Bible Study Giveaway!

Time for a giveaway! We’re giving away three prizes at the close of our Busy Mamas study of Psalm 37!


(1) This original, hand-lettered rendition of Psalm 37: 3, created by Pam


(2) Our new Bible study kit, soon to be available from Doorposts!

This kit includes:

  • Our new 30 Days of Bible Study for Busy Mamas: Colossians 3
  • A 12-pencil set of Prismacolor colored pencils
  • A black fine-point Micron pen
  • A 5″ x 8-1/4″ Moleskine notebook for all your note-taking


(3) Daniel’s new Bible study book for boys, Because You Are Strong, hot off the press!

I’m so excited to see Daniel finish up this great book of studies for boys!

He’s put together an excellent (and attractive) collection of eleven studies that teach guys about biblical strength while they also learn the basics of several different Bible study methods. Good stuff for young men! They need the wisdom of God’s Word to know what to do with all that strength and energy that God has blessed them with!

To enter this giveaway, give us your feedback about our recent 30 Days of Bible Study for Busy, Busy Mamas on Psalm 37. You can enter as many times as you would like with separate comments, which will each be counted as a separate entry:

  • Tell us what you liked about the study.
  • Tell us what you didn’t like.
  • Tell us what you would change.
  • Tell us what you learned.
  • If you didn’t do the study, you can still enter by telling us why you didn’t do the study, what you are studying in the Bible, or what you would like to study in the future.

This giveaway closes at midnight, PST, Sunday, April 7, 2013. Winners will be randomly drawn on Monday and announced here and on Facebook.


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  1. My children really loved searching for the different keywords and adding different colours to their page to make it look “pretty”. Thanks for helping to bring this Psalm to life for our family.

  2. We found it difficult to keep up each day, but knew that what we were able to do was beneficial and fruitful for us.

  3. I also enjoyed focussing on one chapter for the entire month and looking at depth into so many different aspects of it. It was helpful also to use different online tools which gave great context and background for the original words.

  4. I love learning ways to study more effectively by marking in my Bible. 🙂

  5. I loved the word study. It’ something I always wanted to do, but didn’t know how, and I feel it allowed me to go much deeper into God’s word.

  6. I love the idea of this study, because it would have been helpful for me back in those busy days with many young ones. I do forward your studies to other young Moms who are in that stage, and they are so thankful.

    I am currently studying/memorizing the Sermon on the Mount and Ps. 103. I am also reading/studying through the NT with my husband.

    Your resources have blessed my life many times, and I often share them with friends. Thanks!

  7. I had planned to do the study, but spent the last month studying the Easter story in depth.

  8. I really learned an effective way of marking my Bible and how to really study a passage in depth.

  9. I liked that the passage was short, a new skill was added each day and was not overwhelming. I felt I had such a better understanding of the psalm and related words.

  10. I am going through the New Testament right now. Initially, I started going through the gospels trying to catalog Jesus’ forgiveness (from Seeds Grow Up–beneficial to Mom’s also!) and just kept on going.

  11. I plan to read the Bible chronologically in the near future.

  12. I didn’t read the study because I already had a plan that I was working on. I do think that these studies are great and would like to sometime go back and look at them more in depth.

  13. I didn’t do the Psalm 37 study because I didn’t know it was ‘going on’. I found it last week and have read through some of the posts.

  14. I love the Doorposts studies for “Busy Mamas”; they are easy to get into the day. There are so many tips and hints that I would not think of myself. I’ve never really studied a book or a chapter of the Bible in depth.

  15. We are studying 1 Peter in our Sunday School. I’ve been trying to study Luke but I got distracted by life.

  16. I started to work through this study with you, but found myself too overwhelmed. Not because of your study, but because I’m notorious for taking on more than I have time or energy for. Along with your study I am also working on 3 other Bible studies (all with groups of people face to face) and needed to have my “homework” on them completed first. So I simply ran out of time for this one but really loved how you were getting me thinking and digging into the scripture. This looks like a lovely giveaway! Thanks for hosting it!

  17. I would like to see a study of the book of Jude. It’s so short but I think it could be turned into a study because of all the references. And it is relevant for today: false teachings “that promote moral laxity, theological error, destructive pride and divisiveness.” (According to the introduction in my Bible for the book of Jude). Not sure how 30 days of this would look- we might be able to memorize it! 🙂

  18. I enjoyed what I was able to do. I missed several days because I am trying to read through the Bible with my youngest daughter. It was too much for her to do this and that. If the Lord tarries I’d like to start this over with the the kids.

  19. Thank you for taking the time to write this study. I enjoy learning how you mark and draw in your Bible in such a beautiful way for your own learning and for the benefit of your children! It reminds me of recently-departed Edith Schaeffer’s suggestions (in her book “The Hidden Art of Homemaking”) to illustrate sermons for the children and encourage them to do the same.
    I didn’t finish the study yet, but have been using the Seder books that you suggested and downloaded them to our kindle!

  20. Thank you for doing this study. I loved it because it taught day by day how to do inductive study in an easy bite way. I look forward to doing more of this. May your ministry continue to be blessed and bless others.

