Advent and Christmas in Family Worship

Advent and Christmas in Family WorshipHere is a tool that will help you and your family stay focused on Christ the King throughout the busy month of December. One of our elders first wrote Advent and Christmas in Family Worship to help the families in his congregation, and he’s graciously allowed us to print hisbook and make it available to you as well.

This booklet will guide you in simple family worship times that celebrate Christ and His coming. Four weeks of devotionals weave together the Old Testament prophecies of our Savior and their New Testament fulfillments, leading up to Christmas Day. Each day has a short reading, several Bible verses to read, and a hymn or carol to sing together.

Advent and Christmas in Family Worship includes:

  • Devotional readings and discussions for each day during the four weeks of Advent
  • Hymns and carols that coordinate with each reading
  • An explanation of the Advent season and Advent Wreaths
  • Fun Advent projects and crafts to do with your children

Order printed booklets from Doorposts, or get the $2.99 Kindle eBook from Amazon and start these devotionals right away!

The giveaway winner will receive one printed book in the mail from Doorposts.

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  1. love advent season. Jesus IS the only reason

  2. I love our family tradition of new PJ’s on Christmas Eve.

  3. we always read scripture before opening our gifts and usually we are finishing up an Advent story as well such as Jotham’s Journey

  4. 3 gifts… the wise men

  5. We do shepherd socks instead of stockings. We encourage each other to put any extra money in our sock/stocking then after Christmas is over we pool the money together to give to a local charity.

  6. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. We all get new pj’s and a game to play as a family on Christmas Eve. We also love to drive around and look at Christmas lights.

  8. I love Advent this looks wonderful 🙂

  9. reading the Christmas story before opening presents

  10. We read the Jesse tree.

  11. Would love to do this with my children!

  12. We love be a part of the living nativity panorama at my parents church (where I grew up)

  13. Christmas Eve with grandparents

  14. We like to take long drives at night and look for lighted houses while listening to Christmas music.

  15. I would absolutely LOVE to have this to use with my kiddos each Christmas!!!!

  16. watching Charlie Brown’s Christmas

  17. We love to read all about Christ’s whole life during the Christmas season! Then of course on Christmas Eve, we read the story of His birth!

  18. Read from the Jotham’s Journey series, we are starting our second time through the set. Also, we all sleep under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

  19. Love this advent and pretty much everything else I have ever seen that you guys produce! Thanks for such great products that help us teach our children the real reason for the season.

  20. As we get older, our traditions change 🙂

  21. The Jesse Tree is our favorite Christmas tradition. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

  22. We do some sort of advent observation every year.

  23. We always open one gift on Christmas eve which is usually new pjs 🙂

  24. Our town has an event called “Christmas on the Square” the day after Thanksgiving. This year my husband and I played Mary and Joseph in the live nativity and our 8 month old played a live baby Jesus. It was so much fun I can’t wait to do it again next year!

  25. Having the children open up the first gift. It is the baby Jesus wrapped up with a letter from God to us.

  26. Would love to have ideas on how to teach the advent. Most of my kids are grown but we still have two little boys at home and a grandbaby on the way!

  27. We would love this

  28. Every year the children and I make candy to give away to friends.

  29. One of our favorite family traditions is opening a new pair of pjs to wear for Christmas morning!

  30. Reading the Christmas story together.

  31. Reading the Christmas Story on Chritmas Eve.

  32. Christmas morning wifesaver and reading scripture !!

  33. We have an advent calendar where every day the kids will get something fun for them and something we do for Jesus.

  34. We get pajamas on the night before Christmas eve and wear them all day.

  35. We have a white elephant gift game with the extended family – from kids to great-grandparents. It is a night full of laughs and connecting. Then an uncle reads “Christmas Tea.”

  36. Reading about Jesus and teaching the little ones the reason for the season!

  37. We get a real tree every year and read the Christmas story on Christmas Eve. This advent devotional looks great!

  38. Reading the story of the Christ’s birth straight from the Word.

  39. I would absolutely LOVE to have this to use with my girls each Christmas!!!!

  40. New tradition of advent nativity calendar

  41. opening presents with grandparents even if it is on skype

  42. We love Advent. Haven’t tried your book yet.

  43. The kids say a verse or sing a worship song before each gift that they get to open.

  44. One of the kids favorite Christmas Traditions is to put the baby Jesus in the Manger & sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, cake & all! This is done before opening presents as a reminder that this is the #1 best present ever!

  45. using our nativity calendar to count down to Christmas day.

  46. Eating lebkuchen and having coffee a lot through the holidays, for our German heritage. Everyone signing their own name on the Christmas cards. 🙂

  47. This has been on my wishlist for awhile!

  48. Advent calendar countdown, reading from advent stories by Arnold Ytreeide, a Jesse Tree and making homemade ornaments.

  49. We love to cut down a tree as a family every year. We support a widowed tree farmer who always has cookies baked and a warm fire for everyone.

  50. Reading Advent stories

  51. Oops! Didn’t finish! Our family tradition is an advent wreath using different readings each year.

  52. We usually do some form of advent- right now we have hanging ornaments that each tell a bit of the story of Christmas on it and we read one ornament a day. We watch Christmas movies on Christmas Eve as well as read from the bible Luke 2 before bed. My kids are still young enough that I know as they get older, we will probably change things up a bit. 🙂

  53. All of our family gets together and we eat a dinner together and that everyone has pitched in to make.

  54. The grinch comes to our home and plays tricks on the boys!

  55. we do some sort of advent/25 days of christmas countdown

  56. going out as a family, picking out the tree, cutting it down & then decorating it & the house…we all have so much fun! when the kids were in preschool…we made a birthday cake for Jesus.

