Fifth Giveaway: A Day of Delight

A Day of Delight: Making Sunday the Best Day of the Week

“Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.” (Exodus 20:8)

Today’s giveaway is a book that can help make your Sunday a joyful day of rest (even if you have small children!)

At one point, with five kids age 8 and under, we looked at our family and how we were observing the Lord’s Day and concluded that we were not truly obeying God’s command. We managed to get everyone out the door and into church, but we couldn’t really call Sunday a “delight.”

We knew things had to change!

A Day of Delight shares the many ways we found to make Sunday delightful instead of frightful.Β  This book offers dozens of creative ideas to help make the Lord’s Day a unique and joyous day of celebration for the whole family (even Mom!)

It includes suggestions for:

  • Preparing for Sunday throughout the week
  • Making meal times special (while the cook still enjoys a day of rest!)
  • Creating a treasure chest of special toys and books for Sundays only.
  • Lots of ideas for toys, games, activities, and projects that focus on Scripture, worship, reflection, fellowship, remembering God’s creation, and exercising our God-given creativity. (Good ideas for daily family worship times, too!)

These ideas can help draw your family closer together, and make Sunday the best day of the week. As we have reformed our thinking about the day of rest God has given us, we have noticed that Sunday has become the focal point of our week. And the rest of the week has become more peaceful, as well. Now we look forward to Sundays!


To enter today’s giveaway:

Think of something you can do today to prepare for Sunday and make it more restful or enjoyable. Write one comment on this post telling us what you will do. Two winners will be randomly drawn on Monday.

No giveaways tomorrow, but be sure to come back on Monday for the next giveaway, the updated and revised third edition of For Instruction in Righteousness!

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  1. One thing I do is plan meals on Saturday so that Sunday is easy meals that are quick or can go in the crockpot.

  2. We lay out clothes, shoes, Bibles, etc. the night before. Tonight I will do something more by setting the table for a quick breakfast, and choosing tomorrow’s meal ahead of time. Thank you!

  3. Today was our Sabbath Day and what we like to do as a family when it isn’t raining is go on bushwalks with the boys and get out into nature and feel and experience God through his creation.

  4. Before going to bed Saturday, I make sure as many things as possible are ready to go for Sunday (diaper bag packed, things prepped for church fellowship meal, everyone has appropriate clean clothes, deal planned and/or prepped, etc).

  5. I will make sure that everyone has thier clothes ready, dinner is planned, and the Children’s Church lesson is by the door, prepared and ready to go (I am the teacher.). I take care of my Granny every day (she is in the end stages of Alzhiemer’s and cannot feed or take care of herself) along with homeschooling my children…so, every day-especially Sunday-has to be planned in advance if I am going to get anything accomplished. Love this post…makes me thankful for my family that prepares things with me. They are the best I could ask for!

  6. When our girls were small, we made it a rule to stay home and go to bed regular time on Saturday evening. I would lay out everything, even down to jewlery and hairbows to be worn.

  7. We have just begun to make Sundays a Day of Delight. One of the ways we have started to do this is to read and discuss the passage that our pastor will be preaching on each Sunday a few days before Sunday. I have requested of our pastor that he email me what passages he will be preaching on a month in advance and he has done this.

  8. We listen to Godly, christian music even before we go to church in the morning to prepare our hearts for the day in the House of the Lord!

  9. I can bath my girl tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow and help her pick out her clothes for tomorrow and talk to her about how important the Sabbath is to God

  10. This Sunday will be very enjoyable as I am going to start teaching a Sunday school class. I’m sure it will be a great blessing.

  11. I will pack the diaper bag today–it needs more diapers πŸ™‚ We are blessed to go to a church that starts at 11AM, so our mornings are still pretty leisurely and restful.

  12. I fix as much food as I can on Saturday (for Sunday) and iron all of our clothes ahead of time so that I’m not doing it Sun. morning.

  13. To make Sunday more restful and worshipful I try to get everyone’s clothes ready, the house straight and the meals either prepared in advance or ready to prepare. Then the focus of the day doesn’t get diverted to household chores… at least not as easily. πŸ™‚

  14. I prepare as much as I can on Saturday evening…setting out the kids’ clothes, thinking about what I might wear, ironing my husband’s shirt. Tonight I will have to also get things ready for an afternoon with a family in our church.

  15. We prepare our meal for Saturday so all we do if put it in the oven to bake. We also make sure all chores and things are done by Saturday night and that we lay out all chruch things before we go to bed. That way Sunday is just a day we can spend with our family and our LORD!

  16. To keep the Sabbath more restful, I can get the house work done today so I don’t feel compelled to work tomorrow.

  17. We are doing home church at a friend’s house (right now), and we share responsibilities each week. Since we will have a fellowship meal together afterwards, this week I will prepare by gathering the needed supplies for our meal. And, my husband will bring the message this week, so he will prepare the lesson in advance. πŸ™‚

  18. For me the best way to make Sunday restful is all about my own attitude. I have to approach Sunday as a peaceful and quiet day. My attitude really does impact the attitudes of my family. If I am running around yelling for everyone to “hurry up or we will be late,” the day of rest is spoiled, but if I can get the kids up with a smile and greet them calmly with their breakfast made, things go much more smoothly.

    A couple weeks ago, I had sick kids and had to do laundry on a Sunday, and that really spoiled the day of rest for me, so I guess that is another aspect. I plan what I won’t do on that day. I have to get all my chores accomplished during the week. That way, Sunday is a restful day for all of us.

    We also always try to incorporate a nap for each of the adults into Sunday. I nap while my husband keeps the kids, and he naps while I do. This has been a blessing hard to describe in our family.

  19. I try to plan so that Sunday’s meals are all ready to go on Saturday. Thanks for the other great ideas to prepare for the Sabbath!

  20. On Saturday we work to get all school work and house work done, so that Sundays a free for church and family time.

  21. All the little ones are bathed and clothes picked out Saturday evening. I also plan breakfast and lunch and prepare what I can that evening.

  22. As a pastor’s wife with 4 children, I try to do as much as I can on Saturday to prepare for Sunday. I usually make dinner in the crockpot. I make a breakfast that only has to be baked or warmed up Sunday morning. I try to have all our clothes ready for Sunday and the baby bag packed.

  23. We actually don’t. But what a good time to start. Will be interested in reading the suggestions.

  24. We have an early bedtime on Saturday so that our little ones are well rested on Sunday morning. This week we will lay out clothes and things we will need for Sunday morning because we will be going to church instead of having home church.

  25. We try to make sure that baths are given before Sunday so there is more time to enjoy each other on church mornings. We also limit activities on Saturday nights to that we can have a good night’s sleep for Sunday.

  26. On Saturday we lay out clothing, shoes, diaper bag, EVERYTHING that can be prepared the day before is, even breakfast is prepared the evening before and the table is set. πŸ™‚ We also remind and prepare our children that Sunday the Lord’s and remind them of what is expected!

  27. Shared the link on Facebook. Your products are such a blessing to me.

  28. Try to make Sunday lunch today, to be made in the crockpot or re-heated tomorrow. We are always hungry as soon as we get home from church, so something that’s already table ready makes for less stress and work when we get home. Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. We have started trying to prepare Sunday’s lunch on Saturday. That way when we come home hungry from church, it’s all ready to go, and no one has to work too hard to prepare it. Love it!

  30. suspend or turn off the computer..and maybe the phone, too!

  31. We lay out all our clothes the night before (especially shoes.) Tonight, I think I’ll get the crock pot going. I also like the idea of reading the sermon passage ahead of time.

  32. Have everything ready to go when we leave for a blessed day of fellowship.

  33. Prepare as much as we can before we go to bed on Saturday’s… Look for some easy prep ahead breakfast recipes, eat leftovers for lunch, and find new dinner recipes using the crock pot. Make sure chores are done Saturday.

  34. I start breakfast on Saturday night, something like Dutch Puff that is then ready to go Sunday morning.

  35. We have chosen to make our Sabbath on Saturday since our church offers a Saturday evening service. Since my husband plays in the worship band, Sunday mornings alone with the kids were stressful. It is much easier to get us all to church in a worshipful state of mind on Saturday evening.

  36. Lay out everyone’s clothes for tomorrow and try a simple make ahead breakfast.

  37. We lay out our clothes, Bibles etc. We also prepare lunch on Saturday night so all we have to do is pop it in the oven when we get home. =)

  38. I will definitely prepare my attitude and I will begin a Day of Delight Box which only houses those things each of us can do on Sunday. What a wonderful idea, my little ones will be so excited. We are beginning a Electronics Free Day (Can you imagine no TV, iPod, iPad, DS, or computer). Have a Happy Everything Day!!!

