Thirty…Thirty One…Thirty Two Days in 1 John 3: What Next? Plus a Giveaway!


We’ve come to the end of our study of 1 John 3. Many of you will still be working on the lessons for a few more days in order to finish up. Then what do we do?

What’s next? We don’t want to just study this chapter and walk away unchanged. What can we do to keep these new truths alive and active in our hearts? What can we do to keep using the new study skills we have gained during our time together?

To keep what you’ve learned fresh in your heart and mind:

  • Continue to memorize verses from the chapter, and review what you’ve memorized on a regular basis.
  • Copy significant verses from the chapter and post them around the house.
  • List some specific ways you can show love to your brothers and sisters in Christ. Then commit to doing those things. You could commit to at least one active demonstration of love toward another believer each day!
  • Share what you’ve learned with someone else. Share new insights with a friend. Tell your husband what you have learned and ask him to pray for you as you seek to live out what you have learned.

For those of you who would like to continue your study of 1 John, here are a few suggestions:

  • Start at the beginning of 1 John and apply the same study methods to chapters 1, 2, 4, and 5. Use the basic steps from Days 4-24 in our study to study the other four chapters of the book. Take one chapter at a time. Look for repeated words, list commands, read cross-referenced verses, use the lexicon (Interlinear tool) to study different words, etc.
  • Study these phrases as they are used in 1 John and throughout the Bible:

Light and darkness

Abide in Christ

  • Study these words and ideas as they are used and taught in 1 John:


The world


The relationship of loving and abiding

Life (as in 5:11-12)

  • Study in more detail 1 John 3:19-23. Read various commentaries on these verses.
  • Study the relationship between 1 John 3:21-23 and 1 John 5:14-15
  • Study 1 John 5:4-5 and other related passages in the Bible about victory, faith, and overcoming the world.
  • Study this chart that summarizes the book of 1 John.
  • Listen to sermons on 1 John by Timothy Keller. The following ones can be downloaded for free:

The Meaning of Christmas, 1 John 1:1-4

Hope for the Poor, 1 John 1:1-3, 14-20

Exclusivity — How Can There Be Just One True Religion? 1 John 4:1-10

Beholding the Love of God, 1 John 3:1-3

Seeing Him As He Is, 1 John 3:1-3

Knowing That We Know, 1 John 2:3-11

  • Read Life in Christ, by Martyn Lloyd-Jones. This is hefty (700 pages), but very readable chapter-by-chapter study of 1 John. Most of the book’s 67 chapters are around 10 pages long. It might take awhile to get through, but it’s worth it! Take notes in your Bible!
  • Learn some of these hymns that are based on passages from 1 John. The music for each hymn may be printed out, and most can also be downloaded for listening as well.
  • Read the Gospels. Note every instance of Jesus laying down His life for us.
  • Read a good book on Christian hospitality and put what you learn into practice. Hospitality is one of the practical ways we can love our brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • If you would like to study other chapters of the Bible in the same way we have studied 1 John 3, you can search in the archives of Doorposts of Your House for our past Bible studies on Colossians 3, Psalm 37, 1 Corinthians 13, and Philippians 2. The studies on Colossians 3, Psalm 37, and 1 Corinthians 13 are also available as eBooks and print books at
  • Take what you have learned and pick another chapter of the Bible to study. Look for themes, repeated words, commands, references to God, verb tenses, lists, cross-references, and all the other things we have been learning over the past month.
  • And be sure to watch for our next 30-Days study! On July 1st we’ll be back with another study! Until then, I hope to still “see” you here for our twice-weekly posts designed to encourage you and equip you for training your children with God’s Word!

Thanks for studying with me! Watch, too, for a children’s activity posted here on Thursday, to wrap up their study of 1 John 3!

To finish up our study, we would like to give away some Bible study materials to keep you going! Answer one or both of the questions below for a chance to win Doorposts’ Busy Mama’s Bible Study Kit (all three Bible study books, colored pencils, pen, and Moleskine notebook) or one of five copies of our brand new, hot-off-the-press Thirty Days in 1 Corinthians 13 for Busy Mamas. You have six chances to win! Giveaway ends on Monday, April 7, at midnight, Pacific time!

Bible study kit

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  1. Well, something went wrong with this giveaway “Rafflecopter” thing, and it was too late to call Daniel and ask him what to do! Be sure to come back later today and we’ll have this up and working for you! 🙂

  2. Well i didn’t really do the Bible study, but i already had pushed the button to enter the contest before my brain processed that it actually stated that i was agreeing that i had done the study. Now having said that, i created a folder and saved all the days and i plan on starting it soon with my five youngest children. I would still love to win the package!!!

