christ and His bride, the church with their unsaved families at the wedding. It was incredibly powerful.

  24. My favorite memory of my wedding is the planning of everything we said and sang in order to teach the gospel to my unsaved family. However today I would seek the Word more deeply to put even more emphasis on how marriage is a picture of Christ and His bride. I also remember the joy of marrying my best friend and the love of my life. After 21 years of marriage and 4 girls I am blessed to have such a wonderful husband. Looking forward to purchasing your book for my teenage girls as we look at marriage in the future.

  25. Almost 17 years ago, I waited in the window-filled lobby of the church, along with my Daddy and 7 attendents, as a dear pastor friend read to the congregation a brief account of the events leading up to my wedding day. Although the bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes were in bloom along the highway, it was an overcast day in Central Texas. Just as the story was nearing completion, and we were lining up for the processional, the sun broke through the clouds and flooded the lobby with breath-taking sunlight. Tears filled my eyes as I thanked my Father in heaven for yet another of His sweet blessings. The day remained sunny, reflecting the joy and contentment we felt in our hearts as we embarked upon this new chapter of service to Him.

  26. Rebecca Williamson

    As my daughter is preparing for her own wedding, I have been thinking about my own special day. It was a thrilling walk down the aisle, my mind was racing, but when our pastor announced that he wanted our friends to know that Jesus Christ was an invited guest at our ceremony, it zeroed in my focus and that one thing really helped me relax and thoroughly enjoy the ceremony, even in spite of a pesky fly buzzing around the veil covering my face–I sure was glad it never found it’s way inside! On a funny side, when my husband’s grandmother joined in to catch my bouquet there was much joy and laughter as I heard her voice behind me holler, “Throw it over here, Honey!” Good times. smile

  27. I love the picture of the flower girl meltdown – we had one of those also. I was standing at the back of the church ready to walk down the isle and said “where’s ___” my sweet bridesmaids who were supposed to be keeping up with her gasped, she had gone to the potty, we all left, and when she came out no one was there – when they went back they found her under the sinks crying. They brought her back and as the walking down the isle music started I tried to calm her down (kept my nerves down too since I had to focus on her). She cried through the whole service leaning on her daddy (the pastor who married us) – no one but us few ladies knew why. We have some great pictures of it as well 🙂

  28. my favorite memory was the Eskimo kiss we gave each other before the real kiss.

  29. One of my favorite memories of my wedding was the simplicity. We wanted to keep our wedding from becoming a financial burden. I found an inexpensive dress that was all I had imagined for my wedding dress. We held a simple reception in the fellowship hall following the ceremony, served by the church women. My father, a man who secretly would love to be a chef, prepared the simple fare of finger foods, vegetables, fruit, potato salad…with our help. Lastly, I loved that we, as a couple, greeted each person by pew to exit the sanctuary so that we could have personal contact with each one and thank them for coming to share in our special day. Nearly 17 years and 4 girls later, that man is my best friend and I love him more that on the day we married. What a blessing!!

  30. One of my many favorite wedding moments, and this may sound awful, but I had just thrown up from nervousness and low blood sugar. Yes, I had just seen my hubby-to-be for the first time – we were all dressed up for pictures! I got through all the pre-wedding picture-taking with a definite look of nausea on my face, but here’s the favorite moment. All that went away immediately when my Dad and I started walking down the aisle towards my knight dressed in white (he had walked down the aisle before me!). God’s sweet presence and the knowledge that we were walking into HIS will and not our own made for a beautiful day almost 23 yrs. ago!!

  31. My wedding day was so perfect! It is still the favorite day of my life. My favorite part of our wedding was when my husband surprised me with a song that he sang to me in the middle of the ceromony. After all the planning I had done, he still got a couple surprises in on me 🙂

  32. My favorite part of my wedding was that it was the first (and the last for a few) time my mostly German family had met my husband’s Mexican family. And afterwards, the photographer followed us to a beautiful beachside area and took more shots of just us with flowers all around on the beach. What a romantic beginning to our journey!

    We now have at least 5 weddings to prepare for, should the Lord bless all of our children in such a manner. What a great help this book would be! Thank you!

  33. My favorite memory of my wedding is that my husband cried throughout our entire ceremony…he was so happy that the day of our marriage finally came that he could not contain his emotions. He is not a very emotional person.

  34. I broke my ankle 4 weeks before our wedding. I think everything about having to deal with my velcro boot, finding a shoe to be level with it, laughing as I was hobbling around, the pictures of me with it sticking out, and how God used this to get me focused on the right things before our wedding instead of the silly details . . . all great and memorable!

  35. My favorite wedding memory is from my wedding. We had agreed to write our own vows…I had just completed a little speech to him about how I had prayed for the man I was to marry since I was very young…it was touching. My dearly beloved opened his mouth and proved that he had planned to wing the whole thing! He said “when I was young, I used to pray that I would marry Crystal Beck” (who is that?) You could feel the air suck out of the room. Then he said “Thank God for unanswered prayers!” The whole room burst out in relieved laughter. He’s been making me laugh ever since!

  36. Susan Silver Dill

    On the day of my wedding (1986) my Mother-in-Law announced that she had hired a videographer to videotape our wedding… and I was going to have to wear a wireless microphone. After much upset, I wore the awful thing. Weeks later, she invites us over to watch the video. Things seemed “off” (like a bad-Japanese-English dubbed movie off) as we watched… until we got to our vows. My husband suddenly had a deeper voice! And *I* had developed a thick East Texas drawl! Turns out the microphones didn’t work, and rather than ask us to re-state our vows into a recorder later, the videographer and his daughter did them for us. It truly deserves a spot on America’s Funniest Home Videos! We were SO mad then…now we laugh… truly a memory!

  37. One of my favorite moments was kneeling down with my husband and having our Pastor and Elders lay their hands on us and say a prayer of blessing on our marriage. I had the opportunity to share my testimony of how God was working in my life and all the ways God confirmed for me my future husband. We also enjoyed walking into our reception to celebrate with everyone and we were awe struck at how much love and support we felt from our family and friends who were also so generous in their giving of time, resources and money – (followed by tears of happiness and joy!)

  38. My favorite wedding memory was watching a good friend marry. She was a young lady who loved God and cared about others. As such, her wedding also reflected this, and was the most beautiful one I have ever attended.

  39. My favorite memory from my oldest daughter’s wedding was a surprise when I walked into the sanctuary to be seated and the soloist sang my favorite hymn “Amazing Grace!”

  40. My favorite memory was all the phone calls my hubby to be and I made back and forth to each other that day before the wedding when we realized how hard it was to not see each other at all before our evening wedding. Those are still my favorite pictures from our photographer- my face lit up with joy on the cell phone with my Paul asking, “what were we thinking when we planned an evening wedding?!”

  41. JHollyhock (aka Jennifer)

    I was an hour late for my wedding and everyone was wondering where I was until someone finally realized they were supposed to pick me up! I hadn’t noticed because I was working on my hair with one of my friends. When the person came to pick me up they were kind of frantic. It was pretty funny or at least it is now.

