Our One Year Anniversary! Time for a Giveaway!

It’s been a year since we launched this blog! It’s been fun getting to “know” some of you a bit, and our prayer is that God will use what you read here to encourage and equip you. I know I’ve grown and have been encouraged as I wrestle through one post after the other, and as I read some of your stories. The blog world certainly helps us connect more with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ! Thanks for joining us here, and taking the time to read at least some of the time!

To celebrate our one year anniversary, we would like to give away a few things!

We’ll randomly draw a different winner for each of the 14 prizes below on Monday, March 19. The only required entry is to comment on this post and tell us one topic or question you’d like to see discussed on this blog.

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  1. Do you have any suggestions or resources on parenting special needs children? I have a 9-year old daughter adopted from Guatemala and she need high structure which I understand, but she also needs high nurture. Do you have resources to help connect with children?

  2. I love your blog! I really like your character training ideas and would love to see more of that. Thanks!

  3. I would love to hear ideas about how to stay focussed on Him throughout my busy days homeschooling and caring for my children. Oh … and I’ve been greatly encouraged by your blog!

  4. How do you bring Joy to your home?

  5. Suggestions for keeping young teenage boys active in mind and body.

  6. I’d love to get some “first time obedience” tips… thanks!

  7. The parenting helps are much appreciated! Our issue lately is disrespect, also how to teach gratitude.

  8. I’ve got 3 boys and some days living in a house full of males is exhausting. Coping tips for raising boys are always welcomed!

  9. I like the ‘first time obedience’ idea
    Congrats on a year ~ I remember when you began & I always enjoy when your posts arrive in my inbox 🙂

  10. My family really has enjoyed your products and your tips are so valuable. Thank you for your ministry!

  11. Oops, I forgot my question. Lately we’re having issues with nighttime and the younger ones staying in bed. We’ve dealt with this before, but now we have 2 that go to bed at the same time and nothing seems to be working. I guess that would fall in line with first time obedience as well. How do you handle it?

  12. I would love more ideas on character training.

  13. We have benefited much from your suggestions on simple ways to show the kids vast Truths of God. Thank you so much! I would be interested in seeing ways that the children can physically do some of these explanations with one doing and another explaining what the truth lesson is. It seems that when they come up with the lesson, it sticks much better than if Mom is always explaining.

  14. Besides being a model myself as to starting out the day productively for God verses wanting to play, are there some helpful ways to encourage serving instead of self gratifying from the get go?

  15. I appreciate so many of the blog posts because they come at a time we need them. We’ve been dealing with lying (over “little” things) and a general lack of respect for me lately. Those would be good right now, but so often your posts come just when I needed to read about a particular topic.

  16. I would love to see some posts on dealing with pre-teen/teen attitudes. :-/

  17. I have really enjoyed your blog over the past year! Thank you so much for your encouragement. I would love more on character training, particularly developing diligence and initiative in our children.

  18. I love your materials. They have been a blessing to us. I’d like to know more about ideas to motivate our children to share and also to obey quickly. Thanks!

  19. I would love to see more on Sibling rivalry for older children. ie 7-teens

  20. I have greatly enjoyed little peeks of wisdom in your life from you looking back into your homeschool life. It has really spoken to me and helps me to not be so school work focused. I would like to hear more ideas on helping children develope a more real and stronger relationship with our Lord, how to get them to enjoy and stick with a quiet time without having to force them to do it. That would really help me with a new conviction ive been having lately. Thank you!

  21. I’ve always enjoyed your character training posts…keep ’em coming! 🙂

  22. I personally like the blog that comes to my email. The topic seems to cover what I am going through and usually lifts me up when I need it the most.

  23. Happy Anniversary! Love your blog and all the wisdom that you share. I would love to hear Doorposts advice on how to keep the focus of raising Kingdom children into their teen years. How do you keep your focus on seeking first God’s kingdom when academics seem to often cloud the way?

    Shirley Ann

  24. One year already? Congratulations! I would love to see a post regarding competition/jealousy among young siblings.

  25. I love the encouragements and exhortations that your blog offers! They’re quick to read but full of meaning and challenge. Thanks so much for sharing what God has taught you as you serve your family.

    I would like to hear your wisdom on the difference between manipulating your children and appealing to their conscience.

  26. Your catalog has always been my go to source for unique gifts at Christmas and your child training materials have been such a blessing to our family. So, naturally I was excited when you started this blog. I have felt such encouragement as you have allowed us to peek into such a beautiful family. I love hearing about how you interact with your older children and how they interact with each other. Please include more on teaching love, mutual respect, and God/family relationships for older teenaged children in that stressful period of becoming more independent and making life decisions. Thank you so much and congrats on your one year anniversary!

  27. I love your blog. I would love to read about more lessons from Instruction in Righteousness. Thanks

  28. I enjoy reading your blog. I’d like to see more posts on how we can raise children to serve & love others.

  29. Our biggest issue right now seems to be our children’s attitude toward each other not being kind, respectful and cheerful. Ideas with dealing with this would be appreciated.


  30. i like to see ideas on cheap ways to spend time as a family! we love outdoors and do that a lot but what are other ways to spend time with your kids and instill in them God’s word

  31. I have been so pleased with your attention to be a Godly example. I would love to see more about discipline.

  32. I love your blog! And your If-Then and Blessing charts are wonderful tools! Don’t know what I’d do without them! I could use some ideas on fostering love between siblings. We just got back from a week with our extended family. They were sweet as pie to their cousins, but now that we’re home, they’re being awful to each other!

  33. Thanks for the great advice! Please do some posts on how to curb complaining.

  34. Thank you so much for your encouraging blog and for hosting the giveaway. I think it would be neat to hear any ideas you have about Scripture memory techniques for little ones.

  35. I need lots of help with first-time obedience!

  36. Thank you for being led to start this blog, posting such great content, and providing this opportunity. I would love to see godly advice and tips for teaching children that they don’t need to be entertained all of the time – always looking for the next “fun” thing.

  37. I really enjoy your blog! It always seems your posts are exactly what I need to hear each morning! I would love to hear more teaching my children to apply the character qualities to their lives!

