Family Admission to Your Local Homeschool Convention

Homeschool workshopWe’re super excited about this giveaway! The winner will receive free admission, for their whole family, to the homeschool convention of their choice in 2013.

OCEANetwork, our state homeschool organization in Oregon, has been working hard since 1985 to secure and protect homeschool freedom, and to inspire and equip us as parents. They also do an incredible job every year with our homeschool convention in Portland. We love talking with folks at our vendor table, but we always sneak off to hear a few workshops too 🙂

A homeschool convention is a great place to get inspired with new ideas, to be encouraged to persevere, and to meet likeminded people. You might enjoy this blog post on the Top 3 Reasons to Go to a Homeschool Convention.Exhibit hallWe want to know about your favorite convention! If you win the giveaway, where will you go?

Will it be the Homeschool Book Fair in Arlington, TX?

Will it be a Teach Them Diligently conference in Omaha NE, Nashville TN, or Spartanburg, SC?

The FPEA convention in Orlando? HEAV in Richmond? The Midwest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati? CHEC in Colorado? NCHE in North Carolina?

If you’re on the West coast, look for the CHEA conventions in California, the Christian Heritage Convention near Seattle, or our hometown conference by OCEANetwork.

We’ll be supporting over 40 local homeschool conventions next year as exhibitors. Check out our 2013 list!

We didn’t want to limit this giveaway to one or two events. If you win, we will pay the admission fee for your family to attend whatever homeschool convention you like (within the fifty states of the US). Sorry, but we cannot cover travel costs or your curriculum purchases at the convention 🙂

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  1. Teach Them Diligently in SC!

  2. I would go to FPEA since I am already going to Teach Them Diligently!

  3. Midwest convention.

  4. WOW! This would be so useful for my family!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  5. We would go to the HEAV convention!

  6. the Midwest convention

  7. oh we are here in PA and absolutely love CHAP and we always take everyone and make a vacation of it!

  8. we would go to the Christian Heritage convention! what a cool idea for a giveaway!

  9. The closest one to us is in Rochester, NY

  10. The PA convention in May at the Harrisburg fairgrounds!

  11. I’ve never been to one, but I want to attend INCH in MI.

  12. Illinois Christian Home Educators conference. LOVE it! And always see you there. 🙂

  13. Probably Midwest convention 🙂

  14. MPE conference in Kansas City!

  15. Teach Them Diligently

  16. The Teach them diligently convention in SC or the Midwest convention in Cinncinnati

  17. MA Hope in Worcester, MA!

  18. New to homeschool this year neeeeeed this.

  19. We’re in the Raleigh area so we’d LOVE to go to the NCHE Conference! Thank you!

  20. We’re in Oregon, so it would be OCEAN!!

  21. Homeschool Book Fair in Arlington, TX

  22. Chap or Teach it to them diligently

  23. Portland, OR.

  24. I would go to Springfield Missouri

  25. I have never been to any homeschool conference. Probably my state one Maine.

  26. This is an awesome opportunity

  27. The FPEA in Orlando.

  28. I would go to the Arlington, TX convention.

  29. I have never been to a conference, but this appears to be the one in my state I would attend: 23rd Annual Homeschoolers of Maine Convention

  30. CAPE of New Mexico convention in April. Didn’t get to go last year so maybe this year….hint, hint. Thank you for the giveaway.

  31. we have one in tulsa and OKC

  32. Would love to go to either the southern California one or Des Moines

  33. Teach them Diligently in Nashville!

  34. OCEANetwork conference

  35. Nashville ~teach them diligently

  36. We saw Doorposts at the CAPE NM convention this year in Albuquerque, NM and would love to go again next year!

  37. Our family has never attended a homeschool conference. We would love to attend the midwest one or one in MIchigan.

  38. We would attend HEAV!

  39. That would be CHEO in Akron, Ohio!!!

  40. AFHE, AZ Families for Home Education

  41. This would be great… maybe I could get my huband to go too 😉

  42. The CHEC since I now live in Colorado. 🙂

  43. Probably Teach them Diligently….

  44. Definitely the Midwest convention in Cincinnati. My husband lost his job, so we are not sure we can afford to go this year. I REALLY want to go – it is such a wonderful time of renewal for us!

