Thirty (Seven) Days in Isaiah 53 for Busy, Busy Mamas, Day 36: A Giveaway!

Tomorrow we’ll look at some ideas for continuing your study of Isaiah 53 on your own. For today, let’s have a giveway!


First, I want to give all of youΒ thisΒ hand-lettered portion of Isaiah 53:5! It’s my little thank you for studying with me over the past month — and a reminder of what Jesus has done for us!

Next, you have a chance of winning a $50 gift certificate from Doorposts! Use it to buy anything you want from Doorposts — child training helps, Bible studies like the one we just finished, tools to help you apply the Bible in your home.

For our next study (in July) we’re going to do something a little different. We’re going to spend 30 days studying some topics related to child training. We’ll take several parenting challenges and behavior issues and learn how to find answers from God’s Word. I’m excited about this study!

With this giveaway,Β you have a chance to tell me what parenting issues you would like to study! What are you at your wit’s end about? What behavior problems are you dealing with? Share your ideas in the comments here and you’ll automatically be entered into our giveaway. Plus, we just might address your problem in our Bible study!

To enter this giveaway, answer one of two questions (or you can answer both in separate comments for two entries).

1. What parenting challenge would you like most to study in a future Busy Mamas Bible study?

2. What is the most important thing you learned in your study of Isaiah 53?

Give us your answers in the comment section of this blog post (If you are reading an email of this post, you will need to go directly to Day 36 of Isaiah 53 on the blog to comment.)

This giveaway will end at midnight, Monday, April 13. A winner will be randomly selected and notified by email.

Tomorrow, we’ll wrap up our study time together with a list of suggestions for continuing your study on your own!

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  1. In answer to what parenting challenge I would like most to study in a future Busy Mamas Bible study is that of having my children own their faith. I want them to have a faith that is their own as they face the challenges that they will encounter in today’s world.

  2. I like your idea of taking a topical study vs. a chapter. It would be nice to cover other topics in the future, like names of God.

    1. The parenting challenge I’d like to see addressed is dealing with my children’s pride and it’s outflows of bossing and quarreling with one another. Also, my oldest tends to tear the others down several times a day.

    2. As for Isaiah 53, I have not done the study yet – I’ve been primarily reading Acts and doing the I Cor. 13 study – but verses 4-5 have been in my head lately: “Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; . . . But he was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed.” I find comfort in the thought that He has borne all my griefs and sorrows and sins and gives peace in return.

  3. Parenting challenge….helping a child come to having a repentant heart for disobedience. How to cultivate a soft heart where it is hard….

  4. Parenting challenge: We have a five to six year gap between our children. I find it hard to be consistent in our Bible study time. My middle one doesn’t want to read more from the Bible. Because she has already done her reading for the day. My eldest participates because she knows it is important to me, but she gets frustrated too. I feel frustrated because I feel like I am the one who is left training the children. No one asks to do it, I have to remind them. Is this normal? All three of them do it alone, but they are not studying. Am I expecting too much? Neither my husband or I were regular church kids. I went more than him and my dad tried to do devotions at night at with us. . .honestly, it was so boring. I am hoping I am not the only one struggling with this.

  5. Parenting challenge: Children tearing each other down instead of encouraging each other. I feel I’m constantly reminding them of our family verse, Romans 14:19 “Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.” I’m looking forward to doing the 1 Corinthians 13 study with them.

  6. Honestly, a study in anger for Mama might be most helpful for our family’s character training.

    I have really enjoyed seeing the richness of the promises in the Old Testament for the future Gentile believers. Way back then God did know us and choose to redeem us!

  7. Most important thing learned in the Isaiah 53 study: I learned so much that it is hard to narrow it down. One of the main things would be how to really meditate on a passage by using the different methods you suggest, like making charts, looking at repeated words, personalizing the verses, paraphrasing, etc. I’ve made a list of these from this study and the other studies and hope to apply them on my own to better dig into His Word. Thanks, Pam!

  8. Parenting challenge: pride and a refusal to acknowledge sin. Expecting more grace than they are willing to give to one another.
    Thank you for the Isaiah 53 study, Pam!

  9. The most important thing I’ve learned from the study is personalizing God’s word. When I change the pronouns to me, my, etc. I really focus on what Jesus has done for ME and that affects my heart much more.