  38. I’d like to see more about what to do if you got a late start and already have problems, rather than the (normal, correct, easier?) path of starting when they’re born…

  39. How do you deal with the regret over things you should have done/studied/areas where you look back and feel you let your children down? Thank you for your encouragement – and I love all the pictures.

  40. What a blessing your blog has been to our family.
    We would love to hear any discussion on serving ideas as a family!

  41. I’ve been so blessed by your blog this past year. It’s like being a small part of your family. 🙂
    Do you have any “creative” ideas or a resource that I can go to regarding consequences for your “If Than” charts and “Blessing” charts?
    Thank-you. 🙂

  42. I love your website. Thank you. I should like to learn more about what to do when a teenage child always says: “No, I don’t want to.”

  43. Hello, have been loving your blogs all year. I’ve probably “shared” half of them on my fb page! No particular topic, just more about how we can continue to raise our children Biblically and using scripture to mold them. Neither my hubby or I were raised by born again parents so we learn a lot of scripture right along with the kids!

  44. I would love any ideas on how to get children motivated to help around the house and to do school when it is time.

  45. Happy Blogiversary! I would love for you to discuss preparing girls for their changing bodies and teaching them about becoming a woman.

  46. I have really enjoyed your child training posts and would love to see more. Specifically, I’d also love to read advice about getting started in homeschooing with a kindergartener as our oldest.

  47. Great giveaway! I always enjoy your practical tips/lessons from the Bible. Love incorporating these into our family’s Bible studies.

  48. I struggle with time management with working full time and my children being ages 7-26…… I find myself so wrapped up in the daily stuff that I don’t take the time I need to for myself. Not, the selfish kind of time, but the time that I need to be quiet before the Lord.

  49. Thank you for your encouragement through this blog. I would love to hear how other sisters in Christ practice (with grace 🙂 ) the life of “praying without ceasing” on their own and with their children.

  50. I’d love to see more on how to help siblings get along better. I have a mildly OCD child who chooses to let his brothers’ actions annoy him to the point of melting down & screaming/hitting them. Nothing I’ve tried reaches this child, and it is sad. His brothers are not intentionally annoying him about 90% of the time. I’m at a loss.

  51. I am not sure, but right now we are using your “Seven things God Hates”. It has really helped us focus on something as a family and work on as a family.
    You blog and products are a blessing.

  52. Just found your blog! LOVE, LOVe, LOVE it! Im looking forward to going through all your past post!!

  53. I would love to see some posts about tweens and attitude.

    Congrats on a year! 🙂

  54. I have really enjoyed your blog posts. There have been many times I have used them as part of our morning devotional. My kids love them! I would love to see more blogs on growth and character development.

  55. WOW, a year has already gone by? I’m so glad that you all started this blog and have kept it going! What a blessing the Forester Family is to all of us in the homeschooling community!

    I think that a blog or series or even a book on homeschooling through difficult times, and encouragement for continuing Bible reading through these difficult times (specifically for myself, grief).

    Also, a Proverbs 31 post from Pam, please! Encouragment to not let the computer become an idol. Thank you!

  56. Congratulations! Your blog has been an encouragement to me this last year! It would be helpful if you could give some insight to those of us who are going to start homeschooling soon. I have a 4 year old that will begin sooner that I am ready and I feel overwhelmed with choosing a curriculum, setting up a school routine, and feeling inadaquate to teach her well.

  57. I really love to read your posts on character training. I don’t think I can get enough of thoses. They are really encouraging and my kids respond really well to them (we also use them as morning devotionals).

  58. Anything on raising/ homeschool a bunch of boys! We have 3 boys and some days are better then others but almost always a challenge. =)

  59. Encouraging sibling love for one another. 🙂

  60. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

    Topic Suggestion: How do I start to teach my rambunctious 2-year-old boy about Jesus? Where do I begin?

  61. I have often find myself wondering what to do with long car trips, you’ve got a huge abundance of time together – which is usually so hard to come by. I find myself scratching my head trying to come up with ways to fill the time profitably and make good use of it instead of just trying to make it to the end!

  62. I enjoy this blog very much. I have four daughters and enjoy anything written about being “set apart” from the world. Choosing friends wisely, maintaining pure standards and not conforming to the messages the world is sending young ladies today. Thank you

  63. Would also love to hear about teaching diligence in children! That one seems so challenging – and reaching their hearts about it too, not just finding a system of some sort that motivates them with outward or selfish things like rewards, but really teaching them to have a heart to serve and give and step up to the plate in regards to their responsibilities! You all have been such a blessing, thank you for all that you give in order to bless others!

  64. How do we bring more joy into our home?

  65. Love you blog! I’d like to see more affordable charts for chores, bible memororization, etc for children

  66. I’ve just found your blog. So many encouraging things here. I’m really looking forward to going through all your past posts! I am currently struggling with limiting/allocating video game time for my son.

  67. What a wonderful blog–one of my very favorites! Personally, one of my favorite books is “Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit.” I’d like to see even more posts along those themes. Also, how to deal with self-doubt and the nagging feeling that we’re not doing enough to prepare our kids, schooling “correctly”, etc. Time management is also a biggie!

  68. Love your blog! I would like to see blog about older teens making decisions such as college, work, etc. and following Gods plans for them.

  69. I would like to enter your anniversary give-away.
    I have trouble figuring out whether I should make my son sit and do his workbook work even though he hates it because it is a good curriculum, and there will always be things he doesn’t want to do that need to be done, or should I find a curriculum that is fun for him? I would love to see some discussion on this. Should it all be fun and games as long as they are learning, or do our children also need to learn to do things they don’t want to do if they are really learning from the curriculum?

  70. Thank you for a great giveaway! I would love to see more in the area of homeschooling (or preschooling) small children.

  71. Any ideas for a first-year homeschooler? Especially how to do it with so many younger children? My oldest will be 5 this summer, but I will have 3 younger ones in the home, one of them a newborn, as well.

