Psalm 119 Study eBook by Character Corner

ps110-coverThis giveaway is courtesy of Kathie Morrisey at The Character Corner.

Psalm 119 is a Psalm that glorifies God and His Word.  Out of 176 verses, there are only five that don’t refer to the Word of God.  This study, intended for grades 4-12, will encourage your kids to love God’s Word, as well as learn the results and blessings that come from knowing and keeping His Word.

Ps.-119-sample-2This eBook has 118 pages, and is a 22-week study.  Instructions and lesson plans are included, so your student knows what to do daily.  Parents can also use this as a family Bible study or devotional, or if you desire to use it with younger children, you can work through it with them.  When you purchase this ebook, you have permission to  make copies for each of your children, so you don’t have to order multiple copies.

Each week the lessons will include reading a section of Psalm, highlighting words in that section, then doing workbook pages for the section, memorizing a verse, and filling in a chart.  The chart shows names used for God’s Word, what we are to do with it, and what the results or benefits are.  Lessons will take about 10 minutes a day.

This is a very simple, easy- to- incorporate method of giving your kids a love for God’s Word!

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