  21. I loved having clear easy direcions to follow each day while studying my Bible and not being pressured to do it first thing in the morning. I have three children who still do not sleep through the night.

  22. I didn’t lik having to switch back and forth to KJV for the word study portions, but that is hardly your fault.

  23. I would change…the Psalm and give us another chance to study all together 😉 But seriously, I don’t know what I would change.

  24. I loved the study and I can’t wait for more – I can’t say everyday got completed, but the format is excellent and it makes it easy to go back and catch up where ever you missed. I have a two year old and a 2 month old as of today, so the kid part didn’t really get done in our house but someday :). Oh and I liked the Facebook group that was really a way to learn about the others studying.

  25. Having never been introduced or taught how to study the bible, this series has helped me tremendously. I have enjoyed picking apart the Psalm and doing the word studies. I am truly in awe of what God is reveling in my life.

  26. I learned how easy an inductive Bible study can be, and how rewarding it can feel to spend 5 minutes in the Word. In fact, a friend and I are doing Psalm 98 next after finding some of it done elsewhere on your site. Thank you again for doing this for all us busy mamas!

  27. Mischelle Presley

    I was going to do the Bible study but I recently downloaded the Bible app and committed to reading the entire Bible in ninety days. I have been focusing on that.

  28. We loved the study. Really digging in and colouring Gods word. You are really bringing a blessing to so many. Thank you.

  29. I liked the step-by-step instructions.

  30. I liked it that you picked Psalm 37 because thinking about the wicked is hard for me.

  31. I really appreciated the ideas for children! I would have enjoyed ideas for teens too, as it can be hard for them to enter in to quiet times.

  32. I only did parts of the study although I really wish I could have done more. The reason for that is that our family is studying a different part of the Bible right now, and I just didn’t have time to do two studies.

  33. Lastly, even if I was not able to enter in to the study, I so appreciated your spirit, which just floats through cyberspace to my house. I feel like you are a wise, steady friend, whom God has graciously put in my life during some very transient times. Knowing that others are studying and meditating on God’s Word has been so helpful to me. Thank you so much for all the work you have put into these studies!

  34. I wasnt able to keep up but love the details and opportunity to study that you provided. Thx!!

  35. I haven’t done the study yet but have every emailed saved so I can start it up when we are ready. Just got a new baby in the hose and are working on getting back into the swing of things. I love the different study methods presented and the kids portion!

  36. I loved the fact that this study could be done under 10 minutes. I loved the fact that not only was I able to go in depth in this Psalm by myself, but then I was able to bring it back to mind as I went through it again with the children! And I think it was funny that my husband wanted to know why I was coloring in my Bible!

  37. I was able to do most of the study this month. Missed a few days, but overall it was good. What I learned the most… that Psalms can be very meaningful. Normally, I wouldn’t have studied a psalm in depth. And Psalm 37, I admit, startled me at the start. I was unsure why you chose this psalm to study for 30 days. But I did enjoy it and learned a lot by it. Loved the many, many commands to not fret, not be anxious, rest in Him, give Him control. Needed that!

  38. My family did a study together during this time, so I did not participate. I did, however, read a few of the posts, and like what I saw! Thanks for the giveaway, too!

  39. I’ve learned a lot from this study, but for me personally what has stood out is all the commands of do not fret and how He provides for the righteous. So many times I can let fear grip my heart, but having this psalm in my mind, remembering His word, allows me to remember that He is in control and I have no reason to fear!

  40. Something else that I really liked about this study is it got me to read Psalm 37 over everyday and although I don’t have it perfectly memorized, I can recall large portions of it! How sweet to have the Lord’s word in my mind!

  41. What a blessing this study has been to our family! You did such a wonderful job dividing it into “bite-sized” chunks. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  42. Thank you for this opportunity! I know this must be a tremendous amount of work on your end – I am truly greatful! We kept up rather well until we needed to go online – with three other “littles” all wanting their finger in the mix, it was very difficult. I don’t have room enough to tell you what I learned – much! When I asked my 6-yr old, he said, “God really takes care of us and someday He will make everything right.”

    The length of the daily study seemed to stretch far beyond 10 minutes but it helped to have the wonderful activities for the little ones. We are studying through the book of Mark right now as a family so I didn’t have much more than 10 minutes to give. Maybe a shorter Psalm next time or a selection from Proverbs? At any rate, it was a wonderful time together in Gods word, even if we didn’t make it completely through each day. Gods blessings to you and we look forward to the next one!

  43. We are at a season of not adding anything new so i didn’t do the study but have it saved to go back and do it. Thank you for encouraging busy mamas

  44. I really like reading the same psalm every day for a month. I am amazed at how often during the day a verse from the psalm will come to my mind.

  45. The assignments are very helpful, too. Taking notes in my own handwriting really helps me learn. And having all these notes has motivated me organize my bible study. I have a three-ring binder now with separate sections–one for the study, one for sermon notes, one for prayer requests, etc. I’m more likely to go back and brush up if I know where everything is!

  46. I also like your method of marking the text. I’m really hoping to win those pencils! Right now I’m using the kids’ markers. I didn’t want to write in my bible with those, so I printed up the psalm–thanks for the link!