  10. My parenting challenge would be when my son who is 3 not only disobeys, but throws a fit in response to a simple request. For example, sometimes when we ask him to go to the bathroom before leaving the house he’ll yell he isn’t going to and starts throwing a fit. He gets consequences for his behavior, but it hasn’t seemed to change it.

  11. parenting challenge: How to train our children to “own their chores” without constant reminding (nagging) to do them. Have tried different incentives, chore charts, lists, etc. at different times and many work for a time but then the excitement of the system wears off. I would love to see them actually enjoy their work and for them to understand they are serving God when they care for their home and each other. Thank you!

  12. Parenting challenge: I struggle with how to deal with my children’s bad attitudes.

  13. Parenting challenge my oldest (7) is strong willed, some days has a hard time following directions and not repent.

  14. Isaiah 53: I really enjoyed paraphrasing the chapter. It really solidified the things I’d learned and forced me to study the things I didn’t understand.

  15. Isaiah study: Wow…not only did I learn a lot, but studying & memorizing this scripture together with the kids really helped us all to have the right focus and really enjoy the Easter season. The most important thing I learned were some different studying techniques that I was not familiar with. Thank you so much for sharing your gifs with us and for the time and effort you put into teaching us!

  16. I just wanted to add that we tend to be a creative family and REALLY enjoyed all the other media links, etc. that you included with the study. Thank you!

  17. The topic I would like to study for parenting is how powerful our words can be. How we should use them to encourage others & not hurt them. Something we are struggling with in our house right now.

  18. I really loved the Isaiah 53 study! It was very powerful and amazing to study the prophecy of Jesus leading up to Easter. I think one of the things that really stood out to me was how he never said a word when it was happening, even when asked to. So many things that you kind of knew about, but never really thought about it at the same time.

    My kids favorite part (especially my almost 4 year olds) was any part having to do with sheep & the shepherd.

  19. Parenting struggles that I’m always looking for help on include: anger, sibling relationships, how to teach our children to pray, I could go on. really looking forward to July now!

  20. the thing I love about the Isaiah study is all of the different tools you have introduced me to to help me get more out of my bible study. I really liked drawing the note card pictures. It helped me visualize the verse in a way I have not done before.

  21. My biggest parenting child is how to properly motivate and direct an adult child. My oldest is 20 years old and the challenges are completely new as the dynamic is different. Thanks! I’m looking forward to the parenting study!

  22. Parenting issues: anger and forgiveness. Edification between the siblings
    isaiah 53 lessons: so rich! Almost through it but the best thing was doing this study with my 15yo daughter. She learned so much on studying, using the bible study tools and we have such great conversations! Just seeing God’s providence in Isaiah and remembering that I am the one that put Christ on the cross.
    Thanks for another wonderful study!

  23. 1. Sibling quarreling. I feel like we constantly address this – even using doorposts solutions πŸ™‚ But it seems like we can’t leave the kids alone for 5 minutes without them getting into a fuss. I also am unsure of consequences appropriate for the constant quarreling. (They too are 6 years apart in age. You’d think it wouldn’t constantly come to this.)
    2. I enjoyed this study so very much. In fact, I am not finished with it because this weekend was so busy, I wanted to wait and finish it this week so I wouldn’t be rushed in wrapping it up and solidifying it in my heart. I think the biggest thing I received so far is a deeper understanding of Christ’s sufferings and what He did for me and how these verses are so personal yet so universal. It was fun to watch my kids learn these verses as well and I will cherish the pictures they drew to remember the verse forever. We used the treasure hunt yesterday for them to find their Easter goodies and they enjoyed it so much!

  24. I appreciate that the Lord led us to begin studying Isaiah 53 just weeks before you announced the Busy Mamas study! Its was a blessing to study and talk about what we learned with my children. Instead of a two week review, we ended up soaking in chapters 52 & 53 for almost six weeks.

  25. The biggest challenge in parenting right now is my 5yo child complaining when told to do something or not do something. She often escalates the initial complaint into a panic or frantic level. The complaint has the theme of “But I want/but I like” if told to stop something, and “But I don’t want/I don’t like” if she is told to do something she isn’t fond of. So, any topics related to those parenting issues would be wonderful!
    My favorite part of the Isaiah 53 study was the servant study. Gaining insights into the depth to which Jesus served God and people was very helpful and encouraging. Especially with connecting it with the suffering He went through, because some days service is just not easy or pleasant. Remembering Jesus’ selfless, willing service, and praying for His servant’s heart, makes those days much more do-able.

