Homeschooling with Proverbs 9 Month Membership

Homeschool with proverbsHomeschooling with Proverbs is a membership website with audio and study handouts for the family. They are offering a free 9 month membership to these resources for our giveaway!

From Homeschooling with Proverbs: We are a family membership website teaching the Book of Proverbs in 18 lessons with audio downloads, printables and reproducible  games and activities for children of all ages. Designed by Felice Gerwitz of Media Angels, a name you trust in the homeschool community. Felice designed this course for her own family and they enjoyed it so much she decided to offer it to others. Three audios accompany each lesson. These lessons encourage families to pray and study books of the Bible together which keeps everyone accountable.

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  1. We do Bible in the morning before we start our other homeschool subjects. We also do Bible reading and scripture memory at dinner time.

  2. Bible and is first and foremost in our children’s education.

  3. Bible comes 1st each morning.

  4. We do Bible and memorywork before starting school.

  5. Yes, through every part of our day.

  6. This would be a great addition to our study of Scripture:)

  7. Character studies

  8. We try to incorporate the Bible into every part of our day. This looks like a great resource!

  9. bible before all else!

  10. AWANA, a variety of devotionals, study of church history which is included in our world history curriculum, Daily Bread readings at bed time, Child Training Bible, Virtue Training Bible, sword fights, and more.

  11. Our morning devotion is our Bible study along with History

  12. Bible is taught first thing in the morning.

  13. My kids attend a private Christian school where Bible verses, Bible stories, Bible songs, and Bible character is instilled in all aspects of their education. Then at home we teach “as we go along” (Deut. 11:19)

  14. It’s part of our curriculum. My kids always look forward to it!

  15. Absolutely. We start off with our weekly Bible story and memory verse over breakfast. Later, we use some visual aid to reinforce what we’ve learned. Then, there’s song throughout the day to cement scripture into our heads and hearts, as well as character study using scripture. My children are under 3, so we do a little at a time and use as much depth as they can handle at their level.

  16. We use MFW homeschool curriculum and they tie in Bible lessons really well with other content.

  17. We start with it every day…foundation!

  18. I am trying to get it in there, but with two boys with Aspergers (& other issues);& the chaos in a single parent home…everything is hard right now. This would be great,some help with material to just do!

  19. We study Bible everyday. My kids are in Christian school this year and we still do family Bible study. We read Bible lessons morning and evening.

  20. Bible is part of our day, everyday, however it can be difficult with the age differences of my kids.

  21. We are using Answers in Genesis Sunday School Curriculum as our Bible education right now at home

  22. Yes! :). I try to teach them how to live the Truth, the Word as we go about our day…and as we face real problems & life situations…as we walk along the way, and lie down. We pray with believing faith…and yes utilize some books alongside of the bible…such as, character studies, and for instruction in righteousness and plants grown up. Still trying to learn to incorporate them well. ~reina

  23. We start with Bible study each day – whether it is questions from a Bible study we attend or memorizing verses for AWANA and studying the catechisms.

  24. My son is only three so things are still simple. Audio Bible in the morning, Bible activity sheets from Lifeway during the week, Bible story at bedtime, gospel focused discipline.

  25. Every morning with my husband

  26. Yes, we usually do it first thing in the morning then once a week do a little more intensive study.

  27. The Bible is our number one book for our children’s education, everything else comes after it. It’s a great way to start our day.

  28. We read either the A is for Adam book together in the morning or our child training bible 🙂

  29. We do Bible class in our homeschool, and we also do a family devotion at night.

  30. We do Bible study throughout the day. We start our day that way or during breakfast. We usually have a couple little devotion things I’m using at a time to do at lunch and evening.

  31. We love the Bob Jones Bible Truths used as part of the line up
    with all other school classes.

  32. Yes it is. I normally research and pick a curriculum to do throughout the year. I would like to find one that can be incorporated in more subjects.

  33. Looking to encourage my family to get back to a daily study of God’s word.

  34. We read the Bible and do AWANA.

  35. We enjoy studying books of the Bible in depth. For breakfast, we typically read a Psalm or Proverb chapter aloud. In the fall we study the Old Testament. We’ve slowly worked our way from Genesis to 2 Samuel. For the history books we illustrate a timeline box for each chapter of the book. For the month of December we focus on the passages in the Gospels that teach of the first advent of Jesus. In the winter months we study the life and ministry of Christ in a Gospel. We are hoping to finish up Matthew this year. We make lots of crafts and projects. We’ve made beatitude balls, parable pockets, and epistle envelopes. For 24 days leading up to Easter we do a study from the Triumphal Entry to the Resurrection. In May we may study Acts or do a topical study. In the past we’ve done a study on the Names for God, Christian Love in 1 Corinthians 13, Fruit of the Spirit, or the Armor of God. The past two summers we’ve participated in the Bible Bee, and those Sword Studies cover an epistle: 2 Timothy and 1 John. We love the Bible Story Songs CDs to compliment our studies. We use music and hand-motions for Scripture Memory with young children. We also post Scripture Stickies around our house as a constant reminder of God’s Word we’ve hidden in our heart!

  36. Bible reading is party of the school day, as is Bible study as a subject

  37. Yes it is. My son is 21 months so we read to him from the beginners bible and his bedtime bible promises book along with prayer and praising God through worship music. One of his favourites is by Chris Tomlin called ”our God” so awesome to see him getting into it 🙂

  38. Bible Study is the first class of the day. When then have private prayer time and often they read their bible during this time.

  39. My younger kids have Bible in their class schedule. My olders use Koinonia House Institute on-line classes. They are excellent.

  40. We do our bible study right after breakfast.

  41. Yes. We do it first thing.

  42. We do Bible with school and devotions with daddy at night.

  43. Every school day, we sing a hymn and do some sort of Bible study together. We also work on memorizing verses. My children are in Awana, so they also work on their Awana books during our Bible class.

  44. Crystal Flickinger

    We do scripture reading in the morning and family devotions at night. We also listen to scripture being sung to help us get it in our hearts.

  45. We study the Bible and we have Scripture memory as part of our children’s education. We also do devotions at night with Daddy.

  46. we do a “bible class” each day

  47. We do Family worship and Bible study. And they read the Bible in History.

  48. We have a Bible study that we do as a family and the kids have their own studies that they have incorporated into their schoolwork.

  49. We do Bible Study together, usually something short during the day; a bit longer with Dad home at night

  50. Yes, very important! We try to do devotions each morning before we start our school day.

  51. I read through the bible in a year as part of our daily school. First subject, every day. Not a lot of discussion, but at their ages (the oldest is 7) familiarity is probably the most important thing right now.

  52. We do Bible as one of our main subjects, right alongside reading, math, science, and history. My daughter is only six, so I’ve been trying different things to figure out what kind of bible study speaks to her most clearly. But we do something every day.