A Cry From Egypt by Hope Auer


Jarah was a slave in Egypt. It was a dangerous place to be. Her work was exhausting and her family was torn between the gods of the Egyptians and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And her brother… would his Ada be given in marriage to an Egyptian in the palace? Would they ever be free?

Have you ever wondered what life was like in ancient Egypt? As an Israelite? And a slave? Want your children to understand the Bible is history?

Published by Hal and Melanie Young at Great Waters Press, and written by Hope Auer, a homeschool graduate.

“Fast paced, Biblically and historically accurate, great fun!” – Hal & Melanie Young of Raising Real Men.

More details at http://acryfromegypt.com/store/


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  1. Anne of Green Gables…I loved reading them as a kid and have since re-read the series as an adult. Red heads need to stick together!

  2. My most recent favorite has been the Basket of Flowers…has brought out a lot of great discussions in our home.

  3. Chronicles of Narnia

  4. The pilgrims progress.. Loved it!

  5. Dahveed. Amazing what he went through but still loved the Lord.

  6. Oh so many to choose from….I really loved Sweet Sanctuary by Sheila Walsh.

  7. I wasn’t brought up reading Christian books, but the color purple sure was a great book that opened my eyes to things.

  8. This looks cool!

  9. I have read far more non-fiction than fiction! But I did enjoy Anne of Green Gables for the lessons taught.

  10. Little Women and Witch on Blackbird Pond.

  11. We love “Little House on the Prairie”

  12. The hobbit

  13. Baby Island. 🙂 Really. It was my dream

  14. I have heard wonderful things about this book, can’t wait to read it!

  15. Little House on the Prairie

  16. The Left Behind series

  17. The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie

  18. Not my will by Francena Arnold

  19. The Shack – though it’s fiction, I just thought it revealed the heart of God so well.

  20. The Unfinished Gift

  21. Journey in Grace helped me see God’s grace more clearly.

  22. Loved The Pilgrims Progress.

  23. I read a lot, probably more non-fiction. But I do remember the Bobsey Twins {I also had a twin brother}, & the Ramona books…

  24. God used my reading the Chronicles of Narnia aloud to my children to draw me nearer to God, into His Word, and eventually to Him.

  25. My children love the Chronicles of Narnia series & I love Driven by Eternity, Sacred Marriage & of course, the Bible =)

  26. Stepping Heavenward

  27. Little House on the Prairie

  28. The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers

  29. To Kill a Mockingbird

  30. Little house on the prairie when I was younger.

  31. The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers is life-changing and 3 of the most powerful books I’ve ever read.

  32. The Scarlet Thread.

  33. It’s a newer book called Paint Chips by Susie Finkbeiner. It’s fiction but the issue of human trafficking that it tackles is all too real.

  34. Although I love to read now, I actually didn’t like to read much when I was young. But one of my favorites was Snot stew.

  35. The Elsie Dinsmore series…Love love love!

  36. Kimberley Quinlan

    Francine Rivers, Redeeming Love

  37. I loved the Elsie Dinsmore series as a young teen. There were actually many books, but this was the first to come to mind!

  38. There are so many! I really appreciated Janette Oke’s Canadian series. It was a blessing to see infertility portrayed.

  39. My son and I are reading through the Trailblazer series by Dave & Neta Jackson on Christian heroes of the faith, and they are all inspirational!

  40. The Bible was our biggest influence but I loved lots of the classic authors and my grandma kept us supplied in books 🙂 CS Lewis is one of my childhood favorites.

  41. Little Men

  42. Redeeming Love by F. Rivers

  43. Little Women, I read it over and over

  44. Chronicles of Narnia would be the one. We are currently reading them for the third time in 2 years.

  45. Redeeming Love

  46. Little House on the Prairie

  47. Sorry, I can’t think of any.

  48. I love all the Lori Wick books, the way they portray Christ as part of everyday life and normal conversation, not a ‘religion’ saved for special occasions.