  42. What a wonderful idea! I loved every minute of our wedding. One of my favorite memories is actually a photograph. The photos take forever and at one point during the family photo time my family and my husband had taken a “breather” while the photographer was rearranging some things. During this process he took a few photos to check settings. When we got our wedding album one of these photos was in the book, with my husband yawning and the rest of us staring off into space. I love that photo! 🙂

  43. My husband planned our honeymoon, and it was to be a surprise. Well, during the ceremony, during communion, the music played and we stood and had some time while it was happening. The pastor smiled and told us to ‘ride a wave for him in Hawaii’. I found out where we were going.. The best part, is there were photos snapped at that moment, so this fond memory is captured – with all of our facial expressions… It is priceless. The best mans eyes were wide, the maid of honor had her mouth open, I was excited and my groom had his hand on his forehead… he had tried so hard to keep it a secret… We get a good laugh about it now ~ 25 years to celebrate this year ~ 6 kid waiting to be married!! Thank you Jesus

  44. Whoa… love Rebecca’s about the bridegroom clothing the bride and preparing for her. I bet that was an indeed powerful explanation!
    My favorite memory from our wedding came years later. We were both lost when we got married yet wanted to respect all those who loved the Lord that would be there. My father-in-law (converted) complimented us just a couple years ago about how we handled a detail in the wedding. Goes to show He has mercy and grace on the lost as well, for His glory!

  45. My favorite wedding memory is having communion with my husband for the first time!

  46. My favorite memory was getting to ride away in a horse drawn wagon with my husband.

  47. A favorite memory from my wedding – we tried to save money by using flowers from my parents’ backyard. We used 2 huge ferns near the front of the church as decoration. A praying mantis apparently made his way to our wedding on one of the ferns, and found his way to the preacher’s shoulder where he sat during the majority of the ceremony. I was such a nervous wreck that I never saw the insect perched on top of the preacher, but my brother and other bridesmaids and groomsmen did see it. They giggled through most of the ceremony. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why they were all smiling and giggling. It was quite hilarious!

  48. When my husband and I got married, we were married outside. There was this HUGE butterfly moth that really liked the flowers one of the bridesmaids was carrying. She was absolutely terrified of bugs, but she didn’t let on. That moth stayed around for the whole service and always reminds me of how God is always with us!

  49. I have to say that even though my cake turned out a visual disaster, my favorite wedding memory is kissing my grandmother with my cake-smeared face. I’m grateful we caught it on camera because I can look at that photo and reminisce for years to come. Side note: the cake tasted wonderfully, it just looked less than desirable.

  50. My favorite from my wedding was my younger brother age 3, who was our ringbearer. The pillow he carried had a crocheted edge with little holes and he stuck his finger through one of the holes and stood there twirling it around.

  51. My second son was married six years ago and it was a wonderful, godly ceremony. All of our children were included in the wedding, my husband and the bride’s father sang a duet, it was truely lovely. Our only daughter ( right in the middle of five boys;) is planning to be married next spring/summer. This book would be so wonderful to help us plan the perfect wedding for her and her beloved.

  52. My favorite moment was at my own wedding almost 19 years ago. Before the ceremony began, my husband and I asked for a special time just the two of us to greet each other, visit privately before the ceremony and pray. It made a huge difference in my anxiety level!
    Sugar Land, TX

  53. My husband is a pastor so we go to many weddings. My favorite moments are the simple ones that make the wedding unique to that particular couple. Those were two of our goals when planning our wedding and as weddings become more and more expensive, I like to see couples that forego the expensive traditions and instead make their wedding God-honoring in a creative and simple way.

  54. We were married 5 weeks after my husband proposed! Everyone chipped in– friends let us use their beautiful basement, our pastor (who is booked over a year out) actually had a free day to marry us, my Grandma made an amazing cake, a friend loaned me a dress that fit perfectly. God brought everything together in the way only He can! In case I get more time than 5 weeks to plan for my kids’ weddings I would LOVE ideas from this book!

  55. My favorite wedding memory is of my daughter’s wedding. She was wearing a strapless dress with attached clear straps under a bolero jacket. When she and her husband kissed for their very first kiss at the altar one of her straps snapped under the bolero. I felt it was as if God was saying, “You have kept yourself pure and waited for this time, now is the time.”

  56. I had always wanted to, literally, be swept off my feet by the man of my dreams, and I was so happy that he was happy to oblige and carry me back down the aisle after we were pronounced man and wife, to the surprise of most of the guests 🙂

  57. My favorite wedding memory is of my nephew and his bride after they were first introduced to the audience as “Mr. & Mrs.” and started back down the aisle, my nephew swooped down and picked up his new bride and carried her back down the aisle. It was such a sweet thing to watch as the left the church with the biggest smiles for each other. It was like they were the only two in the world at that moment.

  58. One of my favorite parts of our wedding (which we heard in a friend’s ceremony) was when the pastor (my dad) made part of our vows: “‘Til death us do part, or Christ comes again” He is the center. How blessed are we to be given marriage to share until that day.

  59. My favorite part of my wedding day was when my nephews, completely unbeknownst to us, set off fireworks when we kissed (outside wedding)! What a neat surprise!

  60. My two oldest sons have married without much input from me. I would love to have this resource when my daughter is married.

  61. My father performed our wedding for us. We had saved our first kiss for our wedding day. Right before Dad pronounced us husband and wife, he pulled us together and whispered, “You now have my permission to hug and kiss all you want.” Well, about 30 minutes later at the reception he pulled us together (or maybe better put “apart”) again and said, “Cool it guys! Save some for later!” 😉

  62. I loved my wedding — it was so fun being a bride and getting to walk down the aisle to join my 6’11’ husband! ( I am 5’4″!) The best part? We are still in love 29 years later! 🙂

    Weddings that are centered on Christ are so awesome! My son is going to be married in two months — the first of ten to marry! I can’t wait! I sure hope I win this for my dear future daughter-in-law!

  63. When my husband and I got married almost 40 years ago by a JP we were not saved. He was in the Navy and we did not have a big wedding nor did I wear a gown, so I was thrilled when I was able to help plan my daughter’s Christian wedding. Our good friend who had become a Pastor married our daughter to a young man who had been in our church when the two were growing up. Our son-in-law had moved away with his family several years before, but the two young people had kept in touch and felt God drawing them together. They have been married almost 6 years and are both serving in their church. So, my favorite memory is watching them take their vows outside on a beautiful hillside with the mountains in the background knowing God was blessing this union.

  64. My flower girl (who is now my sister-in-law) was scattering rose petals as she walked down the aisle of the church before me. When she got to the end of the aisle, she looked into her basket at the remaining petals, then looked around, unsure what to do, since she ran out of aisle and had petals left. She decided that dumping the rest of them at the end of the aisle was the best thing to do. It was so cute!

  65. My best friend, Randy, and I were married a little over 16 years ago. I am so thankful for God’s institution of marriage! We were married on a cold December evening with a church full of candles and poinsettias. Each person in the congregation were handed an unlit candle as they entered the church. During the service, after we lit our unity candle, we carried our candles out into the congregation. We lit the first candle in each row and they passes the light to each one in his row. The light was still spreading as we walked back down the isle and took our places with our pastor. We then turned around to face the congregation. I’ll never forget the sight of the church being full of candle light. What an amazing sight. The sight just took my breath away!

  66. My favorite wedding memory is from my own wedding. It isn’t an exact moment, but rather what happened the entire ceremony: we cried! My husband and I were in tears. We were totally red faced, had a hard time getting the words out, and my husband even put the ring on the hand. All of our pictures of the ceremony show us as a weepy mess….a joy-filled weepy mess! Even my brother-in-law shed a few tears.

