A Perfect Father Whose Children Rebelled

God is the perfect Father.

But His children still rebel.

They rebelled in a perfect environment while they had perfect fellowship with Him.

They rebelled in the wilderness, even after He opened up the Red Sea for them to walk through. Even after He gave them water out of the rock. Even after He gave them food every day. Even after He demolished city walls and conquered nations before them.

We rebelĀ today, even when we witness His faithfulness as He carries us through the trials of life. Even when He gives us food every day, and blesses and blesses and blesses us. Even after He gave us His Son.

He’s the perfect Father. But we still rebel. We still want to rule ourselves.

So it shouldn’t surprise us when our children choose to rebel. Of course, we should prayerfully look into our own hearts and repent of sins that may provoke or encourage them toward rebellion. We should humble ourselves. We should pray. We should seek counsel. We should ask forgiveness.

We should study the example of our perfect Father and seek, in parenting our children, to reflect His love and mercy and justice and faithfulness.

But we should remember. He’s perfect, and we’re not. His children rebel, and so will the ones He’s given into our care.

He keeps loving and disciplining and pursuing, and so should we.


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