Time for a Giveaway!

Giveaway for Psalm 22 study

We would like to give one of you a set of all the Busy Mamas Bible studies that are in print! That means you’ll have eight months worth of Bible studies! The set will include our newest Child-Training Boot Camp study, plus studies on Proverbs 31, Psalm 103, Psalm 37, 1 Corinthians 13, Colossians 3, 1 John 3 (not pictured), and Isaiah 53! The giveaway also includes our favorite Bible study supplies, including 3 Moleskine Cahier journals, a set of fine-point non-bleeding pens, and 12 Prismacolor soft-core colored pencils for marking in your Bible — all together a $130.00 value.

How to enter:

  • Answer one of the following questions in the comment section of this blog post. (If you are reading this in your email, you will need to go directly to this post on the blog to comment.)
  • Answer all three questions in separate comments for three separate entries.
  • Anyone can enter, even if you didn’t do the study.
  • If you haven’t completed the study yet, you can still answer the questions based on what you have finished so far.


1. What is the most important thing you learned in your study of Psalm 22, or what has God been teaching you through His Word, if you didn’t study Psalm 22 with us?

2. What could we do to improve the study — what would make it more user-friendly or more more useful?

3. If you used any of the children’s lessons, do you have any suggestions for ways to improve them?

The giveaway will end at midnight on Saturday, April 9, 2016. We will draw one random winner, who will be notified by email and have 48 hours to respond and claim the prize. We will cover shipping costs to US addresses only.

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  1. #2 I loved the studies I’ve done in the past when I had time to do them, but after getting though the first week in a couple recently, I feel I can’t continue without being tied to the computer or a concordance. I try to limit media usage in the morning/during my study times because I find it too distracting. But yet I can’t bring myself to just skip every part that requires the use of these extra resources. I’d love a study I can do with just the Bible and study guide, nothing else…even if it ended up being shorter. I love the style of how these studies are organized!

  2. #3 I haven’t used the Children’s lessons yet (but I do very much appreciate that they are available). I’m afraid at this time it wouldn’t hold the interest of my toddler/preschoolers. I look forward to my littles being old enough for the “older children” study suggestions.

  3. #1 Faith not feelings. No matter how dark it may seem, God is always there and is in control. And there are reasons for the things that we go through. Reasons that we have no idea about.

  4. #3 We really enjoyed learning about the crimson worm and also looking at the art which depicted the scorn and mockery. Those visual helps made those lessons meaningful. We read through Ps. 22 in unison almost every day of the study but didn’t always get to do the lessons as it would require extra effort to set up the laptop (our internet is not always cooperative as well). I would like to do more of the children’s lessons together and really like the ideas given.

  5. Perseverance of prayer and trusting in God in all situations.

  6. The study is wonderful. I really enjoy the way it is set up.

  7. #2 I was able to do only a few of the studies as I never get to “do computer” until the evening when I am tired. I am also a little slow at figuring out how to navigate through the various study helps in the Blue Letter Bible. I appreciate the extra “hand holding” given in finding things. I think I would be able to do more if the lessons were shorter (maybe split up the longer lessons over 2 days). Overall I really appreciate the lessons and learning more about the original language and background. Of course no book could replace the online resources so it’s good you are helping us (especially less internet savvy folks) tackle these things!

  8. #2 I had difficulty with figuring out the Blue letter Bible website due to sharing the laptop with our children for their school. With that said, I learned that taking your time to read through it is much better than just marking it as being done…wishing that there was a way to figure out Blue Letter Bible site without taking away from the Bible study itself as I am not that familiar with it.

    • So, Katrina, do you feel like the step-by-step instructions for using Blue Letter Bible were not clear? My hope is that we will learn how to use it as I guide you through the steps while we study, so I’m interested in feedback.

      • I thought the step by step directions were very clear and helpful. I just started the Psalm 22 study a few days ago (my first doorpost study) and I think it’s like anything new, there’s a learning curve. The first couple of times using blue letter bible I found I was getting less out of the study because I was flipping back and forth so much between instructions and the BLB page that it detracted in the moment. But the learning curve is fairly short and learning to use these new tools is very worthwhile!

  9. #3 I have yet to do the children’s study yet as I wanted to try it myself before starting my children on it..I think that once I figure out the Blue letter Bible site maybe I will feel more comfortable..

  10. 1. What is the most important thing you learned in your study of Psalm 22, or what has God been teaching you through His Word, if you didn’t study Psalm 22 with us?

    I did the Psalm 22 study a long time ago, but right now God has been teaching me to trust him in all things and that he is my provider.

  11. 2. What could we do to improve the study — what would make it more user-friendly or more more useful?

    I think it’d help me to have a list of the verses you’re suppose to find, maybe at the back of the book? Where you could kinda check to see if you found the right ones.

  12. #1 I have enjoyed the study (but I slowed down until I can figure out Blue letter Bible)..I liked the fact I was able to go thru and mark the “you”, “myself”, etc, focus more on the person that was forsaken. I hope to get back to this study once I am able to sit & do it in my own time, without having to worry about stopping so someone else can use the laptop! I ordered the newest study and am reading through it slowly, absorbing it slowly.

  13. #1- to fully rely on God. Trust in Him and to let go. Something I struggle with daily.

  14. #2- I love the studies. However, I’m not a fan of having to do it on a website. I understand many may like this technique but I wish it was an option. I like the old fashion studying. My Bible and a notebook!

    • If I’m understanding properly how they do things, I believe they provide it free for those who wish on the website and then use our feedback for final edits before it is published. The books are usually published a few months after the online study is complete. It’s a great idea!

    • Thanks, Lauren, for the feedback. I agree. It would be nice to leave the computer out of this. Unfortunately, we can’t really do the type of study we’re doing with just our Bibles and a notebook, since we’re trying to dig deeper into word meanings, get input from commentaries, etc. and understand what the text actually says, not just what we think it means. Actually, we could do it with books (I used to, back in the dark ages 🙂 ), but it would take lots lots longer to do the same things, and at least 3 feet worth of book shelf space filled with expensive books.

  15. #3- I haven’t tried the children’s studies yet but am looking forward to being able to study with them.

  16. 1. What is the most important thing you learned in your study of Psalm 22, or what has God been teaching you through His Word, if you didn’t study Psalm 22 with us?

    I have been doing the Prov 31 Study and I am learning just how “powerful” a woman of God can be. I have often read this chapter and felt defeated and unable to measure up to this woman of God. After breaking it apart and studying it well, I have found confidence and strength to work towards being this woman!

  17. 2. What could we do to improve the study — what would make it more user-friendly or more more useful?

    I have only done your studies online (never a book) but I love them. I think the only thing that may be more helpful would be more pictures. Sometimes reading the directions for highlighting and making arrows to link things, etc confuses me. When I see the pic of how you did it in your Bible, it helps me understand how to do it and have it make sense.

    • Thanks, Christa. Good idea. I usually use more pictures than I did this study, partly because we’re living in a trailer at the moment, and I seem to have a hard time getting good pictures in there (late at night when I’m finishing up a post), and partly because I wanted to use some of the wonderful paintings that depict Christ’s passion. I’ll try to include more photos next time!

  18. 3. If you used any of the children’s lessons, do you have any suggestions for ways to improve them?

    I have not used any of the children’s lessons, but have had my older children follow along w/ me on the “adult” lessons and the loved it and could follow along easily!

  19. We loved the entire study! The Crimson Worm was incredible. We have five children and from our 8 year old down to our 1 year old, they were each captivated by the lessons for them and are still quoting what we memorized from Psalms 22. I could give countless examples of the incredible impact each lesson had on the children. One in particular was the scavenger hunt, with the exception of the baby who was napping, our 8 year old, 6 year old, 5 year old and 3 year old, had a BLAST running around the house filling in the blank for the verses portraying aspects of the crucifixion. I also loved using the blue letter bible to study the cross references, too. I have a passion for studying the word in Hebrew and Greek, but using the blue letter bible made it so SIMPLE and fast! Overall, seeing the transition of surrender, suffering, and perseverance in prayer and unceasing praise, was humbling and awe inspiring. It was one of the best studies I have done in a long time. I look forward to doing another soon! Thank you so much!!!

  20. 3. If you used any of the children’s lessons, do you have any suggestions for ways to improve them?

    Maybe some stuff for older kids to do along with you. It seems like most of the activities are for little kids and my older teens feel like it’s babyish.

    • Yes, Twyla, I have been thinking of younger children when writing the children’s lessons. For teens, I would suggest having them do much of the same thing you are doing in your own study. I’ll see if I can include a few ideas for the older kids in the next study.

  21. #1- The most important thing I learned in this bible study was the constant praise of God despite the tortures being inflicted on Jesus. I realized that most of the time when I am suffering or praying for someone else who is suffering, I focus so much on their need. I ask, beg, plea with God, but fail to praise Him in those dark hours like Jesus did. I think I praise Him more in the good times of life, when things are going well. Through this study I see that my praise should never cease. If I continually praise Him, there is no opportunity for doubt to arise!

  22. #1 I actually just finished the Psalm 37 study. It was so encouraging, not just for me personally but in praying for and encouraging my husband, who works in a situation where many of his coworkers are not interested in working with integrity. It was such a good reminder that our inheritance–our hearts–our investment is to be in God’s kingdom, and that is where we should look for the fruit of our labour–rather than seeing prosperity or approbation as success

  23. #1 God has a perfect plan through our suffering.

  24. First question God has been teaching me about his faithfulness. I missed the psalms 22 study cause I was working on a couple of other studies. God told me to step out and start leading some church ladies in a bible study also. We started about 3 weeks ago. Always looking for what to teach

  25. #2 I really enjoyed the study and appreciated learning to use some online study tools.

  26. 1. I have been more fully realizing just how much Christ suffered for us. Studying the description of his crucifixion on the cross really created a picture in my mind of how much pain Christ was in. It created another picture for me of just how much God loves us. This was my first study with Doorposts and I really enjoyed it. Thank you.

  27. 2. I really liked learning how to use Blue Letter Bible. I had the app on my device but I had never used it much. I’m hoping I will be more likely to use it now that I have used it for this study.

  28. 3- I haven’t used the study with my children yet. I am so thankful that you have made it for the kids so when we finish our current study with them we have yours to use!

  29. It has been a while since I did one of these studies I like to have a book in hand and have not purchased any for a while. So I don’t have a good answer to question 2.

  30. #1. I never realized that Psalm 22 was tied to the crucifixion. I love having it broke down verse by verse to really get the understanding you need.

  31. #2 I have followed your studies online and in book form, and the book format works much better for my situation. I have two toddlers at home all day long, and “screen time” tends to attract interruptions more 🙂 I agree with other commenters that spending a lot of time on language study using the Blue Letter Bible site or app very often ends up eating up too much time. I don’t think that’s a problem with the studies– in fact I really enjoy the language study days– it just isn’t very practicable for me at this particular stage of life.

  32. I really need to look closer at the kids studies to help get my boys more involved in study while they are still truly interested

  33. #1 I have not done the Psalm 22 study yet but have printed many of the emails and have saved those that I have not printed in a separate folder for printing later. I have been actually been participating in a study of 2 Timothy. God has been teaching me how vitally important it is that, as Christians, we should be in His word daily so that we know it well. It reminds me of bankers who study real twenty dollar bills. They study the real thing in minute detail so as to quickly spot a counterfeit. This is the way we should be studying the Bible. We need to know what He says so that we can spot false teachers and their teachings. He is also teaching me how much I need to depend on Him.

  34. #1 God has been speaking to my heart about how important it is for me to go to Him first–He is the only One who can help me anyway!

  35. #1 The most important thing was the crimson worm. I love the illustration of Christ’s love it represents.

  36. This study was perfectly rich. It caused me to really reflect on many things and especially during Lent, I deeply felt Jesus’ sacrifice but also God power and love for His son and me. I loved having the children’s portion and used it daily with our kids. They really enjoyed it but most importantly they learned a great deal.

  37. #2 I like the studies the way they are! My problem is with my own schedule and concistancy!

  38. What has God been teaching me in his word? To look for daily encounters with him.

  39. #3 the studies that I was able to get done, my 11year old daughter LOVED doing the children’s part! So we like them the way they are!

  40. I can’t think of anything to change. The study was very easy to follow and I love that you teach us how to use the Bible tools for future study use. Thank you for your ministry and sharing your gifts with us!

  41. I loved having the children’s portion and used it daily with our kids. They really enjoyed it but most importantly they learned a great deal!

  42. I have used any of your studies. This is the first post I’ve read. I’m excited to get started.

  43. #2 I love the studies and have gone through several of them! I prefer doing the book copy rather then on the computer- I get less distracted and feel less pressure (my fault) to finish it “on time”. I think having some sort of answer to which verses should be marked at the end of the book would be helpful. The one example that stands out to me is when we marked similies/metaphors- answers varied widely based on transalation. Obviously doing that for every lesson is not going to work but for some of the more major ones.

  44. #2 I enjoy printing out the emails to use for later study if I am currently studying something else. I was wondering if there is a better way to set them up for those of us who may like to print them out. Also, I like to print the passage that is being studied. I mark it up in ways that I do not wish to do in my Bible. That being said, if the passage could be easily found within the emails, that may facilitate my study as well. I enjoy the studies. I have completed one and have printed out others to do later. I enjoy all of the deep precept work there is so that I can “own” these passages. As others have said, it is difficult to rely on the computer for much of the work. I am a book person and enjoy using printed materials which seem easier for me to use.

  45. I’ve been looking for a kid-friendly study. This might just be what my family needs. Thanks!

  46. I have not worked through the children’s lessons yet. I’ve read them and my plan is to change our Bible time to working through some of these books with my daughters. My girls are older so I’ll be dividing what they do between the child and the adult study. I would love to see some sort of bookmark/printable on major things to look for in the Bible, what to mark, HOW to study but in a portable format. I love your studies because I am finally learning the HOW in Bible study- not the read and move on.

  47. 1. God is with us no matter what out situation is

  48. 2. I like the way you introduce the topic.

