Thank you, Mrs. Schaeffer!

“The older women…are to teach what is good…” (Titus 2:3)

Two “older women” have greatly influenced my life over the past forty-something years. One is Elisabeth Elliot. The other is Edith Schaeffer. It’s too bad we’re all done having children 🙂 , because we really should have named some girls after these two godly ladies who have so deeply influenced my life.

Edith Schaeffer, at age 98, finally met her risen Lord and Savior face-to-face the day before Easter. After almost a century of glorifying Christ through her humble, creative, generous service to others in His name, she has been called home.

Mrs. Schaeffer’s book, The Hidden Art of Homemaking, profoundly shaped my approach to homemaking in a season when I needed a wise hand to guide me.

  • Her writing and example inspired me to not only plant a garden, but to plant it with bright petunias lining both sides of its center path.
  • She inspired me to dig deep for the extra energy it took to organize treasure hunts and dress-up meals and Civil War campouts for our kids (and their friends).
  • Almost every bouquet I put on the table makes me think of Edith Schaeffer.
  • The drawings in my Bible were first inspired by her encouragement to draw pictures during a sermon to help our children understand it better.
  • The fact that I write at all can be traced back to Mrs. Schaeffer’s encouraging words in Hidden Art.

God used Edith Schaeffer’s deep love for her Savior and her faithfulness and infectious creativity to help change people. I am one of thousands who owes her a great debt of gratitude. She didn’t know it, but she held my hand and led me through the busy, wondrous, exhausting years of early motherhood and homemaking, showing me how to lovingly serve Jesus while working to make the lives of others richer and more beautiful.

If you are ever tempted to become bored or indifferent about your role as homemaker, and you haven’t read The Hidden Art of Homemaking, you need to! Read my previous review of it, enter our giveaway of one free copy (below), and if you want to read just a little bit more about this incredible lady, read 9 Things You Should Know About Edith Schaeffer (I love the account of how she and Francis started dating!).

May we all have such joy as we invest our lives in blessing and encouraging others!

To enter the giveaway of one free copy of The Hidden Art of Homemaking, by Edith Schaeffer, leave a comment briefly telling us about one woman that God has used in your life to encourage and teach you, and what you have learned from her. (This can be someone you actually know, or someone who has helped you through her writing and/or speaking.) You may leave more than one comment. This giveaway closes tomorrow night, Wednesday, April 10, at midnight, PST. A winner will be randomly drawn and announced on Thursday, April 11.

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  1. Would love to win a copy. She was an amazing godly lady.

  2. Nancy Leigh Demoss from has been an incredible blessing to me. Listening to her program has readjusted my perspective so many times when it was getting skewed in the battle of life. She speaks about real life problems and always points to Jesus as the solution. I have found answers to the challenges of parenting, being a daughter-in-law, marriage and being a Christian that were questions I wasn’t brave enough to ask out loud. God has used her ministry to bless me. The biggest help is in attitude.

  3. My grandmother is a great example to me of the power of prayer!

  4. I also have two ladies in my church who have raised their children well and I look up to them. I have been praying that they would be willing to mentor me, but if I bring it up to them, they always talk about how busy they are.

  5. Years ago, Kym Wright had a magazine that came to our door. I was a young mom and she inspired me throught the magazine to get a little more organized and all the great ideas that she had was a inspiration to me. She no longer has the print magazine, but has many valuable tools on her blog:

  6. Also, my mother was a true inspiration to me. She never had pinterest or any of the amazing ways that we can learn now…….but in the simple ways of of life, she was there.

  7. I would love to win this. I have heard great things about the book, and would love to incorporate these into my life.

  8. My mom has been a fabulous example of a Godly wife, mom, and homemaker, who I seek to emulate each day. I’m so thankful for women like her and Mrs. Schaeffer for their encouragement and example.

    Thank you for the giveaway. I have read The Hidden Art but would love to own a copy!

  9. The Lord has used many incredible ladies in my life over the years. Kathy H. and Alice W. have been instrumental in shaping my life. I am so very thankful for these wonderful ladies.

  10. I have tried to get my hands on this book since Elizabeth George recommended it in her book/s. I have tried two library systems but never been able to read. It comes highly praised and would be an excellent read to anyone who receives it!

  11. My Texas Mama was my greatest teacher. She has been gone for many years now, but her advice, recipes, and selfless example shine on in my heart and in my memory. I retail her stories, insights, and common sense to my children every day. She explained to me everything I needed to know in life from the meaning of salvation to multiplication and on to how to take care of my children. I miss her every day.