  67. I was getting on my wedding gown – worn 25 years earlier by my mother – in the women’s restroom of the church. Well, as I was about to step into my dress, it seemed that nearly every female guest of the groom needed to use the restroom during that time. So, I met many of those guests that day for the first time in little more than my slip and other underclothes. Fortunately, we were able to clear out my “dressing area” long enough for me to temporarily cease all introductions, take care of last minute touch-ups, gather a beautiful bouquet into my arms, and head down the aisle to marry the man the Lord had preserved for me. What a blessed moment! That was nearly 15 years ago now. Since that day, the Lord has blessed us with six precious children.

  68. My absolute favorite thing about our wedding was the surprise drive away car. My husband had gotten his truck detailed the day of our wedding, because he wanted us to go away in “style”. My mom had other plans. She actually hired a limo and driver for us!! We were so surprised and excited. We truly felt like Prince and Princess of the ball.

  69. I like it when people share “The Lord’s Supper” as a couple in their weddings. Wish I would have thought to do it in my wedding. I appreciate the chance to win your new wedding planner. 🙂

  70. My favorite thing about my wedding was that my husband- to- be’s family came to where we were having our wedding and helped us decorate, make food for the reception and plan the wedding ceremony, the few days before the wedding. I was so blessed that they would come from far away and take time from busy schedules to welcome me into the family and help make and plan a day to remember! I also remember my husband-to-be had to stay up late into the night before our wedding finishing a bridge so I could cross over a small rock pond to where the ceremony was to be held. It came out beautiful! 🙂 what a man!!!

  71. One of my favorite memories is the many helping hands that showed up to decorate the place we rented for the ceremony. It was such a blessing to see so many of my girlfriends comes and help even it was late in the evening.

  72. During the preparations for our wedding, my husband and I met with my great-aunt (my church’s pianist and my spiritual parent) and she helped us select the music for our wedding, including the Easter Song for the processional (we were married a week before Easter) and Handel’s Halleluia chorus for our recessional. The morning of our wedding, my aunt experienced a mental trauma that prevented her from attending and from which she died from not long after. Every time I hear those songs my heart soars with thanksgiving for her godly influence in my life, continuing into my marriage.

  73. My favorite memory is seeing my husband’s face as we saw each other for the first time. Priceless! We had an outdoor wedding and during the reception it started “sprinkling”… however, later when we watched the video we realized it was pouring down rain! We were so happy that we didn’t even notice! One more favorite, we had 2 flower girls and 2 ring bearers. One by one, all 4 ran down the isle yelling, “I have to go potty!” Both boys came back with shirts untucked. So cute! Thanks for the opportunity to reminisce such great memories! We have two daughters and I would love to share this book with them!

  74. My wedding is perhaps a bit unusual. My husband lost his wife to cancer and I lost mine to the effects of strokes. One of the special things about my wedding, was the fun of including all of the children from both families in the wedding. All the children (nine children) except one and all the grandchildren except three had part in our wedding.

  75. My favorite memory of my wedding was of when the pictures were made after the ceremony. We were married at an small, old country church because our church was under construction at that time, that had a huge beautiful green pasture in the back. I had envisioned how pretty the pictures would be with that setting; but a herd of cows came right up to the old fence where we were all positioned for the pictures & would not move! Some of them were behaving in ways that were not appropriate for a picture (if you know what I mean!). We moved several times & each time they followed us! We were only able to capture a few pictures without the cows!!! I was not too happy about the “cow pictures” then; but I cherish those pictures now because of the funny memories of us all quickly trying to move, reassemble, & pose before they caught up to us!! Ten years later, we are now members of that small, old country church & smile every time we see the cows in that beautiful pasture! 🙂

  76. My favorite memory was from my sister’s wedding when her husband sang a song to her that he had written and which she had never heard because he wrote it for the wedding. There wasn’t a dry eye in the church.

  77. One of my favorite memories is of our eldest daughter being flower girl in my sister’s wedding and how distracted she became on the platform that she was twirling around in her own little world, oblivious to the rest of the goings-on. Pretty soon she was leaned against me, bored to tears, ready to fall asleep! Now she’s nearly 20 years old, and we are having an awful lot of late night talks about her own eventual courtship and marriage… Time flies. Bless you for putting this together–we love to follow you down the path.

  78. Having both of my Grandmother’s at my wedding was an extra special treat (99 and 104).

  79. I was a new Christian when my husband and I married and I had never seen a wedding that exalted the Lord Jesus Christ. So it was really exciting for me to plan my wedding so that Jesus would receive the glory!

  80. My favorite wedding was when our children’s choir director got married. The wedding was beautiful. We watched with joy as they shared their very first kiss after they were pronounced husband and wife. I have saved that wedding bulletin in my bible and it reminds me to pray for the my children’s spouses.

  81. My daughter Stephanie posted above about her daughter being nearly asleep as Aunt Jenni’s flowergirl. It was so precious. And at the same wedding, our daughter Jenni sang “How Beautiful” to her husband. That song has marvelous words and she did such a lovely job! For me, the fact that my dad performed our wedding ceremony is such a special memory and blessing.

  82. Actually one of my favorite wedding moments was the daddy/daughter dance. My tough dad was just so tender , like he really didn’t want to hand me away to my husband.

  83. Most recently at my sisters wedding we sang “When I Survey”. It was really neat to see the bride and groom filled with godly awe and praise as they sang with hands raised! It is also amazing to think that this wedding a couple of weeks ago will be the first of four this year as all my siblings get married!

  84. My favorite wedding memory is of my brother’s wedding when he danced the first song with my amazing sister-in-love. 😉

  85. As a coordinator I’ve had many favorite moments – the best by far are the thankful and overwhelmed looks on the faces of brides and grooms that are receiving their wedding ceremony for just a few dollars and getting more than they’d hoped for. It’s such a blessing to be able to bless others with the talents God gives us.

  86. I have so many favorite wedding memories (listening to “Made Us One” that my husband and I sang together and recorded for the wedding, having my Dad walk me down the aisle and sing “With This Ring” that he also sang to my Mom at their wedding, and having my Dad marry us also.) But, also another favorite wedding memory was walking in our wedding clothes through the hospital, because we wanted to see our new niece that was born during our wedding reception. My husband’s sister’s water broke in the middle of the night, so instead of cutting the groom’s cake, she was in the hospital having our sweet niece Emily whose birthday we never forget, since it was our wedding day. Our whole wedding party of several bridesmaids and groomsmen all came into the little hospital room to welcome baby Emily into the world.

  87. I heard about the book through Doorposts. I am so excited about this book. What a great help this will be in planning my 3 sons weddings.

  88. One of my favorite memories of my wedding, 20 years ago this summer, is my Dad’s tears as he walked me down the isle.

  89. Oh my, where to begin (and how to keep this short and sweet?!)…my beautiful husband to be (so many years ago) had been a friend of mine for several years and we had no idea it would lead to love and marriage…but God did! Praise Jesus for HIS perfect plan in our lives if we are open and willing to be obedient. Our obedience was one of the biggest blessings and still has been six children later! My favorite memory was seeing all my friends and family (many in the wedding since we have rather large families so 8 bridesmaids and 8 groomsmen…yikes! LOL)…having all our family surround us in love and prayer on our special day! Ten years later I still savor the tears we shed when we saw each other for the first time as I walked down the aisle to him, I had waited my whole life for him….and what a blessing this was within our marriage together! Jesus was the primary focus in our service and our marriage because HIS love is what brought us together and would keep us together….and all this combined and so much more really made it one of the highlights of my entire life that I will treasure until I reach our true home with our wonderful Savior and that will be replaced by a new favorite that will last for eternity! Oh, and by the way we utilize and LOVE your wonderful materials and are greatly blessed by using them with our children!!!

