A quick question!

17142085_10212156888140036_918449310_oCould you help me out by answering a quick question?

We’re going to start using Blue Letter Bible this week, and I’m in the process of writing my instructions. I’m wondering how many people are going to be using the app for BLB, and how many will be using the website online.

Could you tell me if you will be working on a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer? (If you have already answered this question in the Facebook group or on Instagram, please don’t answer again here.) Thanks for your help! Can’t wait to launch into some word study!



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  1. I use a kindle. Thank you! 🙂

  2. I usually use my computer or a laptop but due to living outta a hotel room.. I’m using my phone and it’ll be more difficult to do blb on my phone

  3. I use mobile phone

  4. Tablet. Thank you! I thoroughly enjoy your ministry and my family benefits from it. Thank you for your labor of love!

  5. I have had difficulty with the app in the past so I will be using the website. I’ll mostly be using a smartphone but will likely use my computer sometimes as well.

  6. I use the app on my iPad or my phone.

  7. I use my android phone most often.

  8. Computer.

  9. I use a computer. Your Bible studies are wonderful!!

  10. App

    Thank you!


  11. Mobile App
    And thank you so much for the study, it has been a real blessing.

  12. I will be doing this using the App

  13. online via computer

  14. Computer. But occasionally I might use mobile. The latter certainly isn’t my preference.

  15. online on my computer

  16. I use the website via my tablet

  17. I use the website.

  18. I use my smart phone and tablet! Thank you for asking.

  19. both computer and phone

  20. Smartphone, online

  21. I use a tablet and look up blue letter bible online 🙂

  22. Online using my kindle

  23. online using laptop

  24. I plan on using my computer.

  25. I will be using my phone but will not be using the app as I do not have the memory for it on my phone.

  26. App most often.

  27. I use the app most often.

  28. App on my tablet

  29. App. On my I phone

  30. I haven’t used the app… I just download it to my Kindle tablet. I have used the computer for BLB in the past…I’d use whichever works best 🙂

  31. I use the computer. 🙂

  32. Smartphone

  33. On my phone

  34. I use my smart phone

  35. Tablet app

  36. I use my phone.

  37. I use my computer.

  38. Computer/online.

  39. I use the ap on my phone or iPad. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  40. Mostly the app on my phone! 🙂

  41. My daughters and I use cell phones or tablets.

  42. I actually switch between my phone, a kindle and a laptop. But Pam! All of your direction in the past studies have taught me how to use BLB! Whatever directions you give, I’ll be able to apply. I’m loving this study!

  43. Computer

  44. Most of the time I will be on my computer. I also have the app on my phone, and occasionally use it.

  45. Online, using an IPad

  46. I will use it online on my laptop.

  47. My android phone or laptop I’ve been using.

  48. Website online. Thank you!!!

  49. I use my computer/online website. Thank you so much Pam!

  50. Smartphone app

  51. Kindle App … and thanks for this … it’s been a blessing.

  52. I use a desktop computer. May you be richly blessed for providing these online Bible studies as well as so many other resources. I recommend your If-Then Charts for child discipline whenever I can. Wish I had had them when I was raising my daughters, but they can now benefit from them with their children.

  53. I use the computer and do it online. Thank you for the study!!

  54. App!

    Thank you so much for these insightful studies and your work in preparing them. It is a joy to look back through all of the colorful passages in my Bible.

  55. online on laptop

  56. App on iPad is my favorite choice

  57. I will be using the website on my iPad

  58. Tablet, app. Thanks so much for your ministry!

  59. I will be using the app on my phone or tablet

  60. I use both website on computer and the app, so which ever one you choose will be fine.

  61. iPhone with BLB app

  62. Smartphone

  63. I use my smartphone. Thank you for all you do !

  64. computer 🙂

  65. I use smartphone or desktop computer and always used BLB website in the past. I’d be open to using the app but didn’t know there was one!

  66. Computer .

  67. desktop computer

  68. laptop computer

  69. Even on my cell and tablet, I use the website. I don’t really care for the app.

  70. desktop computer – website (cannot do the other). thanks for asking.