  72. I think being reminded of our role as God’s servant in parenting is always helpful – that while we have a huge role and responsibility in our children’s lives, it is ultimately up to God and not our performance since we are sinful and will not do it all perfectly – being reminded of that grace is always reassuring when I am piling on the mommy guilt (and thus pride) for not doing my job as a parent as well as I know I should.

  73. Stephanie Hjorten

    Thank you for the blessing that your blog is to me. I think it would be great to see more posts on Christian inspired crafts. Also, when doing a lesson on St. Patrick at church, I didn’t find alot of information out there. Maybe you have done some interesting activities as a family that you’d like to share about this day.

  74. I love reading your blogs especially a recent one 7 Things God Hates…..loved it!
    Amen on Jami Whaley’s suggestion….need some help with preteen/teen attitudes.
    Also, one thing I know myself and many Americans are having a rough time with is with the economy, husband no job for over 3 years now and myself working 2 jobs(sometimes not seeing my kids but mornings waking up, maybe making it home before they go to bed, it’s hard to stay focused on Him and positive for my kids, much less the strain on our marriage.

  75. I would love to see more posts about stubborness and willful disobedience.
    My daughter, six, has been diagnosed with OCD and her teacher has an awful time with her obeying and completing her work.
    I pray you have many more years on your blog, I am still devouring it daily.

  76. Thank you for your posts. We are raising a grandchild with cognitive disabilities who “infuses” other people’s stories into her life. It may be developmental but we are struggling to help her live & tell real stories & the truth. She understands lying is wrong & God hates it. Yet, she loves to talk& embellishes everything. She has receptive & expressive language difficulties. Any help?

  77. Thank you for your sharing your Biblical wisdom on parenting! I love reading your rich insights and practical tips, and have often shared them in our morning devotional.
    I would love more tips on combating sibling rivalry.

  78. This blog is such a blessing! The hot topic in our home right now is sibling relationships. Our six children range in age from newborn to 11. Our heart’s desire is to facilitate their becoming the best of friends. We would really appreciate suggestions and encouragement in this area. Thank you for all that you do! I can’t believe it has already been a year! WOW! Congratulations.

  79. I would love to hear more about beginning to implement your ideas when the children are older. I have a 10 year old who is resistent to many of these ideas because they are new to him. My 4 year old goes right along with them. The 7 year old is in between. I have been able to get them all to try some things, but not as much as I had planned! Thanks for all that you do for families. I have been so encouraged by this site!!!

  80. I was surprised to see that it had been a year. Wonderful! Our hot-button issue is also sibling relationships. Ongoing training….. and I tend to get into a rut as to how I deal with them! We would love to win any of those resources!

  81. I’d love to hear more about sibling relationships as well. My kids 8 and 9 have really started to get at each other this past year and it breaks my heart. Also battling selfishness!

  82. How can we get through times of discouragement and grief?

  83. I would love to see more posts on raising older kids. I have 9 children ages 21 years to 22 months. Doorposts has been a part of our lives for many, many years. I treasure the support I got and the help in raising little children. Now I am entering a new stage of life with young adult children. I would love to glean wisdom in this area. All of our parents are in Heaven now, so I do not have any older people in my life.


  84. I would love to hear more about dealing with anger and willfulness.
    Love you’re blog!

  85. I’d love to hear your thoughts on meal planning!

  86. How about dealing with anger. Or wisdom for a mom whose husband isn’t interested or feels too intimated by his role of spiritual leader.

  87. I have enjoyed this blog and have been encouraged by it. I love how you have given me more of a perspective to persevere by giving me glimpses of the future by sharing your life now in terms of grandmothering and weddings. I would like to see more on attitudes, encouraging love between siblings, and being a good wife.

  88. I have trouble discerning what form of discipline to use for different situations.
    More on that would be great!

  89. Oh wow. The other commenters have named so many that I would love to hear more about. First time obedience, sibling relationships, anger, willfulness, parenting the ‘tough’ child, or those with additional struggles such as OCD, ADHD, SPD, etc…

  90. We love your blog, store, and all of your products! I think the blog post that has made the most impact on our family is the one you recently did on the 7 things that God hates. We have talked about that, prayed about those things and they are constantly on our minds in our home and when I reference it to the kids they immediately know what I am talking about. It’s been life-changing for us. I’ve even admitted to the kids some of the things that I do and have asked them to pray for me. We are changing our attitudes, thoughts and do-s around our home. Thank you so much! Keep them coming. Don’t have anything specific I’d like to request, but don’t stop!!!

  91. I love your blog and have used your products for many years of homeschooling. I would love to see you address the issue of teenagers who, in spite of being raised to be God-honoring, pure, respectful, honest and hardworking, have rebelled and want nothing more than to be like the world. Our family is struggling with this with one of our kids and it seems like we must be the only ones because I don’t see many people talking about it. Is the subject taboo or am I really the only one??

  92. Love your stuff… character training for children is always a favorite. Helpful hints on homeschooling would be great as well. Thank you!

  93. I’d love to see how to keep littles busy, while still giving them what they need each day for school!

  94. I am so glad your products exist. Thank you for marketing them! The few we own has helped our family alot.

    I would like to see an article on topics such as: when one child is strong willed and that child often influences the sibling in a non-positive manner, how to best disciple both children.

  95. I would like to hear about serving cheerfully and how to have joy even in the menial tasks. I struggle with this myself right now and I know it needs to be demonstrated to my children. I have 3 kids 6 and under and homeschool so it’s busy and overwhelming at times. Thanks for your blog!

  96. I love reading your blog. In fact, I save the posts in Word to go back and review them 🙂

    I have a strong willed child. I would love any pratical and biblical tips of helping her control her drama.

  97. I would love to see an article on how to approach the discipline of two (or more) children when one child instigates a “riot” w/ another child and then that child reacts in a non positive manner.

  98. I would like to see something on teaching siblings to think good thoughts toward each other, to help them be less likely to get offended or to accuse.

  99. I’m interested in teaching purity and modesty – two subjects that are hard to find tools on.

  100. I’m always looking for ways to explain to the kids how important it is to create a good relationship with God without beating them over the head with it. I love reading new ways to help your kids create that special relationship.