  90. Thanks for offering this book! It looks like another wonderful book! Thank you so much for offering such helpful and wonderful materials! You guys are a blessing indeed to our family!

  91. I receive the Doorposts email and heard about this great offer!! I have been starting early with my daughter and preparing for many things when she gets older. This book would be a great addition to my planning for her!! Thanks for writing a book like this, nothing else like it on the market.

  92. I still remember standing at the alter, trying with all I could muster to look dignified, but it was no use. The thought that my love was about to enter the room and become my lifelong bride overwhelmed me and my grin turned into a lovestruck smile that wouldn’t go away…even while saying our vows. The pictures tell it all – it was true love and still is 24 years later!

  93. Heather R. Oosterhuis

    A favorite memory is from my wedding, nearly 11 yrs ago. We have a lot of Dutch in our ancestry, and used various Dutch things in our wedding. Before my new husband took the garter off in order to throw it, I had slipped into wooden shoes. He was so enamored with watching my face as he reached for my leg, he wasn’t looking down at the shoes. I finally pulled on my dress slightly & wiggled my feet so he’d look down. His look was pure shock & joy, then he said “maybe I should throw these into the crowd!” The photographer caught my face, equally shocked, as I said “No!” It’s a great picture and great memory.

  94. My very easy-going husband to be was so nervous during the ceremony that he stood like a wooden soldier not moving, not smiling (he always smiled!), hands freezing cold. Not until the pastor said, “You may now kiss your bride,” did he relax and smile. The change was so dramatic that the entire congregation broke out laughing.

  95. It would be so hard to pick just one favorite thing, but I loved the floor was open for guests to give comments….we received some wonderful Godly advice.

  96. I recently attended a wedding where instead of the groom throwing the garter, they washed eachother’s feet. It was so tender and beautiful…serving one another – what marriage is all about!

  97. During our wedding, my husband took a handkerchief from his coat to wipe my nose as a gesture of love… Then without thinking he handed the soiled hanky to my maid of honor so that she could wipe her nose in between sobs and the crowd erupted with laughter. He never thought about her not wanting to share a dirty handkerchief. 🙂

  98. My favorite memory is of a recent wedding. I watched the father of the bride walk his beautiful baby girl down the isle as he shed tear after tear. It was a bittersweet sight. They have a picture of that moment to treasure forever.

  99. We have used and loved your materials all through
    the years. Good stuff!!!
    Please enter us in your wedding planner contest.

  100. Wow it looks wonderful! I needed this 22 years ago. My three daughters will need this too!

  101. When my older brother & sister in law was married in 1999 their Recessional song was our father’s favorite hymn “Victory in Jesus”. Our dad had passed away after a battle with cancer years in 1993. When my youngest brother & his wife were married in 2005 they shared their Personal Testimony of Salvation in the program. All three of my brothers & their wives, & my sister & her husband requested the Pastors who preformed their ceremonies to give a salvation message during their ceremony! Someday if it is in God’s plan for my life to marry I too desire to give Him all honour & glory!!

  102. I got married on December 27th. Snow storms surrounded our wedding day but on our actual day, the sun was shining and it was 67 degrees. It was a day of warmth and sunshine in the midst of winter snow and cold. =) We didn’t have a lot of options on the date due to the fact that we both wanted all our nieces and nephew & second cousins, in the wedding and all of our family to be able to attend. Autumn didn’t work yet God gave us a perfect autumn day.

  103. This looks great! I wish i had something like it planing my wedding 13 years ago. I think it will be wonderful for my daughters weddings in the future! Thanks for making such biblically sound products!

  104. My favorite wedding moment was when I surprised my husband and sang to him during our wedding. Priceless!

  105. My husband and I sang a duet at our wedding. It was very nerve-wracking, but we pulled it off!

  106. Having first received her dad’s blessing, I proposed to my True Love through a song I composed. (Susanne said “Yes” and I said “HALLELUJAH!”) Two months later, we changed a few lines and turned my proposal song into Our Wedding Song. It summarizes the beautiful story of how God brought us together and led us “to walk side by side.” At our wedding, before Susanne’s dad pronounced us husband and wife, we sang Our Wedding Song to the Lord–to thank and honor Him through our musical testimony. It’s been 24 years, and we are still making music together, still in love, and still praising our Heavenly Matchmaker!

  107. I have many favorite memories, including dear friends making beautiful music, my father sharing a loving challenge from God’s Word, a simple reception with loved ones, but most of all … my husband’s smile. His blue eyes glistened as he spoke his gentle words of promise. To this day, after almost 25 years of marriage, my heart still lights up when he smiles, and right beside him, holding hands, is the best place to be.

    My daughter is now engaged to a godly young man, and I delight to see their hearts light up in each other’s presence and to know their desire is to honor the Lord in all they do. I look forward to the blessing of their marriage, while reminiscing and thanking God for the gift of my loving husband. God is soooo good! 🙂

  108. Not that it was a favorite, but a memory from my wedding was my dad driving around with the windows down in his van on my Aug. 17 wedding date, hoping to help the still half- frozen pans of my mom’s homeade lasagna finish thawing in order to be baked for my wedding reception! I also remember the Lord providing my dream wedding dress on multiple markdown clearance for only $125. 15 1/2 years and 9 children later, I am very thankful for the husband the Lord has given me. Since 6 of ur 9 children are girls, we definitely have a lot of wedding planning ahead!

  109. One of my favorite memories was when we had our rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding which happened to be on the 1st of April. I couldn’t resist a little April Fool’s Day joke! My husband-to-be stood up and announced that we were so thrilled that everyone had come from near and far to celebrate with us but that we’d decided to get married 2 weeks before at the justice of the peace. We would still have the wedding as a celebration. The look on my mom’s face was priceless but equally the look of relief when I stood up and said, “April Fool’s Day!” A little mischievious but well appreciated – after the fact.

  110. One of my favorite memories from my daughter’s wedding is groom giving her a foot washing to display his role as Servant/Leader.

  111. Mu favorite wedding memory is washing my husband’s feet and him washing mine. In full-time ministry it’s easy to lose focus of serving each other. Even after 15 years, we still strive to love each other as Christ loves the church!

  112. My husband and I met at Christ for the Nations Bible college. We had a beautiful wedding and will celebrate 22 years this summer! A funny memory is when our dear friend was singing yanked the microphone cord and a potted tree fell on top of her- she just waved it away and didn’t skip a beat on the song- but everyone got the giggles.

  113. Luona Nightingale

    My favorite memory is stepping into the church, which was lit solely with candles, and seeing the man I love waiting for me at the alter. It was the scene I had dreamed of since I was a little girl!
    As the mother of four teenage daughters, I’m excited about this new resource you are offering!

  114. I remember being the flower girl in a cousin’s wedding and being thrilled to have a white dress, burgundy sash, and basket of rose petals to fling. A little girl’s dream.
    My own wedding was a simple courthouse marriage, but God has blessed us with 4 daughters (and one son) and this book would be lovely to have!

  115. My favorite wedding memory was seeing my husband-to-be’s huge smile as I walked down the aisle with my dad. God blessed us with a beautiful day!

  116. My favorite wedding memory is thinking back to the look on my husband’s face when I was coming down the aisle. My kids are all still very young, but I think this book would be a wonderful one to have!

  117. I’m not sure which is my favorite wedding memory. I was very thankful when my boss offered to build a gazebo/yard pavilion where I could have an outdoor wedding (and afterwards she could have family gatherings). It didn’t rain until we were driving away from the wedding. My future brother-in-law who was also the best man was sick from nerves the day before the wedding. The last one isn’t from my wedding, but a friend’s. At the beginning of the wedding the electricity went out. We found out later a squirrel had gotten into the box. The wedding went on as planned even without lights. Just as they were pronounced man and wife the lights came on again.

  118. My favorite funny memory was at the end of the reception, my husband realized he forgot to get transportation to the hotel. We ended up getting a ride with my in-laws! Not very romantic, but laughable now.

  119. My favorite memory of our wedding was when my husband and I were driving in the limousine and I felt like a Queen.♥

  120. Loved my whole wedding. Loved that we paid cash for the wedding and honeymoon!

  121. One of my favorite memories is standing at the back of the church getting ready to walk down the aisle & seeing my future husband – knowing that he was the one God had chosen for me!

  122. My favorite moment is the daddy daughter dance. When I got married my daddy couldn’t be there because his sister passed and they had the funeral (out of state) the same day as my wedding and wouldn’t move it. I’m single again and the one thing that I’d love to have I won’t get. My daddy passed 2 years ago and we never got to dance 🙁

  123. One of my favorite wedding memories is the wedding of my parents. My biological father died when I was two and my mom was remarrying. I was eight and my sister was 10. My sister and I were the only attendants. I was sOOOO excited and couldn’t stop smiling while my elder sister thought the occasion was more serious and sat glaring at me to be more serious and poised! We still laugh about that. We both were thrilled to be getting a new and wonderful dad!

  124. I had always dreamed I’d be married on a beautiful sunny day with bright blue skies…The other trivials of the day didn’t work out as hoped…ended up with a yellow bridal cake instead of white, wedding coordinator did not show up (she thought it was the following week) and the inlaws looked like outlaws on a wanted picture in all the family pictures…The days was stormy! It rained all the way up to 1:45…then God unfolded a spectacular blue sky and kept it beautiful until we made it to our hotel! I always thank God for that beautiful gift for me 🙂

  125. Just as I was about to walk down the aisle with my Dad, I caught my husband’s eye and he winked at me. It was hard for me to keep my composure but I realized that he was saying that the wedding would be fine and so would our lives together. After 30 years of marriage and some great highs and low, lows in our lives we are still ok with God’s help.

  126. When my husband I and got married, we were not saved. Even though the wedding was beautiful and it had many beautiful touches, it was not Christ centered. I look back at my pictures and see how incredible the color of the leaves were on that Fall day. How does God reveal himself?—in His word and in nature. Little did I know the plans God had for my husband and me. We became born again 3 years (my husband) and 5 years (me) later. God has blessed us with 4 beautiful children and I want their weddings to be completely Christ centered. This book will be a wonderful resource in planning their future weddings.

  127. My favorite wedding memory was my soon-to-be husband putting a diamond ring on my finger during the ceremony…we were poor college students and I thought we were going to have matching wedding bands, instead he saved and saved to surprise me with a diamond. It brought tears to everyone’s eyes.

  128. As a Mom I wondered where I could find a resource like this – WOW!

  129. Thank you. I heard about this from an email from doorposts. My husband and I are renewing our vows this sumer. This book sounds great.

  130. I have lots of favorite memories, but some of the littlest things stick fondest and most vivdly in my mind. Like doing my nails by flashlight because the power had gone out after a storm. And the children playing at the edge of the pond in my father’s yard after the ceremony. My grandmother’s welcome speech. My father falling asleep (he does that anytime he sits down :-). Dancing with my new husband on my father’s deck to perfectly wonderful live music. The most perfect weather for an outdoor wedding/reception anyone could ask for. Being married by my new father-in-law, and gaining the best in-laws any girl could ask for. The list goes on and on.

  131. My favorite wedding memory is when the vows were all said and we were pronounced husband and wife and we turned around and walked through an aisle of 8 Marines in dress uniform under their arch of swords. Awesome!

  132. Our little flower girl was quite the thorough one and as soon as she reached the front of the church after dropping the flowers in the aisle, she announced, “I’ll pick ’em up now!” and began to do exactly that!

  133. My favorite memory is just the whole day, all of the memories!

  134. Our three year old was in the wedding of a dear friend. Her “job” was to ring a bell and shout “The bride is coming”, however she was so excited about the bell that she shouted “The bell is ringing, the bell is ringing!”

  135. One of my favorite wedding memories was right before the vows, the bride sang a beautiful song she had written to her husband that he didn’t know was going to happen and watch him become overwhelmed with emotion. It was precious.

  136. I thought everything went wrong. The lady who was to fix my dress train and signal the organist broke her leg. The florist had a death in the family and what were supposed to be flower sprays turned out to be pom-poms. Whenever the organ was turned on, it played a note by itself which could not be silenced. The flower girl stood on the verge of a temper tantrum. The guestbook attendant couldn’t make it back from another state. The friend who was supposed to sing took another engagement. The husband of the lady who promised to make an extra sheet cake forbade her to take on another duty. The cake arrived before the wedding without any pillars between layers. When the pillars finally came, no decorations covered the spacing so my mother and I grabbed extra silk flowers to make arrangements for in between. Worst of all, my only sister, my bridesmade had to be hospitalized. But a Christian friend reminded me: “This is God’s planned wedding, not yours. You will be married in His way, in His sight.” Most guests thought it was the loveliest wedding ever. We have had a blessed marriage by God’s grace for 28 years, according to His hand which is always right.

  137. My favorite memory from my own wedding 19 years ago was the music. A friend sang “Go There With You” by Steven Curtis Chapman, and that song still touches us both deeply when we hear it.

  138. Our wedding was video taped by a friend. At the closing prayer, the camera caught the flower girl, who was standing behind me, gently pulling at my veil. I never felt a thing, so at least she was being gentle!

  139. My husband faked losing my ring at our wedding. He had coordinated it with his five groomsmen who each searched their pockets in turn until the last one found the ring in his pocket. He still loves to keep me guessing after 20 years.

  140. One of my favorite memories of my own wedding 21 years ago, was hearing my best friend’s dad pray a beautiful prayer, hearing my brother sing Steve Green’s “I Cherish the Treasure”, and seeing all my family and friends smiling faces as my father slowly escorted me down the aisle!! Simple, but true! Thanks for the chance to win your book to plan my children’s weddings someday!

  141. My favorite memory is from my own wedding. I surprised my mom by wearing her wedding dress for my reception. She died a year later from breast cancer.

  142. Everything went very well on our wedding day. The pastor who married us made it oh, so special though. He knew us both very well & personalized it, speaking into our hearts & using appropriate humor… very meaningful!

  143. My favorite part of my wedding was finally seeing my husband to be up at the alter tearing up as much as I was when we saw each other before I walked down the aisle.

  144. We had a lot of music in our wedding, all pointing to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I can still see my stoic uncle leaving the sanctuary with tears in his eyes as he was so touched by the music we used.

    Now we pray that God will be glorified in our eldest daughter’s wedding, as she recently became engaged 🙂

  145. The most favorite thing about my wedding was that it was small, simple and completely “US”!

  146. My favorite wedding memory is carrying down the aisle a white bible that my grandmother carried in her wedding and gave to me to carry. That was very special to me.

  147. My favorite memory of my wedding was being surrounded by so many of our friends and family; what a special time!

  148. My favorite wedding memory “besides me falling down the last few steps while “walking down the aisle” was after the wedding when my new husband and I got to our hotel. He left me in the room while he went to go get our luggage. When he came back and entered what he thought was our room, he was so confused to see a man sitting at our table. Before he could shout at the man asking him where his wife was. The man just looked at him as if it were no big deal and said. “I think you’ve got the wrong room there bud.” It is a night of our honeymoon that we won’t ever forget.

  149. My wedding was so focused on just getting it over with that I did not pay attention to the importance and the symbolism. Even though we have been married (and very happy together) for 20 + years. I wish our wedding was a Christian one, centered on Christ, and not us. I hope better for my children.

    Thank you for this much needed resource!

  150. Have been to many weddings. My favorite memories are the ones that have had music that focused on praise and worship of our Lord.
    Weddings are one of the most sacred events . It symbolizes Christ and His bride, the Church. It should be worshipful , sweet and graceful. Dress should be discreet and with attention to facial beauty.
    I have been married 57 years and was married in a simple ceremony with only close friends and family. Look back on the simplicity of my own wedding with gratitude that God brought the two of us together with full family approval.
    It would be nice to win a copyvof this book for future weddings in our family and for many young friends to use for their weddings.
    Thanks for the opportunity to have a book such as this.
    Eunice Fluker

  151. I was at a wedding where the bride and groom greeted each guest, row by row. I thought that was a nice change.. and a sure way to catch each person.

  152. My wedding was……. well, stressful and had I chosen to see it this way, a wreck. Many things went wrong including myself coming down with such a migraine that I didn’t get to be apart of our reception. With that said, My family and groom took over and did so much that day. Decorating for the wedding, then setting up everything for the reception (both were held in my in-laws back yard). I knew God’s hands were involved. Everything looked so beautiful and everyone enjoyed themselves so much. I couldn’t have wished for a better blessing on that day then the amazing fellowship everyone had. I was able to make a short appearance at our reception and never before felt so loved by everyone. I will be eternally gratefully for the family God birthed me into and the one he Blessed me with on that day! We have 4 beautiful children 2 of which are girls and I pray that I can be there for them on their wedding days as my mom’s were there for me.

  153. My favorite/funny wedding memory is when the bandmaster, as my husband and I entered the reception, announced us as “Mr and Mrs…” – and then he accidentally called us by my maiden name.

    The photographer snapped a picture at just the right moment and captured the laughter on both our faces. It is still one of my favorite pictures from our wedding and is a good reminder that a sense of humor is KEY.

  154. The message so carefully prepared by the minister who married us has stuck with me all these years. What he had to say about the love we would have/should have for each would impact the whole community. I’ve never forgotten!

  155. Very excited about this book! Have young adult children not yet married! Thank you for this offer!

  156. My favorite memory of our wedding, 10 years ago in October, is that I was able to get married in the same church my parent’s married in. Also, I had three of my grandparents present at the time and I am so grateful because the very next year all three went to be with our Lord.

  157. My favorite part of my wedding was when I surprised my groom with a video of pictures from our time together while my uncle sang “A page is turned” by Bebo Norman. It was a tear jerker for sure!

  158. I remember many of the little details of my wedding. My mother really took on most of the work so that I could enjoy the day!

  159. There are many things Il loved about my wedding but one of my favorites was CELABRATING With our Reception BEFORE the Ceremony!!!!!!! It was AMAZING AND A JOY! I LOVE the idea od this planner as having the FOCUS be where it should be and not on all the extra!

  160. Our pastor’s daughter married one of our son’s best friends and their wedding was truly a picture of Christ coming for His bride. They shared their first innocent kiss at the alter of the wedding and the longing they had built up and were now sharing was such joy to all who watched. They were getting pictures prior to the reception when our pastor realized that he had never had them sign the marriage license, so they weren’t legally married yet!! He quickly called the wedding coordinator who was with them and said they must NOT leave for the honeymoon before signing. . . as they weren’t married yet! To which the coordinator replied, “You would never know it to look at them, they sure are kissing like they are legal!!”
    They did get the papers signed quickly before whisking off to their honeymoon!

  161. My favorite memory about our wedding was when the reception was done, my husband and I climbed into a horse drawn carriage and rode away for a time of togetherness, just the two of us. It was so wonderful and so romantic!

  162. my favorite memory of our wedding is when my husband says “with this wing I thee red” (instead of w/this ring I thee wed). Another one, that makes me laugh now but didn’t at the time (& our younger daughter is getting married this July so I hope I win this book to give to her) is when my daughter from my 1st marriage who was 4 at the time had a meltdown because one of the ring bearers accidentally poked her in the eye w/the flower he was holding. I had 2 flower girls (my daughter being one & the younger daughter of one of my 2 best friends was the other) & 2 ring bearers (my other best friend’s 2 sons). My mom was in charge of the r.b. pillow. She thought she left it at the house (5 minutes away). Well, in order for her not to have to go get it they just gave the boys a flower to carry instead. One of them turned around when they were in line, poked Jenny in the eye. Someone had to sneak around back & tell my brother who was playing the organ STALL!! So long story shorter it turns out the pillow was right out in the car all along. It seems someone even suggested she double check but for some reason she didn’t. Because our younger daughter has heard that story so many times she does not want to have ring bearer or flower girl in her wedding lol. It’s going to be a small beach wedding anyway though.

  163. So many moments to chose from and I can’t chose just one, but two. They were both one of honor. My brother passed away of a heart attack 3 months before I got married. So, placed in a corner of the front of the church, was a candle in honor of him which my father lit.
    The second: this was not my first marriage and I did not think my father would give me away again. So, I had asked the gentleman that introduced my husband and I to give us away. When I told my step mother and father I was getting married, they both wanted to be a part of the wedding. What a blessing, but I was in a spot. So, my solution was for the man who introduced us to take me half way down the aisle to meet my dad, where he took me the rest of the way. I honored every one involved that loved me.
    Two of my daughters are off and married now and I have one more daughter ( 8 years old) to be married – a long time from now! I would love to be more prepared this time, in a Godly manner.

  164. I kept forgetting to stop at the bottom of the stairs from the altar so my matron of honor could fix my train before my new husband and I walked out of the church at the rehearsal. The day of the wedding, I didn’t forget, but my Daddy had written “STOP!!” on his hand and held it out as we walked by. An awesome inside joke, because Daddy, as a farmer, is always writing things on his hands. After the reception we changed clothes and left the gathering amid a shower of bubbles. We pulled out of the parking lot in our 1993 Ford Escort station wagon that our friends had so lovingly decorated (with Sharpie marker on the windshield!!) when I discovered that I’d forgotten a bag in the bathroom at the reception hall. We turned around, and I got out of the car to quickly duck in (hopefully not being seen) and retrieve it. Well, Daddy didn’t miss a beat. He quickly wrote something on his other hand, and walked over to the car and held it up: “GO!!” it said. But then, realizing that I was not in the car, he shook his head vehemently and said “NOO!” and held up the “STOP!!” hand. We still laugh about it to this day, 13 years later. Daddy always tells the story of how my grandfather (maternal) told him on their wedding day, “Son, she’s expensive. She has bad eyesight and her glasses cost a lot. I put braces on her teeth, and those cost a lot. Here’s what I need to tell you: No deposit, no return!” So, he was making double sure that my husband wasn’t trying to “return” me!!

  165. My favorite memory is on the morning of our wedding about two hours to go, my mom and my mother-in-law to be, decided the wedding cake didn’t look right. So they un-iced it and re-iced it before the ceremony began. Great teamwork.

  166. My favorite wedding memory: my husband and I washed each other’s feet as part of the ceremony. We loved Christ’s picture of servanthood and wanted to begin our married life on the same note!