  3. I would really appreciate a study on Proverbs 31-specifically the verses about being a Godly woman as described in Proverbs 31. I have not done any in depth study on that passage of scripture that are like the method you have used in your other online studies, and it would really be a good guide. Thanks for all you do by blessing others by writing out these Bible study guides/lessons! It has really helped me to focus on the Lord and understand what He is saying to me thru His Word.

  4. In this study I was impressed with the truth that I am either working for Jesus or against Him. If Jesus came to earth to put away my sin and destroy the works of the devil, everything I do is either co-operating with him (by living righteously and lovingly) or working against him (by sinning). I know that sinning is bad, of course, but this is a whole new reason why it is bad and a good additional motivation to strive for Christ-likeness in my life.

    My greatest struggle with my children is to be patient and hold my temper, so I study that encourages me in those areas would be helpful.

  5. I am always amazed at how much content there is in a seemingly small passage of Scripture; 1John 3 is no exception. It takes awhile for it all to sink in!!

    I agree with Kari that Proverbs 31 would be a wonderful passage to study. Sometimes we feel guilty as homeschooling moms that we are not doing enough, or that those who seem to do more are better Christians than we are. There is a lot of guilt today associated with Proverbs 31. I don’t think God intended it to make us feel bad but to inspire us to good works.

  6. I didn’t do this study. I did the 1 Cor. 13 study. It really ministered to me in regards to my marriage. We had part of 1 Cor 13 read at our wedding; and in reviewing these verses it was like, wow, I said & meant all that stuff. Sometimes when you are in the trenches it is hard to believe that LOVE bears all things, believes all things & hopes all things. It endures NO MATTER WHAT!!!! Love never fails. God is faithful to help us in these areas, esp. when we are weak.
    Thank you for these wonderful studies. I would love to win the kit.

  7. what I would like to study in the future is: Eph 5 or 6 esp 5:22 or 6:1

  8. That God has bestowed upon me,by adoption,to be called His child. I have a family in Christ that is better than any earthly family. It is a free gift not by nature nor merit but by God’s grace alone….humbling yet peaceful at the same time. Thank you for this insightful study. I have even encouraged other women to do the study with me to give us godly words to encourage each other during the week. Again,thank you for the blessing God has made you in my life….as an older woman waiting for the next step in knowing God to the fullest.

  9. Looking at Jeremiah 29 about God’s plan for us as God works His will in our lives today.

  10. I would love to study James 1 Being a doer of the word…

  11. I only got halfway through the study and I am still working on it but one of the things that I took away was that it is a privilege to be considered part of the family of God and I wonder if I acknowledge that privilege often enough.

  12. I think it would be neat to study the way Jesus prayed. I don’t mean the Lord’s Prayer; that is good. But I mean how he prayed. He prayed with authority and power. Don’t we have that same authority and power? I’ve been studying some on my own, but not deeply. I mostly just keep an eye out for when Jesus does it. It is so different from what we hear prayed in the church today.

  13. I love this bible study, one of the things that I loved that you had us do was to read the whole book first and then dive into chapter 3. Context is important. Specifically on chapter 3 I learn and drilled into my head was the love that He gave, lavished, freely, willingly, bestowed to us and that NOW we are the sons (daughters) of God. Another thing that keeps coming to my remembrance is that it’s easy to love in tongue and in word, but I need to love in deed and in truth. (OUCH!) Thank you for putting out this study, for me it was an on time word that i needed at this time.

  14. I am still trying to work through the study and am constantly amazed by how many ways God shows me that He loves me and has all things in His hands.

  15. And, I would love an in depth study on Titus 2 and what it means to be an older and/or younger woman.

  16. LOVE- that is what was most profound to me through this study. It is our LOVE that shows our reliance in His hope. Our LOVE towards our brother that defines our trust in HIM. Our LOVE that shows the world we are His.

  17. I would love a study in James or Proverbs 31, though I think those would need more than 30 days. 😉

  18. it is a privilege to be considered part of the family of God. So very often I take that for granted.

  19. i would love to see a study on Proverbs 31 or Titus 2 verses on older women and younger women with regards to mentoring.

