Third Place!

More inspiring ideas! Third place is announced at the end of this post!

The lettering in this entry coordinates nicely with the curtain, window frames, and knick-knacks.


Three cheers for the fresh, creative artwork of little ones!


This room surrounds the family with God’s Word.


Looks like a fun, homemade project!


Here’s another verse that surrounds the family in a central room of the house.


This contestant live in E. Africa, so she created her own artwork and verse, inspired by a Dayspring creation, and had it framed locally.


Here’s a unique place to put Scripture! And a unique curtain rod to match! (The first photo in this post is also by this contestant.)


Teresa describes her homemade cross like this:

“Sometimes the kids (and even the adults) need a little reminder that its not enough to simply and often begrudgingly do what is asked of us. We are called to do all things without arguing or complaining so that we can be an example of God working in us. We made this simple hanging to help us all remember this when the grumbling starts.”

This basket of shells is placed on the counter of a main bathroom next to the sink.


Almeta shares this story about her entry:

“My husband and I like to put scriptural declarations and confessions on our mirror in our bathroom with a dry erase marker.  Recently, I went in my 10 year old son Jordan’s bathroom and found he had posted Philippians 4:13 on his, without being prompted.  Since he is our family comedian he added “credits”, produced by the Bible, featuring the Bible, and illustrated by the Bible. ;)”

Amanda says this about her cross-stitch entry, “I’ve recently taken up embroidery. It is a lovely way to display God’s Word!  Hopefully, one day I can pass some of these on to my children. :)”

Saloma says, “[These] are just nature pics that I have taken and put scripture on them on the computer.  I plan to do these as stretched canvas prints for Christmas gifts this year.  They are an inexpensive way to have nice looking art on our walls and putting them on canvas means I don’t even need a frame!”

Scripture on a kitchen towel that’s pretty and energetic, not  corny!


Thea describes her very creative, inexpensive, kid-friendly display of Scripture (photos above and below):

“Here is a creative and cheap way to display verses so that your children will learn them. It’s made using scrapbook paper and stamps. This was a fun project that I had my children help me with. As you notice, this whimsical art allows for young children to help because not everything’s supposed to be perfectly straight. The colors for paper came from the same collection so we didn’t have to guess if our paper was going to match. Also this is hanging by simple twine and clothespins to give it that shabby chic look. It hangs on the top of our whiteboard in our school room. When the kids have memorized these verses, we can take the pages and scrapbook them. Then we’ll make some more verses. This panel is showing Colossians 2:6-7.”

Take advantage of Pinterest for some great artwork combined with Scripture!


Christine tells about her unique entry (above and below):

The idea was inspired by Pinterest.  Nathan and Abigail’s hand prints made to look like fish with Isabelle’s foot print as a jelly fish.  Isabelle wasn’t going to give me a good hand print at 10 months of age, so there had to be a different idea for her.  It is framed with the quote of Matthew 4:19 and hangs in a spot I pass multiple times a day.  It is to remind me of my mission at home, the ‘fish’ in my own pond.”

A handy way to display verses and change the display easily!


Designed and painted on canvas to hang above the kitchen stove.


Here’s a unique and verse-appropriate place to post a verse!


This looks like it might have been written on with a Sharpie or porcelain pen, a la Pinterest! Thank the Lord for Pinterest! 🙂 A set of these would help facilitate edifying dinner conversations!


3rd place goes to Ami Thompson for her very creative and labor-intensive hanging verses! Here’s what she says about her entry:

“I finally had to give up on having my kitchen in the background be clean for the picture!  I love hanging scripture from my ceiling.  I change verses out every few months or so – just fishing line, tape, cardstock and an exacto knife! This spot in my house is perfect for this display – right between the living room and the kitchen.”

Ami wins a $100 Doorposts gift certificate and an “Our Daily Bread” bread board from Gathering Wood. Congratulations, Ami!

Bread board

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