Proverbs Pictionary!

The book of Proverbs is full of pictures! Children love pictures and will remember the truths that the pictures represent. Make their learning fun with this modified version of Pictionary!

Print out this PDF and cut each page into strips with one verse on each strip. Toss these strips into a box or plastic container. You will also need a stack of paper, a dark pencil or felt pen, and several Bibles.

Have one family member draw a slip of paper out of the box. He should read the verse to himself and then tell the rest of the family what chapter of Proverbs the verse is from. He should only tell the chapter number. Then, without talking or gesturing, he will draw a picture to represent the verse. While he draws, the other family members can open their Bibles to the chapter of Proverbs that he has specified. (You may want to work alongside younger children, helping them read and understand the verse and giving them ideas of what to draw.)

The “artist” should then hold up his drawing and let the other family members guess which proverb he has illustrated. Identifying the proverb can be done as a group (especially if children are young), or if family members are old enough, you may choose to make it competitive, racing to see who can guess correctly first. Ramp up the competition even more by dividing into teams. Set a time limit while one member draws for the rest of his team to guess, then give the other team a turn, keeping score of proverbs guessed within the time limit.

Take time to read and discuss the verse together after it has been identified. (You may want to have a commentary – hard copy or online – available to help if you run into questions.)


  • Use the same verses but have different family members act out the proverb to guess instead of drawing it.
  • The verses that have been provided are primarily comparative Proverbs that compare one thing to another. If you want to expand beyond these verses, the game can be modified by dividing into two teams. One team works together to select a proverb from Scripture, announces the chapter they have chosen, and appoints one team member to draw while the other team guesses. After the proverb has been identified, the other team takes a turn selecting and drawing a proverb.

See this May 2011 post for another idea that couples the reading of Proverbs with drawing.


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