  20. I just saw the post about the giveaway but I have not been following the study. Wish I had been. 🙁

  21. I would love a study on the Holy Spirit. He plays such an important part in our everyday lives that we sometimes don’t realize. When speaking to some I don’t like the idea that is portrayed that He’s kind of like the 3rd wheel hanging around when He is just as important as God the Father, God the Son and He is God the Spirit.
    Thank you.

  22. I would like to study how Jesus related to the different personalities of His disciples.

  23. One thing I was reminded of/learned was that we know and are assured that we are abiding in God, not by some sense of assurance, feeling, or spiritual high, but by the concrete evidence of how we abide in our fellow believers. If you want assurance you are walking with God, stop turning in and being introspective and start going out and abiding in others! 🙂

  24. I haven’t done the study in 1 John yet, but my Bible Study group recently finished the study in Psalm 37 and just are now in week two of the study on Colossians 3. We are absolutely loving your studies and plan to work though your other studies.
    I would like to see some more of your studies from the Old Testament.

  25. I would love to study something in Ecclesiastes.

  26. Isaiah.

  27. I would like to do the study, I haven’t yet.

    Also, I would like to learn more about parenting.

  28. I was glad for the in depth study of the words in verses 4-10. Making a practice of sinning… I learned a lot from them. Thank you so much for doing these studies. I love them and look forward to them every three months!

  29. I would love to study Titus 2 or Proverbs 31.

  30. I have not done this study yet.

  31. I have never participated in a ‘give-away’ before, but I thought I’d try the one you’re currently offering in the 1 John 3 study. Silly me, I could not figure out how to actually post my answer…whatever I clicked on didn’t seem to bring up anything for me to type an answer in. I finally clicked on ‘I Commented’, and of course, the whole dialogue closed, complete with my absence of answer…did you know there were still dinosaurs like me around? Anyhow… God bless you mightily and joyfully, all of you, for continuing to nourish His precious children through your love of His word and the gifts He has given you. I will continue downloading each Bible study posting every time I get online. I thank Him for you and will look forward to the next Bible study – wherever in His wonderful word it takes us!

  32. I would very much like to study something about unequaly yoked marriage. My husband is not a Christian, and this brings lot of questions/ issues in our life.

  33. I have not done this study but would like to soon.
    I would like to study about biblical friendship.

  34. Although I started this study late (just recently came across the site), I really enjoyed studying about love. For future studies, I would love to study the importance of women in the early church, how they overcame obstacles, and how they were instrumental in furthering the cause of Christ. Would enjoy seeing what could be applied today to draw people nearer to the gospel. For an Old Testament study, the tabernacle us a great way to see God’s plan of salvation at work thousands of years prior and learn of the heavenly tabernacle. For some reason when tried to answer the questions for the giveaway it just accepted without comment so I added manually here. Thank you for your commitment and dedication. I plan on enjoying the Easter study that I have already begun and look forward to more studies in the future.

    Thank you!

  35. I’m still working through this study very very slowly, but I enjoy it so much!! I’ve especially liked learning the background of the book and verses.

  36. I would love to study Titus 2 next!

  37. I would love an in depth study on striving to be the proverbs 31 woman!

  38. I have really enjoyed studying about abiding… something that I don’t do so great at, so really need to learn! =-)

  39. I think that your studies have all been amazing, but I wonder about doing a shorter book – like Philemon? There is a lot to be learned about forgiveness, helping a friend, the way we can help others to understand how important forgiveness is/can be… just a thought!

  40. I only found this site a little bit ago, but have already been blessed! I am hoping to catch up on the studies, but have already learned that a little bit of time in bible study can still be a blessing, 🙂

  41. I think studying anything would be great, but I especially love Isaiah!

  42. Unfortunately I just found out about this study a few days ago. I hope to join you if you do another one. I am already applying some of your Bible marking techniques that I learned and I love how much I am learning!

  43. I would love to do a study on a passage in James or maybe a Proverb.

  44. I saved every post of the 1 John study to do when I finish our Bible study at church later this spring. The 1 Corinthians study from the fall was my first Bible study with you and the first time I had ever read your blog. What a gift! I love it! Since I can’t comment on the 1 John study yet, I will say that my favorite thing I learned from the 1 Corinthians study was how to use the online tools to dig deeper. I would love to use those same tools to study other passages like Ephesians 6, Psalm 139, Exodus 20, and John 1. Thank you so much for ministering to us ladies. I have three children age 10 and under that we homeschool. I love that your Bible studies incorporate the kids – it helps them be a part of what I’m doing and it helps what I’m learning stick with me when I teach it to them.