  101. Hi, I love your products. They have serve me well in disciplining my children!

  102. Yay, happy anniversary! I love your products!

  103. We have been dealing with disrespect and just flat out ignoring instructions. I would like to see some encouragement for moms to keep us on track so we don’t lose it. I often need to be reminded of what God’s Word says and that it is not all about the moment, but how I use this moment will affect the future.

  104. Congras on one year! Thanks for the giveaway! We would love anything on character development and sibling relationships.

  105. I also agree with another comment on the topic of special needs. Maybe some wisdom, advice, experiences you could share in this area. We have a daughter with Down Syndrome, very special little girl!

  106. Your blog is an encouragement and help to me! Thank you for faithfully writing it. I would like to see a post about the involvement of grandparents in teaching & instructing children for righteousness.

  107. I’d love to see how/if you use any catechism teaching at home as another tool to connect character and habits to the gospel!

  108. I have really enjoyed your blog, it has been such a blessing to me! I’d love to see discussed how to parent a child with a gentle spirit. As in, how to balance discipline and encouragement with a child when they are so sensitive to their own sin and almost guilt-ridden every time they do something wrong. Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m finding that balance! Thank you!

  109. rachael montgomery

    I’d love to know how to handle teaching my children not to judge other Christian families that choose to do things we strongly believe the Bible speaks against, but also maintain their boldness for the Lord and speaking His truth in love. 🙂

  110. I echo the nighttime sleep question. With two or more littles sleeping in one room, how to keep them in bed, quiet, etc… Great giveaway!

  111. We have three special needs children… 2 boys with Aspergers and a daughter with bipolar. We struggle with behavior issues in regards to their normal stages of growing combined with each of their unique challenges. I would love more ideas on how to grow compassion and empathy in their sibling relationships.

  112. I have an active and destructive 2-yr-old, he goes from one “no no” to the next, lol. How do I teach/reason with him and/or not go crazy chasing after him non-stop? =)

  113. I would love the blessing of winning this giveaway….I am homeschooling 4 of my 5 children and I’ve noticed a real need for Doorposts resources. I would have purchased the largest kit you have recently if it weren’t for our freezer dying and needing to purchase a new one….

    Questions to ask: How would you incorporate these resources for children with a brain injury and a child with ADHD?

    Our biggest needs right now, I think are respect for parental authority and how to treat siblings kindly, with respect and without agressive behaviors….What do you suggest?

  114. I would like advice on how to discipline my children on stealing food and lying. We have 5 girls with #6 on the way aging from 9-2 1/2 yrs old

  115. Congratulations on one year of blogging! I appreciate your wisdom and your resources. I would like to see more about pressing on as a parent. In a large family as the older ones grow up and begin to leave home we still need to pour into our little ones!

  116. How to balance homeschooling with housework..i seem to be able to do one thing well, but not both!

  117. Our family has enjoyed reading your blog and using your products. We have just started really studying Proverbs and the kids amaze me with how well they listen and try to grasp the meaning of each scripture so they can match it to the pictures. What I would love to read from you one day is concerning children and their relationships with the opposite sex. It seems that I am surrounded by family and friends who “think it’s cute” when one of my kids (who are only 6 & 9) are friends with one of the opposite sex, and then family & friends proceed to tease them about being boyfriend or girlfriend. I cringe every time this happens and try to explain that we are not raising our children to believe it’s ok to have either. How can I get through to these people and make sure that my children learn what is biblical?

  118. I’m gonna have to repeat the request for special needs help. We have a hard time connecting spiritually with our oldest daughter. She lacks communication for several reasons and I’m never really sure what she understands. We did use your Hidden Treasures book and enjoyed using illustrations with her.

  119. I am in for the “first-time obedience” and also how to help little boys enjoy school more.

  120. Thank you for your wonderful resources! I have several charts and “Plants Grown Up” and they are excellent! Finding long periods of time to study Gods word is so difficult with little ones, homeschool, farm life, bible study … what is the best way to show our children that example of loving the word of God without neglecting their needs?

  121. I homeschool my 5&9 year olds who also share a room. This means they spend ALOT of time together! I’d be interested in tips for those days that they have just had enough of each other….
    Happy Anniversary!

  122. I’ve been so blessed by your blog for this past year! Thank you so much!

  123. One issue that I would love to see addressed on this blog is that of children lying. A close friend of mine has this issue with one of her children who sneaks things and lies about it. Sometimes my friend suspects the child, but doesn’t know for sure if it was that child who did it and therein lies the problem!


  124. One thing I can never seem to hear enough about is how to manage multiple schedules and multiple ages, gracefully and lovingly, while still getting house “stuff” done!

  125. LOVE your blog! I would love to read about anger in girls and dealing with laziness. LOVE your blog!

  126. Congratulations and thank you for your wonderful blog!

    We would love to hear more about the transition years–from 18-20. How did your relationship grow and change as your sons reached this age. As their Mama, how did you respond when they started to blossom into their own unique people, and to like things that made you a little uncomfortable? How was it different between your sons and daughters? Is it rebellion when our children do not take on our convictions? It seems there is much support for the early years of child training, and then it jumps to courtship—but aren’t there are some critical years in between? We have found that even our close friends seem to clam up, and be holding their breath for the last stretch of the the teens and early twenties. Perhaps it is just us???

    Thanks again for your gift of this blog!

  127. I am working on obedience, anger issues, and respect. Thanks for blogging! I love it!

  128. I have 7 children, 5 bio and the youngest 2 adopted from foster care. My youngest two are 3 and 4 years old and come from a traumatic past. I homeschool, annoy ideas on homeschooling trauma impacted kids that seek control over everything!! We are working on character issues, however I would love ideas on how to help these kiddos more!

  129. I would like to learn more ways to teach our children to protect their hearts and be “in the world but not of it” in a world so full of influences. i.e. tv, movies, books and friends who are allowed to see things that we don’t.

  130. Meant to say “any ideas” not annoy. Sorry

  131. I LOVE your materials! They have been a true blessing to me in raising my four children! I would love to see a discussion on what to do when a believing husband knows the right things to do, but refuses to take the leadership role in raising the kids and leading the family.