  45. Cincinnati

  46. Teach the dilligently in SC!

  47. NC state homeschool convention

  48. NCHE – I love their conference!

  49. Indianapolis, IAHE!
    A great state conference, where we first discovered Doorposts. 🙂

  50. we would go to the one in Albuquerque, NM

  51. Orlando or Jacksonville

  52. NICHE in Des Moines, Iowa

  53. FPEA, baby!! 🙂

  54. Teach Them Diligently

  55. Whichever one is closest to Twentynine Palms, CA. There is usually one in LA or San Diego.

  56. Midwest Convention

  57. APHEA in Alaska! 🙂

  58. Georgia or South Carolina

  59. Ocean Network’s OCEAN conference all the way, every year!

  60. MassHOPE

  61. Cincinnati in April

  62. This would be such a blessing to our family 🙂

  63. OCEANetwork!!!

  64. LEAH Convention in Rochester NY. This would be a huge blessing because our daughter is graduating at it!!

  65. CHEC in Colorado. I would love to go, but it’s been so expensive I haven’t been able to go in many years.

  66. Teach them diligently or Cincy.

  67. ATI in Big Sandy Texas!!!

  68. CHAP

  69. This would be my first convention

  70. Heritage in Washington State. We really want to go this year with the whole family.

  71. CHEA in Anaheim!

  72. Ok convention – have never been and would love to!

  73. We would love to go to the Christian Heritage conference – here in WA

  74. Midwest in Cincinnati, but WOW would I love to go to Teach Them Diligently!

  75. I love going to the MAssHope home schooling convention.

  76. We attend CAPE New Mexico’s convention in Albuquerque NM! This year, Todd Wilson and the Smith’s (HSLDA) will be there. We’re so excited!!!

  77. Arlington Book fair, TX

  78. Teach them in Nashville!

  79. Midwest Convention

  80. NCHE is the closest to us, but I might have to see if there is one near my in-laws!

  81. I would go to the MassHOPE conference in MA. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  82. CHAP in PA; or I would give the free pass to my son and his wife who live in Alaska and are getting ready to home school our oldest granddaughter who will be 4 in August. I will be speaking at the GA convention – glad to see you will be there! Do you have a rep yet?

  83. HEAV is our local convention, but I’d love the excuse to attend a Teach Them Dilligently Conference…and make it into a vacation!

  84. NCHE in North Carolina!

  85. Stephanie Beninghove

    HEAV in Richmond. And JimBob and Michelle Duggar are going to be there this year. I so can not wait!

  86. Either the Portland or Seattle one

  87. the Christian Heritage Convention

  88. I would attend the CHAP conference in Harrisburg, Pa. And I would be THRILLED to have tickets for my family to attend.

  89. CHAP Convention in Harrisburg, PA

  90. OceaNetwork Home conference

  91. I would definitely go to Christian Heritage in Washington state.

  92. Midwest in Cinci or one of the ones in Nashville or Memphis, TN — I’m in KY

  93. CHEC in CO is the one closest to me

  94. OCEANetwork here in your area!
    OH! How I’d love to go!
    We’ve never been able to afford to go, and with 7 kids, I’d really appreciate the encouragement and opportunity to see particular curricula in real life before purchasing. 🙂

  95. FPEA in Orlando!

  96. Since I’m in CA, I would love to try the CHEA convention. I’ve wanted to go for a couple years and it just hasn’t happened!

  97. Christian Heritage here in WA!

  98. I haven’t been to a home school convention yet, and we’re in our 4th year. The Midwest Conference would be closest for us.

  99. Either Teach Them Diligently in SC, MidWest, or CHEO.

  100. The closest one in Alabama has dwindled in the last few years but I’ve heard the Memphis, TN convention is awesome. I’d probably try to get to Memphis.

  101. afhe june 2013

  102. It would be a choice of 3:

    The Woodlands (in Woddlands, Texas)
    The Conference in Arlington, Texas

    or if we were able to travel…I would love to go to…

    Teach Them Diligently in Nashville

  103. I had only heard of the CHEA convention before (in S. California), but we have family in SC and the Teach them Diligently conference sounds like it would be WONDERFUL!

  104. CHEA since that is what I am close to.

  105. Washington Homeschool Organization Convention. I’ve missed it the last couple of years. Would love to go again.

  106. wow… i suppose the Christian heritage one in seattle? We’ve never been able to go, the Christian ones are too expensive 🙂

  107. My top 2 choices would be Teach Them Diligently in Omaha or Denver’s convention.

  108. I’m in Indiana so probably the midwest one in Ohio. Thanks!

  109. Teach them Diligently in Nashville.

  110. This is the best giveaway yet! Thanks for supporting state conventions!

  111. I’d attend the MHEA convention in Mississippi.

  112. CHEC or Teach them Diligently. I would have to talk to my husband and check out shedule. This is an amazing give away. Thanks!

  113. We would love to go to the “30th Annual CHEA Convention” in June 2013. The keynote speaker is Ken Ham of AiG. My husband and I would love to hear him speak about topics that deal with homeschooling and families.

  114. We’ve never been to a HS convention; it’d be something local to Northern Kentucky.

  115. Chap in Harrisburg PA

  116. I have long wanted to attend a Teach Them Diligently convention – probably in Omaha.

  117. I’d love to attend the Atlanta, GA homeschooling conference!