  12. You did, Pam! With the recent Psalm study I learned how to do a deep study of the Word with my 5 young kids around and hat it doesn’t have to be for half an hour at a time. I was so encouraged by it that I am doing another Psalm right now and loving this one too. Thank you for making it easy to love the Word all over again!

  13. I’m A young Mother and still searching for godly women who can be an example. I read about Elisabeth and probably i can find some books of Edith in the netherlands

  14. I have been praying for years for a local mentor but until then, books and speakers (and now blogs!) have filled the void. One of the most influencial has been Kathie Morrissey of Courtship Connection. She has encouraged me to not focus on my children’s outward behavior or education but to reach their hearts!! As someone who was not raised in a Christian home, I have struggled with the hows of that since my children were born!! It’s such a blessing to have these books and blogs to help guide and mold me as a Christian mother.

  15. My best friend, who happens to be a little younger then me, so not technically an ‘older women’. She has been such an influence in my life. She has spoken Truth into my life, shared more meals with my family then I can count and just genuinely blessed my life! I was just telling my husband yesterday that I was sad though because I don’t have an older women mentoring me. I would love to win a copy of this book! I love your blog. Thanks for your faithfulness in sharing and encouraging women!!

  16. There is a younger mom at church who is a few years older than me and she is just such a blessing to me and gives me advice and encouragement on how to point my children to Christ. I’d love to win a copy of this book. Thanks

  17. How could I chose just one? My mom would be my greatest influence. She chose to stay home with us as long as she could. I was 12 when she went to work. She became my best friend after i grew up. I learned the some of the art of taking care of my body and my children from her.

  18. Joleen Harden is another woman who influenced me. We were co-workers and her love for God splashed all over me and helped bring me back to Jesus. She also shared stories about her family life and her kids who were close to my age. She was a blessing and a second mama.

  19. Dottie Smith. Dottie died this year after a years-long struggle with dementia and alzheimers, but until the day of her death she carried her bible with her. She opened her home and her life to my husband and me even before we were married. She encouraged me to pray about everything (including where to see cobwebs when I cleaned her house!) She was soft-spoken, selfless, and had a servant heart. My life was richer because she was in it.

  20. I would love to own & read a copy of this book. Thank you so much for this blog.

  21. My dear friend Jen inspired me as she held my hand through two years of accountability as I struggled with food issues. She was, and still is, the best example of God’s grace I have ever met.

  22. I have been VERY blessed with many women in my life that have taught me to seek the Lord and His best — Grandma, Mom, Aunt, Ellie, Carol and many others. So grateful that these women and others took the time to invest in me!

  23. She sounds like a wonderful woman. I look forward to meeting her in heaven! I would love to read her book. We can all use help in homemaking!

  24. Two ladies, my mom and mother-in-law, have shaped me into the woman I am today with their examples of grace and humility.

  25. Dear Pam….what a refreshing lady Miss Edith must have been to so may ladies! The Art of Homemaking has been on my list for a while now, as I could glean much from it.

    My friend Marlene K. comes to mind. She was my first pastor’s wife many years ago when we lived in Oklahoma. She not only mentored my mother, but now encourages me now that I’m all grown up. She was the first person who called while we were still in the ER when our 7 year old son passed away. I cried and she prayed. In fact, she stayed up all night lifting our family in prayer. She sends letters and emails and we call one another every few weeks or so. But most of all, she shines the love of Jesus Christ!

    I’d also like to mention you, Pam. Not to gain brownie points….but from an honest sister-in-Christ who thanks you wholeheartedly! You’ve made my homeschool journey much more doable with the resources you’ve written. I cvonsider you a frtiend. Thank you!

    And lastly…Ann Voskamp. My gifts list is growing!

  26. The older woman who has influenced me most is the late Sara Petty of Columbia, SC. She was a beautiful example of what it means to live joyfully for the Lord. I will miss her until I see her in Heaven!

    Until then, I read lots of Titus 2 women–including you, Pam! But some of my other favorites are Elizabeth George and Emilie Barnes.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!

  27. A very special older woman named Denise N. spent many hours mentoring me in the topic of homemaking. She encouraged me to thank and glorify God in all of my work, how to better reverence my husband, love my children, and serve selflessly with thanksgiving. She hasn’t written any books but she should! I thank God and think of her very often.