  49. 3 I haven’t used these studies with my children yet

  50. This would be such a blessing to win. It would be so much easier for me to be able to have a “hard copy” of the Bible studies since several of us use the computer (the children use it – take turns – for some of their school assignments). 🙂

  51. 1. The most important thing I learned was that Psalm 22 was Jesus words. I had read this psalm to my kids a few weeks before the study as part of our bible that day in school. I had no idea it had anything to do with Jesus. I was a little skeptjcal at first, but the more I studied, the more it became clear to me.

  52. 2. My favorite study so far has been the chil training boot camp. Although I enjoy the studies on a specific chapter, I would like more thematic studies.

  53. 3. I have not yet used the children’s studies, although I love the option. We have bible time scheduled with our curriculum so I haven’t foubd the time to do these lessons. I may go back and redo the child training study along with my children though.

  54. #1 Oh, the depth of the riches and the mysteries revealed in God’s word! It’s treasure!!

  55. #2 I’m not sure what to improve; I have done your studies on my computer and I’m curious how I would feel about a hard copy. Keeping the lessons short is helpful!

  56. #3 I LOVE the children’s portion!! This is one of the reasons I love to do your studies! My only suggestion would maybe be to add a deeper thought question for discussion with older children. (Mine range from 3-14 years old)

    • Thanks, Calli, for the suggestion. Several of you have made the same suggestion. I’ll see what I can manage. We’re dealing with a wide age range of children. 🙂

  57. #1 – I have learned that God is faithful and if we can learn to fully put our trust in him, even when it doesn’t make sense to us, he will provide and we will conquer it together and come out through the thick even stronger.

  58. #1 – I am, admittedly, in the middle of the current study. But on Easter Sunday, our Pastor said something that really hit me hard. (It was more of a Duh! moment than an Aha! moment, but still enlightening nonetheless…) He was talking about all the bad things in this world, and how people wonder why God doesn’t fix it. Why doesn’t God do something? Well…HE ALREADY HAS. Duh! He “fixed” it when Jesus died for our sins – that was the ultimate solution. Things are still bad because people refuse to accept the solution. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen that before, but it was very encouraging to finally realize that.

  59. #2 – How to improve? I can’t think of anything right off hand. It usually takes me 2-3 days to get through one day of the study, but I only have a few minutes at a time. But I really enjoy learning to use the Blue Letter Bible. It’s a great tool for any Bible study I’m doing. Do you have any tips on using these in a group format? I’m seriously considering using one for a study at my church over the summer.

    • If you’re part of the Facebook group, that might be a good question to ask there. I know some ladies have done group studies. I would suggest doing a couple lessons a week, and coming together to discuss them. If ladies all have mobile devices, you might even want to go through the steps of the study all together when you’re meeting.

  60. #2 – Although I have thoroughly enjoyed completing my first Doorpost Bible Study, I think the name/title is a little bit fooling. There were quite a few days where having to switch back and forth between programs/apps/websites to get through the days material was more time consuming than I could have imagined (especially if you were only using one device versus using two.) It didn’t always seem fitting for a “busy mamas” schedule when so much time was spent having to look up, or through, so much material; although by the end I was becoming much more familiar with the the blue letter bible app and website.

    • I know i try to squeeze too much into some lessons! It’s so hard to know what to leave out, when there is so much we could study! 🙂

  61. #3 – I have not used the children’s lessons. Working part time while homeschooling really eats up my time, but what I’ve read looks very engaging. I’m wondering if we couldn’t incorporate them into our Sunday School somehow. Maybe during our evening service, when we don’t have anything going on for the kids (the wheels are turning now…)

  62. #3 – I enjoyed reading through the children’s follow along study but I found that it wasn’t really suitable for the toddler age. It would be more helpful if it could pertain to children of all ages, such as toddler (2.5-5 years), to young children (6-10+) even if the toddler section was just relatable coloring pages, videos/songs, or a simple hands on activity/discussion topic.

    • It’s helpful to be getting more feedback about the children’s lessons. I kind of work in a vacuum, not really knowing how much the children’s lessons are being used, or even how many ladies are doing the studies. Now that I see that the children’s lessons are valuable to many of you, I’ll see what I can manage when considering the different age levels. 🙂

  63. What I got out of it the most was how humbling it is that Jesus would go through all that agony just for me! Even if I were the only person on earth he would still have suffered like that for me! I’m so not worthy of that!

  64. #1. This study has made the horror of crucifixion real to me.

  65. #2. For some reason, I only get every other blog post via email. Maybe there is a glitch?

  66. #1 I am learning to remember God’s promises and rest in Him so I do not look to circumstances to fill me up.

  67. #2 I think having a small card with all the color coded Bible markings and little drawings would be great so that as I study I can easily refer back to it.

    • Maybe that is something I should suggest each person makes for themselves as we do the study. The markings don’t always stay the same throughout the entire Bible for me, since a particular passage might have some key words to mark that wouldn’t be as significant in other passages. I may mark particular words in red in one passage, and then use red for different important words in another passage.

  68. #3. I haven’t used it with my kids yet. We were already doing something else when I started this study. But I plan to do it with them this summer. The day when you have one stand on a chair and the others circle and torment was a powerful powerful picture for me, though. It made clearer to me the fear and the humiliation Christ must have felt. Thanks for your work here. It has affected me tremendously.

  69. #3. The children’s lessons have been great, I don’t have a critique.

  70. I have Loved each study you have put out over the years. I can read a familiar passage and still gain something new. Each season of life is different and the word of God is living and active. I have learned the necessity of studying the word and the work of the Holy Spirit.

  71. #1 I have learned the importance of slowing down to study the scriptures and that the death of Jesus was prophesied so many years before it happened. Thank you so much for doing this!

  72. #3 I love your children’s material. We LOVE For Instructions In Righteousness, Polished Cornerstones, and I recently purchased the Walk In Love study. We love the visuals that go along with the study.
    The only thing I could think of as improvement would be if you had tabs on the bigger books to see where each lesson began. Other than that, love it!!

  73. I would not change a thing!! I think your studies are user friendly and have the potential to be as short or as long as an individual makes it. Keep up the winderful work you are doing to point others to HIM.

  74. My children most loved learning about the red worm in this study. It impacted me too. We have loved your bible study and appreciate all you do to organize and lead.

  75. #2 The size of the lessons make them doable for me! I know I need to be in God’s word daily, but I needed someone to help and this is a great tool! Some of the longer lessons might be cut in 2. I am taking this at my own pace. I really am glad that I don’t feel obligated to complete at a designated speed.

  76. #1-No matter how dark or difficult things may seem God is always there with me.

  77. #3 I haven’t used the kids’ lessons yet, but I really like what I see. I really like the memorization using motion. It helps the kids and adults memorize scripture.

  78. #2-I enjoy these studies very much but have difficulty relying on the Blue Letter Bible site so much. I find it very helpful to use but many times I am doing my study on the run as my kids are older and I am driving them from activity to activity. I do not always have the internet connection available. I would be useful to me to have more days with less reliance on this tool.

    • Do you have a smartphone or tablet, Christine? You can use most of the online study tools with their apps. And we have a link for general instructions using the apps. https://www.doorposts.com/studyapps. To do the word studies, cross-references, etc., we need the study tools. Print versions are expensive and much more time-consuming to use.

  79. I tried to do one of the studies a while back. Being tied to the computer to do it, doesn’t really fit my style. I would try to print it out but always fell behind. We’ve been a part of a Bible study group recently but I’ve been looking for something different to do as that comes to a close. I would love to have a hard copy of these studies to work through.

  80. #3 I haven’t used the children’s lesson regularly as my children are older and many time the lessons are geared younger. I am glad they are available and many times I try to customize between the adult and children’s lesson to provide for my children.

  81. 1. Christ died for our sins, and because he did God will never forsake us (those who believe and trust in him).

  82. 1) My favorite part of the Psalm 22 study was the confirmation in the very last 4 words of the chapter–“He has DONE it.” It wasn’t a haphazard event, but an orchestrated production!

  83. #1- the big thing for me during Psalm 22 was how close I felt to Christ as I read the passage each time. It was like I could read His thoughts during the most important moment in history.

  84. #1The Lord has been touching my heart about the crying in hell.

  85. #1. The Lord has been impressing on my heart my own unwillingness to sacrifice for him. I want to make disciples, serve the poor, meet with other women, but I often am slowed or even stopped because I don’t want to risk being rejected, putting my family in a ‘dangerous’ situation, or even because I convince myself that I need to bless my family by cleaning my house. Jesus gave everything for me, he suffered greatly. Because of that, and because of His power & many promises I do not need to fear the difficulties that come along with ministry.

  86. #1 I learned that trust and deliverance go together – and even Christ’s tormentors recognized this…without trust in God, there can be no deliverance.

  87. 2) The lay-out was confusing at times…switching back and forth in the email to the BLB, etc. Other than that, I had no issues.

  88. #2- flipping between my Bible, my phone, and my computer was a bit complicated, but I’m hoping having the guide in print will help (which is why I really want to win this set!).

  89. #2 I really enjoyed using the study tools, I use Blue Letter Bible frequently, but didn’t realize how much information it had in it. I had not used Bible Study Tools before, but I have been using more frequently as well!

  90. #2. To improve the study…I would have liked to have seen more personal applications and people sharing how it was intersecting with their lives on facebook. I myself didn’t share anything, but I definitely felt the missing piece of Bible study with others being sharing our lives.

    • This particular study did seem quieter on the Facebook group page. Not sure why. I know I was under a great deal of time pressure during this particular study, so was not able to spend as much time on the group page as usual. Several other ladies mentioned that they were busy doing the lessons, and didn’t have time to post on the group page as well. The group page is basically as active as the ladies doing the study decide to make it. 🙂

  91. #3 I used some of the children’s lessons, and we all really enjoyed them – I cannot think of any way to improve them, we all thought they were great!

  92. #2 I would like to be able to use tradionzl books with less online use.

    • It is difficult to do the in-depth study without outside resources such as Strong’s Concordance, commentaries, etc. Even with the print version of Strong’s, the word study process is much much more time-consuming! The goal is to make deep study accessible with limited amounts of time and money. So we’re stuck with online tools. 🙂 They really do make study so much easier, if you can just make friends with the computer and resist the temptation to get distracted with other things on the computer.

  93. 3) The Psalm 22 study provided a teaching opportunity for children. I liked that fact that my study could be shared with the younger ones.

  94. #3- we did parts of the psalm 22 study with our 4 year old. Parts were over his head. I would pay for a study guide in print for him to follow along with. Coloring pages, activity pages, etc. It would be so awesome if there were a preschool version of the study in addition to the elementary age study.

    • Good suggestion! It’s hard to address the wide range of ages! I’ll see what I can do with our next study in July!

  95. #3. We didn’t use all of the childrens lessons, but I read them everyday and personally found them helpful to my own understanding of the passage. Excellent tips and tricks for helping with Scripture Memory.

    Finally…Thanks so much for making this available to all of us & all that you’ve put into the study! It’s a delight to be in the Word, and a treat to be guided by someone else!

  96. 3. My children really love the children’s activities. We only do the ones that work easily for us.

  97. #1 No matter how hard life got David’s trust and faith in God was a example given for us to follow. God is worthy of our faith and trust!

  98. #2 I Didn’t have the computer time needed to do this study….I have enjoyed other studies.

  99. I love getting my hands on good children’s curriculum! We have kids covering a wide age range so we’d be able to use them for years.

  100. #3 I wanted to complete the study myself before starting the kids in the children’s study. Looking forward to doing so! Love the ways you wrote a s

  101. I am sad I did not get to use your studies. But what I have learned the most over and over is the love God has for me, He has chosen me, Jesus died for me. My sins are forgiven. I have Jesus righteousness. I so despirately need the bootcamp study. Thank you for all you do!!!

  102. 2. I enjoyed the study and was able finish it. Although some things, maybe because I used my phone instead of the computer, I wasn’t able to get to, but still got a lot out of the study.

  103. 1. I have been seeing how much of God’s word ties together through my current readings. The things I’m reading about in Exodus set the stage for things later in 1 and 2 Samuel as an example. I know that’s the case with Psalm 22 as well!

  104. 2. I don’t mind having to come to a computer to get/do the study, but it would also be nice to have all the verses compiled or “old fashioned” in a book or notebook. Ha!

    • The reason I have chosen not to list all the verses is because I really want to help you all learn how to study on your own. The goal is to teach you how to use the tools so you can take that knowledge and apply it to studying other passages independently. 🙂

  105. I have learned that all of our answers are found in God’s Word. Our job is to trust in His plan and rest in peace. He created all things and will take care of all things. The true miracle in any situation is the miracle of salvation. He is a God of miracles.

    I did not follow this study but have followed previous ones.

  106. 1. loved seeing the prophetic-ness of psalm 22; enjoyed the dramatic recitation video; and the bite-sized daily lessons, which are great for those of us who are busy but still want an in-depth bible study to challenge us

  107. 3. I have not yet done them with my children but I definitely would like to. What a great consideration and generosity so we can study with our children as well as model for them. Thank you!

  108. 3. We haven’t gone through the children’s study yet. My older children are in Bible quizzing, which is over the end of this month. Hopefully we can go through it in May.

  109. 2, explain the cross-references more clearly. i was confused a few times with the results I was seeing with the online tools.

  110. 1. I didn’t do this study as I am doing another Bible study on Revelation. I am learning that God is victorious, that I just need to keep my eyes fixed on Him no matter what comes and trust that He will make all things right in the end.

  111. 3. no real suggestions for improving the kids lessons, just a big thank-you for including them. a great addition for a bible study for mamas!

  112. I am so grateful that you have them in book form! I have tried to save them in my email but somehow when I get ready for the email…I can’t find it 🙁 Love that your studies can also benefit my children, before I was trying to find time to do my bible study when my children were not around (scarcely) , but this helps to include them.

    • Brandy, my email is too full to save them, so I just go to the blog and print them from there. I love that they leave them in the archives so I can always find one. Hope that helps.

