Thirty Days in John 15, Day 1 Preview: Context

Surprise! I’ve decided to post Day 1 of our study a day early, since July 1 falls on a Saturday. I know, for some, study time may be a bit more difficult to manage on Saturdays. So here’s Day 1. You have today and tomorrow for this assignment, plus Sundays are always our catch-up days during studies. So we should be able to manage this assignment in that time period. (I will also post an optional assignment for those who would like one on Sunday.)

As we begin our study of John 15, we’re stepping into the upper room where Jesus and His disciples are sharing the Passover meal. Jesus has already washed the disciples’ feet. Judas has left the room to go transact his business with the high priests and Pharisees. Jesus has told the disciples that He will be leaving them, and that they won’t be able to follow Him. But He’s also promised the Father will send them a Helper, the Holy Spirit.

Let’s take the time to listen in on those last precious hours that Jesus and the disciples shared together. We’re going to read or listen to Chapters 13-17. Knowing the context of chapter 15 will help us better understand what we will be studying

Below are links for the audio reading of four different translations. (Be sure you check the box “Continuous Play” beneath the search box after you follow the link. This will allow the reading to continue from one chapter to the next.)





Be sure to check back tomorrow. I’ll be giving you links to the text of John 15 in several different translations. If you aren’t quite ready to start marking directly in your Bible (we’ll talk about some good reasons to do so), you’ll be able to print out the text in your preferred translation for marking,

For your children:

Listen to the audio readings of John 13-17 with your children. Have them try to imagine what it would have been like to follow Jesus for three years and then sit around the table, listening to Him share these important last words with them before He was crucified.

If your children are young, you might prefer to read the account of the Last Supper from a Bible storybook or watch one of these short videos with them:

Speed Sketch Story: The Last Supper

Beginner’s Bible Last Supper.


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