  28. Through her magazine, Nancy Campbell, has encouraged me to embrace wholeheartedly my role of motherhood. She is always so encouraging and uplifting.

  29. God has blessed me with many women to encourage me along this journey with the Lord, but I always immediately think of the woman who discipled me after I became a Christian and who was available once I had a family of my own. She has encouraged and trained to me to seek answers from the Bible and God before humans. She has taught me to value the Word and to be transparent. She essentially showed me the way to the cross, encouraged me to walk in the light, and prayed for me through difficult seasons. I love this woman!!!

  30. There are many ladies who have influnced my life. I had the privilage of being raised in a Christian home since I was born. If I had to pick one lady that stands out above the rest as being influential I will choose my Great Aunt Madlin. She went to be with The Lord 3 weeks ago. She introduced my mom and dad. She prayed daily for my parents and then each of us kids as we were born. Then continued to pray for us as we grew. We did not see her often because of distance and location. Just knowing that she was praying and the fact that I could call her anytime was all I needed. She instilled in me the need for prayer in everything. Even when I was small praying for the “little” things as well as praying for the man that would someday become my husband. I have carried those things in my heart. I use them daily while raising our own children. I still pray for my husband daily and that all started with Aunt Madlin.

  31. My mother has certainly beed the Godly influence in my life.

  32. Edith Schaeffer’s book has encouraged me for years. She gave me ideas on what God had in mind for us at home, and how much there was to do that glorified him, as well as blessing everyone. I have given this book to my daughters and daughter-in-law when they married so they will be blessed too! (I have more children at home so I’ll be continuing this, and also giving it to young friends when they marry.)

  33. My mother taught me so many skills that have blessed my family. Baking, sewing, cleaning, gardening, and a love for music!

  34. Growing up, my family lived with my grandmother, so she was very dear to me. One thing that she did was play hymns on the piano. I often sat in the room just to listen and tell her which ones I liked best. She loved those hymns.

  35. Alice Bowman is the Director of my child’s homeschool group. She has been such a great influence in my life. Although she is a little bit younger than me, she is so blessed with Godly Wisdom. I had the pleasure of meeting her 4 years ago. The Holy Spirit dwells in her at all times. I have seen her during times of joy and frustration as a director and mother, she maintains an even calm through the rainbows and thunderstorms of life. She is such an encourager! It has been a priviledge from God to allow me to learn from her and I am a better Mother, Wife, Teacher and Student because of her.

  36. I have heard of this book! Thank you for the chance to win a copy.

    I don’t mean to weird you out or anything, but you are the main writer who has been my teacher and guide in parenting and godly marriage. I have a few other women I lean heavily on as well, which I’ll put in seperate comments, but Doorposts was where I *first* landed when I desperately searched for HOW to apply biblical principles in my parenting. Next to my Bible, Instructions In Righteousness gets referenced the most!

  37. Another woman’s writing that has had a big impact on me more recently is Sally Clarkson. Her books are encouraging and always refresh my perspective on the importance and joy of mothering.

  38. And third, the pastor’s wife at the church my husband and I attended when we first married has continued to be a blessing to me. Diane Comer is an amazing woman with wonderful kids and we women just wanted to be around her! I remember listening to a series she did on parenting while in the car and just crying in relief for the godly advice for a newbie mom. She continues to guide mothers and writes at

  39. my dear friend erin. although we are peers, she is always encouraging me to stay on the right path. she influences more than she knows and I am so thankful to God for her.

  40. Elizabeth George has been an influential person in my life. I’ve been motivated to reach to higher levels in serving my family and others after reading her books, Beautiful in God’s Eyes and A Woman’s High Calling. I love how she highlights the essentials God values in a woman that brings true fulfillment and outlines practical ways to apply God’s truth. From what God is teaching me over the years from my trials, mistakes and Bible training, I’m feeling called to minister to other women with the teachings of Titus 2:3-5 as the focus.

  41. Can I say three?? My Mother by her quiet steadfast example of faithfulness to God, her husband (my Daddy), and our family.
    My Grandmother by her seeing the beauty in life expressed in her garden, landscaping, home, and love to her family loving us all through ups and downs in life.
    And my Mother-in-Law who didn’t become a Christian until my husband was a toddler but is the most vibrant, loving, god-fearing, praying woman inspiring us to love our Lord in the same way and too sees beauty in creation. (Though my Grandma is passed on she reminds me, every time I am with her, of my own Grandma in her seeing the beauty of life. They are both artistic with paintings and expression in their gardens and landscaping their homes. I wish they could’ve met each other!)

