Showing Our Children How to Love God’s Word, PLUS a New 30 Day Study!

Parents reading Bible to children

How can we inspire our children to love God and His Word? What can we do to raise children who will love God and live their lives in joyful obedience to Him — even after they leave our homes?

Of course, our most effective tool is prayer. God is the one who does His work in the hearts of our children. But He will use us in the process, and one of the best ways we can help instill a love for God and His Word is by our own example. We can show our children how important Scripture is in our own lives!

We should let our children see us:

  • Going to the Bible for guidance in our everyday lives
  • Pointing them to God’s Word when challenges and questions arise
  • Joyfully seeking to obey God and His revealed Word to us
  • Humbly repenting when we have disobeyed God’s commands
  • Discussing Scripture with them and talking about how its principles apply to all areas of life
  • Comparing the teachings and assumptions of our culture with the truths of God’s Word
  • Pointing to the Word as the source of absolute truth as we teach and discipline them
  • Meditating on and memorizing passages of Scripture
  • Actively committing ourselves to a body of believers who acknowledge and submit to the authority of Scripture
  • Valuing the opportunities for instruction in the Word in our church
  • Delighting in reading and studying the Bible in group studies, personal study, and as a family.
  • Growing to love God more and more as we learn more about Him through His Word

We can’t lead our children where we aren’t going ourselves! 

If you need some help digging into the Word, if you would enjoy joining with other ladies for a study online, or if you would like a detailed plan for studying a passage of Scripture for the next month with your children, stick around!

Starting this Saturday, March 1, we will be launching our next “30 Days Study for Busy, Busy Mamas”. We’re going to be studying 1 John 3 — a powerful passage about obedience, love, and assurance of salvation.

Every day you can receive two lessons in your inbox — one for you and one to do with your children, if you choose. Each lesson is designed to complete in 5-10 minutes. These studies are designed for busy mamas! You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn from just one chapter of the Bible, five minutes at a time for a month!

If you plan on joining us, be sure you’re subscribed to the blog so you can have the lessons waiting in your inbox every morning! And, if you would like to interact with others who are doing the study, you can also join our “Busy Mamas” Facebook group. This is a meeting place where you can post your comments, your questions, pictures and videos of your kids’ projects, other suggested study helps — whatever you think will help us all in our study.

If this is your first time joining us for a study, take a few minutes to read this post. It will help you know what to expect and how to prepare.

Then be ready to join us on Saturday! I look forward to studying with you! 🙂

Oh, yes! And don’t forget! Wednesday, March 5, at midnight, is the deadline for our Bible Drama Contest! It’s not too late to gather your children, act out a story, and send us a video!  Some great prizes are waiting for the winners!

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