  47. I would really like to find out more about the busy mama study. Being a HS mom of 2 boys (10 &13) and a 1 year old daughter really keeps me on my toes.

  48. I did not do the study, but I really wish I had.

  49. I didn’t get to participate in the study this time around because I’m still working on the previous 30-day study in Colossians 3. I have found it very meaningful to go through the chapter looking for specific words. A few weeks ago, my husband suggested a chapter for our family to memorize. It was Colossians 3!

  50. I will have to go back through the blog posts and learn how you used the colored pencils! That is a skill I would like to learn to apply to other bible studies.

  51. I started out well, and ended up bookmarking the remainder of the days to come back to later. I will try to catch up & stay with the new chapter. I love the idea of digging in slowly, processing key words, thoughts, & phrases. I love looking at a chapter & really feeling the heart of it. It was a new way of studying for me. I appreciate your style of study greatly. Thank you, and please keep them coming. 🙂

  52. I really appreciated being able to go slow, take my time, and study each word of the chapter. What a great way to be able to learn new things from a section of the Bible that “seems” familiar!

  53. I didn’t do this study as I found it late and just saved emails and will start it probably today or tomorrow. I would love to study James. I am memorizing it right now and would love to study it again.

  54. One thing that was really hard for me in this study was catching up when I got behind – it’s not always easy to print things out, so being able to go back and look over the facebook page, etc. was hard at times. I hated having “blank spots” in my chapter, so didn’t want to just skip any of it! I’d love to be able to get all of these studies in book form, that would be great!

  55. I really appreciated the way you included activities for the kiddos – mine is still too little to be able to participate, but I think that’s a great way to get kids involved in Bible study, by doing it WITH their parents. I loved seeing all the pictures that got posted in the facebook group, of pictures the kids drew! Can’t wait to get to do that with my little guy. =-)

  56. Thank you so much for sharing this study. I loved that I could do it in a few minutes with or without the kids. Some days I was able to do it by myself (quiet time!!) others I could still do it but included the kids! Thanks!!

  57. I loved that it was online so I could do it with a friend from out of state!

  58. I decided to do this study because it included my kids. They love the activities you included for them. I loved that we were studying God’s word together.

  59. I really appreciated how you walked us step by step through the passage. I really enjoyed this method of study. I hope to go back and do your Colossians study sometime.

  60. I am still in the middle of this study since I started late. But I’m glad that it is posted on your blog so I can go and find the next day when I am ready.

  61. This study was perfect for me to do with my 11 year old homeschooled son. I enjoyed seeing him gain a deeper understanding and love of God’s word. Thank you!

  62. I did not do the study because I didn’t know about it but would love to win one of the prizes. Our family really enjoys your products and my husband and I are working through the Polished Cornerstones and Plants Grown Up Bible studies. Can’t wait to do them with our children!

  63. I wasn’t able to do the Psalms study this time as we are already participating in two other studies as a family but I LOVED the Colossians study and would love to see Pam do more of these 🙂 I am so excited to see Daniel’s book; it looks FABULOUS!!!

  64. I was able to do the study and enjoyed it. I learned more about God’s words. It was a nice read and to look for certain words and look it up on Blue Letter Bible for a deeper meaning. I would love to do other studies. There were times I was behind, but I was able to get caught up and be current. I like that some study was easy and others were more of a challenged and had to really read and think- soak in God’s words.

  65. I was having a hard time printing- that part I wasn’t too fond of. It took a few days, but I was able to figure it out and I have it on a binder. I can look back and do this study over again in the future. I prefer to have the pages to refer to vs the computer.

  66. I didn’t follow the Psalms study because I am currently studying Romans. Thank you for this great giveaway.

  67. I wonder how many of us have felt guilt because we still tremble, or are pained (stressed) when waiting on the Lord. And yet, He tells us that is normal! We are to wait in spite of the pain, not without it. What a blessing!!! That has been the biggest thing I took away from this study. Looking forward to July!

  68. though I didn’t get to participate as much as I wanted, I am so excited to dig in whenever time allows. Thank you for how you’ve blessed our family. Though I may never meet you on earth, I can’t wait to spend eternity getting to know you in Heaven. THANK YOU for the resources you’ve provided for our family to grow in the Lord!

  69. I didn’t do the Psalms study because I went back to do the Colossians study : )
    Psalms is next!

  70. I didn’t do it because I heard about it a little late and didn’t think I could “catch up” and join in. I would LOVE to do this and provide it as a way to study with other mommies! SO thankful for all of your resources!

  71. We did parts of the study. We enjoyed doing the coloring and we made motions to differentiate 1) commands to us 2)what God will do 3)various actions throughout such as grass being cut.
    We are now working on memorizing this Psalm–it will be our April memory work (1 chapter a month).
    I have repeated this Psalm as I hear bad news and it has been a great encouragement.