  26. I would like a Bible study about helping my older sons and daughters navigating the courtship waters. We have one about to graduate and are curious how courtship will work in this new stage of life.

  27. Parenting Challenge – getting kids to enjoy work rather than dread it
    What I learned from study – Our God is compassionate beyond measure!

  28. What I learned from study – Our God is compassionate beyond measure!

  29. 1. How to encourage, motivate, and cheer-on my children. Yes, they squabble, waddle on chores, and sometimes have bad attitudes…. but I don’t want those negatives to shape my day and thus my family’s day; I don’t want to be constantly pointing out their short-comings and disciplining over things that they have relatively small experience with.
    2. The Isaiah study has reminded me how far God has brought ME in life. Ten years ago, I was a very different Christian. I did not know or have the experience that I do today. By God’s grace, I will continue to be sanctified. The wrath that Jesus endured was justly meant for me, WOW! The pardon that was granted me… how can I not share that with others in my life (especially my children & husband)?!

  30. Parenting challenge: Learning how to navigate the season of older children (18+) who are still at home; how to “back off” and not micromanage them, and yet not just “check out” and know how to disciple them. I’m gleaning slowly, but it has been really difficult to find anyone who can speak well to this.

  31. What I’m learning: so much, actually; most of all that the Lord wanted to save my sinful soul because He loved me first–another thing–the depth of the riches of the wisdom and the knowledge of God. How wonderful spending time in the Word is, how much there is to learn through the Holy Spirit.

  32. This was my first Busy Mamas study and I’m very thankful for this ministry! I learned how deeply meaningful a passage is especially when you return to it daily and add on to your study each day. I love diving into the Hebrew and loved looking at the themes of the stanzas.

    Parenting challenge: passive disobedience and delayed obedience. This usually centers around getting my 3 year old to stop being silly and take me serious when I’m asking her to do something. She seems to use her silly behavior as a passive way to ignore my directions. We follow through with consequences, but are having trouble addressing when an attitude of “play” stops and when things just need to get done.

    I loved the study and look forward to the next one! Thank you πŸ™‚

  33. I would like to know more about how to teach my children to be respectful, to mom and dad, each other, and others. We correct behavior, but need to get this principle into their hearts.

  34. Parenting challenge – how to create a servants heart in my children

  35. A parenting is we deal with is children using words to tear down instead of build up. I would love ideas on how to help with this. Thanks!

  36. The most important thing I learned in the Isaiah 53 study was just how perfect God’s plan was & is. His purpose & method is perfect!

  37. I did not go through the study of Isaish 53 yet, but I do plan on it as soon as my other study is finished.

    I really would like to study maybe Ephesians and how to biblical handle conflict, hurt, and broken relationships and well as Christian ways to encourage one another. I am going through a tough situation with another Christain and would love to study and gain better biblical counsel on how to not allow things to become so personal and to find my hope, love, and acceptance truly in Christ and not those around me who ultimately will hurt and fail me.

    Thank you again for all you do Pam!

  38. I would like to do a study on Psalms 19. Digging deeper into the individual verses and how to apply these truths to our lives.

  39. I didn’t reads the whole post — sorry! πŸ˜‰ I see you have your topic already. Well my biggest parenting challenge right now is not allowing what others think about my kids effect and hurt me. My kids know how to behave but struggle in some areas that we currently are working on. I think one area that would help would be treating others the way we want to be treated, showing love for others above ourselves, and not allowing what others say to us affect us so much — being less sensitive.

  40. Parenting Challenge: Loving discipline of little ones & encouraging positive environment i.e. often “no” is more commonly heard than “yes” and teaching little ones to LOVE our Savior
    Learned from study: How great He is in spite of how weak He appeared and how utterly weak, lowly, and insignificant I am, yet his agonizing death on the cross is intimately personal for my sins – one of billions of people thousands of years later. Another lesson – He knew he was to suffer, it was from His Father and he quietly submitted….the people involved were insignificant to the Father’s will as horrible as the torture was. His eyes were fixed on the glory that was to be revealed. Praise to HIS name!

  41. Parenting struggle – how to teach my girls not to be tattle tales – but at the same time, how to teach them to have good boundaries and come to us when something is wrong.

  42. What I learned from the study – I’m still not finished, but I loved looking deeper into what is meant by it pleased the Lord to crush him, that it was fulfilling what he had said would happen. So much good to learn.