  113. 2. I love these studies and so appreciate your faithfulness to write them. Thank you. It would be helpful to have an idea of when to expect new studies to come out. As I make my plans for summer, I wonder if I should start an old study or if you will be doing a new one?

    • We will start another online study on July 1, Jordan. It will most likely be on Ephesians 6. We post studies in March, July, and November, and keep all the previous online studies available in the blog archives.

  114. #1 – I learned A LOT and am so thankful this bible study plopped into my lap! Two things really struck me – those times when I feel so separated from God…Jesus went through that too and perhaps felt it even more because he had such an incredibly close relationship to God. Regardless, God WAS there. Like someone said above….faith not feelings! Never lose hope because he will never leave us nor forsake us. 🙂 The other truly impactful thing I learned was the crimson worm. God never ceases to amaze me at how much he’s in the details. In one Beth Moore bible study I did, she said, “Everything means something.” And I continue to see that in God’s word!

  115. I am not doing this study. Right now in my personal Bible study I am meditating on God’s promises and am leaning on God as I give Him my fears and anxiety. I am combating lifelong fears. I am inspired by the great faith of the centurion, yet relieved to know that my faith need only be the size of a mustard seed.

  116. I have learned that it is ok to question God and be frustrated by circumstances, but to not stay in that state but to seek God and His truth and promises.

  117. He is teaching me to trust!

  118. I would love to see the study start with a printable copy of the lesson text that can be downloaded right from the blog post. I like to write in my Bible, but often, due to previous notations in my Bible, I don’t have the space to add more notes.

  119. #1. My husband and I did these together as evening devotions, this was our first time and honestly, it has given me an even deeper realization of what kind of suffering my Lord went through for me personally. The sheer agony in the Psalm and reading it over and over again. It was amazing

  120. #2. As I said in my first comment this was my first time using one of your studies and i felt that it was very user friendly! It was in my inbox early early in the morning so no matter what time I got up it was there waiting for me. And I love all the research but broken down like you do makes it “bite size” enough to fill you for the day but still leaving you wanting more! Thanks for awesome material!

  121. I liked the children’s participation option in the study. I would like to see some more activities and discussion directed to older children. Upper elementary kids and middle school aged kids are not quite old enough for the adult study and are too old for some of the suggested activities. Some application questions and dialog would be greatly appreciated.

  122. #3, would love to see something kind of in between for the teens!

  123. #1. God has been teaching me to trust Him more.

  124. To make it more user-friendly maybe including links to the home page of the online study tool would be helpful. I often get confused about which one has the commentary or tool, either Blue Letter Bible or Bible Study Tools. Sometimes I would think when it said tools that it meant tools section in BLB.

    • Good suggestion, Laura! I vacillate between making it easy and helping people learn how to do it all on their own. 🙂

  125. #2. I don’t know how you could improve the studies. Although, I personally prefer to use books I can feel in my hands over a computer screen.

  126. I adore the children’s lessons as they are, they are fabulous and even helpme with my own understanding!

  127. #2 I love,the,studies but feel I must be slower at understanding how to use the Blue Letter Bible. I need a bit of extra help and the directions do just that. I feel it would be a bit better if the longer lessons could be split over 2 days as with 5 children at home and normal daily chores and activities I need to do I rush because I don’t want to fall behind. Also if you could make available on your site for individual purchase the pens etc you use that don’t bleed through Bible pages.

  128. #3. I have not used any children’s studies but have looked through atleast one of them. It looked great with the exception that they are a little young for my kiddos. My youngest of four is ten.

  129. #1 God has been teaching me that he wants all of me – not just bits and pieces here and there. Everything!

  130. #2 – I’m not sure what you could do to improve the lessons. Having a book would be great for writing answers and keeping everything together. Something little you could do is provide “answers.” Sometimes I wasn’t sure how many words I would find to circle (and I know that varies with versions) or maybe in the chaos of trying to do a bible study in between keeping my kids on track with homeschool I wasn’t feeling like I was following you – an answer to a question asked would’ve helped facilitate my learning in those moments. Maybe all the answers were there and I missed some….wouldn’t surprise me! O.o

    By the way, I had NEVER even heard of Blue Letter Bible or Bible Study Tools and I absolutely LOVED them, especially Blue Letter Bible! I will be telling people about that resource!

  131. #2 I enjoyed the one email study I did, and I appreciate things in print more because I am more likely to do it at any point in my day.

  132. #1 God is faithful! He hears our cries! He will redeem the toughest of situations, because of Jesus! Because Jesus endured, we can endure, and God will answer in His way, in His time.

  133. #3 I love the children’s resources – so far I would change any of them. But I would love if you published a printed book of all your holiday celebration ideas (valentines, easter, etc)

  134. After getting sick and falling behind, I decided to save this study for later. However, God has been giving me a variety of lessons, most recently to trust Him and wait.

  135. #1 God is God, and I am not! He has definitely been showing His incredible power and sovereignty over my life and our world. Psalm 22 shows this so well in just the incredible prophetic nature of the psalm. Thank you for these incredible studies! I look forward to each new one.

  136. #1 I am learning that thru everything God is with me. From my most perilous state to where I am now and unto death. He knew me before he had to send His only son to earth to die for my sins. That death, as we see in Psalm 22 was horrible to say the least. I need to trust in God as Jesus did. The details that you find in the Bible are amazing. When I learned about the worm. I was excited. I told people about it! The littlest thing, a worm has significance in how it dies and how our saviour died. Wonder upon wonder.

  137. 1. What I am learning is to lean on God. David starts out saying my God, My God why have you forsaken me. I realized that God has never forsaken me, but did His son for me. Powerful stuff. Thanks

  138. #2 I love the nature of these short daily nuggets. Sometimes they can take took long to complete but I don’t have issue with that either. 🙂

  139. #3 – I didn’t do any of the kids lessons these times, but I loved that they were included! Thanks for all the work you put into these to make all these. I’m sure it takes a lot of time to research and find the gems you found!

  140. #3 I would love to see a study for early teens. I love the children’s lessons for my younger ones. I have had my early teen lead his younger sibling in the reading as a way to really involve him.

  141. 1. I just love that when we study the words that I think I already know what they mean, but we discover God so often has extra meaning to add layers of understanding. Example: The Worm – it is so rich
    2. The only change I’d like is that when I print the pages from the blog, the picture (which is always good and helpful) is so large. I’m a cheap-o and don’t want to use that much ink, so I do like the option to remove the photo; however, I’m visual, so it always makes me a little sad to do so. Is there a way to make it smaller on the print out?
    3. The kids and I have enjoyed doing the studies together. I think they really enjoy when we share in something that I’m already excited about learning.

  142. #3 The children’s activities are so simple and I love that. I find if they are anything too complicated then it just won’t get done. No complaints here. Nor really any suggestions.

  143. #2 I cannot think of any improvements, but a paper study or a computer that I do not have to switch back and forth between programs (email for study and Internet for blueletterbible) would make it easier. I ended up using my phone, my iPad, and my bible.

  144. #2 There is nothing in particular that stands out to improve. I enjoy these studies and can’t wait for the next one!!

  145. psalms 22 tell me thru my suffering of different things here on earth, i can come and gain victory thru my personal lord and savior jesus christ. if i want my children to serve the Lord, then they must hear it from me. i cannot rely on the church to teach my children only, i must reinforce what is taught at church in my house. and if i don’t teach my kids about Jesus, then they won’t teach their children and the cycle will be broken. If my children don’t have jesus to fall back on, they have nothing.

  146. 2. I really like the way the study is laid out. I sometimes don’t get it all in one setting, but others I can do a couple days. I like how you can do what you can do. Thanks again for opening God’s word to us.

  147. 3. I love the children part, because we are already doing a study I haven’t gotten to do them yet. I keep hoping to do one. Thanks for including the kids.

  148. #3 I love the children’s study. My kids enjoy delving into the word with me. In fact, I usually just simplify my study for them. The like to use the colored pencils to mark things in their Bibles. I think the children’s studies could be more difficult. The creative illustrations are helpful, but my 12, 10, and 8 year olds are ready for more meat.

  149. #3 I didn’t get a chance this time to do the study with the kids. Will start it soon. The other ones that I have used a great! The whole thing is a true blessing. I have told lots of people about the studies because I love them! Haven’t seen anything like them and I enjoy using these studies. Thank you!

  150. #1- I (re)learned that God is faithful and that He just wants me to show up. And I rediscovered through this study how rich Hebrew is and how I’ve missed deep word study 🙂

  151. #1. I have learned how important it is to follow God’s even when we do not completely understand it sometimes.

  152. I really enjoyed the study. I learned so much about the depth of God’s love for one that doesn’t deserve it. Yet He made a way for me to be with him through eternity.. He is always with me no matter what the trial may be. My husband is going through chemo, and i am able to share these daily devotionals with him. Praise God. I want to use the children’s study with my granddaughters, but needed to get a feel for the study guides first. The blue letter Bible resource is great but using my Android tablet is a different view of the app. That was a little challenging. Thank you for posting these study sessions, I am learning a lot.

  153. #2 I had a hard time following the bible study because it required me to be on the computer a lot. We only have 1 good computer that is being used by my children in our homeschool.

  154. #2- I did the study from emails on my phone… I guess I would suggest putting directions for the blue letter bible, for instance, in mobile friendly? Also, I would have loved more specific directions in each email about blue letter bible- a great resource that I am still unfamiliar with- as I would try to jump in and would get discouraged because I couldn’t find everything quickly.

    • Thanks, Jessie, for your input. It’s incredibly difficult to write instructions that address all the different app formats that people are using. We do have a link (https://www.doorposts.com/studyapps) that sends you to general directions on how to use different study tools with the different apps. I mentioned it on Day 4, but am realizing now that I need to keep pointing people to that link as we go through the study.

  155. #3 I have not had the chance to use thus yet but have high expectations that they are as good as your other materials.

  156. I have learned that I need to put God’s Word daily into my life to take the place of the worldly influences around me.

  157. #3- I LOVE the kid portion! It was simple to follow yet engaging for them 🙂 thank you for including the children!!!

  158. #2 that it would be easier to go through an old 30 day lesson on the blog for those of us that can’t afford to purchase a hard copy.

    • I’ll mention that to Daniel, the know-all guy! I’m not sure what the answer is to that problem. I suppose one approach would be to print out all the lessons before you start a study and have them in a notebook. Also, searching on the key words in the lesson’s title, i.e. “Psalm 22 Day 13”. Just a couple ideas!

  159. #3. I think this is great! I have a lot of very young children (6, 7 & under) and it works well for us. It’s a great way for this mama to sneak in a few minutes of Bible alone and then bring them together to teach them what I’ve learned and how to learn it themselves!

  160. Question 1, loved the reminders of how Jesus calls out to God even in his affliction and also his perseverance in prayer

  161. Question 3, I don’t often use the children’s studies because most of my kids are in school, or I use nap time to do the study. However during spring break my 8 yo saw me doing the study and asked about it, she was really excited about the idea of the children’s study and enjoyed doing it. Wish I could find a way to involve them every day.

  162. Question 2, I don’t love having to use the computer for bible study. That being said I really do appreciate the resources that are fund in blueletterbible and biblestudytools.

  163. #1. Studying this Psalm has really given me a whole new look and meaning behind Christ’s sufferings!! And he did it all for me and my sins…so very humbling! And also the comfort that God will never leave us or forsake us! Thanks so much for these studies…has really kept me more diligent in my devotion time!

  164. #2. I think these studies are wonderful already! Maybe add more personal or practical questions. Love using the word studies and online tools and have found it very useful.

    • I agree, Ellen, that this study may have been a bit weak on practical, personal application questions. Thanks for confirming my thoughts.

  165. #3. I haven’t done much of the studies with my kids yet. We do family devotions at dinner time, so maybe some days with just discussion questions for the kids that we can all talk about as a family. My kids are getting older so that would be nicer for them.

  166. That is an awesome prize package. After reading through everyone’s comments, I do kind of like the idea of having the verse references listed at the back of the book so that as we’re going through the references we know we aren’t missing ones that you felt were important. This would also help the mamas who are in a hurry and may not have the time that morning to spend on the computer. I know I often do a lesson during my kid’s piano lessons and do not have computer access, so this would be a great help when you’re away from home as well.

    • Hmm. We’ll have to consider the option of listing verses. My primary goal is to help you all learn how to study on your own, so I’m a bit resistant to offering a short-cut, but I can see that it would help those who don’t want to use the computer.

      • I hope you know how much I appreciate your work. My parents taught me how to use Strong’s, etc. as teen, so I’ve enjoyed your work for years, from Polished Cornerstones, Plants Grown Up and For Instructions in Righteousness. I have shared with many people over the years that if you want to learn how to study, follow one of your studies. I think the continual way you teach “how to study” in each of the studies is amazing because it is second nature to you. A novice can pick each one up and learn how to study. It is by no means dumbed down, because there is such meat for everyone, but that anyone can learn to dig deeply in your studies is something that I am always amazed at. It is so much easier to assume everyone is on the same page and just get to meat of the lesson. I don’t know if that makes sense to you or not, but I appreciate that I can recommend your studies to anyone and know that they will gently be lead into a deeper understanding of how to study the Word of God. I think the Kingdom is being impacted by your faithfulness to teach others as we learn and teach others. Thank you.

  167. #1 I didn’t do the Psalm 22 study. But, God has been convicting me regarding making wise choices with the way I spend my time and learning to “come aside for a while.”

  168. #2 I have done a couple of the other studies and really enjoyed them. For me, (I’m a stay-at-home, homeschool mom) I don’t like getting on the computer first thing in the morning because I am tempted toward the abyss. Some of the ladies I did the other studies with commented that they “loved the format” because they can do it on their lunch break at work — using their phone. I particularly like that you do not draw the conclusions for the participant but you lead us to think and find the treasures.

  169. #1. To praise God all the time in the good times and bad times. The trust in God because He is always in control and God is always with me .

  170. #3 My daughter is older (teen) so I haven’t used the children’s ideas, but I like that it is part of the study and would have used it for her in younger years.

