Time for a Change


We’re missing three of us here, plus a baby boy who was born since this picture was taken.

I once heard a speaker liken her life as a grandmother to water skiing full speed, while she desperately tried to hang on to the rope. I didn’t understand at the time. What could possibly keep a grandmother that busy?

Now I understand. This last year has been an especially strange season in my life. John and I live in a travel trailer and sleep in a bedroom in our oldest son’s house while we try to get our own house built.

We’re supposed to be picking out shower stalls and refrigerators and faucets and shingle colors, but there’s still a pile of logs that need to be hauled away from the top of our future driveway before anything else really starts to happen.

These logs are going to become part of our house!



I pore over Pinterest in spare snatches of time, looking at window trims, toilets, and paint colors, and haul samples back and forth from the flooring store. Maybe we’ll have a house before the end of the year…


In the meantime, we’ve welcomed three new grandbabies into the family in the past five months, lost another precious one before his birth, recovered from major surgery, and rode a storm of upheaval in the church we’ve attended for the past twenty-nine years.



I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that it’s taking a great deal of energy to just live right now! So it’s been one of those seasons of reevaluating — what can we do differently, what is most important, what does God want me to be doing in this season of my life?


You may have noticed that the posts on this blog have been fairly sporadic recently. I sit down to write and my brain is blank or buzzing or just plain falling asleep, and so another week goes by without a post. So I’ve decided to take a more relaxed approach to the blog for right now. I’ll post occasionally, but not weekly. Then in March, July, and November I’ll be posting everyday while we do our Busy Mamas Bible studies.

The rest of the time, I’ll mostly be posting on Instagram, a plan that seems much doable in my present, unpredictable moment-by-moment existence. I can share pictures and post short thoughts that don’t require so much of my concentration. And in the process, I get to share in a bit more casual and personal way.


I’ll be sharing Bible study ideas and methods, pictures of my Bible markings and drawings, and thoughts on different passages of Scripture. I’ll post vignettes of our Busy Mamas Bible study lessons, and I’ll also share ideas of how to approach different challenges with our children, how to help children love God’s Word, and glimpses into our family life, our house-building process, and the things I love doing — like gardening and playing with flowers and grandchildren.


I’m looking at this as a chance to get to know each other better (especially if you choose to let me follow you, too!) while I think and write in bite-size portions for the next few months.

I’d love for you to join me! Look for me here! Or search for “Doorpostslady” on Instagram!

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to write and share in your busy season. As always it is a blessing! Looking forward to reading whatever you share and watching your house building and grand baby raising fun! Do what you can, it will be enough! You are really amazing and have such a beautiful family! God bless you and I will be praying for you!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for this encouragement Pam:-)))). God bless you for putting Him and your family first. I seriously thought you were going to say you weren’t going to do the Bible study, which would have been FINE:-), and now I’ve already practiced handling that when someday you do say it, haha:-))).
    So thankful to Him that He says in His Word to ask for wisdom and He will provide:-), and He does again and again. He totally wants to help us figure out our way here.

  3. Thanks for sharing your heart! I appreciate your perspective and love for Jesus. Enjoy some rest and I look forward to studying with you again soon! Until then, instagram and pinterest are fun too!

  4. Thank you! As a grandmother and former homeschool teacher to my children I know,how crazy busy life can get. However, I,do not have capability to,follow instagram so I will patiently wait for your blogs.

  5. Looks like it might be time for me to sign up for Instagram, I have resisted so far. I value your insights and would hate to miss your posts. I think it takes great courage to step back and re-evaluate and make challenging decisions. I pray this time in life for you is super special and enjoyable.

  6. I’m a Grandma too (Grandbabies ages 1-20 yrs old!) And now I’m raising the tail end (10 home still) of the last kids, ages 9-16. My adult kids are ages 22-41. (11 of them) Yes 21 in total, birth, adopted, God sent. I love the analogy of a Grandma water skiing! They tend to view us as sitting in the rocking chair! :o) How can we with time speeding faster each year? I am going to use that analogy from now on! It is so true!!

    I know the young women will continue to need your beautiful teachings here, I have enjoyed them as well. But it would be great to have some Grandma studies for us women trying to hang on to the rope!

    Your “house” overwhelms me just looking at it. We are working on our new house and you would laugh- 30′ x 30′ no inside walls except to the compost toilet, no indoor running water. It started out as a 30’x 60′ garage, now 1/2 for living. It’s so basic to help us keep our minds always on Him, Lord Willing if we live long enough to move in. :o)
    In the meantime we live in the city and stay there 2 months a year until we can move.
    God Bless (((HUGS))) I’m so Thankful God crossed our paths.
    p.s. I don’t have instagram either, or FB or the social stuff.

  7. I don’t Instagram (a decision not to have so much social media), so I am sad that I will miss some stuff! It is smart to determine what you can do, and do it instead of being overwhelmed! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Pam! I love reading about your life and I share your values. In a world that is fraught with so much change and chaos I am thankful for the steady you are in my life even though you don’t know me. I am thankful for likeminded people like you– at times I feel like Elijah and it can seem like not many share my same values. God continues to show me otherwise:)! I just may have to do an instagram and keep up with you.
    Thank you for sharing your life and being steadfast in what you know to be true and right (amidst your busy and very full life)!
    ❤️Tiffany– mama to 11:)

  9. I am loving your Instagram posts, Pam! Such encouragement and inspiration you have to offer. Looking forward to your study next month on Psalm 91!