  45. I would love to study the Spirit-filled life, perhaps from the book of Joshua. As a homeschool mother of 2, this is an absolute must in my life to be a godly example to my children, to listen for His direction in raising/training them up and to have wisdom in reaching their hearts.

  46. I have done almost all the study (just have to finish up the last few days) and have learned much about God and His word, but have also learned a lot of Bible study skills I can use for my own studies. I love the resources you use!

  47. I’d love to see something from the Old Testament next, or a themed study on parenting.
    I’ve been using colored pencils and crayons for marking my Bible, so I’d loooooooove to win some nice marking pencils! Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

  48. I’d love to do a study on Proverbs 31

  49. What really stuck out to me in this study is that a true child of God will be more than just words. If others can’t see fruit in my life, like love in action, then there is reason to doubt whether my heart is right.
    As far as another study, I would love to study more on gracious speech.

  50. I would like to do one on Jeremiah or Proverbs 31.

  51. I agree with the many women who said they would like to study proverbs 31. This has always been an enigma to me!

  52. I would love to have a study of how to allow the Holy Spirit to be active in our lives… so that we would show more fruit of the Spirit. (Galatians 5:22)

  53. The thing that stuck with me most about this study was the idea that I am a child of God and because of that I don’t have to earn his love or my salvation because it is freely given.

  54. I’d like a topical study on hospitality – welcoming and encouraging others.

  55. I think a nice chapter study you could do would be 1 Thessalonians chapter 5.

  56. I did not participate in this study—just found your blog. I’m doing the Phil. chapter 2 study. Thank you!

    I would like to study more on Proverbs.

  57. I think the message I felt from 1 John 3 was that God wants us to REALLY live out the “love” command. It’s not enough to just “love people”, even if you really do feel the emotion, if you don’t ACT on it in a tangible way. Also, from verse 20, if you’re feeling ill at ease about something, even just a little nagging worry that’s easily set aside, it should be examined to be sure it’s not something keeping us from being fully in Him! (Gosh, SOOOO many things for me to examine in myself. 🙂 )

  58. I would like to do a study on Proverbs or Titus 2.

  59. I would love to go through another epistle in the New Testament. Thank you!

  60. I would truly enjoy going through Proverbs 31 with you, dear lady! 🙂

  61. Honestly I’d be happy with any study! I’ve participated in some where I initially didn’t have a lot of interest because I wasn’t sure how it applied to me and wound up learning so much. Every passage and word is so valuable and I love seeing where they lead. 🙂

  62. I love the studies that you do and would love to have them in print! I think it would be easier to have it all right in one place instead of on the computer. We are not totally done with this one, yet, but we will finish.

  63. I would love to see Romans 8. Anything really. Just keep going!! I didn’t do this study, but I have done the others. I saved all the emails for when BSF is over and I plan to start my summer devotions with this. Thank you!!

  64. I am enjoying the one I am doing now might enjoy more too!

  65. I would love to study the topic on how to overcome sin. This would be beneficial for both my children and me.

  66. Sorry and would enjoy study of proverbs 31

  67. I started the study late but I’m working through. I have been really struck by how much John packs into his chapters and pondering what it means to live out love for one another.

  68. Question 1: I’ve learned so much with this study and I’m thankful for the time you (Pam) have invested in teaching us. Technically, I’ve learned how to better use the online tools to dig deeper into God’s Word. Spiritually, meditating on God’s love for me has been very timely for the challenges I’m currently facing (there were many other lessons learned, but this was the biggie).

  69. A study on Ephesians 4 would be very good (but I have no idea how this would fit into a 30 day study:)).

  70. I would love to win this package so I can do the studies over and over. I always learn something new each time I do the same study. I would love to do a study of titus 2 and of romans.

  71. I have not done your 1 John 3 study, but I would love too!

  72. A reiteration of being a child of God.

  73. I would love a study on Titus or Prov 31

  74. I absolutely LOVE your bible studies!!! They are very thorough and thought provoking. We have 11 children, so having a children’s portion is so good to do with read alouds and bible time. Not only can Momma get to learn, memorize, and meditate on scripture, but our children can do so with us. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with such excellent materials!

    While there are so many studies that would benefit me (and my family) I’d really love a study on Proverbs 31, James, or Titus 2!!!

  75. I just started you Col. 3 study and plan to do it with my daughters. I think one on the Fruit of the Spirit would be great, or the Lord’s Prayer. Broken down verse by verse, I know I would glean much from it!

