Thirty Days in Psalm 91 for Busy Mamas, Day 2: God


Today we’re going to start observing. We’ll notice all kinds of new things over the next few days as we slow down to take a closer look at what is actually in the text. What can we learn about God? To what is He compared? What does God say He will do? What are we told to do? What words and ideas are repeated? These are the kinds of questions we will be asking ourselves as we continue to study.

To help us look closely at the text, we will be marking words as we read. Remember, if you don’t want to mark directly in your Bible, you need to print the text out on paper for today’s lessons. You’ll find links for five different translations of Psalm 91 in Day 1.

Assignment: Pray for a clear mind and an open heart as you begin your study today.

  • Then read all of Psalm 91. As you read, highlight with a yellow pencil or pen every word that refers to God. This includes names given to God, such as Almighty and the Lord, and pronouns that refer to God. (Remember pronouns? They’re the little words like he, we, you, and that stand in the place of nouns.)

Marking the pronouns in the psalm will help us pay closer attention to what is being said because the psalm changes viewpoints several times. We will have to read carefully to figure out which pronouns refer to God and which ones refer to someone else. Just this one simple exercise is going to help us slow down and better understand this psalm.

  • Now, using an orange pen or pencil, circle every verb that describes what God does or will do. For example, verse 3 says He “will deliver you from the snare of the fowler.” Circle the word deliver in that verse. Verse 4 contains another verb that should be circled. Continue reading and marking, paying special to verses 14-16, where God is speaking. (You should be able to quickly zero in on God’s actions since you have already marked all the references to God in yellow.)
  • Read Psalm 91 one more time, paying attention to your markings as you read. What consistent theme underlies all of God’s actions in this psalm? How would you describe God, based on this psalm?

For your children:

You will need paper and drawing tools for today’s lesson.

  • Read Psalm 91 aloud together. Ask the children to listen for what the psalm says about God and to draw a picture that illustrates what they are hearing.
  • When you have finished reading, and when the children have finished their drawings, have them share and explain what they have drawn.
  • Discuss: What kind of God is being described in Psalm 91? Is He mean and distant, or does He listen to us? Does He create us and then ignore us, or does He care about us?
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  1. As a new empty-nester, I often struggle to find meaning in what I do now. I often question what the Lord would want me to do so that I may honor Him. I was struck this morning while reading aloud Psalm 91:15 – 16 because I was reminded that God will answer me when I call upon Him, He walks with me in trouble, He delivers me and honors me, and He will satisfy me with long life, and He will show me His salvation. I forget how blessed I am!

    • Isn’t it strange, after so many years of busy, busy motherhood, to have the house quiet and empty? God is certainly not done with us, though, when we are done raising our children in our home. Everything we do can have meaning when it’s all done as an act of worship. There are so many needs in our world! Someone who has faithfully loved and served a family for years is well-equipped to serve others who need love and care. <3

  2. Thank you so much for providing a quick and meaty daily study. I’ve already clarified some of Psalm 91 in my mind from yesterday’s reading of it and today’s markings of the verses. I’m looking forward to the study for my kids- as soon as they wake up 🙂

  3. In v7 and 8, who’s “side” and “eyes” is it? I’m thinking the pronouns here do not belong to God… but I could also see how they could. Thoughts? Thanks! I’m so blessed to be back in a study with you all!

    • I think verses 7-13 are examples of the Lord’s protection over those who are His.

    • I think the pronouns are referring to the Psalmist.

    • The “you” in verses 7-8 is the reader of the psalm, the person who chooses to dwell in the shelter of the Most High. We’ll spend more time in these verses in future lessons. 🙂

  4. God satisfies. God does everything he does in perfection. So when He satisfies me, He satisfies me perfectly. He is my satisfaction and He is enough for me. Ah…I can rest in that.

    • This is so good, Deborah. If God has promised to satisfy us, then what He gives us is what will perfectly satisfy us. Now, if we will only believe that and rest in it, as you have said. 🙂

  5. Encouraged by today’s lesson. I especially Love the promise God gives to his own in verses 14-16. But we need to remember it is in response to our holding fast to him and cultivating our relationship with him.

    • Yes! And at the same time, even as we hold fast to Him in love, we are only able to do that because of His grace that saved us, His love that loved us first, and His faithfulness that holds fast to us. <3

  6. I’m so excited to start a new bible study. These bible studies are so uplifting to me as a homeschooling mom of six. The days can be hard as you know and life can be hard but this study is just perfect for the things that I’m going through. The reminder of how amazing our God is and that he’s always there to protect us from the things that come our way and that he will be with us in times of trouble.

  7. Time in God’s Word made all the difference for me while we were raising our six children.

  8. I am using the KJV and in verses 14 & 15 the Lord says He will “be” and He will “set” – seemingly insignificant words/verbs but when I ponder them I think of “set” in stone and “be” as existing. These are His promises – they are more than set in stone, they are eternal, as He is! Amen!

  9. This is my day one…so catching up. As a recovering “perfectionist” I find myself reluctant to “Mark incorrectly”. Finding myself in need of an answer sheet. I am also very close to God and can hear Him remind me that it is ok not to do it right but to enjoy the time in His word and allow it to transform me. He did not give it to me to create stress but to create intimacy and comfort.

  10. I am so encouraged. Today makes me feel good and bad. Good because this Psalm shares reassurance that I can call upon Him and He will answer me. Not so good because I have been feeling a little overwhelmed about ways to teach the word with my four children. I didn’t feel like I could do it. Now I see mums of six doing this, I I am encouraged to give it a try So as I overcome these blocks, I am looking forward to this study and working through each day. Blessings