  132. I always enjoy your articles, just don’t post much myself. As far as questions, can you please keep up the good encouragement and biblical guidance? I think that would be great. (:

  133. I would love resources for children who aren’t yet old enough to read.

  134. A good topic for us would be growing an attitude of helpfulness and kind words towards siblings.

  135. I have a wonderful life and a great family. My one difficult spot is dealing with my son with asperger’s. My husband and I have talked about how others don’t understand him because he looks “normal” but doesn’t always act normal. The truth is, I sometimes forget this as well. He is very high functioning. I know he can’t control his reactions when he is upset. I know I *should* control myself. But sometimes, I have an awful time being patient and understanding with him. I would love to see something Biblical on your blog about caring for special needs children when you don’t see anything but the bad behavior. Thank you.

  136. Wow, 1 year. Our family has been blessed by your entries and resources. Thank you!

  137. My oldest daughter is VERY shy. Often when people (many who she LOVES) talk to her, especially if I am around or she is first getting dropped off somewhere or going somewhere, she ignores them, hides, refuses to engage, etc. How do we work on this? I try and maneuver situations so this isn’t as much of an issue….get places early so she has time to adjust and acclimate before people show up, etc., but how can I tell if she’s just being rude, or she just isn’t ready to engage yet? How do I discipline for this type of rudeness?

  138. I love the character training posts and projects! Right now we’re working hard on putting our siblings first and being each others best friend. Doorposts is a blessing in our home! 🙂

  139. I love reading your posts and would love to have the charts and other materials to use with my 2 and 5 year olds!

  140. I would love to discuss how to keep our young girls focused on home without breaking their exploratory spirit. My children don’t seem to value home or the responsibilities of taking care of the space, things, and each other inside of it.

  141. more posts on saving time

  142. There are SO many things I don’t know that I’d love to read about. My kids are 3 and 17 months (and one on the way) I have several of your posts saved for re-reading because they have encouraged me a bunch! 🙂 To be honest the number one thing I’d love to read your thoughts on is carrying out the punishment side of disciplining; did you guys use in spanking? Loss of privileges? Or have you found a different method?

  143. I love your products and blog. I am interested in more suggestions training and obedience for toddlers.

  144. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful blog. I would love to see posts for kids who typically don’t line up with what most would consider appropriate for their age. Either behind or advanced and how to reach them at their level when they don’t necessarily line up both with age expectations and across domains.

  145. Anything on character training…thank you!!

  146. Helping brothers and sisters to be great friends.

  147. What about when you’ve messed up the first few years and need to back up and start a few things over.

  148. How about dealing with fears vs disobedience~ Because there is a real difference, but discovering it, and then figuring out how to deal with the “Fear” (phobia~ with physical reactions…. blood pressure drop, etc….) in a loving manner is something that I could use some help with.

  149. I love everything I have. The blog is a daily insipiration. I can`t get enough of anything related to Biblical child raising. thanks

  150. Thank you for the giveaway, and congrat’s on the 1 year. I have always loved your products. I would like to hear what you have to say about Middle school children. How to deal with their sometimes disrespect and talking back, and would you handle things the same way as younger children. I know the scriptures dont change, but the way we deal with the children changes. I would love to see your point of view with scripture on this. Thank you and God bless, nancyt.

  151. Thank you for wonderful, biblically sound advice. My son will be one in April. Two questions…How and when should you start disciplining and what suggestions do you have for moms transitioning from worjing to staying at home?

  152. I would like to know more about gifted children and character training.

  153. I love your website and consider it a huge answer to my prayer for wisdom in parenting! Thank you for sharing your gifts. I would love any extra insight/tips on encouraging first time obedience.

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    And, how to deal with attitudes that express in tone of voice!

  155. I’d love to see sibling rivalry discussed. Thanks for your blog and ministry!

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  157. LOVE the weekly character projects – use this w/ my girls each week. We are coming alongside our pre-teen daughter in guiding her through all the changes/emotions & trying keep her focused on God and His truth rather than how she “feels” at any given moment. Any practical tips on this would be great!

  158. I’m newer to your blog so you may have had this previously. But do you schedule your bible times with children? When do you do them and how do you go about it? Do you read through the bible in order or do you have a lesson plan?

  159. suggestions for parenting children on the autism spectrum. We deal daily with meltdowns, children freezing up and shutting down. Parenting my first 5 was a breeze compared to the younger 5. Many days I feel like I’m in over my head.

  160. I love your products. We are currently using the polished cornerstones book with our 13 year old and have enjoyed watching our daughter dig into character issues. I like reading the blog I love to read about character training with our children.

  161. What a lovely blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas and helpful hints with the rest of the world 🙂 I’d like to hear more about fun ways to teach scripture to young children. My girls are 1, 3, & 5.

  162. How to balance multi aged levels of educating, and run a family business… Blessings

  163. I’d love to see some more of your Character Training posts. We need more of that around our house.

  164. Hyper-emotional responses from children.

  165. I would love to see more topics relevent to adult single young ladies discussed.

  166. Thank you for your insights! I would love to hear more about how we can make sure we’re dealing with our children’s hearts (and helping them change) and not just their behavior.

  167. I would like more character training ideas and also we have been having issues with our 3 year old not wanting to eat dinner or lunch, discipline is not helping, any suggestions would help. And the same child also we are having trouble with him at bed time not wanting to stay in bed.

  168. I am working on dealing with my own impatience when I get frustrated with my children. I would love suggestions on how to keep my own impatience tempered down and instead respond with a less harried and hurried tone.

  169. I can always use advice on how to keep a marriage healthy with all the demands of homeschool! I so appreciate all of the encouragement that you give!!

  170. I love it when you address specific issues, like tattling or sharing. I’ve read much about that, but sometimes it helps to hear a refresher in the middle of my struggles! Congrats on 1 year!

  171. How to deal with shy children when they shut down and will not socialize with others in public situations (church, restaurants, stores, etc.). Also, first time obedience would be great as well!

