Heritage History Curriculum CD

Heritage History is giving away 3 copies of theirย Young Readers Classical Curriculum CD, valued at $25 each.

The Young Readers collection is the introductory unit of the Heritage Classical Curriculum. It includes over 80 easy-to-read, introductory histories from American, European, Ancient, and Biblical history and provides a broad introduction to Western Culture suitable for grammar school age students.ย  The books can be read in any order, and a Teacherโ€™s Guide is included. Learn more about this terrific collection.

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  1. Entered ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Civil War

  3. Any period in history is fun when you have God in the center of it.

  4. Every Graceful Moment

    I love reading about the pioneer days. My children like watching movies and tv programs about those days as well.

  5. My husband is excited about teaching on the different wars!

  6. I love history, but Bible history is my favorite.

  7. I love teaching them Biblical history.

  8. Can’t wait to circle back to Genesis now that my girl will be older. Love that with homeschooling we get to do it over and over as kids get older. :o)

  9. reformation

  10. Other than the history in the Bible? ๐Ÿ˜€ American history.

  11. Oh we are currently doing ancient history and having a great time.. though we can’t wait to do knights and castles .

  12. We LOVE HISTORY!!!

  13. Biblical times. Also pioneer.

  14. The Acts church

  15. I love US History!

  16. the 1700’s

  17. Egyptian history

  18. Love history. This would be so nice:)

  19. We love History!

  20. thank you for your work and giveaways

  21. I really like history. I guess if I had to narrow it down it would be pioneer times. I love learning about how people lived and got this country started.

  22. I love all of HIStory!

  23. pioneers and the growth of the southwest.

  24. This looks great!

  25. I am excited about teaching my children all time periods. This would be an amazing teaching tool to bless their education with. Thank you!

  26. all of our children LOVE the colonial period….maybe it is because we live on a small family farm and TRY to produce as much as we can for our own consumption

  27. american history- wwII / civil war

  28. I’m excited about teaching early American history.

  29. love any history! but enjoy biblical history the most!!

  30. I love all of history, but American History the best…

  31. Biblical history

  32. US History, and Old Testament Histories are my favorite.

  33. We’ve really been enjoying early American history and the founding of our Nation.

  34. We love United States History the best. We have been learning about the Revolutionary War for the last year. But enjoy ancient history from Creation on, too!

  35. I’m not sure but I know my daughter seems to be most excited about the pioneer stories (like Little House).

  36. We love history! My 8 yo is especially interested in the revolutionary war days and he and my 6 yo both like pioneer times. Plus Bible history is always great too!

  37. from beginning to today

  38. The Westward movement

  39. The signing of the Declaration of Independence time period and also the Pioneer time period.

  40. We love the rise and fall of Rome in our home and the history during that time frame.

  41. colonial times… we live in virginia, and there are so many places to visit to learn about that time period!!!

  42. I love all history but looking forward to them learning about Pioneer times.

  43. It is hard to narrow down because we love history. At the moment my son is into the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and somewhat into the World Wars. We both really like Bible history. We love it all. I especially like learning history that I am not very familiar with so I can learn along with him. I did not have a good history curriculum in my public school growing up so there are a lot of gaps in my knowlede. I am loving learning along with him.

  44. Boys would probably love midieval time

  45. With all boys and a military family we are best with “war” history. My personal favorite to teach is WWII. We are able to find so many resources writen from a child’s perspective that it is easy to see all the sides of war from a point that my children can relate to.

  46. I am such a history buff working on sharing that with my son!!

  47. The birth of USA.

  48. Early American History is my favorite.

  49. civil war

  50. I heart history!

  51. American history

  52. This is a hard one! History is a fascinating subject for me. I think either American history or Biblical history. ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Reformation days. Pioneer days.

  54. Jessica Perea (Mom of 5)

    Any History that puts Christ as the Center… a biblical history view ๐Ÿ™‚ We love history in our home!

  55. Biblical history!

  56. I would love teaching history as it happened and pointing out how God is in the center of it all!

  57. I enjoyed the American Revolution. George Washington, John Paul Jones, Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, Nathaniel Greene, Lafayette, Benjamin Franklin. Many Heroes.

  58. Christine Kirschner

    The Reformation

  59. Early American History

  60. US History

  61. I like all time periods. Hard to pick a fave…have never really done a lot with the modern age, so that would be interesting, I think.

  62. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  63. I am looking forward to teaching my little ones about Biblical History, walking through God’s perfect plan and how it started in the Garden, and continues till today.

  64. We are ready to start history lessons. We are on the looking forward to a Godly view of historic events.

  65. We are starting in Genesis right now. Still trying to figure out which resources to use to proceed chronologically thru the bible.