  76. Hi! I thoroughly enjoy these “Busy Momma” bible studies, however our Spring seasons are the biggest challenge to begin one. I would enjoy raising teenagers season in life topic. 🙂 My children are ages 15, 12, 8 and have a whole host of new challenges and blessings to this parenting chapter! Ha!!

  77. I did not do this study but I have just started the Busy Mamas Colossians study. I would also love to do a study about abiding in Christ along the lines of John 15:4. And I would like to add a huge thank you for your gentle, nonjudgmental approach to guiding these studies. How freeing to be told that it’s ok to grab a minute of study where you can. No legalistic rules making me feel like I am doing it “wrong” if I can’t study for “x” amount of minutes or at a certain time of day. God bless you!!

  78. I learned that the child of God remains eternally related to Christ. I never of thought of it in that way.

  79. I would like to study the topic of overcoming a recurring sin in our lives.

  80. I have not been doing the 1John 3 study, but have done a couple of your others online. I absolutely loved doing them! I find this is the best way to study for me. I have been dying to win one of these! I appreciate that they are on your site for free, and it is a high blessing! Thanks.

  81. I would love to study anything that you have in the future!

  82. I have them saved to do in the near future, a printed copy would be awesome!

  83. In the future, I’d love to see a family study on sibling relationships.

  84. I would love a study on Proverbs 31 or Titus 2 :). Thank you!

  85. Thank you for your lessons.

  86. A study on following the will of God.

  87. Thank you for putting these studies together! My daughter came to me after day one and asked, “is this something you’re just trying out or are we going to do this all month? Because I loved it!” It’s always good hearing that from my kids!

  88. I’m looking forward to studying the books of Timothy soon.

  89. I did not do this study, but I really appreciate your studies – the way you hold our hands and lead us through gently and with much encouragement! THANK YOU!

  90. Maybe we could study ABIDING in the Lord, John chapter 15.

  91. Love these studies! How about starting from the beginning & doing one on Genesis 1 & 2?

  92. It was comforting to be reminded of God’s great love for us! If we truly believe He loved us while we were still his enemies, and the Spirit is within us, then we should respond rightly by loving our brothers and sisters. The truth that I repeatedly fall short of accomplishing this great task leads me back to the gospel and reminds me that Jesus is the only one who can love perfectly. That makes me more grateful for His sacrifice on the cross.

  93. I haven’t done the study. Actually I haven’t done any but I want to.

  94. Something from the Old Testament would be nice.

  95. I would like to study Luke 10. Thank you.

  96. Something I find exciting is that my 8 year old daughter expressed interest in doing a study with her own Inductive Study Bible to “color up”!

  97. I would love for you to do a study on how to deal with difficult people, even strong-willed children!

  98. I learned a great deal about how to minister to my “always at war” children with this chapter in John. It seemed to really take the sting out of their bickering when they had to stop and think about how their own actions made them not right with God — not just what brother or sister had done!

  99. I love this study so far. I am only about a week into it but love the indepth search. I am learning that I am loved and my God has and is showing it in many ways… Even small ones I has never thought of. Thanks for this great study! Even my kids beg to have Bible study now! 🙂

  100. I’d love to do a study on the book of James — the whole book or any part of it. The actual acting on God’s love through service is a very powerful and needed part of our world.

  101. A study on modesty, head coverings, submission and/or finances would be interesting for me. Also, the Great Commission.

  102. I really enjoy doing the Doorpost studies. It speaks volumes to me and it really helped this time seeing how God loves me and where I need to spend more time seeking opportunities in sharing love and making sure others in my home feel loved. (1j 3:18) I am hoping you might have interest in doing an Ephesians chapter. 😉 I love that book. I may go on and try it myself with all the tools I have learned to use. Thank You again Pam for your faithfulness in getting the study out there during trying computer issues and even when gone yourself teach other places.

  103. I would love to study any book but my kids are asking about revelations. That would be a fun one. 🙂

  104. I did not participate in the Bible study. I am interested in future studies.

  105. I really love this chapter of the bible. The reminders of God’s love even when we push him away and fall far short of his desire for us is comforting. It’s a punch in the gut to remind us that we need to extend the same thing to others.

  106. I’d love to do a study on James 1 or in proverbs.

  107. I would like a Bible Study on modesty, not just about clothing, but as an attitude. There are many scriptures that address how a woman should conduct herself, including her mouth, thoughts, and actions. A woman can be totally covered and still not exhibit modesty.