  72. I enjoyed and found helpful the ideas for doing the study with children.

  73. I didn’t do the study, because I’m new and didn’t know about it, which is sad, because it looks like a great study! Right now I’m studying about John, but have been looking into other studies as I am VERY hungry for the Word and can’t seem to get enough. Also been looking for a good study for my 4th son who has had fear issues because he was hospitalized from the Waldo Canyon Fires (he had to have his blood drawn every 3 hours during his hospitalization, even at night), and has been working on becoming stronger and fearless in the Lord. The Thorn has helped jumpstart that, when he watched it a week ago. 🙂

  74. I didn’t do the study but I was very happy each day to glance at it in my inbox, like hearing from cousins far away. Glad to know it was there, thoughts of keeping it in my inbox so I could go back to it in the summer when I might have a morning 10 minutes (slow reader here).
    I plan to work through the book of John with my daughter next school year as we homeschool together, but anything you feel led to lead I’d be happy to follow to some extent as the Lord leads!
    I’m really grateful for your ministry, especially the hands on guidance for studying the Word. Thank you!

  75. I did part of the study and appreciate all the work you put into it to make it as simple as possible, in bite-sized pieces for us. I’m slower at most things, so it takes me more than 5 minutes a day, but it has been really helpful. I liked studying just one psalm for the month, so I got more familiar with it.

    I really like your give-aways. I’m really excited to see you offer the Bible Studies – and especially the Bible Study Kit!!!! What a great idea – now people don’t even need to go elsewhere to order colored pencils, etc. and try to pick the best ones.

  76. I liked the way you included at least one photo at the beginning of each day’s assignment – makes it more inviting to have a picture – and we get to see what your marking in your Bible looks like and see some of how you took your notes.

  77. I have been studying lately how God always provides needs and strengths to his people human in the Mids of the world’s storms and trials. Just like Shadrach me shack and I’m been ago in the fiery furnace, Daniel in The Lions den, the Israelites in the desert, Joseph in Egypt, Elijah in the desert drought. Ect….. I would love to have the mamas busy devotional book or the boys devotional Bible study. Those would fit my homeschool and busy life wonderfully. 🙂

  78. I also loved being able to work through this with my kids. We had such an amazing time!

  79. I did not do the study as I was studying Malachi with the women at my church!! I did look at the Collossians study awhile ago and loved the whole concept and layout, perfect for us busy mom, seemed to be kind of precepty, which I love, cause there is nothing better then digging into the Word of God and pulling it apart and chewin on it!!! Would love to be the winner of this giveaway! Excited to share the boys devotional with my sister for my nephew!!! Thanks Doorposts for all of your encouragement in the Lord, and for spurring me on to be the mom, wife, and woman God calls me to be! 🙂

  80. Our family was hit with a nasty stomach bug, so while I saw the study I just didn’t have the time or energy to participate. I also have Hidden Treasures, although I have to admit it doesn’t get used much right now. I like to get up early and start my day Bible study, but when I am up through the night with little ones, I just can’t get up early and have enough energy make it through the day.

  81. I throughly enjoyed the study. I did not get to do the first study so I made an effort to do this study. It was great to bring the whole chapter together. Marking the chapter made me able to better understand the chapter and relate it. I enjoyed reading and re-reading the chapter as it solidified it in my mind. Thanks for the study. I will be doing the next one you start. For now I am going to work on Colossians study since I did not get to do that one the first time around.

  82. I am trying to do the study and so far behind. I LOVE that it is specific, study this…highlight these words…I was born and raised a Catholic (nothing against them) but NEVER taught to read a bible or how to read it. How to go to the bible for answers. I am Christian and learnign more every day about being and living as a Christian. Therefore, i love bible studies that explain things to me, that i can include my children in and help me to learn more…in small parts.

    Love it,
    thank you so very very much!!!

  83. I really enjoyed getting to know one chapter of the Bible well. Learning to use the online concordance tools was a plus!

  84. It was difficult to for me to keep up and some days I took quite a long time on the assignment. On those days, though, I often enjoyed getting lost in God’s word. But, on the other hand, knowing how long they would take, often caused me to postpone doing it until later in the day.

  85. I didn’t know about the study until today, but have been studying motherhood/parenthood in Scripture. I would love to have a more focused study as a new mama!

  86. I didn’t do the Bible study, because I didn’t know about it. We home educate our children, and I do a daily Bible reading with them in Proverbs, and sometimes other books as subjects need to be addressed with Scripture, and my husband goes through a chapter of a book of the Bible at night. Right now, we’re in 1 Samuel at night devotions. We don’t tend to do many studies that are published, but we LOVE to study God’s Word together as a family!

  87. I absolutely love Psalm 37, and your daily Bible studies! It has been so helpful to me and my 16 year old daughter. Adding the “For your children” section is such a valuable tool for families with little ones. My youngest is the sixteen year old, but I will recommend your studies to others. Thank you, Pam, for sharing the Psalm 37 study on your blog. You truly blessed us!

  88. I loved the amount of detail. Every product that I own of yours is incredibly thought through! For the little ones was a great addition since that last bible study. Facebook group was also a welcome addition. I didn’t use it as much as I could have.

  89. What i didn’t like was the length of time. 30 days seems a bit long for someone in my situation. I don’t know how you would shorten it and still have the amount of information covered.