  172. I love encouraging words from this blog.

    I would be interested in topics on encouraging your husband and his vision for your family. Or even trying to find out what that is?

  173. I’d be interested in insights toward encouraging children to develop beneficial friendships. Our kids come into contact with various kids in the neighborhood as well as at church. Helping them (and us as parents) discern who to spend time with and how much for what type of activities is a challenge.

  174. Would love help,on stopping the whining and arguing!

  175. I would love to see you discuss how to train children for a ministry/serving mindset.

  176. I have really loved this past year in reading your blog! I would like to see some posts about keeping your teenager grounded in their faith. I’ve heard so many people say their children have walked away from the church. My husband and I were saved later in life…only 6 years ago.

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  180. I would love to hear more about raising industrious children.

  181. We have “As Unto the Lord” and would love to see more marriage stuff!

  182. I would love to use a book about gender roles and children, that I could teach my boys and girls from at the same time

  183. I, too, have been loving the Doorposts blog! And the amount you post is just right…enough to keep me wanting more, but just enough for me to digest a week. 🙂 I’d like to see more on character training specific to the different sexes. Especially little girls!

  184. Tried to leave a comment above while entering, but couldn’t. Our family enjoys your products. We are currently going through The Brother Offended Checklist and learning the bible verses. One a day. One topic I would be interested in is “What to do when a child struggles with sin” or “How to help a child who struggles with sin”.

  185. Much thanks for following God’s plan…….We have been having trouble lately with our son waking up in the middle of the night and getting into things he is not allowed to have…. He is my oldest, would you have advice on this situation for any mothers that are going through this same thing??

  186. I would love to see some real life situations discussed for families that have a child (16) who is disobedient no matter what you do, will lie even about the smallest things, manipulates everyone in his life even those who only bless him and is getting worse. We have been trying everything and know what doesn’t work but can’t find out what will work. How do you prevent this from happening to the siblings too who are younger without losing your mind or feeling like a failure of a parent everytime he acts out.

  187. I always enjoy object lessons to share with kiddos to teach God’s truth.

  188. I would also like to see posts on encouraging closer relationships among siblings.

  189. I wasn’t able to figure out how to leave a comment while entering, so I’m commenting here. I’d like to see the blog address how to help an older child with knowing how to correct an adult in a respectful manner and learning how to wait in a conversation to respond, rather than interrupting. Doorposts is a terrific resource for parenting wisdom!

  190. Thank you Pam, Daniel, and the whole team. This blog is a blessing.

    I am at the end of a pregnancy, and physically, I don’t feel very well. I am struggling to stay cheerful and even kind to my family. If my attitude is wrong, it becomes impossible to bless my husband and to instruct my children in righteousness. I would love some testimonies and scripture that would help to steer me in the right direction.

    Thank you for your labor in the Lord,

  191. I found your products a little over a year ago, just before you launched the blog. I really enjoy both the products and the nuggets of wisdom from your blog. Haven’t had a chance to purchase much, but keep coming back when we need something or to add to gift lists 🙂 Thanks for your faithfulness in your products and your blog.

  192. I would love to see more on the other Jewish festivals. I think they are great teaching tools to link our families into the Bible and point towards Christ!

  193. I would love to see more on weaving God into our days and activities!~

  194. I agree with all the “first time obedience” suggestions.

  195. Congratulations on a year! Topics i would love: how to stop disrespectful comments and actions, how to train gratefulness, anything for todders! Also love your everyday life practical parenting tips.

  196. Hi. I love your Ruby doll!! My daughter and I love making it together. One thing I’d like to see discussed on the blog is how to teach multiple children in the home that are different ages.

  197. I’d like some input or encouragement on how to stay focused on all the different mothering seasons when there are many going on at once. Ex. littles, middles, olders and ones leaving the nest. I guess this is a whole new season in and of itself.
    Godly wisdom in this new season of nest emptying. Thank you!

  198. Thanks for all your hard work getting resources and encouragement to so many! I would love to learn more about the balance of heart training (gently guiding and instructing in grace and love) and working on changing outward behavior (a necessary part of training, but not the focus). Also, how to pick and choose which things to work on so as not to overwhelm myself or the kiddos. 🙂


  199. I would love more tips on 1st time obedience and for disrespectful/bad attitudes. I have an almost 9 year old and we are really struggling with that. I just ordered the If/Then and Blessing charts. I cannot wait to get them.

  200. How to deal with an 8 year old that gets angry? He gets angry at his sister and angry when something doesn’t work out like he wants it. I try to get him to call down, but sometimes I can’t.
    Also, scheduling. I have a hard time getting everything done that needs to be done.

  201. Thanks for the giveaways! God bless!

  202. Congrats on one year of blogging! May God continue to bless you!

  203. Would also love some resources about siblings, as others mentioned. 🙂

  204. I’d love to win!!

    Happy anniversary!!

  205. Happy Anniversary! I unfortunately have ordered from you yet, but I’m very impressed with what I have seen. I also, have heard a lot of positive things about your books. I am very interested in Instuctions for Righteousness and plants grown up! Would love to hear more about helping boys grow up to be the men God wants them to be. Thank you for this opportunity to win.

  206. Always get excited when I see an email from you all! Our top topics would be character training and scheduling to get the household work all done well so we have more time for service to and fellowship with others. One of the biggest blessings is seeing comments from all these Christian ladies who love the Lord and desire to live their faith and pass it down.

  207. Thanks for all the work you do to help out young Christian families! More information on KJV Bible studies with primary kids would be terrific! There is a shortage of good bible study programs out there!

  208. I would love to see a post on how to encourage preschoolars to not whine! Yikes! I really deal with that a lot, and your posts on sharing were an amazing help! Thank you for all your wonderful ideas and this amazing give-away!

  209. Your family is always such an encouragement! I hope you guys can make it to MT in the near future!!! I love you encouraging words — if i may suggest a topic I would suggest encouragement for parents in the almost an adult stage — how we can guide and direct but allow them to start making their own decisions, etc. In some ways it is so much easier when they are little!!! There will be moments of failure but I know some of it I must allow. Trying to find boundaries for my “young adults” would be so helpful. I have a couple of my almost adults who think they know more than me 🙂

  210. I love your blog and am always so encouraged/motivated by your topics. For me, my greatest struggle is keeping first things first and slowing down to enjoy each moment in parenting versus rushing, rushing, and planning, planning.