  108. I would like to study Revelation 🙂

  109. I would love to see a study of the book Song of Solomon. Proverbs 31 is always a good one along with chapters from the books of Romans and Acts. Though the NT is extremely popular maybe a OT study would be good.

  110. I did not participate in the John study b/c of other commitments.

  111. I would like to study the topic of raising children when you are a BUSY, homeschooling momma to a handful of wonderful, but sinful, children. How to keep joy and peace in your home. (your if-then and blessing charts have already been a great blessing to us!)

  112. I wasn’t able to participate but I saved all the posts so I can go back soon. I love these series and get so much out of them! Thank you for posting these tips, ideas, and studies. Have you done a series on true (feminine) beauty? Did I miss it? If not, can I request one?

    Thank you greatly & God Bless!

  113. A study of contentment and/or joy would be great.

  114. Would love to study a meek and quiet spirit.

  115. Topic suggestion: Coping with drastic life-changing events; finding peace in an non-peaceful world.

  116. Oops–I meant to write this comment on the 2nd question but got it messed up…so I would love to study passages about marriage. I recently had been wanting to change my husband and have had some good talks with God about respecting and submitting to sinners (not in harmful ways, of course). I am being so blessed through these changes but could really use some discipleship in the matter (and yes, I found I was actually wrong about some things I thought HE needed to change). A study could also be a great teaching for kids as they have to respect and submit to sinful parents. Also, I think changing these things as wives will really benefit our kids to see. And I would *love* to win a print copy of your studies!

  117. One thing I have learned from you is how to involve even young children in my studies. Thank you for that idea!

  118. I’m still reading through the study (I saved each day in my Bible Study folder). Thanks for doing this and I really mean to make the effort to start on time and follow-through with the next one.

  119. Titus 2 woman, exactly how does that fit today’s woman.

  120. I have learned so much with this study it’s hard to really narrow it down. Little bits here and there from 1 John 1:3 pop in my mind throughout the day — I find myself referencing it often as well! 😉 I think for me, the big take away was just how much love God has for me and how through Him we are to show love to others. I just love how what I’ve studied has become apart of me.

  121. As I was doing this study on 1John 3 I told myself when it’s finished I want to go back and study 1 Chronithians 13 — I wasn’t able to finish it last time however would like to start it over and finish it this time.

  122. Hi,
    I would like to see a bible study about love/marriage. I am a teen girl and I always have a ton of questions regarding these topics. I am always thinking about my future husband.

    Thank you.

  123. I would like to study Psalm 23 or something in Ecclesiastes.

  124. There is just so much of the Bible that I would love to study in depth, but a favourite is definitely Prov 31. Either that or the women who were around Jesus. It would be very interesting to spend time studying them.
    Renata 🙂

  125. Topics: Peace of God, Peace in God, Stillness, Contentment, Humbleness, Putting Christ First and the Blessings that Always Pour Out of Doing So

  126. I have learned what love truly means, beyond words.

  127. I would like to study the topic of self-control and what it truly means.

  128. I would like to do a Bible study on virtues versus lies we believe.

  129. I was attempting to run a VBS and prepare for a new baby, so I didn’t manage to follow the study this month. Like someone else, though, I did set up a folder and save all the emails. As far as what I’d like to study next, my husband teaches Sunday School and they’re getting quite a lot out of the book of James. The kids I teach are currently in exile with Israel in a chronological study, so if I’m going to study it any time soon, it’ll have to be during my personal study time.

  130. Studying through the Beatitudes might be interesting!

  131. I missed the 1 John 3 study. I learned that I need to check the Doorposts blog more frequently to know when a study has started so I can join in!

  132. Just ordered For This is Right. I’d love to have more studies on young men. Espcially boys who are full of passion, adreniline, joy, adventure – but bundled with jealousy, pride, and selfish desires. My heart hurts tonight as these merge together. I’m hoping this study gives me some tools.

  133. I haven’t done every day … But I learned about truly loving God and keeping his commandments.
    I think these studies would be easier for me in book form. I don’t always have Internet access. Thank you.

  134. I think a study about certain Proverbs would be good – maybe you already did that. Sermon on the Mount?

  135. I haven’t been able to go through the study yet, but look forward to doing that in the future!

  136. I’d love to hear more about how the Holy Spirit can work through different people’s personalities, and also how to parent the hyperactive child or just an energetic child without squashing his/her personality.

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