Psalm 119 Study eBook by Character Corner

ps110-coverThis giveaway is courtesy of Kathie Morrisey at The Character Corner.

Psalm 119 is a Psalm that glorifies God and His Word.  Out of 176 verses, there are only five that don’t refer to the Word of God.  This study, intended for grades 4-12, will encourage your kids to love God’s Word, as well as learn the results and blessings that come from knowing and keeping His Word.

Ps.-119-sample-2This eBook has 118 pages, and is a 22-week study.  Instructions and lesson plans are included, so your student knows what to do daily.  Parents can also use this as a family Bible study or devotional, or if you desire to use it with younger children, you can work through it with them.  When you purchase this ebook, you have permission to  make copies for each of your children, so you don’t have to order multiple copies.

Each week the lessons will include reading a section of Psalm, highlighting words in that section, then doing workbook pages for the section, memorizing a verse, and filling in a chart.  The chart shows names used for God’s Word, what we are to do with it, and what the results or benefits are.  Lessons will take about 10 minutes a day.

This is a very simple, easy- to- incorporate method of giving your kids a love for God’s Word!

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  1. We really love Psalm 27, but also Psalm 37 🙂

  2. My daughter would love this study!

  3. DD’s favorite is Psalm 23 🙂

  4. Many of them. Love singing the words of the Psalms put to music by the ‘Sons of Korah’

  5. We don’t have a particular Psalm we sing, but we love to read them in our Bible study time.

  6. psalm 23 is lovely

  7. We sing lots of songs based on psalms, but can’t recall any specific ones.

  8. Psalm 34

  9. Jessica Hatzopoulos

    Psalm 150

  10. Psalm 118

  11. We don’t sing any specific chapters but individual verses from the Psalms.

  12. The song based on Psalm 84

  13. Psalm 91

  14. The one that comes first to my mind is Psalm 23, but there are others….


  15. Psalm 118:29

  16. Psalm 1, 8, 23, 72, 91…

  17. Psalm 23

  18. Psalm 23

  19. Would love to have this !

  20. I think this would be an easy way for my husband to begin leading our kids in Bible study without feeling incompetent.

  21. We are trying to memorize Psalm 119 as a family, so this would be awesome!

  22. Would love this study for my kiddos

  23. We love singing Psalm 1.

  24. We enjoy reciting Psalm 23 as a family.

  25. Psalm 119:105 “Thy word is a Lamp unto my feet…”

  26. Kimberley Quinlan

    Most of them! 86 has been my favorite of late while we’re memorizing 121 together.

  27. We sing bits and pieces of different psalms.

  28. We have been reading through the Psalms all year and taking notes on the Names and Attributes of God in each Psalm! It has been such a blessing to focus on Him!

  29. Psalm 1 is our favorite.

  30. We havn’t sung any psalm songs yet that I recall but love reading them!!

  31. I know we sing songs with particular verses but can’t think of any chapters we sing. I will have to investigate 🙂

  32. Psalm 18:1,2

  33. I love Pslam 37!

  34. Psalm 23 my daughters 9 and 5 have memorized.

  35. Crystal Flickinger

    Psalm 5

  36. If we sing any Psalms, I don’t know which ones. We do read many of them, though. I’d say our favorite is Psalm 23.

  37. We sometimes sing Psalm 23 in church. We sing one hymn every week. I really enjoy learning the hymns.

  38. Psalm 23

  39. Psalm 47, Psalm 117, Psalm 134

  40. I love Psalm 121

  41. I’m working with my youngest two boys in scripture memory, yet, haven’t worked on any Psalms. I am encouraged now to begin in Psalms with our next memory work. Thank you!

  42. Psalm 23 and 119.

  43. Love singing hymns and reading Psalms! (No one particular Psalm that we sing).

  44. The first we learned was 98, but we like so many now!

  45. Would like to learn a few…

  46. This would be nice!