He Delights in Us — Now

resolving-childrens-disagreementsMotherhood’s a challenge. How many mothers can say when they finally fall into bed, that they’ve made it through the day without sinning?

  • Our patience wears thin with those who keep needing us.
  • We snap at someone who has asked the same question too many times .
  • We feel sorry for ourselves when no one seems to notice what we do, or when they undo what we did.
  • We look the other way instead of dealing with the same discipline issue again.
  • We worry.
  • We get angry.
  • We complain.
  • We don’t do or say or think the right thing at the right time, or when we do manage to, we sin by being impressed with ourselves.

We have moments when we’re pretty sure our kids are going to be scarred for life by our inadequate, messed up, imperfect parenting.

And worse than that, we may start thinking God couldn’t possibly love someone who is as flawed and sinful as we are.

But He does love us. He looks at us — those of us who have put our faith in Jesus — and He delights in us. He delights in us because He delights in His Son who lived the perfect life that we can’t live.


He loves us right where we are. We’re His. Nothing we can do will make Him love us any more than He already does. We don’t have to earn His love. It’s a gift.

So we can rest. We can lean into Him and rest, knowing that He’s not going to leave us. He has started a work in our lives that He is not going to set aside until He has finished.

We can rest in our parenting, too. God is the one who will change our children. He will keep working in their lives — and ours — until He is finished, and He will keep loving us while He does it.




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