Thirty Days in Psalm 103 for Busy, Busy Mamas, Day 3: Bless

30DaysPs103Day3Okay! Pencils ready? Today we mark some text! Grab a green colored pencil or pen, your Bible, and a notebook, and let’s get started!

If you don’t want to mark directly in your Bible, you can print out the psalm in your favorite translation, or you can print this ESV version to use. Personally, I like marking in my Bible, because I can always go back later and review what I’ve learned. I tend to lose track of my marked print-outs.

Assignment: Pray for the Holy Spirit to teach you today.

  • Then take your green pen or pencil, and while you read all of Psalm 103, circle every appearance of the word bless. (If you are studying from the New International Version, circle the word praise.)

You should be able to find the word seven times.

  • Next, with a red pencil or pen, underline the word all as you read the psalm again.
  • As you review your markings, make a list in your notebook. List every thing and everyone who is called to bless or praise the Lord in this psalm. For example, in verse 1, David tells his soul to bless the Lord. The phrase that follows my soul would also go into your list. You should end up with at least five things in your list.
  • Review your list when you have finished. Who is bending the knee before the Lord along with us?

I wish we had more time to study these words in detail. (The optional lesson this coming Sunday will offer some suggestions.) But we can see that no one and no thing is left out of David’s invitation to kneel before our Lord. We worship with the angels, with the hosts, with all God’s works in all places of His dominion!

For your children:

Read the Psalm aloud for your children. (If they are young, read just verses 1-2 and 20-22.) Ask them to get down on their knees every time they hear the word bless (or praise). Read slowly in the verses that include the word. Each time they kneel, take time to read the rest of the phrase. Who is blessing the Lord?

Take a minute to talk about angels and hosts and how they are described in verses 20 and 21. What do they do? What can we learn from their example?

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  1. Thank you God for working in Pam to teach. Praise Jesus for Jessica C. For sharing about Doorposts.
    I live in Indiana, home school my son, and care for my Mother.

  2. Praise God, all of his creation.

  3. So glad the Lord got this in my hands (or on my computer 🙂 ). I am a busy mama, homeschooling a 5th grader and a kindergartener for the first time and also a pastor’s wife at a small church plant. The study has blessed me so much already, and I look forward to the upcoming days. I plan on doing the children’s lessons with our kids. Thank you! Praise Him!

  4. I did the assignment. Liked it! Question, verse 20 says, “o you his angels” are we his angels?

  5. I found the word bless 7 times in this psalm. 7 is God’s number for completion! Isn’t His word amazing!

  6. If I can chime in, Dana, we are not His angels. We are His CREATION! Yes! The angels could not praise Him as we can and will, they have no need for salvation. What a great and awesome God we serve. We are made in His image, we are His workmanship. BTW, looking forward to jumping in with you guys. This is my 3rd on line study, I think and I am a SAHM of two girls. 5 and 2. Homeschooling and living life in a rural part of Arkansas.

  7. Thank you for your heart to help and encourage busy mamas to study the Word. This is a great blessing and I’m excited to see how God draws us all closer to Him through this study. I also hs my 1st grader and have 2 other lil ones at home.

  8. Thank you for this bible study! I never would have connected that “bless” also means “to bend the knee”. It gives me a whole new insight into this psalm and into what bless/praise truly means in this context. Praise God for this! 🙂

  9. So thankful for this timely study! This is my first study of this type but it’s perfect in its depth and time requirement. I’m a homeschooling mom to 6 in Georgia. My oldest is 10 and my youngest is 1 month. I don’t have much time on my hands but I can meditate on these chunks at a time all day long! (Bless you Lord for meeting me right where I am!) I like the guidance for working through the passages with my children too. I retain things better after I teach it so this study is a multifaceted blessing to my family!

  10. It’s amazing how the Lord uses these short lessons to bless us all day long. Thank you so much, Pam, for sharing your gift of teaching the younger women with your wisdom.

    It was because of all the Busy Mama studies (I have done them all) that I have learned how to do an inductive study, and I can apply it to other bible books. My bible looks beautiful with all the different colored markings! I love the interaction with the Word through this kind of study.