  57. My children love a countdown! We currently use a Jesse tree theme 🙂

  58. We do the advent calendar

  59. Fondu on Christmas Eve after our church’s Christmas Eve service. 🙂

  60. Visiting a Living Nativity. Hands down our favorite part, seeing it all come to life.

  61. Driving around looking at Christmas lights and listening to Christmas music!

  62. Listening to Christmas Music

  63. Advent Calendar with different versions every year

  64. Stephanie Gudmundsson

    Reading the advent calendar every day and lighting the candles every Sunday. Hiding baby Jesus and looking for him.

  65. I would love to have this resource! One of our traditions is reading the Christmas Story from the Word on Christmas Eve and opening one present each.

  66. I love the thought of carrying on family traditions, however, I also think that when a couple gets married and has children of their own, they should create some new traditions for their family. So a few years ago on Christmas morning I had a quick idea run through my head. As we were unwrapping our gifts, I told everyone to leave the paper all over the floor. My mother-in law near had a heart attack, as she had always picked it up as quick as it fell…..when all the gifts were open I looked at my kids and asked them if they wanted to go for a swim, and dove into the massive mound of paper. My girls were thrilled and happily followed along. It has remained a tradition for the passed several years, one I hope to share with my grand kids one day. I hope some of you try wrapping paper swimming this Christmas, it’s a blast1

  67. I’ve just spent the last week finalizing our advent and trying to work in more Christ-centered things into our advent. This sounds wonderful!

  68. We always have a big Christmas breakfast with cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate, sausage, bacon, and scrambled eggs. It’s the only time in the year we have that much sugar at breakfast. 🙂

  69. on Christmas Eve we sing Christmas carols while my husband plays his guitar.

  70. We love to make “green punch” while we decorate the tree. We put lime sherbert and gingerale together, and wa-la! Green punch. We also buy store made refrigerator cookie dough, so we can eat warm baked cookies without the fuss. Throughout the season we love to look forward to Christmas as we use many of the lovely books, ornaments, tools that point us to the one who came to save us. This book looks like a wonderful addition!

  71. We always do some sort of Advent Calendar each Christmas season.

  72. Advent calendar with special activity for each day

  73. On Christmas Eve we go to my husband’s parents’ house. They are Italian and have this fabulous seafood feast. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. “Journey to Bethlehem” at a local church. It is a walk through live nativity. You even get a coin to pay your “taxes”!

  75. We enjoy reading Arnold Ytreeide’s series (Jotham’s Journey, Bartholomew’s Passage and Tabitha’s Travels). We all enjoy and anticipate Daddy reading to us.

  76. Choosing gifts from the Gospel for Asia catalog.

  77. We do Jesse tree ornaments and an advent devotion everyday.

  78. We are still developing them, changing every year. Each year we make ornaments and do lots of crafts.

  79. I love our Jesse Tree 🙂

  80. The youngest family member read the Christmas story before any gifts are opened.

  81. We really enjoy celebrating Advent every year with snacks, candles, singing, readings, and our calendar.

  82. Hubby always reads the passage in Luke on Christmas day and we always watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas some time during the season.

  83. We make a birthday cake for Jesus and sing him Happy Birthday on Christmas day. We also like to play “St. Nicholas” and do a few charity projects (buy maternity clothes for the pregnancy center, find coats for the coat drives, canned goods for the local food pantry, etc.)

  84. Present opening on Christmas Eve & then my husband & I always watch a quality romance movie like Pride & Predjudice!

  85. Jessica Hatzopoulos

    We do a Jesse Tree and this year we are reading a different Christmas book each day until Christmas.

  86. Birthday cake for Jesus and matching pj’s on Christmas morning. 🙂

  87. We would get together in the dining room and make homemade presents. Since my mom passed, my kids and I like to find charities to donate gifts to. Every year, even when we don’t necessarily have money for our own presents, we find money to buy a coat, food, ect for those in need in our community.

  88. We’ve done a Jesse Tree for several years, but we’d love to have another option and fresh perspective.

  89. Christmas Eve Pajama Dance and the Gifts I Already Have list that we add to each day in Advent.

  90. We read from Genesis to where God made His covenant to bring forth His Son, decorate the tree to music and then I give them a special little treat (Christmas mug, ornament, etc.), on Christmas we open presents late in the day because we want to celebrate Christ’s birth first. This yr. we are starting a new one…open presents before Christmas and on Christmas Day we will use that day to pass out homemade treats to all of our neighbors and go to the nursing home to visit the lonely.

  91. Attending a Walk Thru Bethlehem

  92. advent calendar

  93. French Toast Casserole for breakfast!

  94. new Christmas Pj’s on Christmas Eve!

  95. We have an advent chain with names of Jesus and corresponding Bible references that we read daily with our youngest. I hope to add shepherd’s sacks this year. Before opening gifts, we read the Bible.

  96. driving around on one night to see Christmas lights. We give each house an award: best use of color, most creative, most musical, most elegant, kids choice award, most spiritual, etc.

  97. An Advent Calendar

  98. Our children enjoy doing a Jesse Tree each year and we always want to remind them of the real reason for celebrating Christmas.

  99. Operation Christmas Child, decorating the day after Christmas, marinated pork on Christmas Eve and many others

  100. Tonight we did our annual drive around to go “Christmas light looking at,” as we call it. My parents had a box with symbolic gifts to remind us of the blessings we have in Christ–when we were younger, we opened it on Christmas Eve.

  101. Grandma always reads the “The Christ Child” to the boys from the beautifully illustrated Maud & Miska Petersham book.