  39. I loved reading all of the great suggestions and ideas! Currently, our home has the “Sunday Morning Blues”…… and I REALLY want to change that! I am tired of stressing about getting everyone out the door on time. I will be doing everything possible to be ready ahead of time tonight, and make sure I have the right attitude, as that is what fuels the rest of my day. This book, whether I win it or buy it, WILL grace our homes bookshelf! Thank you for another great tool!

  40. Pray – need to pray to prepare for worship on Sunday.

    preparing meals and getting clothes ready the night before will help.


  41. This looks great! We have been simply trying to get our to-do list around the house done on Saturdays so that we can rest on Sunday. πŸ™‚

  42. Today I am going to go to the store and get the shopping for tomorrow out of the way and most importantly prepare my heart for a wonderful day tomorrow of fellowship and worship with our wonderful church family.

  43. Our church bulletin includes the sermon text for the following week and the hymns that will be sung so we can meditate on them throughout the week and prepare our minds and hearts for worship.

  44. Well – today I will prepare a meal that we will share at our pot blessing tomorrow,but ordinarily, I try to make sure that our Bibles are ready and the backpack is stocked with all the necessities for the next day.

  45. I plan to make sure my children have had their baths and that everyone has clothes ready for Sunday morning. I also plan to pray so that our minds and hearts will be prepared to have the right attitude to worship and learn more about God.

  46. Have my childrens clothes all ready to go in the morning with socks and shoes and bibles:)

    faithonfyre at yahoo dot com

  47. I will try and get up early to make a good breakfast πŸ™‚

  48. I try to be extra vigilant that the kitchen is all cleaned up before bed (That’s not always true throughout the week, though we’re doing better now that I’ve got the children helping almost every night) so it is CLEAN Sunday morning and there’s no backlog of dishes to catch up on. Then we have some freedom to leave some of the Sunday dishes.

  49. I can clean today as well as do all planning for the week so I won’t need to do it tomorrow. Therefore my focus can be completely on my family.

  50. Our Sabbath is on Saturday and what we do to make it special is on Friday night after dinner and bath we pull out the Sabbath rug – a cozy fluffy rug that my husband brought back from Ecuador when he was on a mission trip. The girls love it and it is a time of family gathering.
    I have also started a cooking co-op with two friends so we get together and prepare 9+ entrees and freeze them. It is fun and it helps to make meal prep so much easier. It is a blessing all week but especially on Sabbaths.
    We also have our favorite cinnamon buns for breakfast on Sabbath as a tradition started by my step-mom.

  51. Best thing for me is putting Sunday’s dinner in the crockpot late Saturday night.

  52. I try to plan our meals ahead, and ether have something very quick to prepare or something that can go in the crockpot ahead of time. I also try to make sure everyone’s clothes are ready the night before, right down to shoes and socks!

  53. Taking a whole mindset of not being rushed..having easy meals planned, just taking the day to focus on the Resurrection.

  54. I prepare lunch the night before so its easy when we get home from church. Something simple like egg salad or tuna. Then I just prepare the sandwiches when we get home.

  55. We decide what we will wear prior to bed on Saturday night and begin our day with worship music on Sunday morning, at home and during our drive to church. Our day is so much better when we have our hearts focused on God.

  56. We eat lunch at church and I have been trying very hard to have the meal prepared on Saturday for the next day. Also making sure we have all the clothes, shoes, belts, etc. laid out and ready to go. Paper plates on Sunday and easy meals. We are improving in this area but still have a long way to go! πŸ™‚

  57. I already have Sunday’s breakfast on-hand and ready to go!

  58. We have just recently stated to find ways to make the Sabbath a special time in our family. A couple areas that we started in was 1)planning easy meals (crockpot, premade and frozen meals to pop in the oven, etc), and 2)no laundry and ‘extra’ cleaning jobs (obviously the dishes need to be done!). I’m looking forward to hearing and implementing new ideas!

  59. We get all of our clothes ready for the next morning. I also try to plan something for lunch….either putting something in the crockpot or planning a quick fix lunch. Everyone is HUNGRY by the time we get home.

  60. Get in the bed earlier!!

  61. I plan the meals and do as much ahead as I can. Sunday breakfast is usually a special breakfast.

  62. My husband and I are department heads over the 4-6 year old classrooms at our church. Therefore, Sunday mornings (with 2 services) and our own five kids are extremely busy. We have made Sunday afternoons “family day” which means no homeschooling work, no avoidable chores (there’s still a table to be set and cleared up), and no last-minute invitations. One of my girls was recently invited to a birthday party on a Sunday and I respectfully declined telling them “it’s family day.” In the warmer months, we try to grill our Sunday dinner and eat outside. There’s always a race to see who gets to read the comics section of the Sunday paper as well!

  63. Not much of anything really. Sometimes, we will have a friend over for dinner…but even this is rare.

  64. Today I mentally prepare: I think of all the things I want done this weekend and then once today is finished, I mentally let go of all those undone things so I can focus on Him more fully on Sunday.

  65. We always plan Sundays lunch as a potluck/ crockpot meal so little to no prep is involved after church!

  66. This really hits home for us! We have started laying out clothes the night before, setting the table for breakfast, and planning crockpot meals that will be ready to serve when we get home from church. Just these simple things make a huge difference in our Sunday mornings.

  67. I am going to get all church clothes ready and baths taken care of the night before. We are also going to eat leftovers so I don’t have to worry about cooking.

  68. We will pick out our clothes tonight and make sure everything is ironed and neat. Tomorrow’s meals are all planned. Everything we need to bring to church we place by the back door so we can just grab it and go!

  69. I will also plan my meal tonight so that I don’t have to “cook” tomorrow.

  70. We keep quiet worship music going in the background on Sunday before we head out the door – it’s been a great way to begin our day in worship and prepare our hearts.

  71. I make sure that I do my devotions first thing in the mornings (especially Sunday’s), if I don’t start out in the right mindset of going to church, the family (5 kids and hubby) don’t either. Sunday seems to be the hardest. It tends to be too easy to not to go to church if enough things go wrong (attack of the devil). Doing my devotions seems to help greatly.

  72. my littles will get their baths tonight and dinner will go in the crockpot early in the morn so it will be ready for when we arrive home from church.

  73. Instead of turning to worldly entertainment on Sunday afternoon, we like to invite friends and loved ones for a simple meal after worship services and share testimonies and uplifting conversation.

  74. “…the SEVENTH day is the Sabbath of the LORD thy God…” Exodus 20:10, KJV. On “preparation day” (Friday), we work toward getting the house clean, and do some meal preparations. In the evening, the children all get their baths/showers, so they can go to bed fresh and clean….with clothes laid out for church Sabbath morning.

    One of our favorite things to do on Sabbath afternoons is to take a walk in nature. Listening to the sounds of nature, and seeing the beauties of nature, draws us closer to God.

  75. Today we’re going to thoroughly clean the kitchen and bathrooms, do a pick up of the rest of the house and make sure laundry is caught up so we don’t have to do any tomorrow. We will prepare the ingredients for chicken wraps for after church tomorrow and bread for sandwiches tomorrow night, we’ll lay put our Sunday clothes, shoes and Bibles and make sure the diaper bag is packed. Tonight we’ll start millet in the crockpot for breakfast tomorrow and give the 5 and unders their baths. By the time Saturday is over we always *need* a day of rest, haha :)…

  76. I will get the home cleaned up real well on Saturday so on Sunday all we have to do in the home is pick up as we go.

  77. I try to get Sunday dinner in the crockpot the night before, or in the oven with the baking timer set. I’ll start with frozen food sometimes so that it can sit out overnight. Satan tries to enter our home on Sunday when it’s time to dress the children, so I try to start the day with prayer that he will no interfere with our efforts. We try to leave the TV completely off for the adults, and try to get the kids to watch calm, Christian oriented DVD’s.

  78. This is a topic near and dear to me. We have Sunday clothes, dishes and meals. Our pastor sends us Sunday prep to read. Though we are having a vacation day, we look forward to the joy of gathering with God’s people by being rested and ready. Making plans today allows us to glorify God and enjoy Him tomorrow.

  79. Meal planning the night before helps the day to be more worshipful as well as having the kids do all their homework before Sunday. We try not to have any projects to work on that would take time away from the Lord.

