Doorposts Parenting Essentials Package

ParentingPkg2012tallerIf you’re new to Doorposts, and you want try our parenting materials, the books and charts in the Parenting Essentials package are the best ones to start with.

This package gives you four Bible-based charts to help with character building, discipline, and sibling relationships in your home, our bestselling topical Bible for parents, and a quick-reference “checklist for parents” booklet.

Value: $59

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  1. had devotions with us at night

  2. Surprise birthdays

  3. Taught me how to do life skills like canning and sewing…with family recipes and techniques that I can pass down to my kids!

  4. Would love this!!

  5. I didn’t grow up with saved parents, but I remember my dad reading to me and rocking me to sleep.

  6. My mom was home when I arrived home from school!

  7. They came to all of my activities & recitals.

  8. My dad helped me get my summer job and taught me how to commute into DC, so the next summer I could do it alone. Traffic doesn’t bother me, and I don’t panic if I get lost.

  9. My parents were really great at letting me learn from my own mistakes. Now that I’m a parent I know how hard it must have been for them to sit back and let me learn those lessons on my own.

  10. Made family a priority

  11. We read books together a lot, went to the library every week and brought our books home in our wagon. On our birthdays we always got our favorite dinner and desert!

  12. My parents taught me that no matter how poor we were, there was always someone worse off and in need of help.

  13. This would be great to use with our 2 little ones! Thanks for hosting the party.

  14. Sorry I always comment first then click afterwards so I didn’t see the question. I guess taking us camping.

  15. Taught me how to give sacrificially…caring for the orphan.

  16. One of my favorite, most vivid memories is my dad coming outside to talk with me. Even though he was not a believer, he took my problems seriously (even though they were quite childish) and helped me think of ways solving the problems.

  17. Read to us and were involved in everything we were involved in!

  18. This looks nice.

  19. Taught me the importance of family & loving God

  20. Shared God’s word with me!

  21. We didn’t have much, but they would take us camping once a year. We slept in a tent, and roughed it. That was the only vacation they could take us on, but they made it special. They taught me the value of love and family.

  22. They loved me unconditionally and were always there for me.

  23. They would take us camping in the summer. I never remember going to the store during the whole camping trip— once you become a parent, you realize all that it took to make those “lazy” days happen : )

  24. My parents played with us and were always showing interest in what we were reading/learning/etc.

  25. Jessica Woodbridge-O'Brien

    My mom died when I was 21, but I still remember her sitting in her favorite seat on the couch with her Bible each day. I used to tease her about her underlining and writing in her Bible and other books, but now I do it too!

  26. The most memorable would be how we all played ping pong together in the evenings after dinner.

  27. Toni Jolliff Bear

    To give to others.

  28. My mom stayed home with me during the preschool years.

  29. My dad woke up early every morning to spend time in prayer & the Word. My Mom always had a clear devotional time, although rarely first thing in the morning.

  30. Teach me to work hard and always have integrity.

  31. I still have a little bunny that my momma made for me one Valentine’s Day.

  32. Homeschooled me!

  33. After my dad died, my mom sacrificed a lot for me to get a Christian education.

  34. I remember my mother teaching me the Lord’s Prayer when I was very little.

  35. Always put God first

  36. spending nights with grandparents

  37. They showed me the importance of God

  38. I’m thankful that my parents took me to church and that my mom chose to stay home with us.

  39. Made sure I attended a Christian school, even though it was a sacrifice for them.

  40. Would love this for guidence with my 4!

  41. Work ahead in my school work so they could help me with it.

  42. They exemplify what it means to be a follower of Christ.

  43. Taught me about Jesus.

  44. They pulled me out of public school and put me in private when I was going down the wrong path. I wasn’t allowed any contact with my old friends. I was so mad at them, but it wound up being the best thing for me and I learned who my true friends were.

  45. They made sure I knew I could always ask them questions.

  46. Taught me about Jesus and the importance of family

  47. One Christmas Mama didn’t give me the gift I had my heart most set on, she gave me something better. I still have it today and will pass it on to my daughter.

  48. They taught me that Jesus can turn broken lives into beautiful masterpieces of his love.

  49. Showed me how hard it was to earn money and then how to budget it.

  50. Made it a point to come to almost all my games in High School

  51. As soon as I was born, they made sure that I always went to church. Taught me about salvation. They also let me to withdrawal out of public school and let me homeschool then later go to a Christian private school.

  52. My parents took us to church faithfully and made sure we had a close relationship with God. I can never be too thankful for being raised in a Christian home!

  53. Whenever my dad went on business trips, he always brought back a small gift for us. It reminded us that he loved us and thought of us even when he was away!

  54. I am a new Christian with two young children that I desperately want to raise up knowing Jesus. I have the if-then chart and it has been a great tool for consistency in discipline. I would love to get my hands on more Doorposts products!

  55. My parents taught me the importance of work ethics. Laziness leads to destruction.

  56. My parents always scheduled one on one “dates” with us every summer. We could pick any thing we wanted to do for the whole day (within reason!) just one on one. (One day with each parent). With 5 siblings, that was very special indeed!