  43. Parenting challenge: I would like to instill in my children the joy of loving God. To willingly obey Him, because they have the knowledge that He loves them, no matter what life may look like.

    I liked paraphrasing. It reminded me what I studied and sunk it deeper into my heart. Thank you for all you do!

  44. Parenting study: how to approach and enact God-honoring discipline that is consistent and loving and keeps a healthy relationship between parent and child. I tend to be a yeller and let my emotions in the heat of the moment guide the discipline.

  45. For the Isaiah 53 study I merely echo just about everything already said, it was such a blessing, such an incredible way to prepare my heart for celebrating the Lord Jesus’ death and resurrection. I too was introduced to new study tools and love using the BLB now in other studies. It has been my experience that some ladies studies can be ‘fluffy’ and this was a very welcome three course ‘meal’ with all the trimmings!

  46. The parenting challenge I would like addressed is how to foster friendships between siblings. I loved the Isaiah study right before Easter and most loved looking at the structure of the song and how to find the climax in the center and titling each stanza.

  47. THANK YOU for your work on this study and sharing it with us!! My favorite part was doing the word studies. It was very beneficial to learn other meanings to the words in Scripture. This is the first study I’ve done, and I look forward to doing the Prov. 31 study next. Thanks again!!

  48. For parenting: I would love some Biblical application for teaching my kids how to desire obeying God in ALL things. Teaching them faith in their hearts and lives…going beyond just the “mays” and “may nots” but deeper into their hearts.

  49. For parenting: I would like to pursue reaching my children’s hearts. I don’t want to always be saying “do this”, “don’t do that” and forcing them to obey me just because I am the mom. They should be obedient to me in the Lord, but how do I help them be motivated beyond just being a “good little boy or girl”?

  50. For Isaiah 53: The most important thing I gained was more confidence in studying the Bible for myself, in particular, how to take advantage of some of the on-line tools available.

  51. 1. As for my first comment with the parenting issues…THANK YOU!!!!!
    I am sure as all of us moms have done, we have read the Bible, pulled up verses in Child/Parent training, prayed that the Lord would give us wisdom and patience with our children.
    I think the biggest area that we struggle in is the “Putting others needs before your own” with 9 children ranges from 12 down to 10 months, there always seems to be someone deciding that their way is the best way and anyway that they can get it will work, even if later we have a repentant heart for our meanness or rudeness. I think that studying about why our flesh wars so much what is God-pleasing would be really good. Honestly though, any study that is rooted in God’s Word with child rearing will bring about better results that just plugging through.

    2. What I learned most about in Isaiah 53…
    I knew that Isaiah was a prophet. I knew that he foretold about Jesus, but I had never really searched it out before. As each day progressed in the study I learned more and more. Learned more about God’s plan and Christ not having value in our eyes (before becoming a Christian) is just more of what was told before Christ was even born. A greater heart for the LOST… as I was once lost and thankfully am FOUND!!!!! Praising God for who I am NOW verses who I would be without my LORD. My children enjoyed the different lessons and really liked the drawings and the timeline.

  52. I love learning how to use the Blue letter Bible better. Word studies and cross referencing were skills I had learned in the past but it was very helpful to brush up on these. Parenting challenge would be the strong willed child and parenting adult children.

  53. I would like to study how to biblical discipline. What kind of consequences that will grow my children rather than just punishing without fruit. Also, how to grow them in their faith and continually point them to Christ (this may or may not be the same study).

  54. Thank you for doing this what a blessing it has been. I has a hit and miss on them. But iam learning . I am learning how to dig deeper and use the color pencils. And showing my children this to help them. Thank you I didn’t know so much was in one chapter! I was amazed. And blessed thank you

  55. I love June’s study! Thank you! Being humble putting others first is a great one! I think you get this then everything elts should fall into place, like compitition and arguing. I am so exsited I am always looking for ways to be a better parent,

  56. This will be a neat study and July ought to be just the right timing! I’ll be praying for you as you prepare it for us.
    I have 2 dilemas in parenting. The first is that I read in parenting books how important it is to “have your child’s heart” but no book explains HOW to have your child’s heart.
    The second is when dealing with a child as they begin to realize they are too big for you to make do xyz. When a preteen “obeys” (but not really because it’s not immediate or without grumbling) they are too old for a spanking but what punishment is appropriate or on the flip side how do I be proactive beforehand so that its not an issue to begin with? I hope that makes sense. Thank you for your ministry!