  80. Our son takes the least amount of preparation on Sunday mornings. Once he’s ready, he makes each family member a simple breakfast that we can eat on the way to church. He loves being responsible for this!

  81. We are doing our “chores” today, so we can rest and enjoy our Sunday πŸ™‚

  82. To prepare for Sunday, I make sure the kids have all had baths before going to bed. I braid my daughters hair to avoid tangles in the morning. I also make sure all clothes are laid out along with Bibles, purses, diaper bags, etc….and everything is by the door ready to go.

  83. I try to plan what we are going to wear the night before and have an easy breakfast ready, like an eggbake that I can just put in the oven first thing in the morning. Thank you for the chance to win your giveaway.

  84. In order to get ready for Sunday services, we prepare our hearts for a day of worship by playing worship songs all day long. We also remind the children the proper way to behave during services so there is no stress on Sundays.

  85. I always make sure our meal is prepared ahead of time and only has to be warmed when we come home from church.

  86. I like to have all our clothes, etc. layed out and ready for Sunday mornings to make our morning go smoother. After church we like to lay around and play with the kids.

  87. We don’t watch any tv on Sundays and I will try to also cut down on computer time. I will also try to plan our meals better.

  88. Tomorrow, on the first day of spring, we are celebrating our daughters 14th birthday. All celebration plans are complete and now we can just sit back and and praise God for her and her special day.

  89. The biggest help for me is finding all the church clothes and ironing then on Saturday night. πŸ™‚

  90. We just started doing all the housework & picking out our clothes on Saturday but I know there’s much more I could do to make it a more restful day in the Lord.

  91. Breakfast is always a rush for us on Sundays so I make sure I have everything set out the night before. Table is set and if we have cereal, the cereal is already set out on the table, sometimes we already pour it into the bowls. With little ones, the more we can the night before the easier it is.

  92. We have a guest missionary coming to church tomorrow so I am making my dessert for the dinner today. I always try to have my three year old prepared for church on Saturday, that way she is excited to go when Sunday morning comes and she hurries a little more, which helps me in my rush!

  93. Sundays are very busy days for us because I lead the children’s choir at our church and we also have a small group Bible study in the afternoons. It makes for a busy day. I always make sure everything is set out for the next day and placed in the same spot where the kids will find it. Dad takes care of breakfast while I get ready for church and we both work on getting the children ready. I make sure our meal for Bible study is planned and in the crockpot ready to go that afternoon. I make sure lunch is prepared and on warm in the oven so we’re ready to eat as soon as we get home from church.

  94. Tonight we will lay out clothes, iron the needed items, and prepare lunch. In the morning will keep things low-key and hopeful smooth and without stress. No cartoons to dress by but instead some worship music. If I am together and smiling, then usually so are the children.

  95. We have the same basic meal every Sunday-soup and snadwiches. It is quick, easy and I never have to worry about what’s for dinner on Sunday. Makes the end of the Sabbath much less hurried and stressful for me at least. πŸ™‚

  96. I make sure all of our Sunday clothes are ironed and my daughter is bathed on Saturday night. I wash my hair on Saturday so that I don’t have to worry about it on Sunday mornings. I also try to cook something on Saturday that we can enjoy for lunch on Sunday (but that doesn’t always happen).

  97. My husband and I are ministers in our church so Sunday is a work hard day for us. So we set aside Saturday as our joyful day of rest. I do no laundry, cooking or cleaning on Saturday. We spend time together as a family and do together things we don’t get to do during the week because of work schedules. I begin planning for Saturday by doing a few loads of laundry on Friday, grocery shopping on Friday and preparing the kid’s church lessons on Friday. Saturday is a joyful releaf that we all look forward to. No TV, just time together. I do get things gathered together Sat night for Sunday so that the morning is not spent nagging and worrying before church.

  98. Today is the Sabbath, which we keep special by setting aside toys and coloring books for Sabbath only, doing no work or cooking, sometimes watching biblical DVDs and listening to biblical music.

  99. Rebecca Williamson

    What wonderful ideas and reminders. God really reveals a lot to me through your diligent and faithful work. Thank you for generously sharing in our lives.

  100. We prepare by getting our clothes around so we are not wondering what we are going to wear.

  101. I make sure all household chores (laundry, cleaning, etc) are done on Saturday so on Sunday we do the bare minimum of dishes. I also make sure the kids’ clothes are ready to go for the morning and (ideally) get snacks ready for the long ride to church.

  102. I try to have all items ready & laid out for Sunday- Bibles, hats, clothing, etc. I try to have meals ready or at least the prep work done. Now, I’m off to do the ironing for tomorrow!

  103. Preparing our “Sunday Best” clothes today. Baths taken care of tonight also. Planning the meal for after church too. Some things we can do to make Sunday more delightful and meaningful is no TV, Wii, or computer, but to sit and read the Word of God and meditate on His truth! Do grocery shopping and other shopping needs on Saturday, not Sunday.

  104. Read together as a family the Scripture readings for tomorrow’s worship and be in prayer for the preaching of the Word and our reception of it. πŸ™‚

  105. What I do to get our family ready for Sunday…is to prepare our clothing (ready to go in the AM ironed and what not), use my crockpot for food preparation. Those are just a couple of ideas that we use to keep Sunday holy and unstressful.

  106. We tend to do a lot of cleaning and cooking on Sundays. It’d be nice to get that all done so that we can rest and relax. Also, I tend to go grocery shopping while the kids nap and my hubby can stay home with them. But instead of shopping on Sunday, I could do that one evening after hubby came home, since the weekends are always busier at the stores.

  107. I am planning tomorrow’s meal today – hopefully in the crockpot. Church runs late we we often don’t get home until 1:00pm. It is so nice to come in to dinner being done.

  108. One thing I want to get better about doing is to set out our clothes on Saturday night! That always makes the morning go more smoothly, but I seldom remember to do it!

  109. I try to have everything gathered at the kitchen sink for the morning and my part of the meal prepared before going to bed. Also, laying out the childrens clothing is a big help but I don’t always do it. We have just started having potluck between services and then going home in the mid afternoon. This has been much more restful for almost everyone in church.


  110. I grew up with my mom doing her best to instill into me β€œRemember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.” and now that I’m a mom I’m trying to do the same. It seems so weird in this day and age. I’d love to get some advice! Thanks.

  111. I am the teacher for one of the Sunday night classes at our church. While I love teaching, things have a way of getting away from me and I’m planning my lesson between morning and evening services on Sunday. This week, I will do my lesson planning today so that I can enjoy the Lord’s day with my family.
    Lesya πŸ™‚

  112. We go to bed Saturday night with a clean house and church clothes laid out. I double Saturday’s food so we can have leftovers for lunch, and dinner is all-you-can-eat popcorn while we watch a Christian video together! Breakfast is the only day a week we have cold cereal, so the kids look forward to it and can serve themselves.

  113. I will be doing housework & working on filling my business orders today. I also will be prepping for my 2-3 year olds Sunday School class. My husband comes home from a trip this evening so we are hoping to have a relaxing family day tomorrow!

  114. I need to better about getting all the kids’ clothes laid out and ready for Sunday morning, especially when I’m on worship and we all have to be there early (hubby’s one of the pastors). It makes a big difference in the stress level in the house Sunday morning, but I often forget to do it.

  115. I always have a meal ready to go Saturday night so that I can put it in the crockpot on Sunday morning. It really helps.

  116. We are truly blessed to have our church offer the option of waiting until 5pm to see the same sermon from the morning. This has given our family the opportunity to rest and enjoy our time together on Sundays. We sleep late, snuggle much and make it a time of family togetherness.

  117. Thank you for the wonderful ideas you present in each of your publications. Absolutely wonderful and useful!

  118. we get all our farm chores done on saturday so we can rest on sunday.

  119. We try not to commit to extra activities on Sat. eve so that we can be more prepared with baths and bedtime so we can be ready for Sun. morning.

  120. Today, we will be praying for a restful, healing Sabbath. The whole family is sick so we will not be going anywhere.

  121. Have a plan for it in place. Then stick to that plan.

  122. We will prepare our clothing and our Sunday meal today so that it is less work to get ready tomorrow morning, and we can keep our mind focused on the Lord.

  123. We are sick in our home today so we won’t be going to church tomorrow. We will still try to have a time of worship at home. In the future, making sure bags are packed and meals are prepared can help us keep the day restful.

  124. I know it sounds like a no-brainer, but before we go to bed the night before, we always get everything out, and make sure it fits, is ironed and all the accessories are there on the couch!

  125. We welcome the Sabbath the evening before with a special meal to signify the coming day of rest. We use our special dinnerware, glasses, etc. with candles and really separate the work week from the day of rest. It is a physical symbol of ushering in the peacefulness that the Lord intends for us to have.

  126. We spend Sundays in worship with fellow believers, no fuss meals, napping, reading and family time.

  127. Having ten children. We chose buddies for the younger ones. The older ones will help a younger sibling get ready. They make sure they’re properly dressed and have their Bibles and such ready.

  128. Thank you for this opportunity! To prepare for the Sabbath, I will plan my meals and prepare as much ahead of time as possible.

  129. I am very excited about this giveaway! I went through and read every comment. This is something we are trying to do in our home. There are very practical ways, like laying out clothes and getting the meal prepped for the crockpot, but I am really looking for ways to relax and connect with God on that day, as a family!

  130. I bought meat for a roast. I will get it ready tonight, Take it out of the fridge tomorrow and just turn on the crockpot! I’ve never done that before, but what a cool idea! And I like other people’s ideas of showering tonight.

  131. Prepare supper, find the kid’s clothes tonight, also find everyones bibles, before we are heading out the door.

  132. One thing that continually stresses me out on Sundays is when we get home from church and have no lunch plan. I know right now, that if I planned a good lunch ahead of time, I’d be a lot happier and less stressed!

  133. Lay out clothes for the kids on Sat. night is my new plan. Sunday AM has proved a bit fussy lately with kids now having opinions on what they wear. Otherwise, we usually keep our Sundays for just us – we enjoy the day as a family or truly rest by taking a nap. It depends on our needs that day. πŸ™‚

  134. I am going to make sure all my laundry is done, so I don’t feel like I have to do any tomorrow.

  135. Since we usually spend the day with my inlaws, and often, one of the kids end up spending the night, I pack up several bags of clothes ahead of time and get our church clothes ready. Also, the church bag (little toys, coloring, etc) gets ready as well.

  136. Aside from ironing clothes and laying them out, I try to collect everyone’s Bibles, shoes, and coats. I also put together breakfast (baked oatmeal) the night before and get everything ready to be put into the crock pot in the morning, for lunch when we return home. It makes Sundays MUCH more enjoyable and relaxed!

  137. I will try to get as much of the lunch we take to church prepared ahead of time as I can and also put something in the crockpot for supper when we get home. I like the idea of special toys for Sunday so I’m going to pray about making that happen in our home. We try to make it a day of rest as much as we can but I’d like to make it more of a “family day”.

  138. I will pray for grace and mercy to cover me and my family. I will prepare as much as for tomorrow as I can today, i.e. clothes, meals, Bibles, etc.

  139. Ideally, we have an early dinner the night before so that cleanup can be done in time to leisurely finish sabbath preparations and get ready for bed. Before we go to bed, children should be clean, clothes should be out and ironed, food prep should be accomplished for the next day, and everything we need to go with us should be gathered. We like to have a time for preparing hearts as well, encouraging reflection over the past week to see if anything needs to be made right and just spending time focusing on the Lord. If time allows, we may spend time doing a family activity that begins to prepare our hearts as well.

  140. I’m going to make all my Sunday food ahead of time today! Original, I know….

  141. Lessons studied before late Saturday night = no last minute cramming. Laundry done and clothing chosen for church = no last minute panic. Listening to worship music as we get ready = helping to have hearts that are open to hear from God.

  142. I can do dishes tonight so they aren’t in my way of getting everyone fed for church in the morning!

  143. We visit and eat with the grandparents on Sunday after church. At least mom doesn’t have to cook dinner and we are “honoring” our parents.

  144. We lay out all the clothes, hair stuff, shoes and Bibles on Saturday night. That way there is no rushing around the next morning looking for missing things. We try to get to bed early too.

  145. Sundays when Jeff (DH) is off we typically attend church and then go out to eat at Garfield’s (where kids eat free). On Sundays when Jeff is working, I typically fix a roast (with potatoes & carrots). Actually, I fix two roast and the second one provides a meal for later in the week. Oh, I also attempt to have all routine housework type chores done so I don’t have do those on Sunday (like laundry, cleaning).

  146. Wow, what great ideas! We usually do nothing to prepare for Sunday. It comes and goes. But now with all of these great ideas, I will be more deliberate about being ready for it.

  147. Today we are praying through Sunday, asking the Lord’s blessing on each section of the day–rising, breakfast, Sunday School, worship, lunch, nap time, etc.–and asking Him to glorify Himself through us. We will shine shoes and decide what to wear.

  148. I bought your” a day of delight” and requested of my dh that we” do” sabbath meal and have a sunday box. He said ok but no” rituals” and I have to do it. After three months he now helps and the children love sat evenings and sunday. It has become the Lord’s day! I will have special meal tonight to begin our sabbath (including the dishes, the sabbath juice and bread and the blessing of my chldren), set out our clothes and extras for service. we will rest on sunday, play in our special sunday box (a trunk from a great aunt) and then visit a young women who is struggling with Christ. We aren’t super christians; we are just refocusing our whole week back on His day of delight and, WOW, has it changed our lives.

  149. I already planned the meals. Adding worship music to the atmosphere would be wonderful.

  150. I am going to prepare dinner tonight and put it in the crockpot so it is ready for after church tomorrow, thanks!

  151. I’ll set the table for breakfast tonight and have our clothes laid out for Sunday morning. I’ll make sure to put all of our bibles by the front door…I don’t do these things all of the time, but when I do it always proves to be a much less rushed Sunday morning:o)

  152. Having mine and my little girl’s clothes picked out helps a lot. Gathering everything up the night before (Bibles, SS lesson books, diaper bag, etc.) cuts down on all the last minute rushing around.

  153. We lay out our clothes for Sunday morning on Saturday night. It makes Sundays go just a little more smoothly for us.

  154. I like to have everyone’s clothes ironed and laid out for Sunday morning. I also like to have our Bibles and anything else needed laid out too. Basically anything that can be done ahead of time I try to do to make things run smoother because with 2 little girls under 2 it can be a challenge! Lol

  155. Thanks for this resource! What can we do? Lay out clothing the night before; plan breakfast; talk about what the sermon will be about (our pastor sends notes out in advance); have all bags and Bibles in the car the night before; and go to bed on time!

  156. We have our kids get their clothes ready the night before–everything including coats, shoes and Bibles. They shower the night before so that we have the least amount of things to do in the morning. We, also, plan our meals a week at a time and I always go to get all the ingredients in the middle of the week so that I don’t have to run to the store for any ingredients we just happened to run out of. It really does make the day run so smooth and, therefore, we can truly focus on worship and learning about God!

  157. Definitely have majority of “work” done Fri/Saturday. Would love to make Saturday night more reverent and give our family something to think about and “sleep on” before Sunday service.

  158. Jennifter Griffith

    My husband does not attend church with us. I have three children with health issues and have to pack, along with the diaper bag, three medical bags. The most important thing I can do to prepare for the Sabbath is to pray today. Even with everything prepared and ready for the next day without prayer it does not go well.

  159. I’ll share several things we do every single Saturday… just because. πŸ™‚

    1. Lay out Sunday clothing on Saturday before bed.
    2. Have coffee pot ready to start in the morning.
    3. Get to bed early!
    4. Bibles in our bag and anything else we need to take with us ready to go.

    Thanks so much for all these great offers and opportunities to win. Blessings!

  160. One thing that I love to do is to clean the house as much as possible before Sabbath. Everything else is made easier when things are where they are supposed to be and I don’t have to stress about dishes in the sink!

  161. This topic is one that definitly needs to be addressed in my home. As I am sure many other do, I have used Sunday as a day to catch up on house work while my husband is home. I have 4 kids 6 and under and am expecting another this summer. I think I should work on first and foremost turning off the TV. That is our biggest downfall. And then I would like to focus on things surrounding the teaching and love of Jesus on this day. Preparing a meal ahead of time would be great… freezer meals that go in the crockpot etc. Thanks for making us remember a commandment that has been given to us that is often overlooked.

  162. These things would make Sunday morning go more smoothly for us… pack up the kids’ diaper bag tonight and plan a lunch that can be cooking in the crockpot while we’re at church.

  163. We make sure that clothes are laid out the night before, Bibles & offering are ready, etc. We also have the children get baths/showers Saturday night. Today I can work on preparing things for meals for Sunday. I can also begin gathering some items / ideas for “Sunday only” activities. It is encouraging to read about what other families are doing to honor God & live for Him.

  164. We get everyone’s clothes ready the night before and also try to get activity bags packed as well.

  165. We try to always have clothes, shoes, hair items, Bibles, notebooks, etc. all laid out on Saturday night. Showers are taken right before bedtime so that they are fresh and ready. I also prepare Sunday dinner on Saturday (usually the main dish is in the crockpot so I don’t worry about timing to get home).

  166. I am getting the kids clothes ready today so we don’t run around looking for lost shoes and unironed shirts in the morning. That has always been the most frustrating thing for me on a Sunday.

  167. We definitely go back and forth about being “good” about this, but when we are doing this well this is what we do:
    *Our weekly schedule never has any chores (except doing dishes) set for Sundays
    *We always pray on Saturdays for tomorrow’s church services, church leaders, and Sunday School teachers
    *We give out our children’s allowances and help them figure out their tithe out of their allowance. I brought home a bunch of the offering envelopes and we all get our offering ready to go
    *I help my children review their Sunday School memory verse
    *Plan and prep an easy meal for Sunday
    *Then, of course the obvious stuff like laying out all our clothes and accessories, packing all diaper bags and Bibles, etc.

    Thank you for this reminder for us to get “back on track”

  168. Today I will plan a crockpot meal and lay our cloths out for tomorrow so we don’t loose sight in the morning of what we are getting ready for. Thanks again.

  169. I try to get as much prepared meal wise on Saturday so I can rest in the afternoon when the kids rest. Also, Sunday’s are the day my kids get to eat cold cereal for breakfast so I don’t have to rush before church to get the kitchen cleaned up.

  170. I am preparing a lasagna tonight that I can just pop into the oven tomorrow!

  171. Ditto on the crock pot!! Helps me tremendously!!

    Also, what do you do Saturday evening to prepare for the Sabbath? We try to have quiet family time- either a movie, games, reading outloud, etc. and then prayer at bedtime is for our hearts and ears to be open tomorrow morning at church.

  172. I am thawing a chicken today to go in the crockpot for tomorrow…I am getting the house organized today and laundry done sot that the house is in order for tomorrow…Most importantly, I am planning to get up early in the morning so that we are not rushed (we leave at 8:30 am) so that the rest of the day will be restful:)

  173. On thing that I can do is to prepare the ingredients for a crock pot dinner so that Sunday meals will not be so stressful for me!

  174. We will choose our clothing tonight, and plan our meal for tomorrow. Also, I think making sure the kids get enough rest by getting them into bed early helps with the whole mood.

  175. Right now I try to prepare as much as I can the evening before but I would love more ideas! Especially with young children!

  176. Always get ALL of the clothing picked out…..shirts, pants, shoes, socks, belts, dresses, etc. Iron them. Have everyone take a bath on Saturday night. At least have in mind meals for the day on Sunday and make sure you have the ingredients for them.

  177. I try and make sure that I have most of my work done by Saturday (laundry, ironing, cleaning, blogging, etc.). Then I am able to enjoy a day of rest & worship with my family.

  178. We make sure things for church are laid out on Saturday: clothes, Bibles, offerings. We plan for make-ahead, quick or crockpot meals. We spend time Saturday night reviewing last week’s lesson, talking about why we do what we do, (example: communion), praying for pastors, teachers, etc. We also specifically pray that God will lead us to someone who needs that extra hug, word of encouragement or invitation to join us for an upcoming church activity.

  179. We go to church on Saturday night. Sunday has been a day to sleep in and relax. We do not do much, however as a family. I would love ideas to do together.

  180. We are going to start our Sabbath morning off with prayer and focus on a scripture for the day. We will discuss how this scripture may improve our life and how we can apply it directly in each of our lives on a daily basis. We have the kids interpret what they think the scripture means and how they can personally apply each one to their lives.

  181. We typically get all 6 kiddos outfits (down to the shoes) out and ready to wear for our Sabbath. I think the most important thing to do (that we don’t do regularly) is get our hearts ready to hear what the Lord is going to teach us tomorrow. We will have some time tonight and pray together as a family! Thanks for such an encourging assignment!

  182. We bathe the kids on Saturday night, so we don’t have to fight to get them bathed in the morning.

  183. my hubby is the pastor of our church and we have covenant groups in the afternoon. monday is our sabbath. We make sure that it is family oriented by doing things together as a family whether that is legos, or movie or game night. I also try to make enough leftovers through the week so sunday is often “left over dinner” night. Our kids love that they get to choose and I love no need to cook!

  184. Today is our Sabbath, and I need to work harder on preparing for this. I would like to plan a Bible study for the day and have simple crockpot meals planned to be able to rest in Abba.

  185. On saturday night I set out church clothes, pack diaper bags, bathe 3 of the 5, make sure table is ready for breakfast, put any extra things in the car, know what we will have for meals and plan to get up in time so everything will be on track to get us all smoothly out the door!

  186. Yes PLEASE! I need this. I have a five year old, almost four year old, and two year old. Restful Sundays – is it really possible?

    Here’s hoping for a win! πŸ™‚

  187. Pray and prepare our hearts.

  188. I am going to prepare to our meals tomorrow today.

  189. I already prepared our tithe (wrote out the check) and placed it in my Bible bag. I will lay out clothes for us and have Bibles ready to go so we aren’t scrambling to find them! :o)

  190. We gather and try on all clothing items we need for Sunday so there are no surprise holes in the tights, etc. We even put shoes on top of dressers to keep the littlest one from walking away with them. This has been a big help to our family.

  191. We go on Saturday evening so its a little challenging to get dinner in and have everyone read to go after a day of playing / working. But I think its just like in the morning on Sundays, we just have to have everything ready to go early so we can eat and run. Then I clean up from dinner when we get home. My girls are older so I don’t have to deal with diaper bags and baby things, just bibles.

  192. We like to prepare by setting out clothes, dishes, non-perishable food, diaper bag, etc. so our mornings are more restful & less frenzied!

  193. I try to have everyone pick out their clothes the night before & find their shoes, so that Sunday morning can go smoothly & our hearts are calm & ready for worship.

  194. I get tired by Saturday and tend to leave the dinner dishes until the morning. So, today I am going to wash them right after dinner. Maybe I will have my daughter help clear the table. We can make it a game to help forget the tiredness and make it fun!

  195. We will have everyone bathe…(I know that sounds silly, but in our home w/ lots of people, we have to divide shower time as we only have one that is working). I like to have all of our church clothing put out for the next morning, have the little’s diaper bag packed and ready, and have our breakfast meal planned. I also try to cook on Saturday, or at least prepare our Sunday meal on Saturday, so all I have to do is pop it in the oven or re-heat it. We have this booklet, and is has given us some great ideas to help us observe the Sabbath…at least more than we used to! Blessings, and Happy “Rest” day! πŸ™‚

  196. Our routine is similiar to many postings: our lessons are done earlier in the week – to be reviewed Saturday afternoon. We get our clothes ready, including underwear, shoes, etc. The family each packs their own “bag” to include lesson, bible & notebook. The younger ones are allowed to take a bible picture story book in their bags. Sunday mornings we have a wedge of cheese (protein to get us through until lunch!) & a treat….usually something like a granola bar. On the way to worship we listen to hymns (picked by the one who has privledges that day). All of these help us to keep our minds/hearts focused or make our time more efficient so that we can get to the focus faster!

  197. put the food in the crockpot today, then stick it in the fridge for tomorrow. we can also bake our bread today, and make sure all our shoes are located!

  198. I will try to get all bags packed, ready to go, work on awana verses today, and get the kitchen cleaned up before bed.

  199. Before going to bed tonight I’ll make sure the kids’ diaper bags are all ready–all three of them! I’ll even try to get my son’s verse copywork ready for his church notebook so I’m not trying to do that in the pew in the morning.

  200. One thing that I have been thinking about doing even for other days of the week but especially for Sundays is cooking up part or all of the meal earlier that week and freezing the parts so that most or a majority of the meal is made and I can just take the parts out of the freezer and put them together to make the meals. I have really been wanting to make pancakes and freeze them so that they will be an easy meals for morning time and do other day time meals the same way. πŸ™‚ I need to have a day of cooking to motivate me to do those things.

  201. I can prepare a crock-pot meal and put it in the fridge on Saturday night, so that it’s ready to go in the cooker on Sunday…and ready for dinner with no stress or work involved.

    I can also get our Monday morning madness ready on Saturday night instead of Sunday.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

  202. Cook ahead for Sunday dinner.

  203. I actually just finished putting tomorrow’s lunch in the crock pot!

  204. We are having overnight guests tonight which can make preparing for the Sabbath a little busier. I always lay out the children’s clothes ahead of time, and I plan to make some meal preparations ahead of time as well as setting the table for breakfast. Involving my four children in this process will help them understand the importance of preparation as well. Each child is assigned some type of household cleaning on Saturday and then they are given an allowance which is used for tithe and learning money management like buying bday & Christmas presents for each other, buying their own toiletries, etc.

  205. We are going to prep our Sunday clothes and food for the day.

  206. We will prepare our hearts by preparing and planning our meals and clothing for Sunday. I like to be sure the house is clean before we go to bed on Sat. This makes for a peaceful Sunday.

  207. I have 6 little girls ages 8,7,6,5,3.5,22 months. I vow to find every little shoe and lay it out with each dress TONIGHT, so we don’t have the Great Sunday Morning Search again!! πŸ™‚

  208. We iron and lay out everyones clothes and prepare a crockpot or casserole 2 pop in oven the night before!

  209. I am going to lay out our clothes tonight and get lunch ready tonight. That way I can just pop it in the oven when we get home from church. We also enjoy taking naps and watching movies together on Sundays.

  210. Pick out all clothes and get breakfast done so all I have to do is put it in the oven.

  211. Cook, clean, and put clothes out tonight.

  212. I already try to set out clothes the night before. My husband has to work on Sunday mornings, so it’s very hairy trying to get myself ready along with my 2 young girls. Tonight I will set out clothes and set breakfast up. Perhaps we’ll plan on eating out tomorrow after church…hmmmm….that would definitely make it more enjoyable.

  213. Tonight, we will be sure the kids’ Bibles are set out and ready to go….no last minute searches or forgotten Bibles in the morning! πŸ™‚

  214. I have a crockpot and I actually know how to use it. Now to just set it up on Saturday evening…

  215. We had a baby not too long ago, and I need to get back into the “Sabbath mode” again, I guess. Right now, I’m just “winging” it… :-(( I love this book, though, and need to find better ways to celebrate Sunday.
    I kinda wish my husband weren’t so against liturgic celebrations. πŸ˜‰ I have something like a private “service order” for a special Saturday Dinner to welcome the Sunday, but I don’t think this will fly with my husband.
    For now, I aim to be done with the dishes and the cleaning today, so everything loooks nice and inviting. :-))

  216. Make sure bags are packed and ready to go on Sat. Take baths Sat night so that we have a few less things to do to get ready on Sun morn.

  217. Our family’s preparation for Sunday has changed over the years as we have learned the importance of the commandment “Honor the Sabbath day, and keep it holy.” Currently, we follow many of the practical suggestions already posted.

    Also, we’ve tried to make the Lord’s Day a day to look forward to by saving some special treats just for Sunday. We drink soda and enjoy sweets on Sundays. Mom and Dad take a nap while the kids watch a movie. We try very hard to maintain Sunday as a day of rest, so we don’t do household chores or schoolwork on that day.

    However, reading through the posts I see other ways in which our family could continue to improve how we observe the Lord’s Day. I like the suggestion to read and pray on Saturday to prepare our hearts for Sunday and the suggestion to make the day “electronic-free”. I’ll be sharing these with my hubbie. πŸ™‚

    As a busy homeschooling Mom, my daily morning devotions are usually short. Recently, the Spirit has impressed upon me the wonderful opportunity I have on Sundays to spend some in-depth, uninterrupted time in prayer with Him. My goal is to make extended prayer time on Sunday a regular habit.

    I’d love to read more about making the Sabbath day a Day of Delight!

  218. Jennifer Stricklan

    Unless there is something planned for a special occasion, our Sundays are typically pretty relaxed. We try to make sure the boys are bathed the night before so we only have to worry about ourselves in the morning. We don’t have to leave for church until 10 am, so we don’t have to get up extra early, or feel rushed before church. Sometimes we listen to the local Christian radio station as we are getting ready for church, as well as on the way there. Afterwards, the day is our family day.

  219. I try to get as many things ready as I can on Saturday night – meal prep, baths, diaper bag ready, Bibles & church library books gathered, etc.
    And the most important thing: get to bed on time or early! Sunday goes sooo much better when I do this!

  220. In our large family, we have been enjoying our Sabbath’s very much with
    a little preparation on Saturday. Some ideas of things we do:

    Crockpot meals
    no chores
    straighten the house before bed on Saturday night
    (waking up on Sunday morning is wonderfully relaxing!)

    We love your new blog and all your products!


  221. We are grandparents now of 3 kids age 6-10. I always have lunch after church here at our home and the easiest way to have it already cooked is to use my time bake oven.
    I just prepare everything i want to cook either the night before or early Sunday, put it in a large baking dish, and then we adjust the oven to go on a half hour before we leave and cook a little lower heat for 1 1/2 or more hours and then it turns off.

    The food is hot and ready to go when we arrive. The kids and I make a quick salad or stir-fry some veggies. Our 10 year old lights the candles and I turn on some nice orchestra music! All 7 of us sit down to a warm lunch with thanks to God!

  222. I plan to do meal prep today so I can toss everything into the crockpot for lunch tomorrow.

  223. Spending time working and playing together as a family is so important to us. Part of our Saturday is finishing up any chores and errands (working) so that Sunday can be spent honoring God with our time (playing).

  224. Get our lunch ready today, so when we come home from church, it will be ready and waiting for us. Also, set out the boys clothes before bed tonight, so in the morning, they can easily know what to wear.

  225. I try and make a big meal the night before so there will be leftovers for Sunday. I just started 2 big pans of lasagna :0) Tonight I will take another persons suggestion and bathe and lay out clothes for all of the kids and have bibles etc ready too. I will have to braid the girls hair to avoid morning rat nests from washing their hair before bed :0) and go to bed earlier for sure!

  226. I will plan and cook meals so they are prepared and plan lessons for the week so Sunday is a free day to Worship, fellowship with our Home Church and family. I also plan lessons for the week so it does not need to be done on Sunday.

  227. What I will do to prepare for Sunday is to be sure all church clothes are washed and ready to go. Showers & baths will be given Saturday evening, and then I will spend some quiet time in prayer on behalf of our family. Saturday nights – evenings & overnights – have presented a serious spiritual battle in our home for the past several weeks. Between spending nights in preterm labor or sleepless nights with a newborn, Saturday to Sunday has been really difficult, and my family & I miss being able to spend Sunday worshiping the Lord in His house!

  228. We crockpot dinner for easy prep … and keep the internet off for the day. We enjoy playing games with family and friends every Sunday!! Now … I’m off to make cookies so they’re ready for tomorrow!! πŸ™‚

  229. Jessica Hatzopoulos

    I would like to start implementing a “cyber sabbath” where I don’t turn on my computer on Sundays.

  230. I’m going to set the table tonight for breakfast tomorrow morning!

  231. Laying out clothes and having everything ready that we need to take with us.

  232. Sundown Friday to Sundown Saturday is our Sabbath day. We do most of our prep work Friday after noons so we can truly rest. The entire weekend is peaceful little work to be done, Services on Sunday. Lots of time with the kids. Spending time with extended family and loved ones. Our Friday evening meal kicks off with a great bible study and sets the tone for a realxing Shabot.

  233. The biggest thing we do is just to try and enjoy the time we have together. I try and get up before the kids and make breakfast to enjoy as a family. Although we get to go to church together, my husband works most Sundays. On those days we try to have great “girl time” – a special craft, movie, or playground. Sometimes sharing a slice of cake at a local dessert restaurant. Just something to make it fun and more enjoyable than other days.

  234. The house chores are all done, children bathed, and clothes are picked out and put together so that we may enjoy the Sabbath morning and services. We like to spend as much time as we can in the afternoon outside rain or shine (lots of raincoats and rubber boots lately for puddle stomping!) because being in nature makes us feel closer to God and as a family. We also have special treats after dinner.

  235. We get everything done on Saturday. The older girls and I make several meals, and freeze some for during the week and have something ready for Sunday’s meal. All of the children take their baths on Saturday nights and have their clothing laid out for Sunday morning. We try to have everything done so Sunday is a day of rest and we can focus on the Lord.

  236. One thing that we do to make it more enjoyable is keep telling the kids “sunday is coming..huray!” and they wait all week for the strawberry or chocolate milk they get before church and the big breakfast we have. Sundays are a very relaxing day for us!

  237. Enjoy a nice meal from the crockpot after church with family that are visiting from out of town,

  238. I do as much prep work for the Sunday noon meal as possible before hand, so we’re not waiting a long time after we get home from church to eat. Tomorrow we’re having easy-to-prepare deli sandwiches. I’m baking the bread now. πŸ™‚

  239. I’ve enjoyed the reading the responses!

    I try to be personally prepared…showered, clothes ready, etc. on Saturday night so on Sunday morning I am calm. My attitude (either good or bad) seems to multiply among family members and being prepared helps my attitude πŸ™‚

  240. Last year I read a book by Edith Shaefer titled “What is a family?”Her last chapter in that book is called something like, “Every home needs a door with a lock and a hinge.” Because our home has numerous people coming and going throughout the entire week we have tried to be quite diligent in keeping Sunday as a day for our family where our door is “locked” so to speak so that we are able to rest & enjoy each other’s company as well as spend time with our heavenly Father. We plan very little on those days and endeavour not to book up our diaries with lots to do!

  241. So many great ideas!

    Even though I only live 6 miles from our church, Sunday is always a crazy morning. We try to have everything ready the night before including baths, setting out clothes, a meal in the crock pot and all the chores caught up on. It sure makes a difference to have a simple but filling breakfast too!

  242. We get as ready as possible on Saturday night. I try to get up earlier than everyone else, so I can be more peaceful as we get our 4 little girls dressed, fed, and hair brushed (!). After church, we just enjoy each other, keeping the house as quiet as possible.

  243. Our kids were talking about having a family feast. I decided to call it Thanks Giving feast for God for all the riches He has giving us in different ways. We had such a wonderful time with praise songs, prayers, meal and kids show and dance. And we used every moment to glorify God. I am sure, our kids have enough to thank God during service! Glory be to our great God!!!!

  244. I plan meals and try to make sure there are left overs for Sunday. Also, reading the passage of Scripture we are discussing in Sunday School, so I have time to “chew” on it for awhile.

  245. Pat and Marv Morris

    Whoever wins this will certainly be blessed. We own “most” of what Doorposts sells and we especially enjoy the featured DAY of Delight and the previous offer for the Proverbs searching HIDDEN TREASURES. We want to encourage all of you to enter this drawing. Funny thing is , If we won one of the drawings, I would be delighted to pass it on to one of my 4 daughters. It is about that time that I can think about purchasing a copy of several of these items to pass along to my children as they look to their own families in the future. What a great idea to put a copy of these into their hopechests. ENJOY! Thanks, Daniel for running this contest. Pat and Marvin Morris


    The biggest problem that I think we have is staying up too late on Saturday evenings. That sets the entire Sunday up to be tiring…sleepy during the sermon, cranky before lunch, napping away the afternoon. So tonight we will go to bed earlier than usual!

  247. On thing I can do today to make my Sunday more restful is plan out my lunch and/or dinner for Sunday. I could prepare something, put it in the crockpot and then throw it the fridge and then just turn it on before we head out to church. What a relief it is to come home to dinner already cooked and extra time spent with my family.

  248. Without a doubt laying out the childrens clothes, going thru my closet and picking out what I will wear along with accessories, switching out my purse, packing the diaper bag, putting my Bible by it all in one place is the single most help I have ever encountered in ensuring that we are at church on time and in a peaceful manner..

  249. On Saturday night, I set out everyone’s clothes, shoes, and breakfast (cereal/bowls/spoons/cups) and I put any items that need to go to church right by the front door. We typically eat leftovers on Sunday so meal planning isn’t stressful. If there are no leftovers, we order pizza. I usually spend the afternoon making sure the upcoming week’s lesson plans are in order and my husband and the kids enjoy some time together.

  250. I prepared lunch for tomorrow and it is ready to go in the crock pot in the morning.

  251. I have little ones, so we spend some time discussing what we’ll do and who we’ll see at church.

  252. We will go to bed on time, and pick out clothes tonight, make sure they are ironed and do as much ahead of time for dinner as possible.

  253. I make sure the clothes are ready for church. Also gather things that need to go to church, like church library books & Sunday School materials.

  254. Planning ahead is one step toward having a peaceful family. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom!

  255. I will plan our meals and get our clothes ready for Church.

  256. We lay out everything ahead of time so there is no (ok…less) fighting and arguing over tights and shoes etc. Also get the morning cinnamon rolls ready to pop in the oven with Hymns in the Ipod. Today I’m also preparing for tomorrow’s potluck after church and family dinner at 5pm!

  257. My son, who just turned 6, has been very vocal lately about Sunday being God’s day of rest, and that we are not resting like we should and we need to start. Looking for ways to do that, hoping to get this resource.

  258. We set clothes and Bibles out that we’ll need for church, make sure baths are done Sat. night, and plan for breakfast and usually dinner on Sunday. Makes the morning more peaceful and focused on the time for worship.

  259. We simply take the day to enjoy spending time together as a family. We play board games, watch a good movie or sometimes, we even go for a nice ride in the foothills of TN to see God’s amazing beauty.

  260. I make sure the kids are bathed on Sat. and use the crockpot for Sundays meal.

  261. The biggest help for me for Sundays is to get the meal completely prepped the night before. Then I either toss it in the crock pot Sunday morning or cook quickly as soon as we get in from church. Having things prepped is SUCH a help!!!

    Mrs. U

  262. With 6 children 8 and under (and a teenager who takes a long time to get ready)
    , getting out the door is difficult, but I have gone ahead and laid out clothes, given baths, and will get the kids to bed early tonight. I will also go to bed early myself, so I won’t be tired and grumpy in the morning!

    I am just thankful to get to go to church and praise God there. My husband works many Sundays, and I am also thankful that he will be able to join us tomorrow!

  263. Preparing as much of Sunday’s dinner on Saturday as I can really helps me to feel more relaxed on Sunday about meals. If we are having meat loaf for dinner I prepare it the day before so that on Sunday it just has to go in the oven super easy.

  264. The biggest thing for us is to have the food planned and ready. Breakfast is prepped Saturday evening and ready to be put in the oven. Lunch is planned to either be reheated leftovers, a crockpot meal or something that can be heated up in the oven using the timer. Since lunch is normally much later than normal, we just have popcorn and apples or some other special snack with a family movie on Sunday evening.

    The other small things that helps are getting clothes ready, diaper bag ready, and anything else that needs to be taken to church put by the door by Saturday evening.

    Sunday afternoon everyone takes a long nap.

  265. Make sure my children and I are in bed on time so we can be awake for church!

  266. For us it is Sunday ‘today’ while many readers of this post are enjoying their Saturday. So here is something for ‘today’ – I like to plan to leave for church about 10 – 15 minutes earlier than we need to. This gives a little extra time for any holdups with children, or allows us some extra time to be at church early.

    For Saturday – making sure everyone is in bed on time helps.

    We are thinking through what a Sabbath day of rest could look like for us, so this is timely. There are some great ideas in the above comment. Preparing hearts is something we need to work on.

  267. Packing all the bags and laying out clothes

  268. I make as much of the dinner as possible today, and have all the clothes ready for church tomorrow, before bed.

  269. I have never been good at this. it hadn’t occurred to me til recently to prepare for Sundays! LOL so, pre planning meals is something I am trying to get better at, especially breakfast. I would love this book with more ideas on how to make and keep Sunday special. thanks!

  270. This cerainley sounds like a wonderful book.We could certainley all better our sundays;)Thankyou for yet another opportunity as daly I am learning more about your resources available through these postings.So again I thankyou for your care and concern for so many a families!!!

  271. I need to start laying out the kiddos clothes BEFORE Sunday morning!! It will make the morning go a lot smoother, less rushed and more peaceful. Another thing I want to start doing is turning worship music on for everyone to hear throughout the house while we are getting ready that morning… to prepare our hearts πŸ™‚

  272. I like to plan crockpot meals for Sunday and get all my cleaning and chores done on Friday/Saturday, so Sunday I don’t have to do anything. I think if I set the tone for my children, they will follow.

  273. I get the kids bathed the night before and their clothes laid out so they are ready to go. I prepare as much of the meals ahead of time so it’s quick and easy.

  274. Buying shoe racks helped us a lot. Everyone’s clothes and shoes laid out the night before helps Sunday morning go so much smoother at our house.

  275. I like to read the lessons for Sunday ahead of time, so if I have to deal with a child during the readings, I know them anyway. Also, if I plan what to eat ahead of time, it makes the day go more easily. But the biggest stress is getting my husband out the door on time. Since there is little that I can do to move him, I will vow, to not get angry about it.

  276. I definitely need to focus on preparing meals for Sunday earlier in the week. I seem to wing it on Sat and Sun and it doesn’t work!

  277. We need to start Sunday off, by preparing Sat night. I am very bad a preparing a head of time.

  278. Prepare as much as possible the night before

  279. We honor the Bible Sabbath which was today, Saturday (biblically from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday), that the fourth commandment is talking about. We plan our clothes for Sabbath during the week, make the food for Sabbath ahead of time, and get our youngest’s quiet bag ready. We love candles on Sabbath so we have special candles and also flowers on the table when we can.

  280. I don’t cook. We have left overs, a super easy meal, or my hubby makes spaghetti

  281. One thing I can do personally for being better prepared for Sunday is to get to bed earlier on Saturday night so I can rise earlier and properly get my family ready for church. We are in language school right now so church is not in English and it is amazing how much more you can understand when your brain is able to focus better! I don’t have any of your resources yet but have heard great things about them and look forward to one day having some of the resources myself.

  282. We will make sure everyone has clothes layed out so we are not trying to find things to wear last minute.

  283. Sunday is mandatory nap day in our house, and Sunday evening is a family activity. We try to do special activities or projects together. We often end the day by dancing in the back yard while eating ice cream!

  284. We try to get house work and other errands accomplished on Saturday so there isn’t a stress of trying to prepare for Monday on Sunday as starting the week ‘behind’ is really hard for me πŸ™‚

  285. A thorough study of the Bible and history reveals that Saturday (the seventh day as stated in the 4th commandment Ex. 20, and repeated throughout the Bible) is God’s true Sabbath rest day. History reveals that the early Catholic church changed the day to Sunday (see the The Convert’s Catechism of Catholic Doctrine or research it on the internet, or watch “The Seventh Day” on Throughout the week we prepare for Sabbath. On Friday we prepare special food for Sabbath, clean our house, set out our clothes and get our baths. We are ready for Sabbath by sundown. We have a special meal and Bible study with friends Friday night. Sabbath is spent at church and with family, friends and nature. We wouldn’t trade anything for this special day with God. Sabbath is a delight!

  286. We try to have all that can be planned out… planned out and ready! meals/clothes, etc… ready for a great start to the Lord’s day! We start the day out w/good music playing as we get ready for church… gets a new song in our hearts! πŸ™‚

  287. Tonight,I’ll get our clothes and Bibles ready for the morning. I’ll make sure the kitchen is tidy. I’ve enjoyed reading all of the comments and have realized that I need to prepare more for Sunday. Thanks everyone.

  288. We have a simple breakfast on Sunday mornings (boiled eggs and toast). For lunch we alternate between eating at Grandma and Grandpa’s and eating at home. When we eat at home, we have soup for lunch. Then supper is always “snack supper” which the kids love. They get a dish filled with cut up fruit and veggies, cheese and crackers, raisins, prunes, and whatever other finger food we have in the house. This way I don’t have any real cooking to do on Sunday.
    I may just have to start getting their clothes and Bibles ready to go on Saturday evening. So often, we are suddenly searching everywhere at the last minute for a missing Bible or pants or pair of socks.

  289. Michelle Cranford

    We get all that we can ready the night before (bath, clothes, kids bags ready, drinks in refrig to take for kidos, bed on time, food ready…). We pray at dinner that the Lord would prepare our hearts aned minds to be focused on Him and worship in spirit and in truth.

  290. keep my mind focused on God while am doing the things i do tomorrow.

  291. Michelle Cranford

    ROMANS 14:5-7
    5 One person esteems one day above another; another esteems every day alike. Let each be fully convinced in his own mind. 6 He who observes the day, observes it to the Lord;[a] and he who does not observe the day, to the Lord he does not observe it. He who eats, eats to the Lord, for he gives God thanks; and he who does not eat, to the Lord he does not eat, and gives God thanks. 7 For none of us lives to himself, and no one dies to himself.

  292. Our family cleans the day before Sabbath, this way we can enjoy a day of rest and don’t feel tempted to clean.

  293. Today, I prepared my children’s clothes before bed, so that there is not the rush in the morning to find everyone matching socks and outfits! Also, food is prepared to serve directly after church, with minimal effort. I really need to improve in Sabbath day preparations…

  294. We can get Monday’s clothes, lunches done on Saturday night so that we don’t have to prepare for Monday on Sunday evening. That is something that we sometimes don’t think about when we plan to rest on Sunday πŸ™‚

  295. My kids always get a bath Saturday evenings. I can make cinnamon rolls to pop into the oven in the morning.

  296. I need as much help in this area as I can get. I have 4 kids 5 and under and while Sundays are great days they are not always restful ones. Tonight I was going to get everything set out like I normally do, but decided to just read and meditate on the passage that Pastor is talking about tomorrow. I need to prep my mind and heart for tomorrow.

  297. For years, my husband has led our family in an evening devotion. On Saturday nights we pray for each pastor, teacher, worship team, and many individuals in our congregation. It helps to prepare my heart for what will happen the next morning during Sunday school and the morning service.

  298. Pre-make or set up a crock pot dinner.

  299. At our house, we actually go beyond just laying out our Sunday clothes….we make every effort on Saturdays to get our clothes all planned out for the week – each child has hangers marked Sun. – Sat., that’s where they hang the outfits that they’ll wear during the upcoming week. We’ve discovered that this saves us loads of time in the mornings.

    For breakfast, I will either prepare something “fun” like fresh bread with honey butter or jam, or we’ll deem it “cereal Sunday” when I haven’t prepared a baked goodie. My children don’t get to eat much cold cereal – it is reserved for certain Sundays – so that is a real treat for them. We just went to the store today, so it looks like bowls, spoons, and a new box of cereal will greet them when they enter the kitchen after waking up tomorrow! πŸ™‚ They’ll be thrilled!

    We eat a fellowship meal with our church family every Sunday after our church meeting, so I prepare my contribution to the meal sometime on Saturday. Though, today I did receive an unexpected blessing – I was supposed to prepare tomorrow’s main dish, but this evening a sister called and said that she ended up the week with more food than expected so asked me not to make any additional food for tomorrow. That was sweet – this allowed my husband and I to enjoy a little “found time” together tonight…very nice.

    Finally, like others, I also make sure that the diaper bag is fully packed, and that the children’s church bags are ready to go – everything is placed in our “church basket” which we just scoop into the trunk of our car on our way out in the morning. Since we eat such a nice fellowship meal midday on Sundays, my children have also learned to enjoy our typical Sunday evenings meals at home – popcorn and green smoothies….. healthy and light – also not a lot of clean-up, which is great!

    I look forward to reading more about what others do to set the Lord’s Day apart.

  300. I’ve been wanting to do more scripture memory and reading with our children, so I’ve picked out a book to read in the morining as well as some verses we will be working on. The verses are all on 3×5 cards waiting for us at the table.

  301. I’ve been thinking about this very issue lately. So today I made sure the house was all clean so that we won’t wake up to a messy house. I also started preparing our dinner meal tonight, so I won’t be in such a rush tomorrow.
    Julianne πŸ™‚

  302. I try to have coffee made and breakfast Planned. Thank you all gor wonderful advice, I will NEED to read it all sometime, I have never thought about many of these things.

  303. I got all of the housekeeping done on Saturday, so that tomorrow will be and feel more restful.

  304. I prepare all the food, etc. on Sat. for Sunday’s church activities. Lay out clothes. Also do all my housekeeping chores and do not go to the grocery store on Sunday’s. I try to plan outdoor activities which us keep me in touch with nature, and emphasize all the greatness in the things GOD has created.

    * Note, I am a grand mother of 8 grands and a mother of 3 grown children. So, some of this material applies to me as a grand parent and not a parent. But this is for people of all ages. Any winning prizes of course will go to my grand children!!

  305. To prepare for Sunday TODAY I need to get off this computer and start getting ready!

  306. We try to have our church clothes ready the night before and also have all Bibles and notebooks by the door ready to go.

  307. This has really inspired me to do a better job planning for Sundays. We try to bath everyone the night before, but there is so much more that I could be doing. Thanks for reminding me.

  308. We make sure we don’t have any errands to run and that Sundays can be a day for worship and family time… usually doing something outside to appreciate God’s beautiful creation.