  171. #1: It was great to go through Psalm 22 during the Month of Easter, and we did learn a lot. I went through it with my kids and we enjoyed all of the “extras” that you provided to help us to understand more about the imagery and words used to point to Christ. What stands out to me is the seriousness of Christ on the cross, and that it was for ME. A great reminder.

  172. I appreciate the encouragement to actually prepare myself to do the Bible study (not just in the Psalm 22 study). It’s helpful for me to be reminded to take some time to pray and to prepare my heart to receive God’s message, through His word.
    I also like the creative ideas to incorporate the children in the Bible study, although I admit that I don’t typically do the kid’s suggestions because I mostly do my devotional at nights, after the kids are in bed.

  173. #2: How to improve the study? Well, I can’t think of how it could be improved, but I will say that the Blue Letter Bible is not something I am familiar with and should probably look into a little more. It looks like it could be a great resource. I did not use it, as I went through the study with my kids and it would have distracted all of us if mom had to figure out new stuff, lol. We did read Spurgeon, and followed the other links that were in the kids section.

  174. I have been greatly encouraged by these studies. As yet, I have not finished the Psalm 22 study, but have done several other of the studies. Each is printed out and in a binder. I appreciate that this is possible. I have also done several of the studies together with two of my daughters, each of whom lives far away from us. In the Romans 8 study I was very encouraged by the comforting promise of God that there is now NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. I appreciated how the study helped us to see ourselves as God sees us…redeemed, saved, washed in the blood of the Lamb! In the Psalm 103 study it was encouraging to see the assurance of God’s love and care for us. We cannot fathom this perfect love, since we are finite beings and sinful. I thank you for your work and pray for the Lord to continue to guide and bless you as you encourage us with these studies.

  175. #1-I don’t know that it was the most important, but learning about the Crimson Worm was the most fascinating. My whole family enjoyed that segment in learning about and drawing our pictures to represent it.

  176. #2. I like how you set up the study and I can do my phone even the resources. I learning how to use Blue Letter Bible. Thank you Pam for making this study.

  177. #3: We LOVED the wrap up of the lessons with the scavenger hunt at the end. That was great! My younger ones also enjoyed drawing pictures to relate to the verses. The only way I can think to improve the childrens section is to continue with some of the additional links to help them visualize the study, but to not take away from the actual Bible reading. Thanks so much for doing these studies, they are always a blessing to us.

  178. With regard to the question about how to improve the studies, I would only like to mention the fact that there are those who do not like to use pictures of Jesus. I found it a little hard to have had so many of them in the Romans 8 study. In general, I appreciate the pictures used throughout the studies. I would also like to thank you very much for introducing me to the BlueLetterBible website. So useful! I used it on my computer for some of the studies, but have now added the app to my phone. Thank you!

  179. #1 Encouragement and persistence with crying out to God, no matter how dark life may seem at the time is the most important thing that I have learned because I know He DOES hear my cry for help! Such a beautiful reminder that faith is not based on my ever-changing feelings. Faith is based in my Lord, Jesus Christ, who is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow! Praising God for His everlasting love and for the work Jesus did on the cross to make the relationship I have with God possible!!

  180. #2: I really enjoyed the in depth analysis and resources of the Blue Letter Bible, but felt I had to use too many things (phone, IPad, Computer, Bible, Paper/Pen/Highlighter) at once so it got a bit complicated to try and do during my allotted study time which was at the breakfast table with my children.

  181. #2. I did some of children lesson with my children they love it. I love that my children can study along with me.

  182. #2 I can’t think of anything I would change of these in-depth studies. They have been so eye/heart-opening and God has used these studies to draw me closer to Him, making them practical to my own life. They give me the tools to be able to do my own study! (Had started James 1) – and LOVE blueletterbible!!! Such an awesome resource – and biblestudytools!! Thank you!!

  183. 1) I have really enjoyed this study. My heart was touched to consider again how much Jesus suffered for us. For me. So often I just remember that He died on the cross for me and I forget how much it really cost Him. I looked forward to this study each day – the first time I have followed you day by day, and I’m looking forward to the next. In the meanwhile I have started on your Romans 8 study. Thank you so much.

  184. 1. The importance of knowing God’s word! Hiding it my heart daily so I speak truth to myself when confronted by false teachings.

  185. #3: I loved that I could do the study with my children and incorporate them into a daily study. My 2 & 4 year old were active in memorizing and acting out specific verses. They loved using the Storybook Bible videos as a reference so including more short video suggestions would be appreciated. Also – if there were a printable pack of activity sheets, coloring papers, etc for the various age groups, I would be able to incorporate it even more for them to have something to work on while I read further into the study.

    • The printable options for the kids is a great idea, Christy! Ah, if there was only more time in a day! I’ll see what we can do in future studies!

  186. I didn’t do the study, although I have done a couple with you. One of the things God has been working on my heart is to obey Him as I understand it and not to worry about how other’s are obeying. I’m learning that discernment is crucial but a judgmental attitude destroys. We cannot have the mind of Christ and destroy others that way.

  187. 2. I love how you do the studies and can’t think of any improvements!

  188. 3. The kids part of the studies are fabulous!

  189. #3 – i’ve briefly skimmed some of the children’s studies- my daughter is 2, would like ideas for teaching really really young children if possible?? Not really sure how to go about it though…what I learn is so valuable I’d like to pass it along in some form to her also but not sure how :). I suppose teaching her to memorize would be the best place to start though 😉 Again, thanks for the time and effort put into these!

  190. As for question 2, I am not sure what could be improved except that I did think it would be nice to have the text printed out with ample room to make the notes instead of trying to do it in my Bible.

  191. #3, we never really did much on the Childrens level.

  192. I came to a more personal understanding of the extent of Christ’s suffering for us. It was also amazing to learn the detail to which the Scriptures were fulfilled. Thank you for all the time and preparation you put into writing this material, it has truly been a blessing to me!

  193. #3, we never really did much on the Children’s level.

  194. 2). I have enjoyed these studies. I did notice that on one or two of the days (lessons 14 and 16). I could not read them on the email. I had to go directly to the blog. I think it was because the picture was too large and it made the printing too small even when I zoomed in. Hen the letters were large enough they did not stay on the screen. Would have to scroll each line. This was on my iPad. On another device it might have been just fine. I was able to follow on the blog anyhow, so all was fine. Just a comment 🙂

  195. #1 Digging deeply into Scripture and utilizing the Bible study tools has been a rich learning experience. Thank you!
    I was especially blessed during this Psalm 22 study by the reminder to remember the fact that Jesus really suffered. Yes, He rose again and reigns victoriously (praise be to God!), yet how important it is to remember the path He chose to take in order to gain the victory on our behalf.

  196. 3) I do not have young children at home any longer. They are all grown up. Many days I read the suggestions for them and found it very good. There was a variety of different things from colouring to singing to seeing other pictures and even hearing other ways of reading Psalm 22. It made me wish my children were still little.

  197. #2 I don’t have a specific suggestion for improvement, but want to let you know how much I appreciate the “catch-up” days! Thank you for building those in! 🙂

  198. #3 I did not use the children’s lessons this time, but know of several other mamas who were glad to know they were included. Thank you for taking the time to offer those valuable ideas!

  199. #1 God had been teaching me lately in HIs word to rest in Him.

  200. #2 I think it would be easier to have it in a printed format, for me anyway!

  201. #3 The children’s studies are wonderful!

  202. What I learned from Psalm 22 is that the Lord had a plan of salvation form the start. And Jesus was His plan. It is important to remember that the OT reflects the NT, I like the studies as are but an idea would be to encourage some journaling along with a few of the days of study, and I didn’t do the children section but I have do love that you include those for mothers who use them. Thank you for all your hard work in doing these studies. God bless.

    • You’re welcome, Naomi, and thanks for the suggestion of journaling. That’s a great idea. What I always struggle with is the challenge of squeezing everything I want to cover into 30 days! 🙂

  203. I am realizing how I truly can’t do life well without time in the word. I am a much better mom after I have spent time in the word. I forget that some times and let a day or two pass without quiet time, sometimes that can turn into weeks. I start relying on my own strength and become anxious. His word is truly nourishing to my soul.

  204. I have been doing the Child Training Boot Camp, I am only a few days into it, but I can’t imagine how it could be any simpler. Thank you for introducing me to the blue letter bible!

  205. 1. What is the most important thing you learned in your study of Psalm 22, or what has God been teaching you through His Word, if you didn’t study Psalm 22 with us?

    I have been doing a study on the proverbs 31 woman – literally word by word! She is a woman who reflects the Lord and brings Him glory through her godly character.

  206. #2 I love the details and I like the studies in depth

  207. I am only a few days into Child Training Boot Camp, and I can not think of any way to improve them. The way that you have set it up, I am able to dive richly into the word, study and glean in a short amount of time, and come away with something that I can meditate on throughout the day. It has been transformative in my thoughts and attitudes.

  208. #3 I have done other Bible oriented activities that were ongoing before this study started. But in looking over the child things to add they are a wonderful easily application or extension of what is being studied. Love that!

  209. I have recently completed a Beth Moore study of the Fruit of the Spirit. I was most convicted in studying about Love and just how completely and selflessly God wants us to love one another. It’s difficult not to want to make excuses about being ‘too busy, etc,’ as a mom, to love others when it’s inconvenient.

  210. I have completed several of the Busy Mama’s Bible Studies, and I’ve enjoyed each of them very much. I’ve had some difficulties with word studies, which I think you may hear a lot. I guess an explanation of how to use the mobile versions of the bible study apps would be greatly appreciated. These studies are such a blessing, and I thank you, Pam for all of your hard work. Thank you!

    • Thanks, Jessica! Yes, we’ve wrestled with how to accommodate the many different formats people are using when we work with Blue Letter Bible and Bible Study Tools – computer, tablet, smartphones, Android vs. Apple, etc. It’s been a challenge. I can’t explain all the different options in each lesson. 😛 I think I needed to mention more often that we did put up some general instructions online for how to use each format. I gave a link (https://www.doorposts.com/studyapps) early on in the study (Day 4), and neglected to keep referring to that. We should probably just tack that link onto any lesson that uses the online tools.

  211. Many of the activities for kids are geared toward families with several children. I would ask for alternative activities for families of ‘only’ children. Again, I love these studies! Thank you so much for providing these wonderful blessings!

  212. God is speaking to me about walking in faith right now. I did not get started on Psalm 22 but hope to go back through the posts. I have learned so much from your previous studies – especially how to use study tools. Blessings.

  213. #1. I have not done the Psalm 22 study yet. Have it saved, though. God has been teaching me about selfishness. Showing me that most of the things I’ve struggled with over the years are a result of me thinking about myself instead of others. Camping out in Philippians 2 lately.

  214. #2. I guess I’m getting old, because I still prefer books and paper over an online study. Ha ha. But I find that if I get on the computer first thing, I’m more easily distracted from Bible study. So that’s really the only thing that hinders me from doing these. That’s why I’m entering this drawing for the books!

  215. #3. I have not used the children’s part. So I can’t really comment on that. But thank you for including that!

  216. I like the idea of doing these studies with you but I never complete them due to all the “Work” involved. I need something that is simple but real and deep. Sometimes I feel I am learning some things but I question if it is it really growing my relationship with the Lord, which is what I really want.
    I have used many of your children’s materials.

  217. #2 I think if you wrote what the concordance says and had the “answers” somewhere so I know if I am on the right track, getting the information you are expecting us to get. I know the purpose is to get people to do the work themselves and not just take someone else’s word for it. That is why my pastor wants everyone to have a Bible and read for themselves what he is talking about. However, to simplify the study, the information could be included, such as, the Blue Book Bible says, “_________.” If we want to see what it says, we can look it up ourselves.
    I am often a speaker or a Ladies group and I give words from the dictionary or concordance. I tell them the Latin or Greek original meaning. It would be nice for them to see for themselves but I do the research and tell them for times sake. I know that would help me to think of these studies as more “user friendly”.

  218. The one thing that has stood out in my mind about the beginning of Psalm 22 is that Jesus is in anguish at not being with His Father. That’s something that I should be feeling when I’m out of fellowship with my Father.

  219. I have not used the children’s bible study material for these. I have used many of your other children’s materials from the If -then charts to Plants Grown Up, etc. Love them!

  220. I can’t think of anything you could do to improve them…..other than giving me more time in my day to be able to complete them!! lol 🙂

  221. I haven’t used the children’s materials, so I can’t speak to that. But I’m sure many of the moms with small children appreciate the opportunity to familiarize their kids with God’s Word.

  222. #1 I attended BSF so we are studying Revelation, however I saved your Psalm bible study to a folder so I can do them in the summer after BSF ends.
    From Revelation I’m deeply experiencing God’s majesty, glory and awesomeness. But am actively seeking to ev to non saved family and friends bc it will be horrible for those who aren’t His children. Handel wrote Messiah the Hallelujah Chorus taken from Rev. 19..when I listened to it while reading it my heart overflowed and bursted with such peace and joy. I couldn’t contain praises to our King of Kings and Lord of Lords! He is Wonderful!!!

  223. Question #1: I have only gotten part way through the Psalm 22 study. I love so many things about it. One thing that has really stood out and stuck with me is how Jesus endured the suffering. We need to keep our eyes focused on God, not the struggles we are walking through. I love seeing the Old Testament prophecy compared to the accounts in the gospel.

  224. Question #2:
    I love this study so much. Blue Letter Bible is a very helpful and useful tool as well. For me though, I struggle with keeping up on all the back and forth with using the computer. I don’t know that I would want to see it taken out though. I just need to keep at it to learn.

  225. Question #3:
    I have only used the children’s portion a couple times. I am excited to work these Bible Studies into our Bible time when we start homeschooling in the fall though. With my son attending public school this year we struggle finding the time to work in a longer devotion time.

  226. #1 I’m going through the Child Training Boot Camp and I am stuck on the tongue and my speech. So much of what I say may be true but is it edifying? And do I say it with a grumpy, angry attitude or calmly and in a way that can be encouraging to my children.