  71. I use my computer.

  72. I use my phone, mostly.

  73. I use a laptop

  74. I’ll be doing it from the website. LOVE using Blue Letter Bible with your studies!

  75. Online and app, but am used to both – thanks to you:-)))). Love BLB:-)))

  76. Online–computer

  77. I use the website:)

  78. I’ll be using the app on my smart phone.

  79. Mobile phone

  80. iPhone

  81. My computer since it has a nice big screen.

  82. Laptop

  83. I use a laptop.

  84. Laptop and iPad. May the Lord bless you.

  85. I use my computer the majority of the time (I like the visual size better).

  86. Using the app on a phone or tablet

  87. iPhone/iPad

  88. Laptop computer

  89. Kindle tablet.

  90. desktop computer

  91. I’ll be using the BLB app for android.

  92. Smartphone. Love BLB and word studies! 🙂

  93. Android smartphone or Kindle

  94. I actually used the printed page that you had link at the bottom. But I do have the BLB app. And I am on a smart phone

  95. I use iPhone.

  96. Android phone – app

  97. I use my kindle the most and occasionally my smart phone or desk top.

  98. website on laptop

  99. Smartphone!

  100. Website online

  101. Looks like I’m the only one who is going to reply differently. I won’t be doing the Bible studies that involve the internet because I’m trying to get away from using screens so much. I find that the going back and forth to the websites is too much. :/
    Sorry I couldn’t be of any help.

  102. I use a computer. Thank you for all that you do!

  103. I use the Blue Letter Bible on my smart phone and on my fire tablet from Amazon. I may use the website if I want to print something.

    Thank you. 🙂

  104. On my computer, thanks!

  105. Computer…Thanks and Blessings!

  106. Computer. Thank you for your Bible studies!

  107. I’ll be using my smartphone. Thanks!

  108. On a smartphone but I’ve never used BLB so not sure if I’d be using the website or an app

  109. I use an iPad

  110. Computer

  111. Smartphone android and laptop

  112. I use an iPad, have the BLB app, but use my own Bible as well.

  113. App on a smartphone

  114. I use my computer.
    I like being able to look at all the different translations when I study and can look up and compare multiple verses at the same time. I have used the other features that Blue letter has to offer. It is a great tool for enhancing my bible study time.

  115. Mobile device

  116. I will be using my computer.

  117. I have been using the app on my smartphone since my second or third Study with you. It’s easier than pulling out the computer. Sometimes finding the right spot in a commentary on a small screen but it’s faster for me to set up my study time by just grabbing my phone. Use my app to “study” along in church now too!

  118. Tablet and/or phone

  119. App!
    Thank you for this wonderful study !

  120. I’m new so don’t really know what app it is, but I do everything from my phone. Thank you.

  121. For the most part I use my computer but when I don’t have it I will use my phone

  122. I have used both but prefer the computer.

  123. usually a computer. sometimes a smartphone.

  124. I would probably use the app

  125. Ipad

  126. Desktop computer usually, but occasionally use the site on my smartphone (not through the app, just the site).

  127. Computer. 🙂

  128. Lol….I’m not a mama.

    Computer & Mobile

  129. I usually use the iPad.

  130. Roberta Choon Sheppard

    on my computer

  131. Computer online :o)

  132. Computer 🙂

  133. I use my laptop

  134. Online. The screen on the phone is too small for my eyes!!!

  135. I’ll be on my laptop. (I actually don’t have any other device. Take THAT 21st century! lol)

  136. Stephanie Berhorst

    I will be using the website on my computer

  137. I will be using my tablet

  138. I could see myself using all of the options but mostly the Kindle, thank you!

  139. Using smartphone

  140. Computer 100%

  141. I use my Kindle tablet – with the website. Loving the study! Thank you!

  142. Most likely the app. But I didn’t find it as helpful as I thought and might check out the desktop version.

  143. iPad – Thank you for the studies you provide…they are a huge help and encouragement to me.

  144. I have downloaded the app on my android phone.

  145. Computer. Thank you for these studies! I *LOVE* them! May the Lord continue to bless you and the building up of your house, as you labor diligently to build up His. 🙂

  146. Computer or Kindle

  147. Computer and NIV Bible.

  148. I will be using my lap top

  149. I use the iPhone app. Before the app I always just skipped that part of the study and got what I could out of the rest. All my kids are little though so I really only have 5 minutes!

  150. I plan to use the app on my IPad.

  151. I use my computer. Thanks.

  152. The website.
    I attend BSF so I save your Bible study emails to do after we finish our study.
    You have helped spark a love of studying the Word because you make it FUN and give very thorough/helpful tips. I love the suggestions for studying it along with your children too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

  153. W.ebsite online from laptop

  154. I use an iPhone. I’m a few days behind but I’m really loving this bible study

  155. on the computer….this study is right where I am and like God speaking to me. Tusen takk.

  156. I actually just deleted Blue Line from my iPad because it didn’t have all the great stuff that the computer version has.
    I’ll use either the tablet or the computer version, I don’t have a smart phone.

  157. iPad or iPhone