  42. For over 20 years my grandmother cared for my grandfather as each stroke left him more dependent on her for his care. I never heard her complain, even choosing to keep him in her home under her sole care, also caring for their four children. She often worked two shifts at the local textile mill, while her church and friends came along to offer support. They lived in a four room house which my grandmother built and paid for. Since my father is the youngest of the children, I had the opportunity to watch my grandmother in action for almost 11 years. I never saw anything but love and devotion for my grandfather. Ironically, they eloped together and my grandmother quickly realized that marriage was not the fairy tale she expected. She asked to return home to her parents very early in the marriage and was told by her mother that she had made her bed hard and now had to lie in it. My grandmother had no idea how hard it was going to become. She was faithful to her vows and worked to God’s glory. At her funeral, I learned for the first time that her favorite scripture passage was Psalm 121, “…My help cometh from the Lord…”. Every Bible she owned was marked at that chapter. My Dad gave me the Bible that she was currently using at the time of her death. I treasure it!

  43. My mom has been my biggest source of inspiration! She taught my sister and I to treasure the gift of being able to stay home with our children, and to have a biblical outlook on being a homemaker. I also feel so blessed to still live within 5 miles of my parents’ home, so she’s almost always available to answer my questions and provide her loving support. 🙂

  44. My Nana encouraged me when I was young. She showed me what it looked like to love your grandkids. I hope to do the same!

  45. My mother-in-law really taught me how to raise my children lovingly. I owe a lot to her!

  46. Amy Carmichael has inspired me to see what it truly important in life, and to push beyond my fears.

  47. My grandmother was a woman that God has used in my life to teach me many things. I met her when I was in middle school and didn’t get to really know her until I was near highschool graduation. Even though I am a little more than “middle age” with a young family, and she passed away early in my college days, there are many things she taught me that I am still learning.

    My grandmother married my grandfather and together they survived the depression, war times, raising two, very young children in what now-a-days we would call poor conditions. The floor was dirt, the crib was shared by two babies, my grandfather’s footwear was handmade – by them. They worked and lived on a farm belonging to relatives in order to survive. Eventually, they were able to own a small house and a land, with indoor plumbing. In between these times, my grandmother walked something like 1-3 miles to work to wash other people clothes, etc. and still came home to take care of the family, cooking, and housework. She did this because this is what she believed needed to be done for her and her family.

    My grandmother encouraged me by her perseverance through hard times in life by determination, hard work, and helping others. She taught me basic kitchen & sewing skills, and how to be thrifty, but the lessons that I cherish most are that you need to spend quality time with people (as opposed to just being in the room all the time), what is good character is and why it is important to have good morals, values, and integrity. For the most part, she didn’t teach me these things with words, but through her actions – how she spoke about others, how she thought about them, and how she helped them in day-to-day life.

    My grandparents all have names. There is “Grandpa Malfait”, “Grandma Malfait” and “Grandpa Hamlin”, but I have always called Grandma Hamlin “Grandma”. She took the time to know me, shared her struggles with me and was real with me, and that has made all the difference!

    My apologizes if this is too long. I tried keeping it brief and this is what I got.

  48. There is a woman in my church who is several years older than me & whose children are several years older than our children as well. Over the last few months, she has been such a source of encouragement & wisdom in terms of how to Biblically train our children. She is continually reminding me of how important my role is as a homemaker & what an everlasting impact it will have on our family.

    I have read Susan Schaeffer’s work (Francis’ daughter) & I would love to be able to read Francis’ work as well!

  49. *Edith’s work, I meant! 😉

  50. One woman that I can think of that has encouraged me in homemaking, is one that I have never met, nor never will in this earthly life. My husband’s grandmother has passed away when my husband was 5 years old, but the stories I have heard about her, lead me to believe that homemaking was a loving lifestyle that came to her naturally. She always was baking something (think how Heavenly it was to walk into a home that always smelled of fresh baking!), had an acre garden, had hundreds of chickens, made her own butter, had the coffeepot always on for any drop-in visitor, and would work hard all day for family gatherings, and by the time everyone was feasting on her delicacies, would gain the most pleasure by just sitting and watching everyone eating the work of her hands. I have alot to learn from a heart like that, that is thinking of others first, and takes pleasure from serving others…I have four small children and it is all I can do some days to get the dishwasher turned on or the last load of laundry folded!-not to mention, if I don’t, then the laundry basket can sometimes sit for days untouched! So, the woman who has most encouraged me, while gone from this life, has a memory and reputation that is Titus 2, in my opinion, and still serves, even in her absence-I can imagine her sitting with a pleased look on her face in Heaven, watching on pleased with what she has left behind (and perhaps chuckling at my fumbles in attempting to be a homemaker!).