  66. I think my favorite period would probably be about from WW1 through WW2.

  67. Early American History. I don’t remember anything about this from my school days, so I’m excited to re-learn it all.

  68. Early American and Ancient times

  69. Starting American History cycle this year. Enjoying it!

  70. I haven’t really decided, I love Bible history, but for current times, maybe discovering America, it was such an interesting time, so much going on with the settlers and the indians and those back in England.

  71. I never really cared for history until I started teaching it to my children. We’ve only studied Ancient History, Middle Ages, and The Renaissance periods but I’ve enjoyed them all.

  72. My favorite historical time periods (and, thus, the ones I will enjoy teaching the most) are the American Constitutional Convention and World War II.

  73. 1700’s as my children participate in re-enactments dressed in that time period style clothing & use only items that would be appropriate to that time period. I think it will help them get into character more.

  74. early american history

  75. Pioneer time, so many great activities.

  76. We really enjoy the Ancients.

  77. My boys (and I) would love this!

  78. I really enjoy the explorers and the founding of America.

  79. Other than Biblical history we are thoroughly enjoying Medieval times.

  80. early american history

  81. I love studying and teaching them all as God’s hand in the lives of men and nations, but perhaps my fave is the Reformation period.

  82. I love Bible times & American history!

  83. I love teaching Old Testament History.

  84. This would be nice to have!

  85. JHollyhock (aka Jennifer)

    I have really enjoyed learning about ancient Rome.

  86. US History, I want to learn it again myself!

  87. Well, since we are beginning a creation to the greeks cycle next month, I m really excited about teaching Biblical history.

  88. I love history and this would be a great tool to use for teaching it to my little ones.

  89. We enjoy most history. I guess the Middle Ages isn’t our favorite period to study.

  90. My kids would love this! They love the stories of history.

  91. Our family would love this.
    We love early American History the best.
    Thank you!!

  92. Our boys love American history! I’m sure they’d enjoy this!

  93. American History, the early years the forming of our states.

  94. American History

  95. I always thought it would be American History, but last year we studied creation to the Greeks and this year we are studying Rome through the Reformation. I have LOVED teaching (and learning) about history alongside the Bible!

  96. Would love this!

  97. WWI and WWII, biblical history, and pioneer times.

  98. US History – kevinkaylaarrowood123 at yahoo dot com

  99. I don’t know yet, we have’t gotten too far yet with only one in school

  100. My kids love history. I think any period is fun and interesting…

  101. The American Revolution era

  102. All/ Any We haven’t started yet! I’m eager to learn as well!

  103. We are studying the colonial period and really enjoying it.

  104. We are currently studying Early American History and are very much enjoying it. I must say, I am learning as much as the children!!

  105. Biblical history… doesn’t get any more exciting than that!!!

    Thanks for this super giveaway!

  106. Last year I really enjoyed teaching the Reformation. This year I’m back to Sonlight’s Intro to US history I for a second time around and really looking forward to the colonial, Revolutionary War and forming of our government period(s).

  107. We really enjoy the colonial period.

  108. Early church history!

  109. Thank you!!!

  110. I like to teach my kids Reformation, I also like to teach them about the colonial days.

  111. I’m excited to teach them about the Elizabethan era. I love that period of time!

  112. This is our first year, and we’re studying ancient civilizations. I think I finally have the northern tribes and their prophets nailed down! The boys have really enjoyed studying ancieant Egypt.

  113. Biblical history, Reformation, any history at all, love it! (And I find that I am actually learning history as I’m teaching, how cool!)

  114. Ancient (as in Bible times) history … mostly because I’d like a better grasp of it myself ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. I’m excited about teaching Modern History next year 1850-present. There are so many resources and museums to visit around me for this time period.

  116. Early American History! I can’t wait to get started!!

  117. I hated history in school, but now that I am teaching history with God as a part it’s wonderful. So…I am probably most excited about Early American history as it is so foundational to where we are today.

  118. We are really enjoyed studying US History this year. We plan to extend it next fall with a “living history” trip back East in our pop-up camper. Should be memorable!!

  119. I’d love this!

  120. I love teaching ancient history!!

  121. I love all history, I even married a history teacher…. My third grade homeschooler is interested in the Revolutionary war right now.

  122. I will love to teach History with a biblical background/foundation!

  123. hmm.. that’s a hard question. My son already loves studying the Civil War, so I think that would be the time period I would be most excited about teaching.

  124. Love learning about history! What a nice giveaway.


  125. We’re loving early American History right now with our Classical Conversations group, but I’m looking forward to studying more ancient civilization history in the future.

  126. I’d love to teach my littles with this!

  127. History from the perspective of God’s plan for Israel, and History from the perspective of God, Jesus, The Word, The Holy Spirit, Creation and God’s plan of redemption

  128. Biblical history

  129. I am excited about teaching my kids early American history, so that my kids know what our country was truly founded on.