  57. The most memorable thing my mom did for me was read the bible with me every night before bed when I was little.

  58. my mom and dad taught me how to be saved and to love the Lord our God with everything we are…. that is the most important! But they also homeschooled us 7 kids and did train us up in the Biblical way…. to that we are forever grateful! and my husband was trained the same way and homeschooled as well!!!

  59. My dad would get excited about something new he discovered in Scripture, and we would stay up late discussing it. I enjoyed that very much.

  60. They took me to church, read the Bible with me at night before bed, and took an interest in my life (activities, school, and friends).

  61. Took me to church.

  62. Making youth groups a priority in my life. Got me through the teen years.

  63. They spent time with us, talked with us and loved us and each other.

  64. My parents sacrificed a lot in order to homeschool us kids. That’s pretty special to me.

  65. Dinner as a family at the kitchen table was a priority for our family. We were also homeschooled and spent much of our day in the company of our loving mamma.

  66. Our co-op library would love this!

  67. My parents worked so I could get my degree and find a nice job. That job was where I met my Christian husband… and we live in God’s grace ever after 😉

  68. My mom was not a believer, but she was the most encouraging person in my life! When I became a believer in Junior High school she was very supportive of my going to church. She just recently was called to His Saving Grace, and in this I greatly rejoice!

  69. My parents gave me my little $1 allowance in dimes, expecting/requiring me to give at least one dime in the offering. They did a great job of explaining how all of it was God’s anyway, too.

  70. They helped me memorized.

  71. My mom made so many sacrifices to give us the best life she knew how.

  72. Great parenting materials! Keep turning our children’s hearts towards Jesus!

  73. Made sure I was either in a Christian school or homeschooled.

  74. I grew up in a non-christian home, my parents were always encouraging me and supporting me on the sidelines of my sport games

  75. Can’t wait to start reading your materials!

  76. My mom wrote me a little book with verses and words of wisdom. She gave it to me when I was in my Teens and I thought it was nice, but now it is priceless. She passed away unexpectedly at 46 years old. It is one of my greatest treasures!

  77. One thing my parents did is that we ate dinner together at the table. It sounds simple but it is easy to get in other habits…

  78. encouraged me to work from a young age – and thus encouraging independence.

  79. The most memorable thing would be showing humility and honesty. Asking God for forgiveness when they failed and taking the time to talk to me about these things.

  80. My parents spent TIME with me — instructed me always, loved me unconditionally, taught me to love the Lord and see miracles every day 🙂

  81. My parents would check us out early from school to have a special afternoon with us. We might go fishing, might see a show, or maybe just go to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. I always felt so special during those times.

  82. They loved me unconditionally.

  83. Prayed for me and took me to church every time the doors were open.

  84. My grandparents always had time for me.

  85. encouraged us, loved us, spent lots of quality time with us, lots of camping…

  86. I loved all the time my parents spent with us, and I especially remember the camping trips. We may not have had a lot of money, but we had a lot of fun!

  87. My parents prayed with me each night and took me to church when I was little. Though things went terribly wrong later in my childhood I am thankful that foundation was laid. 🙂

  88. I didnt grow up in a daily Christian focused home but my mother ALWAYS showed me love and how to respect myself. She gave me her time and unconditional love. Now as an adult, we are both followers of Jesus and she is a wonderful example of a Godly woman!

  89. My mom always supported me.

  90. My mom was always involved with my education, from teaching me to read before I started kindergarten to volunteering in my class. She is a big part of how I ended up homeschooling my own children. She also taught Sunday School and led my scout group, which I now do for my children too.

  91. always said I Love You stood at the bus stop every morning even through high school.

  92. They taught the love of Jesus by example.

  93. To be honest, it was how much better you sleep if you wash your feet before bed!!

  94. Crystal Flickinger

    dinner times

  95. My parents set an amazing example to us on how to be diligent as well as the importance of family and making sacrifices.

  96. praying for us

  97. They taught us the value of the bible by having family readings every breakfast and supper

  98. My parents always came to all of my activities.

  99. Aaron-Krysten Burlage

    So excited you are giving this away! Would really love to win the blessing chart and the if/then chart!

  100. taught us the scriptures

  101. taught us the Bible and took us to church every week

  102. My parents instilled a love of learning in me.

  103. I love your ideas! Thanks for sharing. This essentials package seems greet.

  104. My parents taught me a love for learning. I have appreciated that even more as I now see that the purpose of learning is to glorify God.

  105. They showed us the world! Am so grateful now.

  106. The one thing that I truly appreciate my parents doing for me was to teach me good work ethics. I was taught to work, work fast and do the best job I could do. We worked all hours of the night, if needed, to get the jobs done. But, I felt a sense of accomplishment for a job well done when I would finish a job.

  107. took us to Estes Park, Colorado every summer; camped along the way

  108. One day, my mother was trying to instill some extra confidence in me. So she took me to a DQ and as we were sitting there, not ready to order yet and she talked to me about not being afraid to ask for things I want. Seizing my moment, I asked for a banana split, which she got me just to prove her point that the worst someone can do is say no. I don’t know if it really gave me confidence, but I definitely remembered the lesson. And when I’m nervous about asking for something, I remind myself that the worst they can do is say no and you’ll never get what you want if you don’t ask.