  90. He’re is what I learned or I guess re-learned, or reminded of. God is kind and wonderful and loving. With all the wrath that he has (and uses), I tend to forget he is only showing his displeasure when we turn from him. I get caught up in the awesome power of his destruction rather than thinking about his love for us.

  91. I liked how the study build up as you went along, pointed out new things that I’d never noticed before in a much loved Psalm, the excellent suggestions of incorporating your children in the study & how in the frequent reading & unpacking of the message that it really stuck with me.

  92. The only thing I’d say that I didn’t like is that the later enteries were harder for me to keep up with as they were much longer & more detailed but I hope to finish them one day as it was such a wonderfully thorough study!

  93. I would probably change so that some of the longer enteries were spread out more between days or something to make them a little less daunting because of the time commitment. However I love the idea of presenting this for us busy moms & appreciate so much your effort!

  94. I learned so much! And the beauty of this kind of study is that the frequent reading of the Psalm & highlighting & contrasting what it says really helped it stick with me. I can think of many times lately when I’ve felt heavy about the evil & wickedness that I see flourishing in the world & remembered the message presented so vividly in this Psalm in waiting on the Lord because of His great promises to the righteousness & great warnings to the unrighteous!

  95. I really love how this type of study studies a passage in depth and really delves into it.

  96. I had a hard time keeping up. In fact I am still not done. but it is really my own fault!

  97. I would not really change anything. I really think this is a wonderful way to study the bible.

  98. I learned how God is always there for us and holding us up and will never forsake us. I have hopefully learned how to dissect further passages on my own. Thank you so much~!

  99. This Bible study came at the exact time I needed it! Someone who regularly tempts me to fret was coming to my house to stay for a while! It was a great reminder to leave things in God’s control and remember that He never leaves us in the hands of situations or people who would harm us when we look at the eternal scheme.

  100. I really appreciated the addition of study for the kids. I didn’t do it with them yet. I did the study alone before they woke up each morning, but plan to go through it with them. I anticipate that they will really enjoy it.

  101. Well, ok. honestly i didn’t get to it. my organization is terrible and i need to do better. we do our best to read a proverb every morning (or sometimes afternoon..) and i love that we get at least that little bit done during the day!

  102. I have loved how we have been given bite-sized chunks of the study each day so that we can take our time and really meditate on Psalm 37. I also like that there are lessons for children as well.
    I would have liked for there to have been a PDF file to download for the days when we didn’t need internet links. I like to study on the couch away from my desk. I have no laptop, so a hard paper copy of the study would have been nice to just click and print off. ( I copied and pasted, but it was time-consuming because of the format on the blog.)
    I have not yet finished the study, but the most meaningful lesson to me was Day 2 when I focused on the things we are told not to do…specifically “fret not!”
    Thank you for all the hard work you put into making your blog such an encouragement to me!

  103. I didn’t do the study either because I’m involved in a double-study of Romans already – my women’s group and the SS class my husband co-teaches. I love the marking study method(s) and use it quite a bit.

  104. Something I would like to study would be Galatians 5 or I Peter 2-3.

  105. I did not do the Psalm 37 study as I am currently finishing up a study in the book of John. I am however very excited to see your study in Colossians 3. I love this portion of scripture and how it pushes me to stretch outside of myself. I am planning on studying this book once my John study is finished. I would LOVE to win your Bible Study kit. It would truly be a blessing to me!

  106. Pam,
    I did the 30 Day Study with my 15 year old daughter, and I think we will look back on this month as the month that things changed at our house! Time in the Word with my daughter was precious, and the content of the Study has turned her heart to the Lord! I also recommended it to the new Moms in my Community Group, and it has blessed them so much! Thank you for doing this, for sharing your insight and wisdom, as well as encouraging all of us to feed daily on the riches of His Word!

  107. I most liked the children ideas. I had them do the highlighting of the words and some word studies with me but I found they had more fun with the children activities.

  108. I learned that there are two parts in walking as the righteous do. The doing the good and not doing the bad. You need to not fret and then trust in the Lord. Not just one of them.

  109. I didn’t like the picture drawing since I am so bad at it. I skipped that one but my kids did it.

  110. I would change the amount done on the days when you do lists. See if it could be split in two days like one of them was. Some of them took 15 minutes for me.

  111. I really liked learning about the blue letter site.

  112. I found that the best way to do a study with my teen-age girls is to involve them with my Bible study. They really liked the sketching and we learned a lot together!

  113. I loved the fact that me and my children can work at this study at our own pace. We received the emails daily, but we could work as each age group allowed within our home.
    It was so exciting to receive a new message on the study God’s Word each day and my children were so eager to open our email each day and get down to God’s Word.
    Thank you.
    Melissa Waters

  114. I did get behind a little here and there, but I just decided I would go at my own pace, and that worked for me!

  115. I didn’t follow along with the study as I am currently reading through the Bible in chronological order using ‘Cover to Cover’. I did read some of the study posts and thought that Pam’s method looked very interesting, and I would like to go through one of the studies in the future possibly with our children. I would be very interested in ‘Because You Are Strong’, as we look to guide our sons in studying God’s word.


  116. The facebook group was great source of encouragement and support. It was really nice to have a place to discuss this study with ther moms!

