Isabel Christian Writing Bundle

NMGBundle_2From New Millennium Girl Books

Make writing a delight with these interactive books. This bundle includes:

Creative Writing Made Easy
Isabel’s Closet: Paper doll and Crafts
Isabel’s Secret

$27.90 value.

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  1. My daughter loves being read to.

  2. My daughter is a HUGE reader. My son is slowly learning the enjoyment of reading too. We are really starting to work on creative writing during our home school time.

  3. my son loves reading, I love writing, but don’t get to much due to time.

  4. Yes, my daughter.

  5. My kids love making up stories! 🙂

  6. My daughters would love this!

  7. My oldest daughter has been writing stories since she was 5 & could get words on paper! My youngest doesn’t enjoy it as much….wonder if this would help?! 🙂

  8. My daughter loves to write and wants to be an author!

  9. Our girls love for me to read to them

  10. My kids love to read.

  11. My 9 year old daughter loves to read. She is a reluctant writer who loves horses and paper dolls. This might get her more interested in writing. Very neat!

  12. Both my girls love to read – this looks like something they would both enjoy!

  13. This is awesome! What a blessing would be to win !

  14. My girls love historical fiction and to read and write!:)

  15. My 2 boys LOVE to read — this only a 6 month new joy for my 11 yo son! Both boys dislike writing immensely — wish they loved it like I did — but that still may develop, too.

  16. My daughters love to read!

  17. Our second son and daughter love to write.


  18. Definitely perfect or my daughter. She loves this stuff!

  19. My daughter

  20. My daughter is 6 and loves to make her own books and stories. She will sit at the table asking me how to spell words and then when she is finished, she’ll read her book over and over and over…I think she will like these, especially when she’s a bit older.

  21. My son loves to read, though my daughter will too once she finds her groove.

  22. My daughter LOVES reading horse novels 🙂

  23. Our oldest daughter has a knack for drawing and writing stories…something I hope continues!!

  24. My daughter Alexandra, 11, has been blessed with a creative imagination. That & her love for God and the Truth have made for some very beautiful writing pieces.

  25. My daughter loves creative writing!!

  26. My oldest daughter reads everything… every… thing… And loves to write.

  27. My daughters and son love to read and continue to search for good things to read. They often reread the same novels that are favorites!

  28. My husband & I love reading. My kids love being read to & as their skills improve, are beginning to love reading.

  29. My daughter Julia who will be 10 in May loves to read and write. I am saving her many notebooks that she has written her stories in.

  30. I love to read, and am hoping to pass that love on to my children as they grow.

  31. My son loves to write stories…would love this prize to encourage my daughter to do the same.

  32. my DD loves to read 🙂

  33. My oldest daughter loves to write!

  34. My eight-year-old would love this!!!

  35. My daughter Anya loves when I read to her

  36. Yes, my daughter aged 7 loves to read. She would love these!

  37. My 2 girls would really enjoy this!

  38. I love to read and I love teaching my children to read and helping grow in them the same love for it.

  39. My daughter loves to read and journal. She also loves writing short stories!

  40. My middle child is working on her first book. My younger 2 love to make up stories

  41. My daughter!

  42. My daughter, the only girl out of our four children, loves to read, creatively write stories and illustrate them, and play with paper dolls. This is going on my wish list for her! 🙂

  43. I would love the chance to try this!

  44. My girls love reading and writing!

  45. My daughter loves reading and writing 🙂

  46. All of my children enjoy making up stories.

  47. I am the lover of writing and reading in my family. I so hope my daughter will share that love one day too.

  48. Yes. I have a daughter that is very creative.

  49. Though my son is only 3 and cannot write yet, he seems to be our very creative storyteller. 🙂 Our 6 year old daughter tells stories more through drawings right now. They are both at fun ages and enjoying being read to and our 6 year old enjoys reading to us and her younger brother.

  50. My oldest daughter loves reading and creative writing!

  51. My daughters write story books together taking turns on being author and illustrator

  52. Oh my, yes! My daughters (11, 8, 5) all LOVE to read. My oldest LOVES to write & she has gotten the interest of my middle daughter.

  53. Both my son and daughter enjoy reading, but struggle with creative writing.

  54. My daughter and I LOVE reading and creative writing! My son is slowly coming to it through his love of drawing and expanding upon it.

  55. My kids both enjoy reading and creative writing.

  56. We all love to read books in our family. Even our youngest, 21 mo., loves to grab a book and sit on someones lap or next to big sister and listen to his book of choice.

  57. yes my daughter loves to read!

  58. We have to ask our kids to stop reading. 🙂 Our son loves to write creatively.

  59. My 9 yo dd loves creative writing!

  60. I have a 12 year old daughter who would really enjoy and benefit from this set.

  61. My youngest started writing books when she was five years old. She absolutely loves to write and has such a wonderful imagination.

  62. My daughter loves to read!

  63. We love reading books and sure need some help with writing. Thanks!

  64. I was a huge book worm, but my kids haven’t caught the bug … yet!

  65. As a writer, I encourage my children to exercise their imaginations. My oldest is a struggling reader (and therefore struggling writer), but she loves to make up stories. And she loves being read to.