Raising Real Men – Bootcamp Admission

As parents of 7 sons, Hal and Melanie Young have plenty of experience with raising boys, and their book Raising Real Men (see our review here) is both biblical and practical.

If you’ve heard them speak, you know that their workshops and webinars are just as  helpful, and we’re excited about this giveaway. Three winners will get free admission to an online “boot camp” of their choice — Boyhood Boot Camp (for parents of boys age 0-9), Boot Camp 9-12 (if you have boys in this age range), and PreFlight (if your boys are teenagers).

Boyhood Boot Camp


Our culture isn’t much help when it comes to raising boys. Most of us don’t even know what boyhood is supposed to look like anymore.

After years of requests, we’ve put together Boyhood Boot Camp EXCLUSIVELY for parents of boys up to nine years old.

Boot Camp 9-12


When our children were all little and Melanie was feeling overwhelmed, most people responded, “You just wait ’til they’re teenagers! You think it’s hard now?”

Well, thank you, that’s very encouraging. Does it have to be that way? Does life with a teen have to be more difficult than life with an untrained toddler with no self-control? Is sullen, moody, rebelliousness just a part of growing up?


Get prepared to make the teen years great at our exclusive Boot Camp 9-12!


PreFlight Webinar


Our children’s early years come with warnings from complete strangers, “You think it’s hard now, wait ’til they’re teenagers.” We brushed that off. We just didn’t believe it. Surely the teen years didn’t have to be hard!

Our teens (we’ve got a fifth one in that stage now) have been a huge blessing to us! There are still real challenges in the teen years, though, and that’s what we want to talk about.

Your young men are about to launch off into the wild, blue yonder. Have you done a preflight check up with them? Are they ready to fly? Are you ready to let go?

More info at www.raisingrealmen.com/preflight


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  1. With 6 boys, we NEED this 🙂 Thank you for a chance to win.

  2. Most likely pre-flight 🙂

  3. Boyhood boot camp…I have 4 boys (and 2 girls) 9 years old and under.

  4. I’d love the boot camp 9-12

  5. Boyhood Bootcamp

  6. Boyhood Boot Camp!

  7. Would love to win this! I have a 2 yr old boy & am need of all the advice that I can get. He is completely opposite of his older sister.

  8. Would LOVE to win this! Our oldest boy just turned 10, and it’s like he can’t make up his mind if he’s my happy laid back boy, or a moody guy. Help lol!

  9. My little guy is 4, so the 0-9 Boyhood Bootcamp 🙂

  10. boyhood boot camp

  11. and I would choose the Boyhood bootcamp!

  12. 9-12 camp

  13. Any of them would be great to listen to.

  14. any of the camps would be a great blessing in my life!

  15. My son is 8 1/2 and I would love to hear the preflight series.

  16. Boyhood bootcamp

  17. Boyhood Bootcamp

  18. We have 9 boys so any of the boot camps would be a blessing.

  19. We’d like to listen to Boyhood Boot Camp!

  20. We have three boys, such a joy!!
    We have two boys that qualify for Boyhood Bootcamp, and one boy who is the age for Bootcamp 9-12.

  21. I have 4 boys (ages 12, 11, 6 & 7mo). This would be fantastic

  22. Boot camp 9-12

  23. boot camp 9-12 for sure! I sure hope I survive the next 2 years. I hope my twin 7yr old girls survive it also!!

  24. Boyhood bootcamp!

  25. Boyhood Bootcamp! I very much need this. 4 precious boys and one (unknown gender) on the way! Boys are 7 and under. 🙂

  26. Boyhood boot camp

  27. Boyhood bootcamp for my two little men… 4 & 2 years old!

  28. With 11year old twin boys, we NEED Boot Camp!!

  29. Not sure, I have boys in both age ranges!

  30. Bootcamp

  31. Pre-Flight Sounds needed.

  32. Pre-flight!! It’s uncharted territory!

  33. Bootcamp 9-12 to prepare for my 8yr old turning 9 in october of this year =)

  34. Jessica Woodbridge-O'Brien

    I just did the Boyhood Boot Camp but I have an 8 1/2 yo so I would love to the 9-12 yo Boot Camp too. Hal and Melanie are really a blessing! (And Doorposts too!)

  35. boyhood bootcamp

  36. Bootcamp

  37. Boyhood bootcamp, we have a son after 3 daughters so I feel very clueless about raising sons!

  38. Boot camp 9-12.

  39. With 3 boys ages 9, 5, and 2months, we could benefit from any one!

  40. Bootcamp 0-9.

  41. boot camp 9-12

  42. Boyhood Boot Camp

  43. Bootcamp 9-12

  44. Bootcamp 9-12

  45. Bootcamp 9-12. I have 5 boys – 2 through 13, so this would be very handy!

  46. bootcamp 9-12

  47. Boyhood, for sure!