Why Are We Tempted to Give Up?

feb0217WhyWeGiveUpWe know we need to read the Bible. Many of us may have started out the new year with renewed zeal to read it everyday — maybe even to read the entire Bible by the end of the year.

But it’s easy to become discouraged. We read and we don’t know how to apply what we’ve read to our lives. Or we read, and amidst interruptions and distractions, we may not even know what we read. Or we read and walk away with no profound insights or emotional response to what we’ve read.

We’re tempted to believe that we’re just wasting our time. After all, we’re not really getting anything out of what we’ve read, and so many other things need our attention. So we give up — again.

But God is at work, using His Word to change us, even when we can’t tell. He’s changing how we think. He’s changing what and who we love.

This article, “”Why Do We Give Up on Reading the Bible?” offers encouragement to those of us who are tempted to give up again. If you started the year committed to reading your Bible and are now, four weeks later, losing your enthusiasm, read this article. If you struggle to apply what you’ve read to your daily life, read this article. If you just want to be reminded of why you are reading, read this article.

It’s good. It will build you up.

(Consider, too, joining me for a new Busy Mamas Bible study on March 1 when we begin our thirty days in Psalm 91. Learning powerful but simple ways to study the Bible can help you focus, keep you awake, and make God’s Word come alive in a whole new way. Mark your calendar. Each short, daily lesson will post right here starting on Wednesday, March 1!)

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