  117. What I liked about the study: It was easy to work on through the day and if I missed a day or couldn’t finish the entire day’s study, I didn’t feel like I got so behind to where I couldn’t catch up. I really liked the word studies and highlighting repetitive words and phrases in my Bible.

  118. What I didn’t like: I can’t really find anything that I didn’t like! It was challenging on some days to complete some of the word studies and/or commentary readings but again I was able to catch up when I could and God always used what I was studying at that specific time 🙂

  119. What would I change: I don’t think I’d change anything but maybe add a time looking up a few cross-reference verses that line up with the study (similar to reading the background of David’s life). I found several other verses in my study that complemented verses in Psalm 37 (like Proverbs 16:3) so maybe a day to look up a few other verses in other psalms or proverbs or in the NT that supplement the study, if that make sense! I also really enjoyed the activities for children, although we weren’t able to do all of them, but as we study the life of David coming up soon, I’ll be sure to add the ones I didn’t get to,

  120. What I learned: To fully not fear, not be angry, not be anxious about what is happening around us either in our own homes or communities or the world is directly related to how well we know and trust the Lord and rely upon His sovereignty and control. It’s hard to trust someone if you don’t know them well so I’m thankful that this study allowed me the time to get to know the Lord and His word and ways better. If I really believe that the Lord is My Shepherd and that He rules over all, I can rest in Him and trust that He will work out all circumstances according to His glorious plan!

  121. Thank you so much for the encouragement to study Psalm 37. I invited four of my daughters and it was wonderful to study the passage together. It was already on of my favorites, so I really enjoyed the study. Thanks

  122. I loved this study. It was so wonderful to really spend time in the Psalms, on a particular psalm. I loved looking at all the different aspects of the psalm and writing out distinctions in my journal. I have returned to that many times already. May sound silly, but I love writing in my bible. I love how each underline or highlight had a purpose and really made parts of the psalm stand out.

  123. The part where I got bogged down was the research portion. I love to research but my quiet time is usually without the computer. I find once I am on the computer I get distracted with emails/ FB, weather, news, etc. I actually stopped the study during that time. I have every intention of going back, but I must find a time when I can really dig into the research.

  124. My only suggestion of change is this. Maybe have the information summarized, from the research online tools. That way we can read and study it but don’t have to get on the computer. It would take less time and be more feasible for me, as I would not have to get on the computer.
    Some of that research can take a long time, but having the info summarized would be great. That way, one could go on and do more research if they wished, but it wouldn’t be necessary to get through the study for that day.

  125. I really learned to focus on God’s sovereignty and how He always overcomes and beats the enemy. Although I ‘know’ that, it was so helpful to really see it in scripture and pull out the specific points.
    I loved having a new study each morning to draw me into the word.

  126. I really enjoyed doing the Psalm 37 bible study. It was my first time doing this type of studying and I really like it. My favorite thing was highlighting the different words. It gave me a whole new understanding of the chapter.

    I found it a little hard to stay caught up. As of now I am finishing up the last few. I don’t think I would change anything. I liked the study a lot just how it was.

    I’ve probably read Psalm 37 once or twice before but I never got as much out of the chapter until I did this study. I am looking forward to doing Colossians 3. It’s a wonderful chapter helping us in our walk with Christ.

  127. I began the study, along with my study of Psalm 91. Oh, how I love Psalm 91!! The Lord kept drawing me back to look long and hard at what it means for the man/woman who dwells..lives…abides..under the shadow of the Almighty. So I stayed there instead of doing both. 🙂

  128. And although I did not keep up the study, Ps 91 is full of colorful marks and pictures and things to remind of what He pushed into my heart, and gave me understanding of.

  129. What I liked:
    I loved that they came to my inbox everyday, so even if I couldn’t do it that day, it was right there flagged and waiting for me.

    I like going over the same passage and learning to really study it and meditate on it, and I wrote in my Bible for the first time in years as an experiment and found it very helpful.

    I liked the facebook group, even though I wasn’t on there much, it was encouraging to see the other ladies who participating!

    Most of all, I felt loved and instructed by the study- by you and by God. Thank you!

  130. What I didn’t like:

    I’ll second the ladies who said that computer tools were a temptation to get distracted. I was really happy to know about them, but the days that involved the online tools did not feel as God-focused as the days when I could just read the study e-mail and curl up with my Bible.

    You were right – some of the days were more than 5 minutes. I wouldn’t mind that, except like some of the other ladies, I also did this in addition to another Bible study (BSF) so that made it harder to keep up.

    I forgot to say in my last comment that I loved the kids’ suggestions. I didn’t do any of them b/c my quiet time is before they are awake, but I look forward to using those ideas in the future.

  131. I really want to participate in the study both times you have done one, but I can’t squeeze it in time permitting. But I am doing my own Bible studies which I will list in a separate comment.

  132. I am currently studying Sticky Faith with my church ladies Bible study group. And I am reading thru the Bible with The Story on my own time.

  133. I didn’t get a chance (well, I guess the truth is I didn’t take the time) to do the study; however, I did save it and fully intend to work on it. I’d love an opportunity to win.

