Previews of What’s to Come

One of my prize possessions sits on a dresser in our bedroom. It’s one of the first things I would grab if the house was on fire.

It’s nothing fancy — just a little pitcher from an antique store — but inside it are several folded pieces of paper. Those are what I would want to save.

They’re letters — letters from my children on the eve of their wedding days, letters I’ve found after all the celebration has come to a close, letters that always let loose the tears that I’ve been holding in all day, letters I’ve read when I come home to a house that looks like this (that alone is enough to make you cry 😉 ).

You know how it is. Mothering is often a pretty thankless-looking job. We do the same things over and over again. What we do gets undone, and we do it again. What we do gets ignored, and we do it some more. What we do is sometimes even spurned, but we still need to do it.

And then you get one of those smiles or a hug, a sloppy kiss or a dandelion bouquet — a little reward along the way that is a tiny preview of the greater rewards God has in store for us at the end of our faithful, loving and imperfect service to our families.

This bundle of letters is one of those previews and I treasure it. It is a reminder of God’s grace that uses my feeble, fallen efforts as a means of showing His much greater love and faithfulness to my family. It is a reminder of far greater treasure that waits for me.

“Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master” (Matthew 25:21, ESV).

Now . . . I need to start cleaning!


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  1. Thanks for showing pictures of your rooms that are a mess. We who read and delight in your spiritual maturity may often assume that your house is spic and span and that we are failing terribly in those areas. Thank you for letting us know that we are normal and not more broken than others. 🙂

  2. I agree with Christine!
    I always learn more from a Sister’s sharing what she thinks is a shortcoming or just her human-ness instead of her accomplishments.
    Can’t wait to see wedding photos!

  3. Thank you for this reminder and encouragement. My husband does not value my work as a homemaker, homeschool mother, and professional tutor. He only sees the money that I am not contributing to the household. He nitpicks every detail of the house. It is never perfect because I am not perfect, but my Lord and Savior sees how hard I work, even with chronic illness. And one day I too will hear those words of loving affirmation from Jesus – and I can’t wait! Thank you for building me back up today. You just have no idea how much I needed it.

  4. Your transparency is appreciated. It was touching to read. I needed another reminder. I thought it was so sweet that your kids thought enough to leave you a note on their wedding night. Wish I thought to do that!

    We have all are birds still at home. Some days I find myself overwhelmed and looking forward to the empty nest. But then I am reminded that this time is coming sooner than I think. For example, last night I was in bed with tears and a migraine. My eldest crept in, laid her head on my chest to hug me good night and whispered, “I love you”. I was reminded of how big she is and how she used to lay on my chest almost every night when she was little. As she got older, she would measure how big she was compared to me. Now she is about as big as me. Time goes by fast! Lord, help me to treasure each day and make each day count!

  5. Oh, Christine, can you hear me laughing? Can you hear my children laughing? Our house is *not* spic and span. It never has been, and probably never will be. It’s lived in! I figure God has more for us to do than keep our houses spotless. He has people for us to love and serve, and work for us to do. I try to keep it clean enough to keep us from getting any diseases (lol), but we have our stacks of papers and our rotting food in the back of the fridge just like (most) everyone else does!