  211. I would like to see more about serving others in the midst of times of selfishness. Also more on how to always keep serving God first in all things. Thanks!

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  213. I love hearing about your family. We have a teenager in our home now, and even though courting is quite a long time off, I am praying now for guidance and wisdom in this area. I’d love to hear more of your wisdom in this area.

  214. I would like to see the following topics covered in the blog-
    1. Ideas on how to raise diligent workers & helpers!!
    2. Ideas on how to eliminate sibling rivalry, etc.
    3. Ideas on how to help children take responsibility and not be blame passers or excuse makers.
    Thanks so much.

  215. How to teach respect and the concept of honoring your parents. And tips for how a wife can submit & respect her husband and be a good example!

  216. I would love to hear ideas on fostering gratefulness in our children.

  217. I would like to see more information about character schooling for kids who don’t always comprehend it because they are impulsive due to autism, ADD, etc…

  218. I would love to see some fun creative ways to memorize scripture. 🙂

  219. I just want to thank your for your all the time you spend to write on this blog. I always read everything; it has been a blessing to our children and family. The Lord bless you all. I would like to know how to deal with shyness.

  220. I’d love to hear you speak more to families of older (teenage) children who maybe got onto God’s road a little later.

  221. I am not sure if you already publish something with contentment, but that is something my family struggles with.

  222. Happy Anniversary! I would love to see posts about how to get my kids to do their chores cheerfully!

  223. I enjoy receiving your emails and I have purchased Polished Cornerstones and am working through that with my daughter. If I were to ask for encouragement in one area it would have to be because I am a single parent. I often feel that I have to “do it all” which can be overwhelming at times.

  224. My firstborn is a girl who loves to be the boss. I would be interested in ways that I can channel that bossyness in helpfulness.

    My second gets hurt (by not getting her way – or mom or dad telling her what needs to be done that is different then her idea) and then pouts. So this is another area that I would love any advice.

    Until then I will keep chipping away at these behavioral issues….

  225. I appreciate all the resources I have been fortunate to buy and use for my daughter. Thank you, our character training is coming along.

    What I would like to see is information on how to better teach my daughter that the jealousy and meanness of others is not her burden.

  226. I would like to learn how to teach my child to obey, not after threats or countdowns, but immediately after something is requested of him.

  227. I would love some ideas on teaching obedience when told the first time.

  228. I would like to read about how to deal with screaming tantrums from elementary aged children.

  229. Would enjoy seeing modesty discussed.

  230. I would like to see more posts on teaching manners to our children, in particular boys. My boys are always talking about gross things at the dinner table. It seems as though they are born with this instinct. 🙁

  231. Sibling rivalry and what to do with the kids,so they treat each other with love and respect.

  232. How to train first time obedience consistently.

  233. I LOVE Doorposts and I’m so grateful to have found you! My children are still pretty young, 5, 5, 3, 2, but they are getting old enough for more explanation in correcting them. I am such a practical person and would love to hear some “responses” you’ve found helpful over the years for correcting disobedient behavior. Just quick little responses that cut to the heart of the matter and are easy for them to remember time after time and will hide in their hearts and minds. Thank you SO much!!! Blessings,

  234. Happy Anniversary! Sibling rivalry would be of interest to me.

  235. I would like to hear more about the transition period of 12 to 13 year olds.

  236. I would love some ideas on homeschooling young boys (age 7-10). My son is sillier and is easy to be distracted. Also, he works hard on his chores, but will grumble some about having to do them. I can get him to stop grumbling with his words, but I know in his heart he would still rather be playing. We have talked a lot and memorized scripture, but I’ve seen little change. I want to raise boys who have a very strong work ethic and who are servants. Not boys who are thinking how they would rather be playing. Thanks so much for your wonderful articles. You are such a blessing!!!

  237. I would love to see a discussion on guidelines to help children see and understand what TV show are honoring to God.

  238. I am so enjoying your blog, and that I am able to share it with friends on FB. With children between 11 and 21, I could use some encouragement on staying strong for the youngers as I was with the olders.

  239. Wow! You are a popular blog! Nice to see 🙂 Anyway, something I would love to see is advice in regards to the grandparent/parent relationship. Meaning, now I am the parent and my parents or his parents are the grandparents and sometimes we just don’t know the Godly purpose of that relationship and how to respond with respect.

  240. How do you stay consistent in homeschooling and have joy doing it.

  241. there’s a million things I would love for you to write about – kids complaining would be great to address.

  242. I love your blog! Your posts seem to appear at just the right time. I would like to see you address the following issue: When families, that are friends, clash over discipline and “rules” when their children are together!

  243. Well, it changes as time goes on but right now I am dealing with teaching my children to help with house chores consistently and with a good attitude.

    Thanks for the giveaway! You are a blessing to me!

  244. We are very grateful to have found this ministry. Thank you for the incredible practical advice. How about the issue of innocence in children…especially when it pertains to other members of the family (thankfully not within our home), but cousins, Grandparents, etc. who are constantly trying to force the worldly culture on our children. We are to be salt and light and there are times when we have to be around extended family. HELP!

  245. Just reading the other comments about what issues moms have, it seems we all have a lot in common. That’s kind of encouraging – I’m not alone!

  246. I really enjoy the blog. Could you do some posts on teaching your children how to study scripture?

  247. I’d like more ideas on how to engage little ones (2 1/2 year olds) so they can learn scripture. I have triplets plus a big sister who just turned four (all girls!). To get them to all stop chattering long enough to teach them is no easy task! Any ideas?

  248. I feel like my husband and I are always addressing and correcting bad behavior, but need more preventative ideas…more life building ideas for our family instead of just correction….how to build a strong, committed, and loving relationships with and between our daughters who are 8, 7, and 4. We feel like we are drowning in drama and need some help!!