  134. I did not know about the study until now however I would love to do it. Right now I am loosely studying the book of Luke (however we are out of town and its pretty hard to keep up being out of town with a sick little one).

  135. I did participate in the Bible study on Ps 37. I really enjoyed that you took the time to provide such an in depth study for us Mama’s in the full swing of life! It really helps to see the step by step process all the way through.

  136. I learned during this study that I can just take a few minutes and glean information out of God’s Word, which is so much better than not doing anything at all. I really enjoyed involving my children in some of the verse study as well.

  137. I did not do that study because I just learned about it today. Someone posted a link to your FB, saying you had a ‘helpful little chart’ related to converting your kitchen and pantry to real food. From your FB, I saw your post regarding this giveaway. I really like the looks of the boys devotional as we have 5 sons. We also have 1 daughter 🙂 so, I fit the description of a busy momma. I & 4 of our children are studying Genesis with a Bible Study Fellowship group. I love digging into God’s Word & being blessed.

  138. I like the way we mark/color in the Bible, but often wonder if you use the same colors throughout the Bible. So, sometimes I am hesitant to mark. I would love a color/marking guide in how you choose your colors and marks. 🙂

  139. I liked getting the bible study on facebook ad email, sometimes i check one and not the other until later in the day.

  140. I did not like that it started to get more work. I noticed I was taking longer to finish. I have two year old and was getting impatient.

  141. Something I would change would probably be the length of the chapter not to complain to much, I know you chose what God wanted. I figured a bible study in a month was going to have 30 or 31 verses.

  142. I learnd in this bible study how to use the online tool and other ways to study a verse. thank you.

  143. I would definately like to have a study on one of the mothers or wives in the bible. I miss the last bible study so I am probably goin to goback anddo that one.

  144. I don’t know that I would change anything! If I had to… Some days it was too long, so I have actually not quite finished the study yet. 🙂 I might change that, but they where long for a good reason. 🙂 Perhaps more ideas to involve the kids without acting out scenes. I wanted to involve my 8 year old more, but acting out the scenes alone isn’t fun. 😉

  145. I didn’t like all the writing! 🙂 Researching words then writing it all down, was time consuming. But at the same time I enjoyed researching the words. I learned so much by doing that! Thank you!

  146. What did I learn? I learned to get over my fear of writing in my bible. 🙂 I was also surprised at the meaning/description of some words. Such as fret. I picture worry, not anger. So I was thankful to correctly understand them.

  147. I really like the way you mark in your Bible. It brings the concepts to life.

  148. The most helpful thing I learned from this study was not to fret about “evil doers” and to just let God take care of the situation. This message came at a perfect time for me.

  149. I love your list of applications at the end of the study. You listed so many ways I would never have thought of.

  150. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas for including children in this Bible study. I will continue to use these ideas for family devotions, homeschooling, and in the Sunday School class I teach.

  151. This was my first bible study with you and I really enjoyed it. It was very interesting and insightful to break down the scripture and hightlight it in the way you lead us to. I saw the passage in a totally different way~really enjoyed it!

  152. I learned so much from this bible study, especially from the word study. I always wanted to be able to do that, but it seemed intimidating. Just understanding the differences in the meaning of “fret” and “deliver” and “strength” gave me a much deeper understanding of the is psalm. And the best part is, I can now use this skill whenever i read my Bible.

  153. I loved the accountability and being involved in the FB group. I did not do it as consistently as I would like, but I intend to continue to move forward with it on my own time. It was a genuine blessing.

  154. I am so grateful for these studies!! I love having the assignments laid out for me.

  155. Being out of town for many of the days during this study I was not able to participate, but I did save all of the emails to start it next month. I am currently reading through the devotional “Jesus Calling” and have found it to be very life-giving. It takes about 10 minutes to read and look up the scriptures. It does get me in the Bible every day, but I would like to do the 30 Days study to really focus on a particular chapter and KNOW it by the time I’m done. Thank you for your insights and willingness to share this pattern of study with us!

  156. Both this and the Colossians study have been so perfectly timely for me! This one came about a week before starting a difficult rotation — two weeks of long night shifts, followed by two weeks of another difficult schedule — in my husband’s residency (he’s a doctor in his last year of residency); we had had the same rotation six weeks prior and it had been the hardest two weeks of our residency and our parenting. We have three little ones and one coming soon (this month!). I was dreading it, so fearful it would be the same as last time. Starting the study of Psalm 37 was so encouraging and so challenging. It met me right where I was and gave me something very practical to hold onto! Do not fret — it leads only to evil doing! How true that is! Rest in Him, wait for Him, delight in Him, commit my way to Him. Choose to do good and be faithful, trusting that He will bring to pass all that He desires out of it… This time around went SO MUCH better. Thank you so much for leading this study at this time!

  157. Doing this study gave me a hunger for more! I appreciate how you lead us through this method in a very friendly and approachable, bite-size way. I hope to implement more and more of this into my Bible time.

  158. Loved going over the verse again and again looking for new nuggets of truth.

  159. Doing the study one day at a time was helpful in that I never felt pressured to go beyond the objective for that particular day. However, there were some days I had both the time and the drive to do more, so it would have been useful to have access to future days’ projects for those times.