  167. I just read about your Wedding Planner giveaway. I absolutely love your material and am very interested in being placed in your drawing. I so appreciate all that you offer to people in the Christian community…it is all so uplifting and encouraging. Thanks so much!

  168. My husband sang to me at the reception.

  169. One of my favorite wedding memories was when we had our ring bearers (we had two) actually carry the wedding rings on the ring bearer pillows. Our Pastor was concerned. But the boys did great and delivered the rings!

  170. My favorite wedding memory is surprising each other with our own personal wedding vows to one another.

  171. Mrs. Marilyn Goure

    My favorite wedding memory is the joy we felt in getting married! We planned it in 6 months, and that was long enough. Of course it wasn’t perfect, that’s what makes weddings fun! It saddens me that too many brides spend more time planning the day, than on planning the marriage. A wedding is just one day. A marriage should be a lifetime. (25 years and counting! )

  172. I would love to have this for one of my four daughters. They have a few years, but this would definitely be a blessing when the time comes.

  173. My favorite wedding memory would be from when I was helping my family decorate for four older sister’s weddings. Each one has been very special in their own way and hold my best and favorite memories of their weddings.

  174. One of my favorite memories from our wedding was when my groom and I turned to each other to recite these verses from Hosea: “I will betroth you to me forever; I will betroth you in righteousness and justice, in love and compassion. I will betroth you in faithfulness, and you will acknowledge the LORD.” (Hosea 2:19-20)

  175. One of my favorite memories is when my ring bearer was about to come down the aisle he saw a huge bug and could not proceed till it was removed. His mother had to pick it up reluctantly for our wedding to be able to continue. Another was at our reception when before we cut the cake my husband but a bib on me, which I did need, he was not gentle in feeding me the cake.

  176. I guess one of the best memories is that all of our families were gathered around us as we said our vows.

  177. All I remember from my wedding is looking into my husband’s eyes as I walked down the isle and thinking I was marrying the most wonderful man in the world. 26 years later I still feel that way when I look into his eyes. We are blessed!

    Can you IMAGINE when the Bride of Christ walks to the Lord in full relationship?!?

  178. We have three children; the oldest already married. One of my favorite memories of my son’s wedding was watching my son hold his two little sisters as they shared their “brother/sister” dance. God’s design for our family left a 14 year gap in their ages and it was just a reminder of God’s plan for our love story watching him with one sister in each arm as they just delighted in the moment.

  179. The most memorable wedding moment I remember is seeing the smile and tears on my roommate’s soon to be husband the first time he saw her on their wedding day. What a breath taking moment!

  180. My favorite memory is how tight my husband held my hand as we walked out the church after the ceremony and those brief seconds we were alone the hall before the rest of the wedding party walked out behind us. True bliss and that was almost 19 years ago! When I look at our pictures the photo of us walking up the aisle as husband as wife and the wedding party standing behind is my favorite.

  181. i just thought our wedding day was a beautiful day overall…after all of the planning and preparation it was just truly a celebration and a day i will always cherish…

  182. Our family attended a wedding of a girl who had grown up in our church, and who had dedicated her life to serving the Lord through missions. Instead of the traditional bouquet/garter toss (which is usually awkward, not to mention worldly), when the time came the bride and groom asked all the married couples who were present to come forward. They presented the bride’s beautiful bouquet to the couple who had been married the longest, as a celebration of lifelong commitment under God. As it turned out, the bouquet went to one set of the new couple’s grandparents!

  183. My favorite part of my wedding was when it was all over and my husband and I were “husband and wife”. Sometimes, as in our case, the planning can be very hectic. Hopefully, having a Christian wedding planner on hand when my children (only 10, 8, and 7 now) get married, the process will go a bit smoother. Is that possible?

  184. 14 years ago we had our dream wedding. Even though we didn’t want to spend a lot of money. We didn’t have to compromise the ideas of a storybook weeding as we made all the decorations and food for the reception ourselves with the help from family and friends. Our favorite wedding memory is all the time we spent together during those weeks before. Those precious times, gaining wisdom and quality time with our loved ones, was worth far more than bills would have cost from having someone do it all for us. It brought us closer together and we continue to grow closer together through God as each year goes by. I married my dream girl and we now have 3 girls and 1 boy and are enjoying raising our children together passing on that wisdom that can only come from God!

  185. The night before our wedding after our rehearsal, I went to discuss with the pastor where I should place the guestbook sign in sheet that would later be part of our photo album. As I held it out and began to ask, he looked at it and thought it was our marriage license and began to answer where we would all sign it. I clapped my hand over my mouth and sat down in horror before explaining that I had forgotten that small detail! He calmly smiled, looked lovingly at me, and said, “It’s no problem. You will be married in the Lord’s eyes and before all your family and friends as witnesses. You go on your honeymoon and when you return you can go and get the license from the state.” That’s what we did and it was not the disaster it might have felt at the time. (Had I had this wedding planner then this never would have happened! 🙂

  186. my favorite wedding memory would have to be kissing my husband for the first time as his wife

  187. Stephanie Hjorten

    I have fond memories from my summer wedding. It was an outdoor garden wedding complete with a cake to look like lilacs were cascading down it. One of the bridesmaids fainted from the heat (we had an August wedding), but it was a wonderful celebration =)

  188. My favorite memory of my wedding was, as I walked down the aisle, being struck by the awesome love that God had for me such that He would orchestrate such a wonderful occasion and let me be a part of it.

  189. As we turned to be introduced as Mr. and Mrs. the organist began the closing hymn. It took a measure or two for her to stop so we could be introduced then continue with the closing. Our other favorite part of the wedding, besides when the pastor’s notes drifted gracefully to the floor, was when I shook hands with my new hubby after the kiss ‘for good measure!”

  190. My favorite wedding memory is from my own wedding. After the wedding, we went home to change and returned to the church to help my mom and dad clean the church. I really enjoyed spending extra time with my mother that day. She worked so hard to make my day special. Afterward we went out to eat and then we decided we better get on our way to our honeymoon. 🙂

  191. Gary & Diane Phelps

    My husband became so emotional when it was time to say his vows that he literally became silent and could not speak, to that, my brother-in-law leaned forward and asked the preacher if he could say the vows on his behalf! The preacher said to just give him time. It took him about 15 minutes. Unbeknown to us at the time, my aunt in the back thought he was fixing to skip out on me! So funny!

  192. I loved my cousin’s wedding when my uncle and the bride’s father prayed over the couple. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the church.

  193. A memorable moment happened at our reception as we were leaving. A good friend had climbed to the roof of the porch that my husband and I would be walking off of to enter our car. He had a whole bag of rice in his hands. The photographer was waiting in hopes of getting the perfect shot. Just as we emerged from the porch, he dumped the whole bag – which made its way right down my backless dress. It was a picture perfect moment, as the photographer got a perfect picture!

  194. Beautiful photo with the flower girl and ring bearer. Thank you for sharing, we love you emails and this was an extra blessing with the giveaway.

  195. I married wearing my Great-Grandmother’s handmade High School graduation dress. The wild flowers were cut by friends from family friends’ backyards and brought to the church where they were arranged. Our photographer took 7 rolls of film (remember film cameras?!) and gave them all to us. We got to develop them and print just what we wanted. One of my favorite pictures is of me smelling the beautiful flowers at the reception.

    As the Mama of 3 young ladies, I know I will soon want one of these books! Thank you for sharing the wisdom of experience with us!