  249. I would like to see a discussion on how to find like minded friends for my teenage daughters. We live way out in the country and it has been such a challenge as my girls are in their teen years and finding like minded Christian friends is very difficult. I am wondering if I am being to careful with who they are around, or if I am just not seeking out friendships for them diligently enough, or if I am maybe not allowing them to seek their own friendships, maybe they are old enough and I am preventing a friendship. But it has been a struggle to find other teen girls with the same values, or even kind of the same values. Would love any advice on this subject.

  250. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experiences. Interested in character training, chores and responsibility building (with good attitudes), and family worship.

  251. I would love to hear read-aloud book recommendations, advice on how to help siblings treasure each other, advice on what the rules should be in terms of sharing toys (when he wants what she is playing with, how long is long enough for a turn?), how to develop self-control in my children AND MYSELF…

    Thanks so much for your wonderful ministry!

  252. How to help daughters know what to do after finishing high school and if college is a wise thing for a daughter to do. That would be a question that I’d love to see discused on here.

  253. I’ve really enjoyed your posts. As the mother of 7, soon to be 8, I love your training topics. Keep them coming.

  254. Any ideas on how to include little ones (2’s and 3’s) in household chores would be helpful.

  255. We have been working on character training and helping others…so either of those are always good 🙂

  256. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! I am always looking for ideas on how to be consistent, and what some good consequences might be . I have a nine and 12 year old.

    Terri S

  257. Doorposts,
    Thank you so much for your encouragement in raising the sweet blessings that God has given us!
    Nicole A.

  258. I have really enjoyed reading the posts the last year. Many of the helpful little tidbits have made dealing with my younger children seem to be so much eaisier. We still struggle with all the normal issues but I now have better ways to deal with things when they come up. Thank you for all the time you put into each post and for willingly sharing all your years of experience.

  259. Would love to win! I enjoy your blog and would love to see some discussions/thoughts on witnessing to loved ones who are not Christians.

  260. I would like to know more about what to do when any punishment seems not to be enough so he can change his attitude or to obey.

  261. Character training ideas.

  262. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!! What a blessing your blog has been to me & my family! Two things that I would love to see discussed are 1. being consistent & having kids obey the first time & 2. encouraging the kids to cherish one another (it’s so easy to be harsh with family & kind to others when it should be family that you are kindest to). Thank you! Lookin’ forward to reading about some of these, there were so many good suggestions!

  263. I would like to see something about how to make up for lost time. So many times I read things here and wish I’d known when my children were younger. My oldest is closer to 13 than 12, youngest is 7 with two in-between.

    And what to do when the husband, who’s a pretty good father all around, is . . . I’m not sure how to describe it . . . slow to get on-board with being intentional and pro-active about training the children. Doesn’t seem to have a vision for his family . . . or at least hasn’t communicated it to me if there is one. How does one let the husband lead when he doesn’t lead? Or leads at tortise speed while the children are growing up like peregrine falcons?

  264. Oh I love your blog! It is daily encouragement and has such great character building ideas. I would love to hear more about being a Proverbs 31 wife. That is where I, as a wife and homeschooling stay at home mom, have been growing the most and seeking God’s face about. He has really laid it on my heart this year what being a Godly submissive wife truly means. I just purchased a book recommendation you made and have recently joined the “5am Club” 🙂 I actually just requested a catalog from your Doorpost site so I could purchase your charts for my children. So it would be awesome to win some instead!! God bless!

  265. I have so enjoyed this blog…can’t believe it has been a year! I would love to see some posts about discipline…specifically obedience. I keep reading that everyone says to teach first time obedience…but none of what I read tells me how to teach first time obedience.

  266. I have a very active son who I homeschool. It is difficult to get him motivated and stop the whining. Any tricks?

  267. We have 2 boys (5 & 7) & the potty humor has started. How do you instill that its not appropriate or pleasing to God as well as resist the behavior when they are around other boys who are from ungodly homes & that is very acceptable behavior…. as well as for a mom understanding that some of that is the age & how boys are & when to let things blow over & when to instill those boundaries & values?
    also…. the TV influence from friends & teaching why those things are not appropriate using words/language for a young child. (not just “its bad”/”because i said so”) …developing the heart attitude & keeping their minds pure so they shun at the behavior in the shows.

  268. I love all the things you post! They are great and timely reminders when we hit the wall of discouragement! Thank you!

  269. I would love to see a compilation of important things to teach boys by age.

  270. Thank you for sharing your wisdom in raising children. I also am excited to see your posts in my inbox. I love any wisdom you are willing to share, it’s all useable!

  271. Happy 1 year anniversary! I would love to hear how to balance teaching your children to serve vs. time for school. I don’t want to use our day up with school and not have time to serve others, but don’t know how much school is okay to “cut” in order to be about serving.

  272. Happy Anniversary! I’ve enjoyed your blog!

  273. Love your materials and really enjoy your blog too! I’d like to see more of how to stay connected and spiritually encouraging to the young adults ( early to mid twenties or so). You know, like managing the role of being a mom yet allowing our older children ( if you can still call them that,lol) to be the adults that they are. I also agree with those that would like to see more about the, ” after high school, now what?” issues addressed. I appreciate the chance to win something in the give-away too. Thank-you for all you do!

  274. I would like to see practical ways to deal with learning difficulties and behavior problems with children. I have one dd that has struggled with learning since we started and she is in 3rd grade. Then I have my youngest ds that has behavior issues, but loves to learn 🙂 Also, practical help/ideas for sharing yourself with the kids. The blog has been such a great resource for me. I appreciate your work involved with it.

  275. How do I develop in my child the tendency toward joy? Her temperment is not such, so I’d appreciate ideas on how to teach her to choose joy, rather than complaint or unhappiness as her response to things that do not go her way. Thanks!

  276. I’m surprised to realize it’s already been a year. This is one blog I often forward to friends – the material is always very practical and backed up with scripture. I’m proud of you!

  277. I’d love to read some suggestions/ideas for teaching my girls to notice what needs done and help without being asked. I’d like to see much more “helpfulness” in their lives towards our family and others.
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog!