Proverbs 31, Here We Come!

Prov31Intro062614Tuesday, July 1, we start our study of Proverbs 31! In five to ten minutes we will learn about the excellent wife, while we also learn how to study the Bible in an active, flexible, rewarding way.

Why Proverbs 31? Here we are, many of us struggling to make time for even 5 minutes of Bible study, and we’re going to spend a month taking a close-up look at the superwoman of Scripture.

You know who I’m talking about:

The lady who gets up while “it is yet night”, but whose “lamp does not go out at night”

  • The one who has time and money for real estate investments and the energy to plants vineyards and sell the clothing she makes
  • The one who speaks with wisdom and kindness
  • The mother whose children rise up and bless her
  • The wife who does her husband good and not evil all the days of her life.

Talk about intimidating.

Or is she?

Is this a real-life woman who walked the streets of Jerusalem?

Did she negotiate the price for a field with a baby in her arms and a toddler playing in the dirt beside her?

Did her children actually thank her for washing their faces, cooking their food, and making their clothes?

As we study this ode to the virtuous woman, we’ll think about questions like these:

  • Are we really supposed to surpass every other woman who has “done excellently”?
  • What can we emulate in this inspiring-yet-sometimes-discouraging picture of the ideal woman?
  • What can we quit feeling guilty about not doing or being?
  • What are the husband and children really praising when they rise up and call this woman blessed?

I can hardly wait to start digging! It’s amazing how much God can teach us in just five to ten minutes a day!

If you plan on joining us, be sure you’re subscribed to the blog so you can have the lessons waiting in your inbox every morning!

Besides your assignment for the day, every lesson will also include ideas for looking at the passage with a lively bunch of children. You may want to do these as you do your study throughout the month, or you may choose to simply ignore them. Another option is to take another pass through Proverbs 31 with your children next month, after you have finished your own study. All the lessons will still be on the blog, whenever you want to come back to them.

And, if you would like to interact with others who are doing the study, you can also join our “Busy Mamas” Facebook group. This is a meeting place where you can post your comments, your questions, pictures and videos of your kids’ projects, other suggested study helps — whatever you think will encourage all of us in our study.

For those of you who are new to our “Bible Studies for Busy Mamas”, be sure to read this introduction to the study. It tells you what materials you will need and offers some strategies for successfully make time to study — even with a houseful of kids.

Be ready! Tuesday, July 1! Have your pencils and notebook ready!  We’re going to have a great time getting to know this amazing lady! 🙂


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