  57. I learned in the Isaiah 53 study that Jesus literally became our sin and that is why God couldn’t look at him on the cross. So powerful. I watched the Passion movie that same night with 2 of my children and was able to answer so many questions thanks to this study.

  58. What has convicted me the most in the Isaiah 53 study was Jesus response to God’s crushing, because he knew it was the Lord’s will. Ouch.

    I would love a study on how to promote good sibling relationships also. My kids bicker, argue, like normal kids. But it does not honor God, and is very draining on our household if we are not careful.

  59. Discipline and ‘punishments’ in the middle ages – beyond toddler, not teenagers πŸ˜‰ The balance of consistency and discipline with grace and growing….. encouraging them to use the wisdom they already have and what they need to still learn without loosing their hearts and respect

  60. child rearing topics to cover: having a right attitude even when things don’t go your way

  61. I think sibling rivalry is what I must need help with. Thank you SOOOO much for this study. It has blessed me every day. I appreciate all your work!

  62. Realization from Isaiah 53 – How detailed the description of Yeshua our Messiah was long before he came to fulfill his role on earth.

  63. I would like help with consistency in disciple. A lot of the time it is me that is the problem that needs fixed.

  64. I had my eyes opened to what Jesus did for us. It was the little
    Things that stuck out to me. Like what he was treated like and how he responded. I am praying for more of a Christ like response.

  65. Parenting study… I see the need to address my own heart on the issues that we struggle with in parenting. One example would be anger when things don’t go as I see they should go. Focussing on instilling in us all humility, that we don’t have to be prideful and in turn angry when we don’t get our way, but would seek to live out the gospel and show grace and mercy to others as Christ has shown us. Thankful Jesus has lived the perfect life I cannot!!

  66. The parenting challenge I would most like to study is controlling my own temper when disciplining.

  67. The most important thing I learned in the Isaiah 53 study is just how great God’s love is for us, how His love and suffering surpasses all our understanding.

  68. I really understood in a deeper way just how much Jesus loves us and how much he suffered for us. It was a wonderful study. For the next study, I would love to learn how to encourage kind and willing attitudes and less complaining and whining. Thank you for all you do!

  69. We have adult children, and we are raising our 6 year old grandchild. I would like to learn how to teach him to have his own relationship with God. I would also like to hear more about encouraging adult children.

    My favorite part of the study was learning to “dig deeper” in the word.

  70. I’ve been going through quite a parenting challenge lately and I’m not really sure how to deal with it. I frequently end up yelling at my daughter because she just won’t stop.

    I’m the oldest of five children. I’ve always known that giving in to tantrums leads to a lack of discipline later. So when I tell my children no, I mean no. And I very, very, very, very rarely change my mind. I cannot recall ever changing my mind because they threw a fit. But in recent months, my daughter has begun throwing fits when I tell her no. She is seven years old. We should be past this. She should know that my no means no. But she’ll ask for something and when I say no, she’ll ask again. And again. And again. And she starts to whine and cry more with each asking until she’s practically screaming the request at me. And I have yet to figure out how to keep my cool when this happens. Usually it ends with me yelling at her that I said the answer was no and sending her to her room. But there has to be a better way. Preferably a way that will actually stop the behavior, since nothing I’ve done has worked so far.

  71. Parenting Challenge: I’m reading through Give them Grace by Elyse Fitzpatrick right now and trying to apply what I am learning with our four blessings! Balancing grace with discipline is a challenge. I’m especially focused on the changing relationship with our eldest son who is getting close to his teen years, and would appreciate wisdom on making those years left with him at home make a difference for eternity! πŸ™‚

  72. Isaiah 53: I really appreciated understanding the tense of the passage as being a future confession of Israel looking back on the Messiah whom they pierced. Also, the day we studied the format of the passage with the first and last verses being bookends, and the middle verse being the central point was helpful. The personalization of the confession made a huge impact on the way I worshiped the Servant who was crushed for my sin and then rightly exalted as the Righteous One during our Resurrection Sunday service. So many of the classic hymns we sing have become so much more meaningful with the greater understanding of the 5th Gospel. I can’t wait to take what I have learned and teach this passage to the children! Thank you for the time you put into writing these daily lessons for us, Pam!