  196. I actually haven’t been to any weddings besides my brother’s. However, I think my favorite moment would have to be the “You may now kiss the bride…”
    And how much sweeter it is if it is the couple’s first kiss…

    thecatinthetree at yahoo dot com

  197. I was enjoying reading the other posts so much that I forgot why I was here! I look forward to helping my 4 daughters plan their weddings for His glory. One memory I will always cherish is the feeling of love and support from family and friends as we planned, prepared and celebrated.

  198. My daughter was 6 when she provided my favorite wedding memory. As the bride and groom greeted each wedding guest she became more and more upset. When The bride reached out to hug her, she cried out” No, I was going to marry Terrence.”

  199. I have great memories of each of my children having the opportunity to be in a friend or family member’s wedding.

  200. My favorite wedding memory is of my own wedding. While my daddy was walking me down the aisle to join my groom-to-be we laughed and giggled at doing a little routine we did with each other all the time that involved “bunny kisses” and “eskimo kisses” and how he didn’t think it would be appropriate. But we had a good giggle down the aisle!

  201. my favorite wedding memory is that I had a good hair day. 🙂 lol! Seriously, it was joining in union with my now husband in the presence of God and family. I am blessed 22 years later and would love the book for my daughter.

  202. We were married in 1976 and I had a special time with my mother planning the wedding with a bicentennial theme. My mother had cancer and did not live long after that.
    An enduring memory of our wedding was that the Teton dam failed upstream from us. We did not know how long it would take the water to come our way, but decided to go ahead with ceremony. Some guests stayed away or left early because of the impending threat of flood.
    The water arrived two days later, and my parents’ house which was a mile from the river had six inches of water in it. We started our married life working together to clean up and repair their home. We are still working side-by-side, and have had the joy of seeing our daughters marry and start their own families, seeking to honor God and bring up Godly offspring.

  203. Our wedding day gave us many memories, both heart-warming, humorous, and happy. But the one that showed the seriousness and silliness of the day was when just before I’m to walk down the aisle with my dad, the aisel runner unsticks itself from the floor and starts rolling back toward the front of the church! My soon to be brothers-in-law jump on it and pull it back where it belongs and one of them grabs a stapler and starts pounding the runner back into place. And me? I didn’t even notice! I was too engrossed with the walk of my life about to take place!

  204. My favorite memory of my son’s wedding was when my son, his bride and their attendants (siblings and friends from Bible college) turned to the audience and sang beautifully, “My God is Near”, it was glorifying and praising to the Lord.

  205. My favorite wedding memory was from my own wedding. The best man (my husband’s brother) couldn’t get the ring out of his pocket…and the pastor joked about it. It was wonderful, because it was funny and everyone laughed…but I was not one bit embarrassed…it was perfect.

  206. My favorite memory is the look on my husbands face when we were pronounced man and wife.

  207. We had a small backyard wedding with about twenty people on the invite list.

    Well only about five showed up and at first i was upset, but as the years have gone past and the memories are still there that not many showed up but It was truly who god wanted and needed at our wedding to be there.

  208. My favorite wedding memory was right after the ceremony, before the receiving line began, when I realized that I could say I was a wife–Brian’s wife–forever.

  209. I’ve taken photos at a number of weddings. My favorite is a photo that I missed. The bride and groom came back out of the sanctuary and before anyone else was out there, he grabbed her up and swung her around. They were absolutely delighted to be man and wife. It was a beautiful scene, one I failed to snap a picture of because I was waiting for the best man & maid of honor. My oldest daughter has just received a promise ring and this book would help us tremendously! Thanks for the opportunity.

  210. Sandy Love Anzideo

    The food was out of this world. My husband’s aunt is still talking about it – 12 years later.

    Thank you!

  211. My favorite wedding memory is just remembering my wedding day and marrying the man God had planned for me. And He he has given us 4 girls since then!

  212. My favorite wedding moment was at my brother’s wedding, where my husband and I were both in the wedding party. My 2 year old son was the ring bearer, and we coached and coached him to walk nicely down the aisle with his cousin. As the reached the stage, he was supposed to sit with my mother, who eventually took him to the back of the room. He escaped, and ran down the aisle again during the prayer! Fortunately all eyes were closed, so no one saw him as he gave Mommy a quick hug and went back with Grandma again. However, someone mentioned to me later that it was a shame workmen were fixing the roof and pounding away during the wedding ceremony – they heard my son’s feet as he ran down the aisle!

  213. Wow! My husband and I just celebrated 8 year. So after years and 4 children I need to tell you about a favorite memory. We were married on valentines day so I did a little talk on love. I used the poem by Elisabeth Barret Browning in our favors and used the passage from Ephesians that talks about how far deep and wide Jesus’ love is for us. I asked the people to think about what that kind of love looks like for them and to write about it in a little scroll we provided. During that time I washed my husbands feet as a statement against being independent and liberated and choosing to be a servant to my husband. Overall it was beautiful. Most importantly, I still make choices to serve rather than be offended or seek my own way. I, and everyone in attendance, will always remember how different our wedding was. And we’ve been told our marriage is different too. Yeah! Good job on this book.

  214. My favorite wedding memory was when the wind caught my long veil and wrapped it around my husband and I as we were saying our vows (we were married on the shore of lake tahoe). It made me think of the verse in Ecc. 4:12 -” a cord of three strands…” and how God was bringing us together.

  215. One of my favorite memories was the looks on the faces of the people at the hospital when we went there straight after the ceremony, fully attired, to visit his critically ill mother.

  216. I loved everything about my wedding, can’t think of a specific moment to share, but I have a funny one from another wedding–I took my then 2 year old twins to a wedding my husband was performing. When my husband walked out, my son loudly said, “That’s my daddy!” Needless to say, we quickly retreated to the cry room!

  217. Favorite memory from our wedding is when my husband sang “only God could love you more” to me as part of ceremony. We also enjoyed snacks in the limo from our reception that got added on the day of and we didnt know where there. Fun day and blessed now 11yrs and 5 kids later.

  218. My favorite memory from my wedding was having such a good time at our reception that we were the last to leave! Only our immediate families were still around to see us drive off.

  219. Probably my favorite wedding memory was from a friend’s wedding. When the bride and groom kissed, all of the groomsmen held up signs rating the kiss from 1 to 10. He got one 10. 😉

  220. Bubbles floating in the air at a friend’s wedding as they left in their car.

  221. Kissing my husband for the first time. It was a long kiss that offended my grandparents. 🙂

  222. My favorite wedding memory is my nephew ringbearer telling me to get off his pillow when we kneeled for prayer and he had laid it on the prayer bench.

  223. My dear husband has large knuckles so we already knew that slipping a ring on his finger would not be easy. While waiting in the hallway of the church just before entering on cue he thought he should once again chapstick his lips. And then he had the idea to also chapstick his ring finger. Boy were we both surprised when that ring slid right on to this finger. We both look looked at each other with surprise and started laughing. Our friends and family didn’t know what we were really laughing about they just thought we were excited to be this far along in the ceremony. That was almost 35 years ago and while we were told we would probably never have children the Lord blessed us with 4 wonderful boys and now 2 daughters-in-love and almost 3 grandchildren. While we look forward to more weddings of our own I have been blessed to also help with many weddings. This book will be a wonderful blessing to many young Christian couples.

  224. Thanks, everyone, for sharing so many great stories! The winner of the giveaway is “K,” for comment #91.

  225. Wiping the sweat off my sweet husband-to be’s brow as we stood at the altar. Married 32 years now, no sweat! Son getting married March 24th, Daughter in 6 months! Hurry pick me, pick me!