  227. #2 I really can’t think of anything I would like to see improved in the studies I’ve done. They are a great length, and I love that we can have our children involved with what we are learning.

  228. #3 I have younger children and I love the suggestions for ways to include them, but I don’t see a lot of things that would really help the older ones to engage. Maybe that someone on the outside, but that would be my one thought to improve.

  229. #1 The thing God has been teaching me lately is to be diligent and patient in all I do. It is hard as a homeschooling mama of 4 and I’m learning that it can only be done by leaning on Him.

  230. #2 I have to be honest, sometimes I get overwhelmed by the study. Maybe a different format to break it up more visually? Also, providing the bible references in the text would be great. That would help a ton when you have limited time for the study.

  231. #3 Again, for the children’s study, I’d love to have the bible references already in the text rather than having to go to Blue Letter Bible and look them up. Obviously it was a lot of references, so maybe just list a few of them. Loved the fact that you made a bible study on Child Training! I grew up in a non-Christian home and while I try to catch up to how to raise children, there is lots I have to learn. To have a mature Christian write this study and teach it, is worth so much. Thank you!

  232. #1. I recently finished a study of Galatians! It was a great reminder that there is NOTHING we can do to “earn” our salvation — it is a great gift of God.

  233. #2. I feel sometimes that the lessons are a bit lengthy. While I love everything you cover, some days it is just a lot to complete.

  234. #3. I haven’t used any of the children’s lessons before, but hope to begin with my next study.

  235. Aleksandra Wantke

    1. How to use cross referencing to better understand God’s Word. This was my first ever time using cross referencing and it was so insightful!

  236. Aleksandra Wantke

    2. Include a section at the end titled “Key points learned from today’s lesson” to summarize the point.

  237. Aleksandra Wantke

    3. Break down the children’s section by appropriate ages so that parents know what age groups may be appropriate for the activities suggested.

  238. Through studying God’s Word, He is teaching me what it really means to be part of His Church and our responsibilities to love others, to serve them, and to share the Gospel. It is not meant to be a solo journey; it’s about discipling and being discipled.

  239. #1. I am not following along this curent study, but I have been learning more about God’s sovereignty. Nothing happens outside of his authority, whether it is commanded or allowed by Him. He is so faithful in His complete control. Romans 9:14 What shall we say then? There is no injustice with God, is there? May it never be!

  240. #1
    I came to a deeper understanding of what Christ suffered on the cross in order to pay the penalty for my sins.

  241. #1 I am still working through the study, but I have been particularly struck by the depth of Jesus’ sacrifice for me, and the amazing truth that God was in control of the whole situation all along. It challenges me to be less of a complainer and more accepting of the challenges in my life, and to remember that God is always in control of all trials that come my way.

  242. I have thoroughly enjoyed this study! I am only half way through, but have already learned a few new interesting things. One that I thought was very neat was the meaning of “worm.” The cross-references helped a lot with this and I found Job a very interesting cross-reference with both Hebrew words for worm. How fun to see a familiar passage at a deeper level!

  243. #1- I haven’t had a chance to do the Bible study. But, God has been teaching me just the same. I’m being reminded that my “job” as a wife and mother is important and that I need to take it more seriously, like the Prov. 31 woman.

  244. Although I enjoy all the things I can learn from the Bible study websites, I have dial up internet, and it is very slow; I also try to limit my computer time for several reasons, so I do not do most of the online assignments. Fortunately, I own Charles Spurgeon’s commentary for Psalm 22, and have a Strong’s concordance, so I am able to do most of the assignments without missing too much.

  245. I have not used the children’s activities in this study, but I have in past studies. I have never actually done them all, because I am just really bad at including my kids in my Bible studies since I do mine alone in the mornings and they have their own later in the day. However, the activities I have given them were for the most part enjoyable for my older son(14), but my younger son (12) did not care to do any of them. I have not tried any of them with my youngest children (5,7) yet.

  246. #3.
    I have not used the children’s section but have read them and thought the ideas were good.

  247. #2
    I feel it is hard to do the study because you need to go back and forth through the different resources, which is time consuming. I do like the extra resources but it kind of bogs me down and makes it more difficult to complete the study. I need more Bible and a study guide and if information is needed if it could be in the study guide itself that would be awesome.

  248. #1
    I did not do this study yet but I do have it saved in my email. I feel God wants me to dig deeper into his word. I am trying to read the Bible in a year and I do a daily devotion. I work full time and time is really an issue. I try to manage what I need to do and try to put God and his word first but sometimes this doesn’t always happen due to time.

  249. 1. I didn’t get a chance to do the study. God has been showing me that I really need to spend daily, quality time in His Word.

  250. 1. What is the most important thing you learned in your study of Psalm 22, or what has God been teaching you through His Word, if you didn’t study Psalm 22 with us?
    Wow…did this study take me down some serious rabbit trails…in a very good way…in which the Lord was speaking to me in very pertinent areas of my life. I absolutely LOVE how He speaks in such a personal way to me. That being said, this study really reminded me of just what I am missing when I get out of the practice of spending time alone with Him and letting Him speak to me. I was so parched for His Word that I couldn’t stop…I just kept wanting more and more. And I LOVE the new resource that you have introduced to me…the Blue Letter Bible! All the resources I need in one location. I am so excited that I have that and will be showing my kids how to use it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  251. 1. I didn’t do this study with you ladies this time, but lately I have been reading Proverbs daily. It has shown me how practical and relevant God’s wisdom is in all our situations of life. To hear it is so reassuring. Remembering and applying it is always the biggest challenge. I also just started your Proverbs 31 study the other day. 🙂

    2. I’m not sure right now what YOU could do to improve it, but I can tell you that I am attempting to do the whole study with my iPad—no paper. Of course, I have the Blue Letter Bible app you suggested, but instead using a notebook and various pencils and highlighters, I’m testing out another app for all of my own writing. I’m using an app called Notability. (I think it’s normally a few dollars, but I got it for free last year when it was the “free app of the week.) With it I could type, change font colors, highlight words, use their “pencils” with various colors, make columns and write freehand using my finger or the stylus to write instead of the keyboard. Also, I could draw or add pictures, etc. At the very beginning of the file I also copied the entire Proverb so it’s easy to find every day, right at the top of my work, to read highlight, and/or underline as instructed. I’ve only just started, so I’m not sure how it will play out, but it seems pretty good so far. God willing I will be faithful and it will work.

    3. I haven’t used the children’s lessons.

    Thank you for your hard work and commitment. I hope your son and his family are feeling much better and that they have healed from the problems in the house they bought. God bless you all.

  252. I didn’t do the study but I’ve always been impressed with your studies & am a regular reader of your blog as well as a fan of Doorposts material! I’ve been reading through the Psalms & New Testament. God continues to highlight for me, teach me & lead me in praising Him continually & having a heart of thankfulness in every season & situation!

  253. 2. What could we do to improve the study — what would make it more user-friendly or more more useful?
    I really like the study and I LOVE the extra ideas and resources that you put in the study to help solidify the study and make it valuable for all age levels. I think it is easy enough to follow along and great for families!

  254. 3. If you used any of the children’s lessons, do you have any suggestions for ways to improve them? No…not really. I went over some of this with my daughter and we both were very impressed with the depth of the study and the materials provided! Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this study!

  255. Proverbs 22 has given me new perspective on Easter and every day. Jesus, who knew no sin, was beaten and left for dead on a cross and seperated from God because of my sins! So I must not let anything (my sin) hinder my prayer life and ability to praise Him!

  256. What is the most important thing you learned in your study of Psalm 22?
    God’s word is rich and powerful no matter how many times you read it.

  257. What could we do to improve the study — what would make it more user-friendly or more more useful?
    Honestly, there was nothing I felt that could be improved for this particular study. I really benefited from it in learning about tools online I can use to enhance my understanding of God’s word and particularly in studying scripture more in depth.

  258. If you used any of the children’s lessons, do you have any suggestions for ways to improve them?
    I did not use any of the children’s lessons since my children and I are studying something else currently but I did look at many of the lessons. I thought they were creative and captivating.

  259. #1. The most important thing I learned through my study of Psalm 22 (thus far… I am about 10 days behind) is that God is in control of everything!! Nothing happens by accident, everything in the Scriptures is there for a reason. I absolutely loved the lesson on the Crimson worm and will hold that in my heart forever!

  260. #2. I love the studies , but often feel there is TOO much material in each lesson- there is no way to do this in just 15 minutes. As a type A person, I want to stay up to date with the lessons, but then feel stressed about rushing through. I have done several of your other studies at my own pace, and often I will take up to 3 months to get through one “30” day study!
    I also feel to chained to the computer and love the days where we just get to mark key words, etc. I know it is a blessing to have online study tools, but it seems like it needs to balance out better. Maybe one day online, one day not.

  261. #3. I have not used any of the children’s studies for Psalm 22, but am planning on sharing the information about the Crimson worm with my kids. I have used several ideas from the Child Training boot camp with my kids, and appreciated that this was available.

  262. #1-The the most important thing I’ve learned from these Bible studies is how to dig in deeper in Bible study, how to use Bible study resources ( word studies, looking up in Strong’s etc.) and how to apply the Bible to my life practically. I am learning that God’s ways are true freedom!

  263. #2- I have found the studies to be very user friendly. Thank you for all the links and doing the hard work of setting the studies up and developing them for the rest of us. I appreciate that you teach us how to learn what the Bible says, not so much what you think.

  264. #3- I would like to use the children’s lessons. I have not tried them with my children yet.

  265. #1. God’s has been teaching me many lessons about trusting Him and thanking Him for ALL His provisions. This has mostly come as a result of my husband’s loss of employment last year and at our now limited income. So, we’ve now had the opportunity and/or and challenge to lean in more of God’s power to supply all of our needs, “according to His riches in glory” and to “count it all joy” (all easier said than done!). I’m thankful for your ministry through these Bible studies and for the guidance on how to dig deeper in God’s words. Thank you!!

  266. #1 The most important thing I learned was more of a reminder than new information. But, it was timely reminders that God does listen to us even if we don’t feel like He is and that I can talk honestly to God about my suffering.

  267. #2. I think this is more a question than a suggestion: I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to include other girlfriends on the Bible studies online, and go through it together. It’s easier to me to stick to any commitment, if I had a couple of gals keeping me accountable. So the suggestion/questions is how to incorporate an element of accountability or motivation to stick to it.

    • One thing you could try is starting your own Facebook group or email group with a few friends if you wanted to include them but wanted it to be more personal than the larger Busy Mamas Facebook group. Then you all could converse online and meet up once or twice a month in person if you’re local? I did this with another type of study and we all were able to comment on the Facebook group and then chat in person. You could also set up a group text message with a few friends and then you could share comments, thoughts, prayer requests, etc. via texting as you study. Not sure if that’s what you had in mind though??

  268. #1 There are times when we will suffer and God will allow it. We may feel that we are alone and abandoned by God, but he is there and is in complete control. It is good to cry out to him in our anguish, but we must also “remember” his great deeds in the past, whether his faithfulness as seen in scripture or in our own lives. Then when we have made it through, we need to tell of God’s glory!

  269. #3 I didn’t use the children’s studies with my kids (although, I love the idea of it), but I did read through them myself. There were a couple days when the kids’ lesson helped cement a point for me.

  270. #2 These studies have already changed so much since I began using them. I am now an empty-nester so the shortened length has made it possible for me to do more than one day at a time. I enjoyed the more in depth studies of the past, but as a former busy mom, understand and appreciate the shortness. I believe the user-friendliness of the lessons are good. I’m not sure what I would change. The only struggle I have is with the Bible study tool for A Treasury of David. I can’t ever get the site to work, so I just google “A Treasury of David” to find it.

  271. I guess the answer to the first question would be He is always in control. No matter what. I am so thankful for this truth.

  272. #3 I no longer have children to use the children’s lessons with, but very much appreciate them. I would have loved to use them with my boys when they were younger. I have also appreciated the Facebook comments and pictures of moms who do use them. I have thought about saving them to use with my granddaughter one day. Since I am not experiencing them now, I am not sure what I could suggest to improve on them.

  273. Answer to #2: Maybe a summary. Sometimes I seemed to be lost. I know it must be a lot of work deciding what should go into a study. But that would be so helpful. Thanks so much for doing the studies though.

  274. #3 The children’s study is a beautiful thing. I wish it could be based on age. I know how much work that would be. I just did that myself. 🙂

  275. #1 God has been teaching me in His Word to be anxious for nothing. It has been hard knowing who I should lean on, yet my flesh is trying to be in control of the timing of a much needed answered prayer, which when left up to His timing will always turn out to be the perfect timing!

  276. I’m looking forward to doing the study once I finish my current one. I’ve been studying about what I should put off and put on. Am I like the foolish in Psalm 73:6, adorning myself with the necklace of pride, or am I adorning myself with mercy and faithfulness as in Proverbs 3:3?

  277. I’m waiting to start this study when I pick out and purchase for the first time my own Bible as an almost 20-year old Christian, (45 years old:-)). All other Bibles are falling apart. I’m excited to look at the journaling Bibles:-))))).

    I’ve benefitted so much from the studies in the past. I did do the first day of Psalm 22 and appreciated again from the Isaiah 53 study getting to hear the young man saying Psalm 22, so encouraging!

    One thing the Lord has been teaching me in His Word in 1 Samuel is that the fight is His. I’m resting in that as I pray for unbelievers and for protection of our privilege to homeschool.

  278. #1 The most important thing I learned was how human Jesus was during his suffering. It taught me how to respond to my own suffering. I can acknowledge how I am feeling about it but always rendering praise and honor to God.

  279. #2 Maybe providing it in a pdf format would add to its usability.

  280. Thank you for this opportunity! I am in England, so would happily meet shipping costs.
    1: TBH I struggle in my walk with God. The fact that I am not alone in this it hugely encouraging. The psalmist too was up and down, so it is a big help to me.

  281. 2: I am not really sure how the study could be made easier; I truly appreciate the layout & how methodical everything is. Your description of how to use the BLB is excellent, thank you!

  282. 3: Again, I think the children’s studies are excellent. Perhaps a deeper question for older ones to mull over?

  283. 1. What is the most important thing you learned in your study of Psalm 22, or what has God been teaching you through His Word, if you didn’t study Psalm 22 with us?
    I enjoyed learning to use the blue letter bible to aid in my study. I was particularly impressed by the strong faith that Jesus had in His Father even when he was abandoned. He never doubted.

  284. REALLY appreciate the Psalm 22 study & have saved for future reference amid an extremely busy, pressureful season presently; my preference is always a resource in my hand (vs. virtual). However, I’ve been reflecting upon one specific verse: “From you comes the theme of my praise in the great assembly; before those who fear you will I fulfill my vows.” (Psalm 22:25)

  285. #1 I did not do the Psalm 22 study, but I do hope to make time to do some of these studies in the future. I own a few of them and they look awesome! Reading God’s word daily is so important! As I read His word, I am encouraged that He is in control of all things, that He can be trusted with everything, and that His grace is sufficient for me!

  286. #2 I own a couple of these studies – and I know the titles say, “thirty days in…” however the study is so rich and so full that sometimes it isn’t easy to finish in one day. I started one of them but did not finish. Although maybe I just need to set aside more time! 🙂 Perhaps stretching out the number of days? 40 days? Or 100 days? 🙂 Perhaps streamlining the resources one needs to access? Overall though, these studies are wonderful. I think I will try starting it again – and maybe allow myself 2 days to complete one day.

  287. #3 I have not used the children’s portion. It sounds like the most natural thing to do though! I really do hope to do one of the studies for myself soon — and then include my children as well!

  288. I have really enjoyed the studies. I especially like waking up and not knowing what the assignment will be that day, makes it fun. If I would change things I would make them longer maybe another ten days. They are so rich but seem rushed at the end.

  289. 1. I enjoyed this study because it brought back to my mind the realness of Christ’s death. And the fact that, even though he is God, he was still in the flesh. Therefore, all the persecution and torture really did hurt. I also really enjoy looking up words, things in there that are so powerful!!

  290. 2. I believe there was too much of reading other versions of the bible in this study. I am a KJV only person and those lessons were of no use to me.

  291. I think the most important thing I’ve learned from this study is this: when the afflicted seek God, He satisfies them with His Presence. His Presence is always enough, even if the external trials still continue.

  292. #2 – I’ve really enjoyed this study. I appreciate all your hard work in putting them together! My suggestion is not about the studies in specific, but a different tool I would value – when it comes to studying other passages that you’re not guiding us through, I would find a list of the various approaches you typically use to be helpful. Like a little chart I could put in the front of my Bible to remind me of some things I can do on those days when I’m not sure where to start–start with the context, look for transition words, word study on the most important words, etc. I don’t know – maybe you have something like that already! 🙂

  293. #3 – I only used the beginning children’s studies, which included videos. My children loved that, so I’d say, include more videos! My littles are 1 and 3, and I gave up because I didn’t think the youngest would still long enough for most of them. They’re a little more in depth than I’ve done with my 3 year old, too, but actually, in reflection, I think I should have tried it with her. She’s probably ready for a more than I think!

  294. Question 1: I haven’t finished the study yet, but as I compared Psalm 22 to my study of Mark’s gospel this Easter, it struck me how those are David’s words, but they capture Christ’s suffering…when Christ was suffering, he was feeling some of the same things that those who came before him (and after him) have felt. I found it comforting that Jesus completely understands (from experience!) how we feel when we suffer, since He’s our intercessor. I also find David’s hope remarkable, since he came before Jesus! It just confirms God’s eternal nature for me.

  295. Question 2: Although I appreciate what an excellent resource Blue Letter Bible is, I don’t always have foolproof internet access. I would appreciate a version of the study to do with print resources (concordance, Bible dictionary) – although, I could probably adapt the study as it is to use the books I have instead of BLB. I think a “week ahead” email or blog post might be helpful – so I could get an idea for what days of the study might take me longer or require more resources and plan ahead. (I get your studies emailed to me instead of using the print versions.) My own technical issues aside, the studies are very user friendly!

  296. Question 3:
    We LOVE the kids’ part of the study – thank you so much for including it! I appreciate that you suggest different activities on different days, because it works great for a variety of learning styles. Even if one kid doesn’t latch on to the lesson one day, I know he or she will be engaged another day, and as we work through the whole study, I feel like they all get a comprehensive understanding. Thank you!

  297. Also, I forgot to say how much I valued the auditory inputs you shared this time: the recitation by Ryan Ferguson, the music, and the links to the Psalm being read. I really, really loved that.

  298. I love the studies! I do sometimes have a hard time with having to use the online concordance.

  299. We have used the kids part of the study and found it a wonderful way to include them.

  300. 1. I really appreciated the emphasis on reflecting on the suffering of Christ. We often minimize the reality of His suffering since He was, in fact, God in the flesh. The reality of Christ as fully man (and fully God) is a mystery to be pondered!

    2. The study was really wonderful, I just wish I had time to do it more thoroughly!

    3. As a busy single mom I haven’t had time to do many of the children’s lessons, unfortunately.

  301. #1 My main take-away from studying Ps. 22 is that God is not absent. He’s in complete control of the situation and He is carrying out His perfect plan…to save us. Honestly this encourages me like nothing else.

  302. #2 I don’t think there’s much you could do to improve the study! I love that it doesn’t take much time, but if we have more time there is plenty more to explore. I love the online resources we’ve learned to use. I think maybe having both Saturday and Sunday and catch up days would be helpful.

  303. #3 I think the children’s portion is great! My kids are a little older so sometimes they didn’t want to act things out etc., but I think you have done a marvelous job incorporating the lessons for the kiddos. Sometimes it helps me to dive deeper and in a different modality as well! Thank you. I am excited to share this with the ladies at my church.

  304. We just started a study of the prophets. We did Isaiah 1 this week. The biggest point I was reminded of in my study is that God’s warnings from his prophets are for the Church, not America. I am not to wait for Congress or other political leaders to obey. Instead, God is looking for heart filled obedience from ME. Also, the reminder that he doesn’t want empty ritual as a substitute for obedience.

  305. 1. The most important thing that I have learned from the study of Psalm 22 is a better appreciation of the cross and what Christ when through for me. And it strengthened my faith to know how the details were written 1,000 before the cross and how they were all fulfilled. There are many more things that I learned but this will stick with me for a long time to come.

  306. 2. As far as improvements, I can’t think of any. I just love these studies and can’t wait for the next one. I just love digging into God’s word like this. So many bible studies/ devotionals are little more than reading another authors thoughts about the passage, instead of diving in ourselves and finding the answers for ourselves.

  307. 3. I have not used the children’s studies. They look wonderful but have not done them as yet. Hopefully in the future we can participate in them as well. Thanks for all you do and the time you take in writing these studies!

  308. My favorite thing I learned was from verse 3 of Psalm 22. In the heart of death’s darkness and Christ’s sorrow he found comfort in God’s attribute of holiness. In Spurgeon’s commentary he remarks that while it may seem strange to us, Christ knew it was an aspect of God’s faithfulness and mercy. God’s holiness testifies to His faithfulness and mercy?!?! It gave me new appreciation for all three aspects of God’s character!

  309. I have used part of the children’s study from Romans 8. I think they are great and I love that they are on the little peopel’s level.

  310. I find the studies very useful and helpful so clueless as to how to improve them anymore:). I love how you walk me through the steps of using bible study resources online to dig into God’s word and how you encourage me not to be so dependent upon you by giving days where you turn us loose to dig without much guidance. I feel much more confident to study any passage on my own now!

  311. I really enjoyed focusing on Psalms 22 during the month of March. There were many things that I learned. One special lesson I remember was the crimson worm. I couldn’t wait
    to have the lesson with my children!!

  312. I think that you do a great job with these studies. I feel like I learn so much by focusing on one
    chapter for a complete month. I especially like that the catch-up days on Sundays offer optional
    lessons. More than anything, I really like the children’s lessons. I try to have regular Bible lessons with my children, and this really helps. Thank you so much!

  313. The children’s lessons are my favorite part!!. I really like for my children to be on a topic with me for
    an entire month. And, with the lessons fresh in my mind, teaching them is easier. Thanks so much for including the children’s lesson. My only suggestion would be possibly including ideas for older children (ages 10 and up). Sometimes I include portions of what I have learned if their lesson is especially geared toward younger ones 🙂

  314. I didn’t get to study Psalm 22 with you YET, but God has been showing me that He loves me and WANTS to be close to me. What an amazing thought!!

  315. I love the way your studies are done. I love the digging deeper and the use of technology, although it means I can’t do my Bible study very first thing in the morning (because I personally don’t get on the computer until later in the day). I don’t mind doing it later because I love that it digs deep and isn’t just on the surface like so many…. I haven’t done a study in book format yet, but would love to!! THANKS for your wonderful studies!

  316. I haven’t done the children’s study yet, but plan to this summer with my son. What I saw looked great! 🙂

  317. God has been showing me that I can still have a relationship with Him even though it doesn’t look like it used to before I had kids.

  318. As for improvements, I can’t think of anything. I love digging into the Bible and learning.

  319. It would be great to have some printables for the children – coloring pages or something like that!

  320. 1. Faith not feelings. Feelings come and feelings go but only the Word of God is unchanging. God is always there and is in control. And there are reasons for the things that we go through,Reasons that we have no idea about this side of glory. I have several friends battling cancer right now. God has a purpose for all this suffering.

  321. #1 I have learned through this study, that even in the deepest, darkest times in our life, God is IN CONTROL and is ordering all my steps. I have struggled with depression, overwhelming feelings, and loneliness during this season of my life, and to know that God will not forsake those who seek Him is a great comfort. God has an ultimate purpose through all this, and is taking care to lead me on the right path.

  322. #2 A way to improve the study (as a first timer with your studies) is to give some hints how to order your notebook as the study goes on. I felt like I had verse notes all over the place, in several different places, on several different pages, and no clear cut order to it all. If I want to go back and find something, I’ll need to search through all my notes.

  323. I must always remember that no matter hopeless or frightening the situation looks, Christ will carry me through, be it be resolving the problem or strengthening me to make it through. I am never never alone in anything!!

  324. This study has shown me and reminded me that nothing can thwart God’s plan and purposes and safest place for us to be is in His will seeking Him for our every next step. I think it would be great for future studies maybe to focus on some people profiles or a few different women? A character study for a month maybe? And also, for anyone struggling with Blue Letter Bible, as time allows, it might be helpful to just play around on the site to get used to it. Visit the site for a few minutes and type in a verse or word and just click around to see what comes up, what you find, etc. Sometimes just diving in and searching around the site without any pressure to complete a day of study can help 🙂 Thanks for all your hard work, Pam, in putting together these studies! I know they won’t all look the same from time to time but I’m glad the basic method is similar and easy to learn.

  325. As a missionary church-planter on deputation, I go through cycles of being discouraged that we are not at full support and that we must continue to travel with five littles in tow. I enjoyed spending a lot of time on noticing Jesus/David pouring out their complaints before God, but then they counseled their hearts and reminded themselves that God is faithful, that God will be faithful now because He has been in the past. That is what I have to do during my times of discouragement/lack of faith, too.

  326. #2 – I think everything is pretty user already. I love using BLB (I use the app) to study – I learned it through these studies. But I think Bible Study Tools is harder to use, so the assignments on those days frustrate me. I prefer the KJV, so sometimes when Pam’s notes reference a different version it is hard to find the same thing in the KJV. Most of the tools in BLB are KJV, so it might be helpful if the study notes were based on KJV instead of ESV.

  327. #3 – I haven’t been able to use the children’s lessons yet. My oldest is just now to the point where we could do that section together, but I struggle to find the quiet time for my personal study so I haven’t been able to add the children’s study yet.

  328. When I think back on all I have learned from the Psalm 22 study, this quote from the Treasury of David sticks out in my mind. Referring to verse 1, “His cry was made in agony of grief, but not in the misery of doubt”. Meditating on that has helped me understand what my family is feeling during this time. In Novemeber 2015, my two month old nephew, Knox, stopped breathing. My brother-in-law was able to revive him, but he has severe brain damage. The doctors told them to take him off life support, but they decided to take him home and take care of him and pray for a miracle or let God take him when He sees fit. Their life is hard right now, but it is a labor of love. Through all of it they have had great faith and trust in God. We feel the deepest grief, but we are not doubting God’s character or that He has the best plan for our family. Knowing that Jesus had some of the same emotions while on the cross is so comforting. 🙂

  329. I think the studies are great. I love how there is no pressure to keep up. You can just do them and finish at your own pace. Thank you so much for all the work you put in them!

  330. The only suggestion for the children’s studies…I have been doing them in the morning right before I take my daughter to school. Sometimes there is no time for coloring or drawing for us (probably if I prepared the night before it would work, but I didn’t do that). So maybe include an alternative to that each day. My kids love the videos and pictures that go along with the study! 🙂

  331. Even when I feel forsaken, God is on His throne. He is Sovereign.

  332. I was not able to join the Psalm 22 study but was in the middle of the 1 Corinthians 13 study. While the Lord was leading me to this study through various reasons, I was stepping back looking at our home it’s atmosphere and the attitude of it I knew something had to change. The Lord laid on my heart that I needed to teach my children about Christ’s true love. I started the 1 Corinthians 13 study and realized, boy Kayleigh did you miss the mark by a long shot! God wanted to show me that {I} needed to meet this love. That I was the one who needed to pursue Chirst’s perfect love and that I couldn’t show my children his love if I myself did not pursue this love and learn to model it. God’s always teaching this mama’s heart every time I think I need to teach my children something. He showed me how easily irritated I am, and this study has helped me to step back, look at myself and what’s in my heart, and intentionally pursue the way Christ desires me to handle situations and to love. Thank you!

  333. I did not notice any improvements that needed to be made =)

  334. #2. Not sure these studies could be improved, but I have to say I LOVE using BLB for ALL of my bible studies. Learning root words and other uses in the Bible have opened my eyes immensely to really getting into the word. Thank you!

  335. #1 I wasn’t able to do the most recent study along with the group…however God is showing me that this season is still a part of his plan to work all things for his glory…I must simply trust Him!!

  336. #2 I have loved each of the studies I have been able to do. I don’t have actually have any suggestions for improvement, but I can say that I love the fact that if I’m unable to finish a longer lesson in one day ( usually because my littles wake up 🙂 it is there waiting the next morning…no pressure or feelings of “failing”. Thank you Pam for this incredible resource, what a wonderful blessing!!

  337. Cheyenne Alexander

    #1 I still can’t get over what I learned about the worm. That kind of symbolism just blows my mind. The fact that Jesus shed his blood on the tree just like the worm expels the red liquid on the tree…plus the alternate meaning of how low he was feeling at the time. I just love studying the deep meaning behind words we usually quickly skim past!

  338. #1) Throughout this study, I’ve been so thankful to learn more about Christ’s example of suffering. I face so very little in comparison, and it’s comforting to know I can turn to Him, that He trusted God, and so can I.

  339. #1
    The Psalm 22 study helped me to learn the pain and suffering of our Savior in more details and better understanding of His own feelings. I was really thankful to Him and I was reassured by how I should respond to suffering, and hard times, and persecution.
    It is excellent for learning from Him how I am supposed to behave and act, as well as connecting to Him more deeply as I study and walk with Him through that time. I never knew it was there, so thank you for this study!

  340. Cheyenne Alexander

    #2 I don’t think there’s much room for improvement. I have loved learning to use Blue Letter Bible. What an invaluable resource. I guess the only thing I can think of that I would like is to have the “answers” somewhere in that day’s post. Like if we were supposed to find a certain word throughout the chapter, tell how many times we should fine it. I realize it might be different for different versions, so maybe an answer could be given for like the 3 most popular versions or something.

  341. #2) I’m not sure if I am more used to the studies or not, but I found the lessons shorter and much easier to finish in one sitting, and therefore easier to keep up with this time. My husband has the Treasury of David on our bookshelf, and I loved being able to refer to it and highlight it this time around. I much prefer using the Strong’s on BLB though, so much easier to navigate than a hard copy.

  342. Cheyenne Alexander

    #3 I have done the children’s lessons in the past, but wasn’t able to do them with psalm 22. I’m hoping next year we can do them in the month leading up to Easter. My kids enjoy the art assignments and games the best. I know it’s hard to assign age appropriate things from toddlers through older kids, but my older kids still enjoy even things geared toward younger kids.

  343. 1. I think the best thing that Psalm 22 has taught me so far (I’m only on day 9!) is that my emotions change when I focus on God, and I’ve found this to be true 🙂

  344. #3) I love the kids versions, and even if my toddler is just listening to the slightly older girls, I think a lot more is picked up there than we realize. I didn’t keep up with all the kids lessons, but my 3 y/o and 5 y/o loved learning the scripture – it’s so easy for them to learn a few simple actions to go along with the words. I think my toddler could even learn a few key words and enjoy it. Thanks for including lessons for littles!

  345. 2. I thought that the lessons were very useful. I’ve never used the treasury of Biblical knowledge before, so I found that fascinating. It’s all very good stuff. I would have placed the cross-referencing to Jesus’s life, however, further on in the study, so I had a hard time feeling into the Psalm itself because we spent so much time at the beginning with cross-references.

  346. #2
    The step by step directions were wonderful for figuring out how to work the tools websites. I followed them and it worked everytime. However, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the amount of directions after a number of lessons into the study. I am not sure if it’s because the directions were too detailed and I had already “gotten” it, or if maybe it was the way it is formatted (headings, etc.). Perhaps, it would be helpful if the directions for navigating the sites were in a different color from the rest of the text, that way I could just skip it if I didn’t need them. It would be more visually “digestible”, I think. I hope that sparks an idea and makes sense too 🙂

  347. 3. I’ve enjoyed the children’s lessons I’ve done with my children so far. They’re only on day 5, but I hated that we shifted from working on verse one to a verse in the middle of the Psalm on day four. It didn’t seem to really cohere for me because I’m so literally linear. My children loved doing the lesson on bulls and learning a little about bulls and how that compares to Jesus and the leaders though, so they didn’t care about linear on the Psalm.

  348. #1, I did not do the psalms 22 study, but I did some of the studies last year. Each study helped in a common theme in my life… To trust God in ALL things and to know the He is a good God in all things.

  349. #1 Have not done Psalm 22 study, but God is working on me to be consistent in His Word and Prayer!

  350. #2 I love the way the study is set up, but it is not very convenient for away from home study.

  351. 1. Through this study of psalm 22, I got a deeper understanding of what our savior went through. There were days I would read through and cry at the thought of the crucifixion. It has helped me in my walk and want to be a better child to our loving Lord who suffered for us.
    2. As usual your studies are great!!! Thanks for always adding new ways of studying and tying it all together.
    3. I didn’t do the children’s study this time as they had another big study going on, but you have a way to bring out some unique, creative ideas to help instill the word in my children. 🙂

  352. #3 The children’s lessons are very short maybe a little more content.

  353. #1 I never realized that this Psalm was about Jesus and his crucifixion. Sometimes it is hard to see connections between old and new testaments, but this is a great example!

  354. #2 While I do have access to the internet, it would be nice to go through the steps of finding some of the info from Blue Letter Bible in a physical book sometime.

  355. #3 My kids love seeing some of the stuff I’m talking about in physical ways (pictures of the worm, videos, etc) so as many links for those kinds of things as you can find are much appreciated!

  356. I wasn’t able to join in on the Psalm 22 study, but I have done a few other ones. I loved the Boot Camp one and learning about God’s love and instruction for us as parents.

  357. The only thing I can think to make the studies more user friendly for online users is to create a web page with direct links to the different days so we don’t have to scroll through the blog to find older studies.

  358. I loved the children’s lessons. Thanks so much for your ministry to other ladies!

  359. 2. What could we do to improve the study — what would make it more user-friendly or more useful?

    I’ve never done one of your studies, but with leading and participating in studies I like having tools to show how to dig deeper in the Word of God to have life applications and to hear God’s voice better.

  360. Question 1. I did not do Psalm 22 with the group, but I have been studying Jeremiah through a Precept study in my town. Our study in this book of the Word has shown me just how long-suffering God is, how much He desires that we repent, obey, and seek His ways above the world’s. He is truly faithful and desires that none perish but that we would turn our hearts to Him.

  361. Question 2. I think my biggest issue with completing the studies is staying focused while having access to my tablet to use the study tools. If there is an alternate way to access some of the interlinear tools, I would love that incorporated into the studies. I love the study format overall, and really think there is very little I would change…other than a way to continue to do them when limiting online access or media use.

  362. 3. I haven’t not used the suggested children’s activities, but have read through them. I absolutely love that these are included, so as I revisit studies I can have that readily available to use with my children.

  363. 1.I didn’t study Psalm 22 with you this time I have done previous studies in the past and have always enjoyed it. Right now I have been reading through Joshua along with the sermon series at my church.

  364. 2. I think all these studies are user friendly and explained so well! I really felt the studies were fast in the past. I Loved the blue letter bible site and your instructions helped me be able to use it in all my studies

  365. 3. I have not ever done a children’s lesson. My daughters are older and they do a bible reading and a scripture writing application on their own

  366. 1. I enjoyed learning about the worm, that ‘El’ signifies strength, the idea of prayer appearing not being heard…there is so much more than just those few things!
    2. I don’t think any improvement could be made, really. I love how you guide us and then allow the Holy Spirit to teach us.
    3. I love the kids activities. They are relevant and fun – it is so good to get kids to LOVE God’s word!

    If I win, I will GLADLY pay the shipping to Canada!

  367. #1 Time with Him. I have to make time to be in his presence so He can fill me with what I need each day. Without Him I’m driving a car with no gas…not going far

  368. #2 I think you have then set up so well. I don’t know there’s much more you could do to make it easier or better

  369. #3 Maybe include more toddler/preschool suggestions.

  370. God has been teaching me that He is my fortress…by protector, for the big battles, and then little ones!

  371. I feel that these studies are super user friendly! I love them and recommend them to friends all the time!

  372. I dont’ feel that there is anything that needs improvement in the children’s activites section…I truly appreciate that you have included that application for the kids!

  373. #1. I really enjoyed the study as a whole, though I only got through about half of it before falling very sick with pneumonia. I think the thing that caught my attention the most was the study day about the crimson worm; it was so interesting!!

  374. #2. I love the in depth study, however I’m concerned with the account of time it requires me to be on my computer or phone. As a homeschooling mom, there are times when I need my computer, but I really need to limit that time to focus on my boys.

  375. And #3. I didn’t use the study for my boys, as we were already doing another study at the time. I do think it would be useful later, though!

  376. I first came across your studies after moving 1500 miles with a 17 month old and a 2 month old. I had no friends, we had no church, I had no sleep, and I couldn’t leave the house for very long periods of time. I knew I needed to study something, but book studies weren’t much of an option for this sleep deprived momma. Then a friend of mine shared your page on Facebook and I more than welcomed the idea of a 5 minute study! Of course, I ended up spending more time on some lessons, but I felt less pressure to get the study done, since I was on my own time frame. I haven’t done the Psalm 22 study, but in past studies of yours, I have really enjoyed digging deeper into the Word. It’s so easy to forget or to romanticize what Christ did for me on the cross. Doing these studies has helped me put the focus back on Him where it belongs and off of myself. I appreciate the free, online resources (I didn’t know they existed until I started doing your studies!) to help me search things on my own. It’s so wonderful to have access to so many free commentaries (and not have to have an entire room to hold them all! 😉 )

  377. #1 That God is always with me, and even though I know that, there are times when it is so difficult for me to see it. This study brings me back to the fact that God works in a realm that we may not be able to physically touch or feel, but when I look back, I can always see the many ways He was there, and I just need to trust that.

  378. #2: I appreciate the step-by-step instructions for the websites you include. They’re easy to follow and concise. The first time I did a study of yours, it was a little intimidating, but once you do it a few times, it gets easier!

  379. #3: I haven’t used the children’s lessons yet. The few I’ve glanced through have looked pretty fun and applicable, though. I love application!

  380. #2 I’ve done most of these studies, beginning with Proverbs 31, and I LOVE them. From a practical standpoint, the best way to improve them for me would be to hyperlink the pages from Blue Letter Bible etc. directly to the page for each day. Sometimes it gets really confusing for me to toggle back and forth between the directions on the study page to BLB. I lose my place, and then I have to go back and find it again and figure out where I’m supposed to click, and then go back to the other page. It can be confusing and end up taking a really long time, and sometimes makes me forget what I was even looking for.

  381. #3 I really like the studies you’ve done for the kids, I would just suggest that maybe you include one suggestion each time for older students for using some of the Bible Study tools the adults use? I have 12-14 year olds who aren’t quite at the level of an adult study, but are ready to take it up a notch. I wouldn’t mind giving them an introduction to some of the more in-depth tools like Blue Letter Bible so they could start learning how to use it and in a couple of years they could get into more of a study like this one (maybe you guys could consider doing something like this for teenagers?? LOL)

  382. #1 just going into deeper context of the Word and seeing the Psalm, its connections and deeper meanings was amazing!

  383. #2 I got a bit off track when we had to start using the bible app/online versiin as I battled to alternate on my phone, while breastfeeding :-)awesome studies!!!

  384. #3 my kids are still a bit too young to do the children’s portion, but I read it every day and think its fabulous!

  385. #1 God has been teaching me that He is really a God who is concerned about the little things.

  386. #2 the only thing I would suggest as an improvement is doing the books in spiral form. It’s just a preference of mine.

  387. #3 I haven’t used any children’s studies but I have used your charts for behavior on my frig. We love those and the reminders they bring!

  388. #2 I am liking the child boot camp study I am working through, but I would it better if I was able to spend less time tied to a computer or other electronic device to complete it. I get majorly distracted on computers but doing them with individual books means spending more than 15-20 mins doing one day.

  389. Ruthanna Marshall

    #1 I loved the word studies! The study on the word “worm” led me to worship our Savior and rejoice in the beauty of the Word! Loved the study on Ps 22 especially as we led up to Easter.

  390. #3 my kiddos love the different activities. My daughter (7) wants to mark the passage like I do, so for next study I thought about choosing one or two words to mark and a picture or two

  391. I love, love, love these studies!! However, I’m so embarrassed to say that I end up starting and not finishing at times because I don’t quite understand the how/why we study why we do. Even though I love it! It’s so in depth and I crave to study that way. I just get frustrated with my lack of understanding. Even with the attempt at handholding. I’m kind of a big picture kinda gal and I need to see it that way first. It would be so helpful to see and do a short study on how to study Gods word and even your method. I’m wondering if a study on the how’s and whys of expository study and finding the Greek root meaning, using your tools, etc. Then I can better give better critique on these other studies. I LOVE them. I just literally get frustrated after about a week from my lack of understanding from studying this way and it’s so embarrassing that I can’t do it. Sometimes it’s easier to be spoon fed and I hate that and don’t want that! Thank you so much for all your efforts! It’s such a blessing!

  392. #1 The most important thing I learned in my study of Psalm 22 is that in times of trouble I need to cry out to God first, not as a last resort. And I can use Jesus’ example of remembering the ways God was faithful to me, or others of faith, in the past. Remembering His power and giving Him praise and worship can help take my focus off of the current trouble. He may not choose to remove us from the struggle, but He is in control and we can trust that He will be faithful. I have a better understand and appreciation of how Jesus felt on the cross and that He was truly a man feeling real pain at that time. He suffered that pain by choice because He wanted to make a a way to bring us with Him to glory instead of let us have what we deserve.

  393. I really love these studies because you are teaching us HOW to study. I feel excited about bible study and like I could take a book or chapter of the bible and study it on my own now. I really appreciate that you make them available on your blog! The only thing I would suggest to improve the study is use a different name on future studies. (I’m really sorry to say that! I know it’s like a trademark now.) But these are wonderful for anyone. My 14 year old daughter and I did one together before, but I didn’t print the cover or tell her the name of it because it would have given her the idea that it was going to focus on “mom things” and be of no use to her. Also, I would recommend these studies to many other people (my husband, older lady friends, preteens and teens, etc) but again the title makes it sound like it’s only for a certain set of people. I love that it is short bits of deep study each day. These are great for any busy person, (pretty much everyone these days).

  394. #3 Suggestions for ways to improve the children’s studies: I have an 8 year old daughter and would like to have studies that I could give her and let her begin to learn techniques of independent bible study. She does a devotional in the morning and a bible reading at night. She actually asked me if she could do bible study during her school time because she said, “I kinda forget about God during the middle of the day.” I searched for a long time online and came up with very few options for independent study for her age group. I have used many of the lessons for discussion when we’re in the car, but would also like something that can be printed out and let her begin to be independent in her bible study.

  395. What I learned from the Psalm 22 study is that even in my darkest hour, God is still there. At times I feel forsaken, but He reminds me of His past faithfulness to me therefore I can trust Him in my present and in my future. He hears me, He will do this!

  396. 1. I really enjoyed the study. The part that stuck with me is that though God is always with us because He promised He would never leave us or forsake us, sometimes, during hard seasons in my life, it feels like He is far from me. It was comforting to me to see that David and even Jesus felt that way while still trusting in God’s faithfulness.

  397. I have to admit, I’ve still only made it partway through the study, but I loved your messages about catching up when I can and not giving up just because I’m (so very far) behind.

    I’ve loved digging deeper into the meaning and significance behind certain words (like the Crimson worm). The detail that God has put into His Word is amazing, and learning the cultural context and etymology makes every verse even more meaningful.

  398. #1 Trust. Trust that God is in control and though we may not understand the why’s and how’s of life – that doesn’t mean God doesn’t know what is best for us. Some days this is easier than others.

  399. #1 – Wow! I’ve learned so many things it’s so hard to choose “one” thing I learned. I loved the example you gave of how God teaches us to trust Him while at our mother’s breasts. That really opened my eyes to my role as a biological and adoptive mom. And the imagery of the crimson worm. The abundant love He has for us to endure all he went through for us.

  400. #2 Although I started in time, I only just finished day #25 today. I know it says we should be able to finish in 5 minutes or so, but it always takes much longer for me. Maybe because I take extensive notes on commentaries and write down bible verses. As far as changes? Honestly, I get so much out of these studies I’d hate for you to cut them down to be more in the 5 minute time range, because I might miss something important. I’m fine with just taking extra days to finish a lesson if I need too. Thank you so much for doing them, btw!! I am looking forward to you writing many more bible studies!! 😉

  401. God has placed Philippians 4:8 in my heart many times lately. Focusing on what is true and honorable etc has helped me to trust Him more!

  402. I am currently doing a different study with some friends but for me I am learning and seeing that no matter what is happening that God is in control. Nothing is surprising to Him.

    I am also reminded of His great love for each and every one of us.

  403. For question #2, I usually do the studies on my phone since that is what I have with me when I have time. It can be hard to switch from app to app but I don’t really know that you can do much about that. I think I might need to plan ahead better.

  404. #3 I have not done the children’s lessons (yet)

  405. I wish the email study did not have pics in it. I don’t like wasting ink and paper printing the pictures. Since it is not easy for me to study with the computer in my lap, I prefer printing out the material.

  406. The children’s study doesn’t seem to work for older kiddos.

  407. 1
    Thank you for doing these Bible studies. I was so blessed. I have read Psalms befor but watching the video and his expressions brought it to life and way more meaning. I let my kids watch it to my 7 year old was so sad and it brought it to life for her. My teenager also enjoyed it and watched it a bunch. I have a hard time with looking at computer for meaning but I am learning. And am blessed! It brought to life in a different way this Easter! Thank you.

  408. 2
    You make it user friendly, I am just not the best on computers I like pen and paper. Mabey suggest other tools like books to look the words up in.

  409. 3
    The kids is my favorite part. I showing my kids what have been doing and we work together on there’s. They like doing the same with mommy.

  410. I did not do the study. I started it with you. However, I did not finish it :0(

  411. To improve it(and the reason I did not finish the study was because it seems to just keep sending me to other sources to find information. I would like everything just from your site. (Printables would be great, too). thx

  412. I looked at the children’s study part and think it is great. I did not use any though with my kids at this time. I probably will during the summer months. thx

  413. My mom gave me the Instruction in Righteousness book and the Colossians 3 bible study. I ate up the colossians 3 study! It fed me so well. The book for helping with training my children has been a priceless tool- I wish everyone had it!
    I have 3 boys, ages 5, 3 and 2 and baby #4 is due it 2 weeks. I am a busy momma that is homeschooling her babies and relies on Jesus for grace for every moment. This giveaway pack would be a generous and we’ll loved and used set!
    Bless u and whoever wins!

  414. I love these studies! I get so excited when I hear that Pam is starting a new one! The one big thing that I learned this study was that our God is powerful and perfect! The information about the worms really hit me. It is amazing to see how the Lord gives us yet another picture of His love for us, in the form of a worm! Amazing!

  415. I don’t know that there is anything that needs to be changed with the studies. Maybe one thing that could change is to make it go a little longer and have some shorter lessons (I know some of the lessons get long and that becomes cumbersome – so break those into 2 lessons) so that it is easier for us moms who have a LOT on our plates.

  416. I love the children’s lessons! It is great to get them involved and learning what I am learning, so that they can grow and we can all grow together. One thing that I would like to see changed is when there is something in the lesson that will take extra time or work on the parent’s part (like hiding things for a scavenger hunt, or printing and cutting something out) to mention that in the lesson before hand, so that we can mentally prepare and put time aside to do that before we sit down and do the lesson with the children. Thank you so much for all you do and imparting the wisdom that the Lord has given you!

  417. I am almost finished with the Romans 8 study and have loved it. The only thing I could say to make it easier is to have the ability to do it with a Strong’s or other no electric device. I want my teenage daughter to do the studies but don’t really want her on the internet.

  418. #2 – I didn’t do this latest study with you, I was trying something new.. but of the few studies I have done, they are great!! Sometimes directions can be hard to follow, though, and maybe if they could be more simply stated, that would help? I know some people are learning how to use the tools you refer to in the studies; maybe there could be a separate tutorial for those people, and then the actual study could be more streamlined? Just a suggestion.
    Also, the other “something” I was trying out was a (popular) Bible study app. I loved the ease of use with it, but I did miss the quality of your studies very much. I immediately thought, “If only Doorposts had something like this…” 🙂 I know there is considerable cost associated with such things.. Just another suggestion! May God richly bless all your efforts! (And I’m back to doing Doorposts studies!!)

  419. #1 – I did not do the Psalm 22 study with you, but as I ventured out to try some different Bible study options, I realized how valuable Doorposts studies are. God has been teaching me, therefore, that what you put into your Bible study time is proportional to what you get out of it. The app I was using was very easy to use (which I loved!) but, in my opinion, was not as Bible-focused and deep as your studies. I often left these studies with a feeling of incompleteness or lack, and a sense of uneasyness and unrest. What I’ve realized is my soul wanted more. I wanted to FEED on the Word of God, and your studies allow me to do that! I am so grateful for you and your ministry to us (homeschooling) parents who need encouragement, direction, and God’s Word!!

  420. #1) I have been reading “Hind’s Feet on High Places” and have been studying verses that apply to having that deeper relationship with God. God has been teaching me how much I still rely on emotion to rule my day, instead of His Word. But, I am also reminded how much He loves me, and He doesn’t have the same negative view of me that I have of myself. The value of hiding His Word in my heart is immeasurable. Then, even when a Bible isn’t close by, I have the Sword to fight those negative feelings that bombard me. “Taking every thought captive!” I am learning to tell my thoughts that if they can’t bow their knee and truthfully call Jesus Lord, then they have no right to be in my life!

  421. #1 It’s difficult for me to verbalize what God has been showing me, but I’ll try. God is allowing some circumstances in my life that I have been struggling against. I’m realizing that it is my cross to bear. There is purpose in it. My life is being refined by it. I’m believing God will be victorious in it and I will have a testimony to share, giving hope to others.

  422. #2 The only change I would make is having both Saturday and Sunday as catch up/optional further study days. As to the studies themselves – I would not change a single thing. I LOVE digging deep and using the online tools. What a treasure they are! To think of the space and money they would require if I had to have them in my home – and I have them all for free at my fingertips via the internet. What a HUGE blessing! On my own I would be overwhelmed trying to utilize them, but with Pam’s guidance I’m learning how to turn them into valuable tools for meaningful Bible study. THANK YOU, PAM!

  423. #3 I have yet to use the children’s companion study. I think it’s because it often takes me a few days to do each day’s study. I usually only have small, sporadic times of study and I don’t want to miss out on learning anything, so I’ll keep studying the same day’s assignment until I’m finished. We did watch the dramatic reading a few times together along with reading the scriptures which fulfilled these prophesies. Hopefully they caught my excitement about it!

  424. I find myself skimming through your past Bible studies, online and in print, to find a certain subject that is mentioned in the passage being covered. An example might be “patience,” which is mentioned in Psalm 37 as well as 1 Corinthians 13. My thought is wondering if you’ve ever thought of doing a topical study on attributes that we commonly struggle with…patience, anger, content, faith, bitterness, thankfulness, etc., especially in being a mother, wife (or not), woman, and child of God. Seeing how God communicates Himself (His will, and His provision to us to follow His will…) to us throughout His word about these things would be so helpful, encouraging, and enlightening! Being reminded of His great love for us by providing all we need to make us truly joyful is humbling and makes us thirst for more. (I know you have done this in some detail in many of your very helpful books on child training, but there is always more to discover in the type of Bible studies you have been doing with us.)

    Your studies on passages of Scripture have all been excellent for memorizing, and for going more deeply into God’s word and what He wants me to see there, both for my own encouragement and for the glory of Jesus Christ.

    (I guess this would be an answer to Question #2, but it’s not a suggestion for improvement, it’s just something I’ve wondered about : ))

  425. I didn’t do the Psalm 22 study because I’m still working on the Romans 8 still! Sometimes it takes me 3 days to do one day of study. And somedays I have to ponder the questions to really think through what my thoughts are. I think I have been really impacted by the adoption process and the depth of understanding gained from that. I also have been pondering the fact that the word for suffering is the same as for the words that describe passions of sin. Here is one thing I wrote, “the sufferings of sin are not immediately obvious but they lead to death. The sufferings of life with Christ are immediate but they lead to life. And the great joy to come doesn’t compare to the suffering we now experience but far exceeds it.” There is so much depth to this study. Thank you. I plan to do the parent boot camp next.

  426. How can you improve the study? At this time I can’t think of anything. I have learned so much. There is much to learn in the Word of God and you have introduced me to some amazing tools. I went to Bible college and learned some great Bible study tools but this process takes away the intimidation I feel when I think of trying to study the Bible. It gives me a starting place and helps me know how to proceed. I plan on doing a few more to really learn the process so I can branch out on my own.

  427. I haven’t used these with my children but I have used some of the ideas for myself to help reiterate the ideas. I will eventually get it together and start these with my kiddos too.

  428. #1 I have appreciated the depth and endless treasure that God’s word contains. Digging in deep like this study helps me to do reveals so much more of God’s truth and beauty.

  429. #1. Our circumstances and situations may not change, but our focus and attitude can change how we get through our sufferings.

  430. #2. Can’t think of anything really needful to improve it. It was a good study!

  431. #3. Even if I don’t use a lesson for a particular day, I enjoy reading them and tucking away the ideas to maybe incorporate another day.

  432. I love these studies! I appreciated the crimson worm study and also in verse 1 that the word “groaning” in the version I use is really “roaring”. That gave me a greater picture of the suffering of Christ when His Father forsook him. Between learning that and recently reading a physical description of His crucifixion starting with Him sweating drops of blood in the garden which compromised His skin before His beatings has given me a deeper appreciation for what He did on the cross for us! I wonder about the paintings of Christ on the cross that portray Him looking almost peaceful. He was already mostly dead physically, but roared when His Father forsook Him! I believe that was far worse than His physical suffering, although I cannot even imagine what His physical suffering was like. Thank you, Pam, for the work you put into these studies. I do not have younger children anymore, but I read through the children’s study part and wish I had young kids to share them with. They are well done.

  433. #1: I liked the model of how our thoughts can/should go in the hard times…we lament and cry out and in the end turn it to praise and trust

  434. #2: Length is still an issue for me sometimes. On the long lessons, when I feel stressed over accomplishing it, then less would actually be more. Maybe have a shorter and longer option?

  435. #3 I have very young children and only did a few of the kids items, but they enjoyed the ones I did. In general in your studies, they enjoy anything with actions (like the finger actions for Romans 8:1 or acting or scavenger hunts..I forget what study I did that with). Also, thanks for helping us memorize it some.

    Also, forgot to mention in #1 – thanks for introducing me to some dramatized readings/recitations. Those were meaningful.

  436. We drew a random winner and it was …. Jessica! She said “I haven’t used the study with my children yet. I am so thankful that you have made it for the kids so when we finish our current study with them we have yours to use!”

    Thanks everyone for studying with us and for sharing your thoughts!

  437. Magdalena Alvarez

    I haven’t done this particular study, and I know it’s (sadly) too late for the giveaway, but I do have a suggestion: create little kits of the stuff needed for the kids to participate. You could sell them with the studies or offer them in giveaways. YES, I know it is stuff that most of us have lying around, but you know…that whole busy, busy mama thing 🙂 I once bought a kit to go with our science curriculum, and though it was overpriced stuff I really did just have sitting around, I was delighted to have it and considered it worth every penny.
    These studies have been such an answer to prayer for me. I have enjoyed doing them with my daughters. Thank you!