Thirty Days in Psalm 91 for Busy Mamas, Day 28: From the Trenches

17457653_1095797090566238_1272823785957272657_nI want to share someone else’s words with you today, because they so beautifully picture what Psalm 91 is all about. Amy, after waiting in suspense for over two months for a diagnosis, now knows that she has stage 2 Hodgkins Lymphoma. She went in for her first chemo treatment this past week.

Amy and her husband have been a source of love and encouragement to me and my family for many, many years. She is a planner extraordinaire — a tough thing to be when you have to wait over two months to even know what kind of disease you are fighting and if you are likely to still be alive in six months or not. She coordinated almost all of our children’s weddings. She wrote an amazing wedding planner that we sell at Doorposts. She plans and executes the most amazing baby showers and birthday parties I have ever seen, and is using up her life serving others.┬áThe day before her first chemo treatment, she was helping me help someone else with their own crisis.

Listen as she gives testimony of God’s faithfulness, a faithfulness she can rest in as she abides in the shadow of the Almighty.

People seem to often ask or say something about me to the effect of, “You have such a positive attitude about all this!” At first this took me aback or surprised me. I don’t feel like I have a particularly great attitude about having cancer; I mean, I whine as much as the next person!

What I’ve learned people often mean by these comments is that I am not *undone* because I have cancer. Well, this is because I know. I know that God is, and I am because He is, and He is relentlessly faithful. I know it from His word, and the people He’s sent into my life to reveal Himself through. But I know it most deeply in my soul because this isn’t the first hard thing that I’ve ever done.

Day One, Cycle One of my chemo regimen yesterday happened one year exactly to the day from possibly the 2nd hardest thing we’ve ever done in our lives. And God was faithful. Agonizingly faithful. Lymphoma is nothing compared to that.

Even those days I thought my cancer was a death sentence, I never felt undone. God is faithful. Even death has no power over that truth. In His shelter, everything is made beautiful in its time. I pray that truth permeates the lives of each of you dear ones whom I love and I know are trying to know His faithfulness in your own valleys of suffering. I promise you, He is true.

(If you would like to be part of Amy’s journey by reading her story, by praying, or by sharing what God has graciously given you in order to lessen their financial burden, you can sign up for updates at the You Caring page established for Amy.)

For your children:

Have a memory contest today! After reviewing Psalm 91 several times, see how far each child can get as he or she recites the psalm for memory. Be sure to have some little prizes ready, or some sort of party to honor their hard work!


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