  51. I’ve heard about this book from many sources. It must be good.

  52. I had a older lady in our church come over every week my husband was deployed and give me some time. I watched her and learned how to better love my children and my husband. It was through example I learned and she taught. She was also very open to talking to me when I had questions on how she had lived her life and decisions she made. I will have to read this book from the how it impacted you.

  53. Would love a copy of this book! I learned a lot from my mom about domestic matters, although she isn’t a believer yet. I’ve also read many books by Elisabeth Elliot, Carolyn Mahaney and Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Great, great helps!

  54. Made me so sad to read this…in the last few days I have realized (again) my desire/need to have an older woman mentor…and the sadness of not having one. Where are the real life ones? I guess maybe to busy…maybe our generation of Titus 2 is through books…I have not heard of this book and would love to read it.

  55. My Pastor’s Mother taught adult ladies Sunday school class for many years, she taught to study the Word, to love the Word.

  56. michelle cranford

    Thankful to Kim who has a great love for the Lord, her husband and her 5 kidos! She has written a study called heart for home and it has blessed me and taught me much about being a wife and mother and friend who hungers and thirst after the things of the Lord and to Know Him more! Would love to get the book to continue and excel still more at loving the way Jesus loves!

  57. Scotty invited me to come to her home to pray 3 years ago, and we have been praying together weekly ever since. She encourages me in my marriage, walk with the Lord and mothering and God has used her in COUNTLESS ways to bless me, encourage me, rebuke me and drive me into a closer relationship with Him. I am SO blessed by her wisdom, prayers and mentoring!

    I would love to win this book! 🙂

  58. One woman in my life who has encouraged me to no avail is Andrea. She is a Titus 2 woman who sought out young mothers in our church and started a moms group to teach, encourage, and uplift us. She does so with a joyful spirit and is always eager to go the extra mile if we are in need. She chooses books for us to read through and discuss. We just finished The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson which was the perfect first book. Andrea is always available to answer questions, sit and talk, or just go have coffee. She is caring, loving, and I seek be a Titus 2 woman like she is teaching us to become.

  59. My american mom did. I was an exchange student from Slovakia and became a christian while with my american family. She taught me how to honor my husband (by her example), how to make a nice table, how to clean my sink, she taught me that it matters to decorate. 🙂 I am also inspired by Pam Farrel, by you Pam – particularly the bible based solutions to discipline…

  60. My Grandmother loved the Lord and the markings in her Bible (that I now have) are a beautiful blessing. I love to see how she was responding to the Lord!

  61. My mother because of her thankful and joyful heart. I often am reminded of this example as I raise my own kids and it helps me to remember to have a better attitude through the challenges that come up as a mom and wife.

  62. I was mentored by a lady in college whose example I will never forget. She had several boys to raise and one or two who were somewhat disabled. She faced a busy and challenging life, and it was often impossible to find alone time to pray. She showed me how never being alone could be a positive thing. She would just sit a chair right in front of them to have her quiet time. She said it was so important for them to actually ‘see’ her praying so they could follow that example later in life. I have never forgotten that and learned early on to let my kids sit in on me when I prayed instead of put on a movie for them or move them out of the way.

  63. My grandmother, who has now passed was an incredible example to me as to what a quality women of character is. She shared her resources with everyone, was involved in the community, made everyone feel included, and always had a smile on her face. She had a wonderful ability to make things around her beautiful.

  64. One who has influenced me in being a godly wife is my friend Amy Meyer Allen. She has shown me how to love my husband well and to pray for him constantly. Her incredible story can be found at

  65. This may be cliche, but I truly believe my mother has been the one woman God has used most to encourage me and teach me! I’ve learned everything from her– how to work hard as unto the Lord, how to be a faithful wife and mother, how to pray… the list goes on. 🙂

  66. I’ve also learned so much from my dear friend, Kate. She has taught me the importance of taking my eyes off my “lists” and turning them to Jesus instead!