  160. My two main areas of focus for study right now involve my children. We’ve been reading through the Bible together this past year, and I would really like to have resources and simple activities to incorporate into our reading — especially our OT reading — to engage them more and bring the Scripture to life for them. Our reading has been such a good thing; I just want to cultivate a reading time with them that is full and rich and something we all look forward to, rather than slipping into something which has more the feeling of an obligation to fulfill. We have your book on dramatic Bible play, which I would like to use more. I’m also consulting historical background guides and looking for artwork depicting what we read. I would love to start doing flannel graph with them — I have such good memories of that as a child! 🙂

    The other project is building up and discipling our three young boys in what it means to be strong and brave in God’s kingdom…capturing the warrior spirit God has put in their hearts and guiding it into godly purpose and direction. I was so glad to see Daniel’s new study! My husband and I would like to work through it together to help us grow in our understanding so we can use better discernment in how to lead our boys in this area.

  161. I loved the Ps 37 study! Knowing there would be a clearly explained assignment (with helpful examples) in my inbox helped get me out of bed early to study my Bible each day again, a habit I had let slide.

  162. Having the ideas for little children is great! I wish I had something like this to do with my kids when all of mine were little.

  163. Having Saturday as a “catch-up day,” but also giving an optional assignment is a great balance. I wish the last few days were spread out longer for each assignment, but I have just continued them into April to spend sufficient time getting them done. Thanks for making this material available for busy mamas!

  164. I learned that “fret” doesn’t really mean worry, but rather to become agitated. I learned that to “wait patiently” doesn’t mean it has to be easy in order for me to be doing it right! It is more like waiting during labor – but we keep our eyes on the reward at the end of the hard season of waiting. I learned that I really enjoy the Treasury of David. I learned how to use 2 helpful websites, blue letter bible and biblestudytools.

  165. I’m sure the Bible Study would have been beneficial. I didn’t get started at the beginning and felt like it would be too much to try to catch up.

  166. I didn’t see the study until just this week, but I am enjoying starting it up again anyway. I love that it is cut into bite sized bits, just perfect for my schedule!

  167. This is my first time visiting your blog so I did not know about the study until no w.

  168. There are so many verses we chose to memorize from this psalm for this month. I particularly enjoyed verse 5 and verse 37.

  169. I wanted to do the study but was finishing reading the bible in 90 days and for this busy mamma that was all I was able to do.

  170. My 17 year old daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed and understood the step by step way you walked us through the study. Your use of clear examples and specific, easy steps made it easy to follow. I have done many studies in the past, and have always written and underlined in my Bible, but being shown specific color coding was extremely helpful and my “artsy” daughter liked it immensely as well. My daughter specifically asked to do a study like yours. The study came at a perfect time (definitely a “God-thing” as we say around here!) and matched us perfectly as we have always loved a hands on, colorful approach to learning. Thank you for blessing so many people with your love of the Lord.

  171. I have really enjoyed this Bible Study on the Psalm. I got a little behind, but am still continuing to use your daily emails. In regards to the giveaway, I like the pencils to color in the Bible as well as the wall hanging. Thank you again for your encouragement.

  172. I loved the word study instruction. It was clearly written and easy to understand. Even though I had done word studies, your written instruction engaged my 16 year old daughter. Thank you!

  173. We printed Psalm 37 out and each child had their own copy. It was great to read the entire passage several times each study time, each child taking five verses at a time. Not only did our understanding of the passage increase, the reading of our youngest children improved greatly. Thank you for this lovely study!

  174. I loved the bible stidy overall! I have never done an in delpth study like that. I have studied books in the bible at a time, but never a chapter and gone into depth like that. I enjoyed the different charts we did, thought it could be time consuming. I also enjoyed marking up the chapter like that, it made it visual. 🙂

  175. Idid not participate this time but have a folder with the emails so I can at a later date. I certainly appreciate your dedication to guiding and encouraging those of us raising children.

  176. Thanks again, Pam for this Bible study. It was one of the best studies that I’ve ever done! The variety of approaches used totally helped bring God’s message into clear focus.

  177. I wasn’t able to do the study because I’m already doing another study.

  178. I’m currently working through the book of Luke with Good Morning Girls.

  179. I would love to do a study like what you did in the future. I’m intrigued by the key words and the colors. I’m a very visual learner so I think I would benefit from that. Although I grew up in a Christian family I was never taught how to study the Bible, just told it was important.

  180. I so much wanted to do this study, but didn’t get the chance the first few days and then kind of thought it was too late to catch up. I have all the emails so will be studying the Psalm as soon as I’m done with the Colossians 3 study (which I’m loving!). God bless you!

  181. This bible study was so easy and informative! I loved it!

  182. Did they ever announce who won??

  183. I totally loved the bible study! Being native German speaking I do not read my bible in any other language, so I read the instructions to the study in English and then did the study in German. Sometimes that was a little bit tricky due to translations but most of the times it was just easy. I was ready after 40 days. Now I am looking forward to start the Colossians study but will take my time and do one chapter at a time.