  73. I would love to know Biblically how to know we are correctly engaging our preteens and teens with Scripture, especially as it pertains to complaining and arguing—-Just attitude problems in general. How do you know when you just put your foot down and say “no” and “deal with it (if ever!),” and when you take a more gracious approach? thank you!

  74. What I learned most from the Isaiah study was how to personalize passages for me, it really hit home all that Jesus has done for me.

  75. Having older children starting to go out more on their own the parenting challenge I would most want to study is how to continue to help guide them as they are faced with more outside influences contrary to their faith and beliefs; to help them continue to nourish and grow deep roots in their own relationship with God.

  76. I’d love to study how to teach them better work ethic. They are generally great kids, kind, loving, etc. But it seems like I have to stay on them constantly to finish school work, chores, or whatever their responsibilities are. I’d love to see them “own” their work and be proud of it, and choose to do it well rather than do the minimum required. Thanks so much for all you do! I love your Bible studies! Is there somewhere that I can get this study in book or pdf form? Thanks again!!

  77. Parenting challenge I would like to study is sibling rivalry and how to handle that.

  78. What I learned from this study – Wow! so much. Taking apart the servant song and seeing how each part of it was fulfilled in Jesus was so convicting.

  79. Parenting challenges I would like to see covered in the next study: how to cope with the tween attitude, the strong willed parent meets the strong willed child, and sibling rivalry.

  80. What I learned from this Isaiah 53 study… I think it is so easy for forget these simple truths when life gets messy, and it was so good for my heart to slowly pick this apart and see just how much I am loved, how much was done for me, so that I may live freely! There wasn’t a day of this study I didn’t cry. The timing of the study meeting Resurrection Sunday was perfect. I particularly loved how this was written 700 years prior, may I never forget God has a plan!

  81. For the parenting challenge it would be pride! Only by pride cometh contention. Prov 13:10
    How do we deal with this in our children, it leads to much unpleasantness in the home from quarrels to bickering and outright fighting. I would enjoy a study on this to help me know how to help my children and myself overcome pride!

  82. 1. I would love to study how to have more patience with my children. When life gets busy, I get stressed, and then I am not patient with them. I would love to work on my own attitude towards my children so that I can be a better example to them.
    2. This study has made me realize the type of submission that Christ did towards his act of bearing my sins. I need to have this same attitude when God asks me to do things. I also need to apply this to other areas of my life.

  83. My biggest problem with parenting is getting through the late teens when everything is questioned. This study has reminded me how interconnected the Bible is and how much can be gained by looking at it more closely.

  84. Answering both questions: So far in Isaiah (because it always takes me more than 30 days!), just being more aware overall of what Christ went through for everyone. It’s so easy to forget what he actually suffered.

    My parenting question would be how to get my children motivated internally. We reward or punish or yell, but it does no good for long term changes. Especially for my teen, who needs some real motivation to get his schoolwork done – he has no drive at all. They need to be motivated on their own, but how do you teach that?

  85. Through all these years of parenting (20+), I still struggle with my own sin of becoming offended by the sinful behavior of my children (15 children, ages about-to-be-born to 22 years old). I get downright angry. I have received more grace of late to feel compassion and yearning to help them repent and desire righteousness. It truly is grace to feel these things instead of anger, but I long to grow more in this direction. So, my parenting challenge is, how to truly love these children in and through their sins, as I have been and am loved by my Father. God bless you all, and God bless all you precious mothers in your hearts’ desires toward your children.

  86. A parenting issue that I would like to study would be how to instill a desire to read God’s Word on their own. Another
    topic that would be of help would be how to teach them good work ethics– to do their chores without having to tell them to, and to complete
    their jobs– not just 75% of the job or project.

  87. A parenting challenge that I would like to study would be how to instill a desire to read God’s Word on their own. Another
    topic that would be of help would be how to teach them good work ethics– to do their chores without having to tell them to, and to complete
    their jobs– not just 75% of the job or project.

  88. Thank you so much for your Bible studies! I have thoroughly enjoyed the Isaiah 53 study, and I feel like I have learned so many things. Using the Blue Letter Bible website was so helpful– the word studies, especially. My children really enjoyed all the different ideas you suggested as well. One thing that I learned and found really interesting was the scapegoat lesson in Leviticus. I am looking forward to the next study in July. I’m so excited that all your previous studies are on your website. I have many days worth of Bible study available!

  89. Thank you for this giveaway Pam! My answers:

    1. Parenting challenge – how mamas can remain calm and patient when training and reproving children for the same acts of disobedience. How to not let emotions rule when parents are sinned against by children and keep the focus on the Lord. I realize that only the Lord can save my children and transform their hearts as I keep leading them to Him through Bible study and prayer, but I also need guidance and encouragement for leading them with my own gentle heart.

    2. The most important thing I learned from the Isaiah 53 study is the unchangeable heart of God toward the people He loves and the people who love Him. Just seeing the willingness of the Suffering Servant to obey His Father in order to reconcile us to Him, knowing our sinful hearts and tendencies, was powerful. Jesus Christ is amazing and I’m so thankful He called me out of darkness into His marvelous light! πŸ™‚

  90. I would most like to see first time obedience and sibling squabbles addressed – those are my biggest challenges I face daily. Also how to help my children grow in faith and dependence on God. All have made a commitment to trust God, but my youngest two (7 and 6) say from time to time that they don’t understand how we know that God is real because we can’t see Him. I’ve pointed to creation and verses in the Bible which speak of this, and all the fulfilled prophecies, but some help would be good.

    Thank you for your Bible studies – I’ve loved Isaiah 53 (made it to day 31 so far, so not too far behind!)

  91. My parenting issue…I would like to know how to practically apply grace to parenting. Sometimes it seems it all about obedience, and doing right, but we can’t do right without Jesus’ help. So how do I effectively communicate that to my kids?

  92. One thing I learned from the Isaiah 53 study was how I can put Jesus into a box just like the religious leaders did. Jesus wasn’t what they expected Him to be, and they rejected him because of it. I want to be careful that when things don’t go the way I think they should, that I don’t push away from the Lord. Instead, I want to open the box up, and let Him show me who He really is.

  93. For future Bible study a parenting challenge I would like to focus on would be how to balance grace and discipline as well as obedience right away rather than asking multiple times (maybe age appropriate discipline ideas).

  94. The most important thing I learned from the Isaiah 53 study? WOW, a tough questions to answer as I learned SO MUCH! Thank you for this study! I think one of the biggest things that stuck out for me was the perfect obedience of Christ. No complaining, no arguing, no thought of self. I have tried to put this into practice this week and it is hard, but we have a Heavenly Father who we can turn to, just as Christ did. And we know that suffering comes before exaltation. Praise the Lord! Our Saviour’s labour and our own is not in vain.

  95. I have 3 children ages 11, 9 , and 4.5. With the oldest, I deal mostly with selfishness. She doesn’t (always) voluntarily look for ways to bless/serve her other sisters. The middle child is too hasty in her actions and decision making, and as a result – she has little patience to complete a job or task and sometimes her haste can cause her to get hurt. The youngest – being the youngest – thinks she can do whatever she wants and as long as she smiles, she’ll get away with it. (I need to be more diligent in disciplining her regardless of her cuteness).

  96. Thank you so much for this study – it has been a real blessing! I found it good to focus on how much Jesus did for me and how I should react to things more like He did than the way my flesh wants to.

  97. 1. Parenting issue. How to handle continued sin in the life of a grown child no longer living at home and how to handle bad attitude and disrespect in 8yo child.

  98. 2. What I learned from Isaiah 53 study. First, thanks for doing this. I SOOOO need to do bible study but struggle to find/make time to do it. I am still working to complete it but I like being able to share the study with my family. I thought drawing the bible verse would be impossible, but surprisingly it turned out to be something we like and it really does cement the words in your mind.

    Isaiah 53 has been one of my favorite passages of scripture for years. I am excited to finally commit it completely to memory and to really about the suffering of my Saviour and the heart of my God.

  99. I have a couple of VERY strong willed children. (Four kids, ages five and under, incl. a set of twins). Sometimes the Issue I need to deal with one of them on takes so long that I neglect the others. Also having a set of twins I often need to discipline both at the same time so I short cut things- I don’t pray with them or go thru all the Bible principles for their sin, etc. it’s more of dealing out punishment and moving on. How do you discipline when there are several children? Also, please talk about strong willed children, and about perseverance in dealing with the same issue repeatedly (without frustration and anger). And how to teach respect to very young children. It’s a hard concept.

  100. I have not completed the Isaiah 53 study yet but the most profound thing I have learned is to personalize the Scriptures by changing the pronouns to “I” & “me.” And another important thing I’ve learned is just how much I enjoy doing these studies with my children!! Thank you!

  101. A parenting challenge would be how to identify the heart issue behind the misbehavior. Sometimes it is easy to identify and other times it is much more challenging.

  102. Parenting challenge- Being a living picture of “the Love chapter” (1 Cor. 13) and the “Fruit of the Spirit”.

  103. My biggest parent challenge is NOT giving up. It seems that no one is listening, so why continue to talk?

  104. I am still working on completing this study. I had unexpected company and need to finish the last 15 days.

  105. My biggest parenting challenge is how to teach them to Love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind and strength and how to love their neighbor as themselves. Some specifics would be not fighting with their siblings, happy diligent workers, telling the truth and quick obedience. We have 7 children ages 8 and under. The thing I learned most from Is. 53 is how much Jesus suffered for my sins and what great love He has for me. I did not do a lot of the study but I am working on memorizing the chapter with my children and we are going to keep working on it. Also, I really liked the children’s section when we did the comparison verses with the New Testament. The children seemed to get a lot out of it as well. Thank you!

  106. I would like to have good practical ways to deal with a teenage boy without breaking his spirit. How to help him get through the frustration of a changing body & world without belittling his emotions. I’m reading Age Of Opportunity, & it gives very good Whats, but I need the How as well.

  107. As my children are getting older, my biggest parenting challenge is how to parent teenagers. In some ways their attitudes remind me of issues we dealt with when they were toddlers, yet now they are too big to spank. I’m finding it hard to motivate a couple of them to obey with a joyful heart and have a servant’s heart that looks to bless others without having to be told what needs to be done all the time.

  108. I learned so much from studying Is 53. It is hard to pick one thing. The gospel is right there in the Old Testament! Studying this passage in the month before Resurrection Day was very meaningful for me. It helped me gain a fresh sense of the great sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf, His perfect obedience to His Father, and the Father’s glorious plan to save His people.

  109. 1. Parenting challenge – how to not react in anger over my children’s anger, fighting and over-reacting toward each other (and then me over-reacting, too!)

    2. I learned so much in this study, but I think it made the Lenten season all the more rich for me to be focusing on Jesus’ sufferings for us all month. This was the first time I did (some of) the children’s lessons with my older two. We will definitely be doing it again, and I’ll do a better job planning ahead and preparing for their lessons next time.

  110. !. Parenting Challenge–Kindness towards siblings

    2. I have not done the Isaiah 53 study. In fact, I’m printing out portions of it this morning to use with my children when our CBS year is up at the end of the month as our summer Bible study. Thank you. πŸ™‚ I know that I have a hard time making it through Isaiah 53 some days without crying because it’s just such an overwhelming and beautiful passage of scripture.

  111. Yesssss! I am so excited to study child training with you, Pam! This is gold πŸ™‚
    Well all the ladies are posting up fine ideas…my heart goes out to all you mamas so earnest to teach your children right! I want to know all the above and I’ll add how to teach them to focus on changing themselves first so everyone around has better success at changing themselves…..I could go on. I am really looking forward to this.

  112. I learned from this study that I should have studied it along with everyone! I popped in every now and then but my plans are to go back and do this study!

  113. I would like to see two things addressed in the parenting study. 1.) anger in children – including major anger fits (like hitting and throwing things) to just getting angry/frustrated with schoolwork and learning. 2.) disrespectful attitudes toward each other as well as us as parents.
    Thanks for putting all the time and energy into doing these studies, they have been a blessing!

  114. The most important thing I learned from the Isaiah 53 study was: just what happened at the cross and the real suffering Jesus endured for ME! I have looked at this before and known the suffering that Christ endured, but looking at this passage in depth in this way really opened my eyes to all that happened for ME! It was a true blessing.
    I am praying for you Pam as you move and have to go through all the physical and emotional ups and downs.

  115. Be sure to check day 35’s posts for entries I saw a few there:-).

    Isaiah 53 study helped me to understand more clearly the role of the Father, and why it pleased Him to bruise the Son. I’ve known He is our sovereign God, but appreciated digging into it.

  116. The best thing I learned from this study might be the studying tools and techniques…but one topic that stood out to me was in examining servanthood in the Psalms: being a servant is a privilege and delight! David didn’t think of it as a duty or burden so much as the privilege of being close to God and claiming His care for us. This is such a freeing attitude toward serving God and serving my family.

  117. A parenting topic I want to learn is how to teach cheerfulness instead of complaining.