  67. I would have to say that my grandmother would be the woman that I see as a Godly example for me. I am 4 months into marriage and learning all about being a spouse and a homemaker (big reason why I would love to have a copy of the book). When I think back on the examples that she set as a wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother I see Godly wisdom. What a faithful woman she was in her walk with The Lord and how it overflowed in her relationships on earth. She passed about a year ago but left a legacy that I can’t even describe. She was a devoted pastors wife, mother of six (including one child born with Down syndrome), a piano teacher for decades, and a missionary. But more than anything people knew that she loved her Savior more than anything or anyone else. She would spend hours (and I mean hours) in devotion and prayer just resting in The Lord’s promises for her life ans her family. You could see by the worn pages of her bible that it was her favorite book from which she based her whole life on. Nothing corrupt or malicious ever came out of her mouth, in fact never did I see or hear her even raise her voice. Her life reflected Jesus so clearly and with such purpose and I can only hope that my life will be as evident and Christlike as hers. How I wish that she would still be alive to help me grow into biblical womanhood as I venture in this newlywed life, but have full confidence and assurance that she is in the arms of her Savior resting with him in heaven.

    I would truly love a copy of this book!!!

  68. My mom worked hard outside of the home, but she did teach me to clean and tidy up. But even though my youngest is going to be 16 years old, I feel I have so much to glean from one who is skilled in this art of homemaking, and hopefully be able to pass on to my daughter and perhaps grandchildren. My friend from Janna, amazes me with what she does to her home. I think I should add Edith Schaeffer’s book to my library.

    I’ve always been encouraged by Elisabeth Elliot, but I really should read more of her work also.

    Thank you, Pam, for the recommendation.

  69. I would have to say my midwife. She has inspired and encouraged me from the beginning of my first pregnancy 13 years ago and through each of my subsequent 6 pregnancies (two of which ended in miscarriage.) She has taught me how to be so thankful for my husband and his God-given qualities as well as reminding me to pray without ceasing. She has given me insights from her life or directed me to others who have more experience in specific areas as the needs arise, but first and foremost, always seek God and His will. She is truly one of my very best friends and examples.

  70. Dear friend Elisha who has taught me the value of not complaining. She’s also always there to lend a hand, even if she’s a guest. 🙂

  71. God used two wonderful women from my church, Nancy Vandevert & Leslie Williams, to help mold me during my teen years. In very different ways they both encouraged me to stay the course. They showed God’s love to me & helped me see His love in action. They had very profound impacts on my life. I am so blessed to have had them in my life!

  72. What a lovely lady. I adore and have learned so much from Elisabeth Elliot but somehow I have never read Mrs. Schaffer’s books. I need to catch up!
    Another sweet “older lady” that I love is Nancy Campbell at – SO much encouragement there (and HERE! 🙂 )

  73. Amy Dacyczyn wrote the Tightwad Gazette and I have read and learned so much on how to be frugal within my household. Of course my first frugal teacher was my mother/father and grandmother/grandfather. I still remember how my my grandpa used to use old baby food jars and sorted his already used, reshapened nails. Can see his handwriting ‘Nails’ as clear as day.

  74. My mother left right around the time I got married. But her mother, my grandmother, stepped up and stepped in. We don’t agree on everything, but I don’t know how I would have gotten through the first years of marriage and motherhood without her.

  75. God has blessed me with many women who have taught me. My Mom, mentors from church throughout the years & other friends who are seeking wisdom as they go like myself. Also as you shared Francis Schaeffer, Elisabeth Elliot & I’ve learned much from the Doorposts material (such as the great teaching tips in Instruction to Righteousness!)& you blog posts too! 🙂

  76. I have a friend who took me and molded me. With regards to hospitality , cooking,
    Laundry, parenting, marriage and homeschoolling . She is awesome. Only
    God knows how much I need help.
    I really hope I get this giveaway , it could tremendously help me in homemaking

  77. Gina Whitt was and still is a big encouragement to me. A long time ago she taught me several things. Through her examples of teaching her child(ren) the scriptures; I learned to start young, two or three years of age is not too young. It’s ok to take your kids everywhere with you, if they don’t want your kids it’s ok to decline the invitation. Another nugget was that if you truly want to stay at home you will find a way. I admire this lady, immensely! Her door is always open when we are in town visiting, she is such a caring, giving person…full of Jesus. I am blessed to have met her early in my life. I hate that we live so far apart!