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Toddler BitesReasons for the Season eBook is filled with 24 Family Devotions that will put the focus back on Christ this Christmas.  Countdown to Christmas with these meaningful and educational devotions highlighting popular Christmas traditions and the reasons behind them.  This resource includes a Family Memory Verse, Scripture to read, Discussion Starter, Discussion and Family Activity for each day during the month of December. Reasons for the Season is on sale for $2.99 on Currlick.

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  1. We usually try to do devotions right before the children go to bed so that they have the Lord on their minds as they fall asleep.

  2. We do devotions with the children at night before going to bed.

  3. Great for the littles!

  4. We try to do devotions at 6:30 so the boys are in bed before 7 so they can listen to christian storytime on radio

  5. At night before we put the kiddos to bed.

  6. Bedtime- when we are all together:)

  7. First thing in the morning before school

  8. Some after breakfast and some at bedtime.

  9. We do one every day at breakfast time. And during Advent, we do a reading at dinner too.

  10. We try to do our Bible time in the morning before the littlest ones go for their naps.

  11. I usually do a little something with the kids during school so that’s in the morning. And then the one with Daddy is usually at night.

  12. I have 2 pre-k kiddos who are doing so well with memory verses!

  13. in the morning, around 9am.

  14. We do devotions in the morning right before we start schoolwork.

  15. Misty Taylor-Lilley

    at night before bed

  16. We try to do devotions in the evening right after dinner.

  17. Christine Kirschner

    before bed

  18. I try to them in the morning but that always doesn’t happen. When the children were home we did it along with school.

  19. We try to do devotions in the morning, and then family worship in the evenings.

  20. We don’t have an established pattern. Need to make it a goal to though.

  21. morning

  22. In the evening when Daddy is home:)

  23. Supper time – one of the rare times we are usually all together!

  24. We have an odd schedule here because hubby works nights. We do devotions first thing, which for us is around noon. 😉

  25. first thing in the morning

  26. In the morning after breakfast. 🙂

  27. I try to either do it in the morning (to get our day started right), or at bedtime (to get their night started right?). =)

  28. We do devotions 1st thing in the morning. I believe in giving God my first fruits and this is just one way I try to add to that. Our day always goes better when I make the time for Him before anything else.

  29. Our family is terrible about consistency. Maybe this would help!

  30. Different times. Today it was right after my oldest got home from school.

  31. We do devotions before bedtime!

  32. We always have Bible study on the morning but try to have them at night as well.

  33. Perfect for the little ones!

  34. I try to have Bible reading with my daughter in the morning and family devotions in the evening.

  35. We do devotions before we go to work and daycare in the morning and we also do them at nightime!!

  36. We try in the morning after breakfast. My son and I do well, but we have trouble doing it as a family. I hope to have us doing it all together a dinner time or before bed when we are all home. Something to work towards.

  37. starting the day

  38. After lunch

  39. We’ve been looking for a devotiona for our toddler boys. This would be great!

  40. As we begin our school day.

  41. I do devotions prior to lunch time with our son and my husband does them at bed time with him.

  42. We read our bibles in the am and then do a family devotion before bed.

  43. in the morning 🙂

  44. We try to do devotions at night right before bed. We’ve been looking for a good devotional for our toddler boys.

  45. We try to do ours first thing in the morning following breakfast, before anything else in our school day.

  46. In the morning. 🙂

  47. We have our devotions at night we love The Jesus Storybook Bible.

  48. We try to do one in the morning before our day starts and we always end the evening with one:o)

  49. Since hubby leaves at 4:15 a.m. for work…and no one else is prepared to be up that early!…we do it before the youngest two go to bed.

  50. After supper, Everybody with my husband. Me and the kids after breakfast also.

  51. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  52. We try to have family devotions each morning…..

  53. It varies because we do our devotions as part of our homeschool day.

  54. Feed your soul when you feed your body. I try all day to get God’s word in to them and me. We are a family of Five with three under 5.

  55. We don’t do devotions every day, but when we do, it’s in the evening after dinner.

  56. We do ours after dinner.

  57. Our family usually does devotions during/after dinner time. Sometimes we do them in conjunction with homeschool, though, so that could be any time in the day.

  58. We are so hit and miss I’m sad to say. Sometimes my son joins me during my quiet time in the morning, and sometimes we read as a family after dinner.

  59. Unfortunately, devotions are severely lacking in our family

  60. We do our devotions at 8:00 most nights.

  61. In the evening before bed.

  62. During breakfast

  63. We do family devotions first thing in the morning at breakfast, and just before bed.

  64. We do devotions first thing in the morning… starts the day off right!

  65. This looks like a great ebook.

  66. We try to do it in the evening. Thanks for the chance to win!

  67. This looks really cute and small child friendly. I have 2 small children so it would be great.

  68. looks like something wonderful to do with my little ones . . .

  69. We strive to do devotions in the morning before school but on those difficult mornings we resort to bedtime.

  70. We try and do them at night before the children go to bed

  71. In the morning, at breakfast.

  72. Just before bed! We read scripture and have a family prayer time!

  73. We have our family devotions each morning at the breakfast table at 8:00am.

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  74. After breakfast…or at the dinner table, depending on our schedule for the day!

  75. in theory once a week after dinner. In theory……. In reality it’s a variable time.

  76. You can never go wrong with Advent devotions!

  77. I would love to have this devotional book!!!

  78. mornings!

  79. At the dinner table after our bellies are full and before baths.

  80. We’ve done them at night before bedtime, in the mornings during breakfast, and now we do them during school.

  81. We try to do them at dinner!

  82. After dinner